Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terry Schiavo: Political Pawn of the Right

Well guess what? The Republican party is shamelessly politicizing the Terry Schiavo case. At least they're predictable. This newfound cause-celebre among the Right is riddled with hypocrisy: a party that historically champions states' rights wants this case decided in federal courts; a party that advocates limited government has thrust the US right smack into our homes and private lives in every way imaginable; Rep. Tom Delay uses this situation to divert attention from the hailstorm over alleged illegal and unethical fundraising tactics; Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Schiavo's self-appointed advocate in Washington, leads the charge for Tort Reform and limiting patients' recovery; the Republican-controlled Congress voted to cut $15 billion in Medicaid-- the very public health care program Schiavo relies on--from its new budget; a party that preaches "family values" and the sanctity of marriage de-legitimizes the bond between husband and wife and publicy discredits Michael Schiavo; and President Bush, in the biggest act of hypocrisy, has fully embraced the Schiavo case as a "right to life" issue yet signed a Texas law in 1999 that allows attending physicians and hospital ethics boards to pull the plug on patients even if that specifically contradicts patient or family wishes (let's also not forget Bush's fervent support of the death penalty). A bill, mind you, that resulted just last week in a 5-month-old child being taken off life support and allowed to die despite his mother's objections. Terry Schiavo has, sadly, become a political pawn. I am utterly disgusted and outraged. Andy


Anonymous said...

Strange as it Might seem, some Florida republicans are standing up yo yhe Bush boys. Specifically the group of GOP state senators and reps who with the democrats have blocked attempts to have the legistature intervene. The local Judge, George Greer is a republican and has been smeared unmercifully by Tom Delay, yet he stands firm.

It's interesting here in Florida to see some of the local republicans come to the defense of the local officials who have to deal with the realities of this tragic case.

Anonymous said...

Q. What do you call a Conservative scumbag (redundant, I know) who wraps his phoney politics around Terri Sciavo?

A. A tree-hugger!

Seriously, we have to organize to eliminate voting fraud ASAP! These neoFascist Conservative Republican dogscum phreaks will steal the congressional elections in 2006, no matter how much we scream, debate, or raise funds.