Monday, October 22, 2018

Dear Trump Supporters: WTF Is Wrong With You?

Dear Trump Supporters: what the fuck is wrong with you? That's a serious question. It's not rooted in any sort of innate partisan vitriol or blind tribalism. Rather, it's based purely on logic and common sense, or a lack thereof. So again I ask...what the fuck is wrong with you?

Donald Trump once famously boasted that no matter what he did you'd still support him. Even if he shot someone in the middle of NYC's 5th Avenue. Not for nothing, but that outrageous claim could only have been made if Trump thinks you're all a bunch of fucking morons who are simply too stupid, loyal or both to ever hold him accountable for anything...even murder.  

Are you that stupid and loyal? So far you're proving him right. With flying colors. And bells and whistles.

Ok, so Trump hasn't committed murder...yet. But he has:

*mocked disabled people
*bullied women
*cheated on his wife with porn stars, Playmates and God knows who else
*paid hush money to silence his many mistresses
*refused to release his tax returns as promised
*paid zero taxes for years
*lied about self-funding his campaign and not being beholden to special interests and big donors/corporations
*promised to “drain the swamp” but instead filled his administration with it
*lied to you when he said he’d be “too busy to golf”…and then golfed 70 times

*defended neo-Nazis and white nationalists
*caged children
*promised to build the wall and have Mexico pay for it...then demanded YOU pay for it
*disrespected and attacked war heroes like John McCain (even as he lay on his death bed)
*conspired with Russia to steal the election
*obstructed justice to cover up the conspiracy
*put an accused sexual-abuser and rapist on the Supreme Court
*refused to believe sexual-assault victims while defending and protecting the accused
*lied to the middle-class about getting huge tax cuts (remember "You'll see it in your paychecks starting Feb 1!"?)
*lied to you about giving you better and more affordable healthcare than Obamacare
*lied to you that coverage for preexisting conditions will be protected
*increased the deficit to $797-billion, the highest in 6 years
*increased the national debt to $25 trillion
*started trade wars which has negatively impacted farming, manufacturing & automobile industries
*violated the Emoluments Clause and has enriched himself since day-one
*created unparalleled chaos and turnover (70%+) in the White House
*called the Mueller probe a "witch hunt" despite 30+ indictments & 6 convictions including his top aides
*stood on a stage with Putin and defended him while calling our intelligence community liars
*said he's "in love" with Kim Jong Un
*lied to you that there is "no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea" 
*allowed Saudi Arabia to murder and dismember a journalist and U.S. resident without consequence
*repeatedly disrespected and attacked the FBI, Department of Justice, the intelligence community and our independent judiciary
*claimed the media is "the enemy of the people" 
*incited violence at his rallies
*praised a convicted criminal for body-slamming a reporter
*cursed like a pimp and allowed Kanye West to say "motherfucker" in the Oval Office
*lied to you over 4000 times (according to Washington Post fact-checker)
*treated you as if you're all a bunch of brainwashed ignorant fools

That's quite an impressive resume.

So can you please explain how you still support this crooked, corrupt treasonous monster after all these unconscionable offenses? How you could stand behind him at rallies as he disrespects and undermines democracy and the Constitution? How you could let him lie to you about his undying support of veterans, the military, the police and law & order as he attacks war heroes, POW's and Gold Star families while praising convicted criminals for violent acts? Worse, how you could stand behind him and laugh and cheer like pathetic sheep as he does it?

What kind of Americans are you? Why kind of humans are you? What kind of parents are you? What do you tell your children when you come home from these rallies? Are you proud of your president and what he says and does? More so, are you you proud of how you've acted at these mob-like events? Do you teach your kids to behave like Trump? Do you encourage them to lie, cheat, steal, bully, assault women and mock those less fortunate? Do you teach them to 'respect the law' by treating convicted criminals like heroes? Do you tell them violent men are "your guys?"

And how about all the pussy-grabbing, sexual assaults, rapes and the "boys will be boys" culture? Do you have daughters? Wives? Girlfriends? Mothers? You ok with them having their pussies grabbed by rich, powerful, famous men who think they're entitled to it? You ok with them being sexually-assaulted and raped? Or is it ok only when it's someone else's kid or spouse who's attacked, discredited and degraded?

Lastly, are you religious? Do you go to church and synagogue? Is this what they preach there? Is this what they tell you God wants? That this is the way to behave? That this is how you treat your fellow man and woman? Do you go to church on Sunday and pretend to be compassionate, tolerant, God-fearing faith-based Christians only to head to the Trump rally the next day to engage in angry, hateful unholy behavior like complicit frauds as he demonically breaks every sin in the bible?

And...would you really rather be Russian than Democrat?

So I ask you yet again: what the fuck is wrong with you? Because for the life of me I cannot figure you out.


Friday, October 19, 2018

Donald Trump is a Coward

Donald Trump was born and raised in Queens, NY. I was born and raised in Queens, NY. Trump's Queens was the Queens of preppies, wealth, privilege, fancy boarding & military schools, Ivy League universities, trust funds, "small $1-million loans" and $400-million inheritances from daddy. My Queens was blue-collar, stickball, public schools, city/state colleges and tough street kids.

My neighbors' sons were the kids who went off to fight and die in Vietnam. Trump and his pals used their rich daddies' connections to dodge the they could stay home and wage their own 'personal Vietnam' against STD's.

This backdrop explains Donald Trump. He's the proverbial rich entitled brat born on 3rd base who thinks he hit a triple. The son of an unemotional, affection-adverse but hugely wealthy real-estate tycoon who filled his son's wallet but left his heart empty.

Trump is often called a bully. But like most bullies, he is a weak, feckless coward. He's been a coward his whole life. And he'll be a coward till the day he dies. He fears confrontation. He's a self-proclaimed "counter-puncher" who talks a tough game on Twitter and at rallies of his brainwashed base, but who folds like a $2 lawn chair when face-to-face with his opponents and America's enemies.

Trump is on a perpetual mission to prove himself. Thus the constant bragging, exaggerated self-promotion and outright lying to embellish his accomplishments. The result is an ethical, moral and truth-bankruptcy which fuels this dysfunction. He's a shell of a adult human who craves the attention, praise and credit he never received growing up. And he's terrified. Always. Like a frightened little child. So he lashes out, at anything and anyone, in order to feel even the slightest kernel of self-worth.

Which is why it's never enough for Trump to merely state an accomplishment. He must also claim it's 'the biggest, the best and that everyone before him is stupid and inept and could never have done what he just did.' The hole in his soul is so large that nothing can ever fill it....not even the fact that he's one of only 45 people in America's 242-year history to hold this revered position. He constantly swirls in a dizzying vortex of self-loathing, put-downs and an insatiable quest for validation. He's a prisoner of his rapacious Id. I'm sure it's as exhausting for him as it is for us.

But most of all, Trump is a coward. A shameful, despicable coward.    

A coward who cages children.

A coward who bullies and degrades women.

A coward who's used his power to sexually-assault women.

A coward who belittles and name-calls his opponents.

A coward who mocks disabled people.

A coward who pathologically lies like a terrified cornered rat.

A coward who scapegoats people of color to divide the country.
A coward who boasts that "body-slammers" are "his guys."

A coward who calls the media "the enemy of the people" to distract from his personal scandals.

A coward who incites violence and chants of "lock her up" at his rallies.

A coward who "falls in love" with North Korea's Kim Jong Un who murdered U.S. citizen Otto Warmbier.

A coward who shares a stage with and defends Putin while publicly disrespecting and undermining our intelligence community.

A coward who sits by and does nothing after Saudi Arabia savagely murders and dismembers a journalist and U.S. resident.

A coward who's filled his staff and cabinet with generals because he thinks that surrounding himself with military men projects the true strength and bravery he's never had. 

A coward who's in awe of dictators and strongmen because he sees them as the "tough guy" he never was but so desperately wants to be.

A coward who's compelled to mock and disparage war heroes like John McCain (even as he lay dying) to compensate for his own lack of military valor and heroism. 

A coward who's selfish, self-serving and puts his own personal interests before those of America.

A coward who's traded America's reputation, values and defense of human rights for money.

To be sure, Donald Trump has many truly repulsive, reprehensible qualities. But his cowardice, as president of the United States, Commander-in-Chief and Leader of the Free World, reigns supreme.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dear Democrats: WTF Are You Waiting For?

I was talking the other day with someone who's active in the Congressional midterm elections. A Democrat. I asked her how she thinks it looks for the party on Election Day.

"Feeling good," she sheepishly said. "But it really all depends if our people get out and vote." 

Yes. The concern is always about turnout. But it shouldn't be now. Given all that's at stake, you'd think Democrats would be so fired up that they'd camp out at the polls the night before as if Led Zeppelin reunion-concert tickets were going on sale at 6am. Because the truth is, if they're not fired up enough to vote now, what...the...fuck...are...they...waiting...for?

Let me be perfectly clear: America is on the verge of autocracy. We are led by a sociopath. A malignant narcissist. A dangerous demagogue. A rabble-rousing, race-baiting dictator-wannabe bully who's shattered all norms, boundaries and any sense of decorum and decency in his rapacious quest to consolidate power and self-enrich. A sick, twisted, reincarnated Morton Downey Jr who derives a creepy masturbatory thrill from instigating and dividing people.

Which is why the upcoming midterm elections are everything. Everything.

Does your vote matter? Yes.

Can you change the course of history with your vote? Yes.

Election Day is the one day in the year when the billionaire and the janitor have the exact same power. That any democrat wouldn't exercise this power during Trump's reign of terror is mind-numbing.   

Do democrats really need a reason to vote? Consider how Trump and the Republican Party have turned America into a rancid cesspool:

*Neo-Nazis marching in the streets, and in at least one case, murdering liberal protestors
*Sexism and racism blatantly promoted and enabled
*Disabled people mocked
*War heroes, POW's and Gold Star families attacked
*White House/administration choked by daily chaos and rampant corruption
*Sexual-abusers, rapists and pedophiles protected and defended
*Supreme Court seats stolen, with accused sexual-predators on the bench
*Gerrymandering and voter-suppression 
*EPA gutted
*Climate-change denied; TPP and Paris Climate Accord abandoned
*Healthcare attacked
*Social-Security threatened
*Public education deteriorating
*Children caged / family-separation
*Muslims banned
*DACA attacked
*Increased gun violence
*Tax cuts for the rich and corporations
*Unions and workers' rights under attack
*Women's reproductive rights attacked
*Same-sex marriage attacked
*Religious fanaticism
*FBI/Justice Department assailed and undermined
*Media attacked as "the enemy of the people"
*Constitution and the rule of law disregarded
*Enemies emboldened, allies alienated
*Sycophantish sucking up to brutal dictators
*Treason accepted

For the first time in our nation's 242-year history our democracy is having an existential crisis. Checks and balances only works if the checks do their job. So what happens when Congress is complicit and allows a kleptocrat despotic traitor to consolidate power? What happens when the Supreme Court has a tie-breaking justice who believes the president is above the law and should be insulated from subpoena and indictment? Tyranny happens, that's what.

Is Trump a tyrant? Yes. Is Mitch McConnell a tyrant? Yes. Has the GOP-led Congress cravenly abdicated its oversight role in exchange for tax cuts, deregulation and a conservative judiciary? Yes.

The only way to stop this terrifying spiral into fascism is for democrats to vote. And vote en masse. To break records. To win the House with a huge enough margin to scare the shit out of Republicans that 2020 will be an even bigger bloodbath...where both the Senate and White House will be in major play.

But make no mistake: the main reason to take back the House is to give Democrats the ability to conduct investigations into Trump's corruption and treason. To have subpoena power. To protect special counsel Robert Mueller and his RussiaGate investigation. To return law and order back into the political landscape. To protect democracy. To impeach if necessary. And to provide the check that's so desperately missing right now.

Because the alternative is chillingly unthinkable...

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dear America: Wake the Fuck Up!

The sudden announcement by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy of his retirement next month sent terrifying shock waves through democratic circles. But make no mistake: the almost certainty that President Trump will replace the swing-voting Kennedy with a hard-line conservative like Neil Gorsuch, thus giving the court a solidly right-wing majority for the next 30-40 years, should terrify everyone except wealthy, white Christian men.

Those on the about-to-be-royally-screwed list include women, seniors, immigrants, Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, LGBTQ, students, workers, unions, the sick (especially those with preexisting medical conditions), the poor, the middle class, the environment, small business, campaign finance, our free and open press, the intelligence community, our national security and the rule of law.

Strap yourselves in. It's about to get crazy. The first hot-button issues a newly constituted conservative court will seek to reverse are abortion, same-sex marriage and affirmative action.

At least two dozen red states will assuredly move immediately to ban all abortions given this new judicial landscape. They'll be betting that when these laws are ultimately challenged in the Supreme Court, the 5-4 right-wing tilt will make their Draconian dreams come true in finally overturning Roe v Wade, the 1973 landmark ruling which currently protects a woman's right to have an abortion.

With regard to LGBTQ rights, Kennedy was either the swing vote, one of the swing votes and/or wrote the majority opinion in many critical rulings protecting LGBTQ people's basic human/civil rights and freedom to marry whom they choose: Romer v. Evans, 1996; Lawrence v. Texas, 2003; United States v. Windsor, 2013; Obergefell v. Hodges, 2015. Kennedy's loss in this evolution is devastating.

Kennedy has also been a moderate voice regarding affirmative action. In 2016's Fisher v University of Texas ruling, he was the swing vote in upholding the school's affirmative action policy which considered race as a factor in the admissions process.

(Note: roughly two-thirds of Americans are pro-same-sex marriage, pro-choice and pro-affirmative action).

To be sure, it's been a lot of fun and games so far for Trumpsters, who've basked in Dear Leader's braggadocious, bulling bluster. You guys love the tough talk, the "un-PC" behavior and the exciting circus-like rallies. But Kennedy's retirement is a game changer. You now need to decide if you want to be one of the gazillion people who'll get hit by the wrong end of the shit-stick from a staunchly conservative court.

And you Trump women: his macho sexist rhetoric, for example, isn't a big deal until you can no longer buy contraception. Or get an abortion. Or have healthcare which covers your reproductive rights. Remember when Trump said women should be "punished" for getting abortions? Think about that. Think about being arrested and jailed for it. Think about sitting in cages, without rights, like those defenseless immigrant kids at the border.

What about your mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousin or best friend who's gay? People you love. Do you want them stripped of their rights? To be discriminated in the courts, in the workplace and by healthcare & insurance companies? To not be able to marry whomever they want?

And to you Log Cabin Republicans... I never understood how, as members of the LGBTQ community, you could support a party that hates you for who you are. Well guess what? It's 100 times worse now. The judicial safety-net you've come to rely on of late, as you comfortably pursue your conservative agenda, will be gone. You will be shamed and scared back into the closet by the party you've dedicated yourselves to and who, in return, systematically demeans you and discriminates against you.

And if you're black or Hispanic and support Trump? It's serious reality-check time. If you haven't gotten this by now, Trump doesn't give a shit about you. Nor does your party. Your world is about to change as this court becomes a 5-4 right-wing majority.

'But the court won't change existing law' you say? No one should feel comforted by the 'doctrine of precedent' known as stare decisis (Latin for “to stand by things decided”). This assumes that the Supreme Court would be compelled to uphold the settled law of the land (i.e Roe v Wade). But Kennedy himself said “stare decisis is not an inexorable command” in his recent South Dakota v. Wayfair majority opinion, a ruling which overturned the landmark 1992 Quill Corp. v. North Dakota use-tax ruling.  And the court just this week reversed the 40-year-old Janus v. AFSCME decision, ruling that nonunion workers cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions.

But perhaps the most significant reason to fear a right-wing court is with special prosecutor Robert Mueller's RussiaGate investigation. It's almost certain that the decision on whether Trump can be subpoenaed to testify will come before the Supreme Court. Fill in the blanks. It's chilling to think that, as it did with 2000's decidedly non-Federalist Bush v. Gore ruling which essentially handed the presidency to George W. Bush, the highest court in the land will put partisan politics before national security and the law....especially over an issue with such critical foundational consequences.

Even more alarming, what happens when and if Mueller hands Congress incontrovertible, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt proof that Trump conspired with Russia to steal the election, and has since been engaged in a 24/7 campaign to cover up his high crimes and misdemeanors? What happens if this heretofore complicit GOP continues to turn a blind eye to The Manchurian President's dirty deeds?

The Senate cannot allow Trump to appoint anyone other than another moderate, swing vote justice. And it will come down to Republicans such as Jeff Flake (AZ), Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK) to vote their conscience and principles, not their party. With a 51-49 chamber, democrats must pull out all stops to convince at least two Republicans to vote with them. Maybe even dangle the border wall in exchange for a moderate jurist. Or even put Merrick Garland's name back in play for the wall. In the past, Garland had bi-partisan support. If Trump were truly smart and politically calculating, he'd consider how such a nomination would provide a  tremendous boost to his popularity beyond the base; how it would quickly move to repair the divisiveness in the country; and the coup it'd be legacy-wise. But that's not Trump, so don't hold your breath.

Complicating matters for democrats is that Senate incumbents such as Jon Tester (MT), Joe Manchin (WVA), Claire McCaskill (MO), Joe Donnelly (IN) and Heidi Heitkamp (ND) face tough re-election campaigns in states Trump won. For these moderates, they're forced to choose between political self-survival and satisfying their liberal constituents. Won't be a surprise if at least one opts for job-security.

So what to do?

The time is now for mass protests in the streets. Like the 1960's. Non-stop. Voters must demand that politicians vote in a manner that's consistent with the moderate views of an overwhelming majority of Americans...while demanding that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell abide by his own rule of not allowing presidents to appoint Supreme Court justices in an election year (which is how he robbed Barack Obama of Garland's seat). Voters must make this a central tenet of every protest between now and the November midterms. To shame McConnell and Republicans with their own hypocrisy, duplicity and shameless partisanship at the expense of America's national security and best interests. Democrats must give voters a clear choice in the election: country vs party.

The most critical election in U.S. history is four months away. At stake? Everything. Checks and balances. Co-equal branches of government.  Congressional oversight. The rule of law. Democrats must take the House. And hopefully the Senate. Every democrat must get out and vote. The same is true for independents and even Republicans, who staunch conservative George Will implored last week to vote for democrats as a crucial check on Trump.

The U.S. Constitution, and our 242-year-old democracy, is facing it's first true existential crisis. It's being tested like never before in history by the very tyrant the system was designed to prevent from taking control. But if one or even both co-equal branches of government abdicate their Constitutional responsibilities, American democracy as we know it is officially over.

Autocracy is at our doorstep.

America, wake the fuck up!

Friday, May 25, 2018

The North Korea Debacle: How Trump Put the "No" in Nobel

"Everyone thinks so, but I would never say it." 

That's how president Donald Trump two weeks ago answered the question, "Do you think you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize?"

Clearly, 14 days is a lifetime in politics. Two weeks, one Nobel and a now-obsolete commemorative coin later Trump, on the global stage, is the sad clown. An ignorant, erratic, diplomacy-bankrupt megalomaniac buffoon who was predictably outplayed by North Korea's Kim Jong Un. 

So what went wrong? Why did the June 12th Singapore summit-to-end-all-summits get cancelled? What went wrong is that on one side of the table is a ridiculously-coiffed bloated sociopath dictator with the discipline, maturity and impulse-control of a 10-year-old. And Kim's no better.

Trump, the self-proclaimed King of Negotiation, had convinced himself that, despite the failed efforts of his much smarter diplomatic predecessors, he had the recipe for success: shoot off some nasty tweets; meet with "short, fat Little Rocket Man," (but get him to agree to totally de-nuke beforehand...thus rendering the meeting, and all subsequent negotiating, completely unnecessary), shake hands; stuff face with Bibimbap; and then hop back on Air Force One and Google "How to Apply For a Nobel Peace Prize." 

And just like that, 70 years of conflict would end.  

(note to Trump: it's never a good thing to call yourself the "king" of anything. It never ends well. Just ask Elvis, Charles I or Michael Cohen's business partner Evgeny "Taxi King" Friedman)
Did anyone with even half a brain really believe this summit would take place? And even if it did, that somehow an inept dictator-wannabe with a bad temper was going to tame his hero who has an even worse temper? That Kim, whose sanction-ravaged, economically destitute country, which has nothing to brag about except nuclear weapons, was suddenly going to totally capitulate to a bloviating bully who has no plan, no vision and no concept of the foreign policy process?

Trump certainly talked tough, made "fire and fury" threats to destroy Kim and his people and had most Americans believing the United States was teetering on nuclear war. But the MAGAsturbators loved it. And that's the only thing that matters to Trump: make the base happy. It was pure Trump performance art.

But unfortunately in the end, Trump gave Kim exactly what he's been craving. He's legitimized him as a world power; mitigated his brutality by calling him "honorable"& "excellent;" and let him play him for a fool. America and the presidency have been gravely weakened as a result.

And the only real impact of fire and fury is that it gave Michael Wolff a great title for a book that made him a fortune. And thanks in no small part to Trump, whose relentless attacks and threats to sue to stop its publication, helped sell bigly bazillions of copies. 

So now the big question is, are talks with North Korea really dead? Just one day after news of the summit's cancellation broke, Trump said the two nations are speaking again and that the historic meeting could still happen.

"It could even be the 12th," he suggested this morning.

Trump then fondly referred to the "warm" statement Kim released yesterday (which came after his own romantic overture: "If you change your me or write"), continuing to sound more like a pathetic jilted lover than the U.S. president.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Debunking the Ridiculous "We've Seen No Evidence of Collusion!" Claim

What do innocent people do when they're being investigated? They fully co-operate. They do whatever's humanly possible to assist the investigation so that they can not only vindicate themselves but, more importantly, help uncover the truth.

What do guilty people do? They wage a relentless war against such investigations. They do everything humanly possible to undermine and discredit the process. They mercilessly attack the character of those investigating them. They obfuscate, misrepresent, lie and manufacture bizarre alternatives to create chaos. The more chaos and confusion the better. The truth appears to be the last thing that concerns them.

The guilty often enlist an army of foot soldiers to help execute their propaganda campaign. With regard to President Trump, who's fighting wars on multiple fronts involving Russia, porn stars, Playmates, money-laundering and rogue lawyers, these loyal warriors include cabinet members and White House staff; Congressmen/women; his legal team; an over-caffeinated duplicitous gaggle of media surrogates; and the brainwashed MAGAsturbasers. And of course, the president himself.


And his well-trained ground troops, having gone through rigorous boot camp under the leadership of General John Kelly, are like flawless snipers in shooting the witch-hunt shit:


So of course, when there's "no evidence," you have Trump and his henchmen calling for an end to the special investigation being conducted by independent counsel, and former FBI director, Robert Mueller.

Even vice-president Mike Pence, who's curiously kept himself from swirling in the RussiaGate vortex, recently told NBC's Andrea Mitchell:

"I would very respectfully encourage the special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion....In the interests of the country, I think it’s time to wrap it up.”

In just one year Mueller's probe has so far resulted in 22 indictments, five guilty pleas and more to follow, including Paul Manafort, who is rumored to be on the verge of pleading guilty. Through this investigation we now know there were 75 contacts (including 22 meetings) between the Trump campaign and Russians (Trump, Nov 11, 2016: "There was no communication between the campaign and any foreign entity during the campaign").

Hardly a partisan witch-hunt, unless Trump expects us to believe that criminals like Mike Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Rick Gates are actually just nice, innocent folks who decided to plead guilty and go to prison just to make Mueller happy.

Furthermore, Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (in charge of the investigation after Jeff Sessions recused himself) are Republicans. Rosenstein appointed Mueller. FBI Director Christopher Wray is a Republican Trump appointee. Partisan you say?

So let's get to this "NO EVIDENCE!" bullshit. May I remind Trump and his disingenuous band of fake-news thugs that the reason they haven't 'seen any evidence' is because they're not fucking supposed to! They're not on Mueller's team. He's not sharing his files with them. He doesn't contact them every time he uncovers new evidence. No one knows what Mueller has except Mueller and his crackerjack investigators. And no one but them is going to see what evidence they have or don't have until this investigation, which is ongoing and likely will remain so well beyond Summer, ultimately concludes and Mueller issues his report.

(by the way, one could successfully argue that we've in fact so far seen plenty of evidence of collusion given the indictments, guilty pleas and the lies about not having over 6-dozen contacts with Russians)

Nothing screams GUILT like calling for a premature end to this investigation.

Which is precisely why Trump, his legal team and his shamefully complicit Republican cohorts in Congress (including Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan) will stop at nothing to derail and kill it...including allowing our kompromised Manchurian president to hurl us into a full-fledged Constitutional crisis. It's Party first/fuck America.


I'm old enough to remember when the Republican Party would've jailed traitors. Now they support, enable, defend, protect and lie for them.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Are Trump Supporters Racist?

Dear Trumpsters:

I've been trying to "get" you for almost three years now. I've tried to keep an open mind about your motivations. I even for a time accepted the notion that your support for Donald Trump might be rooted in that "economic anxiety" you and Fox News keep talking about and not because you're all a bunch of angry white racists. But no matter how hard I try to give you the benefit of the doubt, it keeps coming back to racism. There's simply no other explanation...

You claim to be "the forgotten people" yet you support a president whose policies benefit only himself, his family, his rich pals and corporations.

You call yourselves fiscally conservative Republicans, but you support a president who's added $1-trillion in new debt.

You claim you voted out of "economic anxiety," yet you support a president whose tax bill doesn't benefit you; your wages remain stagnant; the income gap is widening; you, not Mexico, are paying for his wall (if it ever gets built); he screwed you out of affordable healthcare; whose trade policies threaten our economic stability.

You call yourselves "law and order" Republicans yet you support a president who summarily dismisses, disrespects, demeans and undermines the FBI, the Justice Department, the independent judiciary and the rule of law.

You call yourselves "law and order" Republicans yet you support a president who believes he's above the law.  

You call yourselves "law and order" Republicans yet you support a president who has us on the verge of a Constitutional crisis.

You call yourselves patriotic Republicans, but you support a president who likely colluded with an enemy state, conspired to obstruct justice and cover it up, who's desperately undermining the special investigation in every possible way and who continually threatens our national security.

You call yourselves patriots (and many of you are veterans and/or have children who serve in the military), yet you support a president who dodged the draft, attacks Gold Star families and war heroes, says he "knows more than the generals" and exploits the military for constant photo-ops while calling it "a disaster."

You call yourselves strong defenders of democracy, yet you support a president who repeatedly kisses the ass of brutal dictators whose ultimate goal is to destroy America and its democracy...while disrespecting and alienating our allies in Germany, England, France, Australia, Japan, Canada, Mexico and elsewhere. 

You claim to be evangelicals, yet you support a president who is a pathological liar; admitted sexual abuser; a serial philanderer; who mocks the sick, disabled, poor; who's obsessed with money and material things; who cares about no one but himself. 

You claim to be people of 'faith'...but you support a president whose behavior strikingly contrasts the teachings of Jesus.

You claim you're not racist, but you support a president who consistently disparages & disrespects   black and brown people and immigrants and whose policies discriminate against them...while simultaneously normalizing and enabling white supremacists, neo-Nazi's and bigots. 

I'm sorry...

You claim you're not racist are.