Sunday, November 01, 2020

This Election Will Be Decided By the ‘Hold Your Nosers’


Four years ago millions of Republican and independent voters ‘held their noses’ and voted for Donald Trump. They didn’t like him. But they disliked Hillary Clinton much more. This year they will be the reason Trump loses.

Joe Biden doesn’t need to attract the hardcore Trump cultists. Given that in 2016 Trump lost the popular vote by 3-million, and narrowly won the electoral college by 77,000, if he just loses the ‘hold your nosers’ he’s toast.

Don’t get me wrong. These voters will still be holding their noses. But this time they’ll be voting for Biden as they do it. They understand, unlike 2016, what’s truly at stake.

They know that this year’s election truly is the most important in history, because our very democracy is on the ballot. It’s no longer just about traditional conservative touch-points like de-regulation, lower taxes and gun rights. It’s existential.

For the first time in 243 years, America’s system of checks and balances…as well as freedom of the press…freedom of speech…freedom to peacefully assemble and protest…free and fair elections…and the very norms, institutions and principles that have stood for American exceptionalism (as well as truth, decency, empathy and humanity), are in grave danger of extinction. And, pun intended, that trumps everything.

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