Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Delay's Denial and the "Liberal Media"

Claiming he's giving them "the real story," embattled House Leader Tom Delay today sent an email to supporters in his suburban Houston district issuing a sweeping denial of his alledged ethics transgressions. But here's the real kicker: DeLay blames these attacks on Democrats, liberal groups and the "legion of Democrat-friendly press" who are trying to wrest away Republican control of Congress. "It is abundantly clear that their fundamental strategy revolves around attacking me and working to tear down Republican leadership," he said. Ok, much has been said in these and other pages about Delay and his relentless and unsubstantiated accusations about the Democrats and their "mission." But I am really starting to seethe about this notion of a powerful "Liberal Media" that, last time I checked, exists only in the fantasies of Republicans. Just where exactly is this powerful liberal media? Give us names, stations, networks. CNN? Every time I watch it they seem to bend over backwards sucking up to the Right. MSNBC? If anyone calls Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough Left-Wing sympathizers, they're missing some screws. The NY Times? They report in a very balanced manner. I am often just as upset with them for not supporting the Democrats as I am with their coverage of the Right. But isn't that exactly what an objective news publication is supposed to do? Let's make sure we make a distinction between the Times' news coverage and their columnists. The latter is certainly biased towards the Left. But the news coverage is more than fair. Lastly, we now have Air America Radio. Gaining momentum, but hardly the powerhouse of Fox News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc. We all know who controls the airwaves these days, and, unfortunately, it ain't us. So how about it, Tom Delay, quit your incessant whining and defend yourself on the merits of the facts, not some invisible Left-Wing Media Boogeyman out to get ya. Andy

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