Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tune in to Tonight's "Bush Comedy/Magic Hour!"

Quick...get the kids! Go get grandma! Start poppin' the popcorn! My favorite comedy/magic show's on tonight! At 8PM EST President Bush will go before the cameras presumably to tell Americans how wonderful everything is in Iraq. How Democracy is taking shape, and how the insurgency--to quote the indisputable king of BS Dick Cheney--is in its "last throes" despite looking like a colossal military fiasco to anyone else with an ounce of intelligence. Oh yeah, tonight's speech promises to be a real doozy! There'll be more smoke and mirrors than at a David Copperfield show. And like Copperfield, Bush will magically make the truth disappear. Yup, this promises to be quite a show! "It's all good," Bush'll report, beaming like the little kid still searching for mommy and daddy's approval. He'll talk about all the wonderful progress that no one but he and his posse seem to see. Little will be said, I'm sure, of the dead bodies flying through the Iraqi air every day from the ever-increasing insurgents' bombs. No mention will be made of the 1700 dead US soldiers, or the 20,000 injured and maimed. Or the 100,000 Iraqis killed. Nor will he admit to finding no WMD, therefore shattering the entire justification for war. No siree. All these meaningless "facts" would only spoil the fun. What we'll get tonight instead is pure theatre. A staged production that would make Harry Houdini proud. Andy

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