Saturday, April 07, 2007

RuPaul Giuliani Says He's the Ultimate Tough Guy to Fight War & Terror

Former NYC Mayor RuPaul Giuliani would like us to believe that when it comes to fighting terrorists and Iraqi insurgents, he's best suited for the job. And he may actually be least when it comes to pumps and Bob Mackie gowns. The NY Times on Saturday reported from the Giuliani campaign trail that the would-be Philanderer-in-Chief told supporters in South Carolina: "What they say in Washington is not going to affect the fact that there are terrorists around the world that are planning to come here and kill us. It is something I understand better than anyone else running for president."

Really? Just because he happened to be at the World Trade Center that fateful morning, running for his dust-covered life on national TV, qualifies him as a 911 hero? This is something I will never understand. Back in September 2001, Giuliani was nothing more than a lousy, racially-insensitive, mayor-turned-opportunist who exploited the nation's worst tragedy for his own political self-interests. Who will ever forget his shameless land-grab when he attempted to have the November election postponed so that New Yorkers could bask in his alleged greatness for several more months?

And now, the guy who never met a lacy beaded gown that he doesn't like, wants to be president and lead our military forces. Where is the outcry from Democrats? Giuliani is the GOP's frontrunner (and this writer's bet for most likely nominee), and the Democrats are so far looking a gift horse in the face and saying "no thanks." When the Repugs desperately wanted to win in '04, it didn't matter to them that John Kerry was a highly decorated enlisted Vietnam war hero. It didn't matter to them that Kerry had also been a successful prosecutor, like Giuliani. No, they chose to SwiftBoat his ass into oblivion. Think about that. Our guy was a decorated war hero and the ruthless Rovians convinced Americans that he wasn't tough enough to fight Iraq and Al Qaeda. And to discredit his bravery, his medals and his overall patriotism they rolled out a bunch of lying scum who claimed to have fought with him, and who claimed he was a military fraud. It was despicable. The Repugs also vilified Kerry using repeated film clips and sound bites from his emotional 1971/72 Winter Soldier anti-war testimony. They even showed him windsurfing, as if somehow this should disqualify him from office. One election later, their frontrunner shows every indication of being a closeted drag queen for Pete's sake, and Democrats refuse to fight fire with fire. They have multiple photos and film clips of RuPaul Giuliani dressed like (and I might add looking like) Shelly Winters and what are they doing with them? Nothing. It's infuriating. How do you think those photos would play in the Heartland? In the South? Across middle-America? Republican voters would likely be horrified, and it would instantly derail the whole tough-guy image that's propping up his candidacy. Just imagine what Rove would be doing with drag photos of Barack Obama or John Edwards. There'd be bloodshed.

If the Democrats ever want to inhabit the White House again, and if they truly want to show Americans that they are tough enough to handle war, then they need to start proving that they have the cajones to start battling their own enemy right here in Washington. And they can start by sending RuPaul Giuliani for a little SwiftBoat ride down the Beltway.

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Anonymous said...

As a tolerant liberal, I am most certainly not offended by Rudy's "dressing up" as I see it as something more akin to a "Monty Python" sketch than a kinky Provincetown/Las Vegas drag show.

The reason why it is being exploited the way it has is precisely because this type of harmless theatricality is what will precisely offend and upset the Repugs hard-core constituency, without whose support no candidate can ever dream of capturing that perty's nomination.

I am speaking of the intolerant religious zealots, bigots, in-denial closet-case homophobes, ignorant jingoistic 'gung-ho' flag fetishists, constitution-burners, crypto-fascists, racists, and just plain haters who every prospective Republican candidate must seek to pass the litmus test of.

Pictures of Rudy cavorting merrily in drag is potential kryptonite for his seemingly invincible bid, and that is why we are showing it every chance we get.

Take that, smear-mongers! A little bit of your own medicine for a change, we hope you choke on it!

Bring it on!

Peace & Love! :)


Giuliani is such a repressive, self-aggrandizing, nit-picking, fascist control freak that if he ever became President (trust me, he won't!) even proud liberals like myself will feel as nostalgic about Bush as we now ironically feel about Nixon!

Trust me on this one. New Yorkers think they are usually a step ahead of the rest of the nation on most things, and on this one, due to personal experience, we actually ARE! ;)

Alamaine said...

While some may point to Ru-Dee Giuliani with the intent on allowing their inner demons to vent their hostilities, we must consider that the Locust's statement, "Giuliani is such a repressive, self-aggrandizing, nit-picking, fascist control freak ..." establishes 'why' Ru-Dee does interesting things like play dress-up. (Did he get it perfect on the first try?) We have to recall that one John Edgar Hoover was also (supposedly) blackmailed by the mob (or whoever) because of his little preferences for the 'softer' things in life, like women's gowns and such. Without too much of a doubt, the urge to purge one's restrictive self can be relieved by going completely out of one's usual or expected character. We need not confuse 'smearing' with pointing out the symptoms of a greater truth, something that further protects the afflicted, preventing the seeking of the fresh air and sunlight, like the 'simple' people who used to be kept locked up in peoples' houses or the once-closeted homophiles. Or Presidential files being hidden from the people. Or so-called 'undisclosed' locations.

The spate of sexual or genderal irregularities found among Republicans (the Franklin Cover-Up, Foley, Gingrich/Livingstone/Hyde, e.g.) includes Ru-Dee's potential for needing some releases that might be also unexpected. What needs to be looked at are the years up to 10th September 2001, all of which to be evaluated in terms of his suitability for higher office. The six marriages between him and his (current) spouse are of interest as is his ignoring his son in recent years. (Recall also he 'divorced' the Democratic Party to marry up with the Republicans when it suited his needs.)

His approaches to personal issues all provide insights as to how he would react and respond in a real crisis. The recent book *Grand Illusion* is one description of how a less than able person parlayed himself into a hero, 'America's Mayor,' for some. We can't discount Al Sharpton's comment to O'Reilly (as I recall) to the effect that Ronald McDonald could have been mayor and had equal or greater success in the weeks and months following the performance art events of 11th September. Driving Ru-Dee back into the shadows is not good -- for him or for anyone else. He should be allowed the fullest expression of his inner selves but not on government time.

For something more, see America's Madman: New Yorkers Remember Rudy Giuliani

Anonymous said...

the best thing that could happen is for giuliani to get the repubiclan nomination first and then we can start to make noise about his cross-dressing, which if done right will ruin him

Anonymous said...

Ru-Dee Guiliani


Don't get me wrong, I love drag queens and some of my best friends are drag queens but, Ru-Dee Guiliani doing drag is an insult to all the hard working, fabulous queens out their perfecting their slag.

Ru-Dee Guiliani is a fake.

Anonymous said...

Wait. Just wait. When and if he becomes the repuglican candidate, then go after him. Don't knock down the easy ones now, cuz ya just might end up with someone harder to take down. Look if they want to nominate ANY of the 3 everyone is talking about ...let em. If thats the best they think they have...don't discourage them. Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Rudy, Mitt, John...Rudy, Mitt, John...

Rudy is a control freak who's been known to dress in women's clothes.

Mitt is a flip-flop bad liar who's known for wearing magical mormon underwear.

John is also a flip-flopper who can't remember what he said two years ago, let alone last week.

Looks like the republicans have a great field of choices. Too Bad - bwaaa haaa haaa!!

Anonymous said...

No, no, not even this will turn off Rebumpkin voters. It will get the "who cares?" and "My brother-in-law has pictures like that and it was all in fun, they're making it something it wasn't," etc., etc. A defensive ploy, true: but you can't make people see what they won't see.

I frankly don't know where Rudy's getting his poll numbers, unless there's a massive Cheney-sized operation to install him one way or another. Maybe it's going to be a Giuliani-Arthur Branch ticket--seeing as Arthur works in the same city anyway. Why don't Rudy and Arthur meet someday for coffee? Then we could see it on TV, wouldn't that be cool. And then we could vote like American Idol!

Anonymous said...

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The President Calls On Congress To Extend Trade Promotion Authority So We Can Make Headway On The Doha Round And Other Trade Agreements.

Anonymous said...

What the h#11? How does 10:30 AM's post have anything to do with the topic??

Repukelican propoganda at it's finest.
So the April, 2007 report says this and that. Does it say what kind of jobs have been created? What level of pay people are getting? Or is it like the 7 bucks an hour listing we see in the local papers.

Meanwhile, back to Rudy's control issues and eyeliner.

Anonymous said...

And the cost for Iraq is...

Anonymous said...

Rudy's bogus "crime reduction" claims are exposed as pure fraud today on Rudy may lie, but the numbers(DOJ/FBI crime data)don't:

Anonymous said...

One in Five Democrats describe Hillary as “Very Corrupt” or “Somewhat Corrupt”

(Washington DC) -- Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released the results of a nationwide poll conducted in partnership with Zogby International concerning the American people’s attitudes about the Clintons and corruption. Among the highlights of the poll conducted March 22 – 26, 2007:

• Overall, 26% of likely voters are “very concerned,” and 19% are “somewhat concerned” there will be “high levels of corruption in the White House” if Hillary is elected president, including approximately one in five Democrats (18.8%).

• A total of 42% of likely voters describe Hillary Clinton as “very corrupt” (17%) or “somewhat corrupt” (25%), including 21.2% of the Democrats likely to vote.

• 36% of likely voters agree with the statement: “If Hillary Clinton is elected president, Bill Clinton cannot be trusted to behave honestly in the White House.”

• 69% strongly agree with the statement that “corruption is a significant problem in Washington.” An additional 24% “somewhat agree” with the statement.

• More than three in four (78%) agree that bigger government leads to more corruption.

“Clinton corruption is not old news for many Americans. Over six years after the end of the Clinton administration, a large number of Americans are still concerned about Hillary and Bill Clinton’s ethics. Even many members of Hillary Clinton’s own Democratic party share these concerns,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Given this public concern, the media and other public policy leaders have a responsibility to ask tough questions of Hillary Clinton about her (and her husband’s) involvement in various corruption scandals. And, frankly, the same goes for John McCain, Barack Obama, Rudy Giuliani and any other candidate with ethical skeletons in their closet.”

This telephone survey, conducted by Zogby International, included a target sample of 1,039 interviews. The margin of error is +/- 3.1 percentage points. A total of 38% of those polled were Democrats, 36% were Republicans, and 26% were Independents.

Judicial Watch neither support nor opposes candidates for public office.

Anonymous said...

A vote for the Democrats is a vote for bigger government and more corruption

Anonymous said...

At least 5:54 spelled corruption right. Some spell it R-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n.

What do the last to posts have to do with the topic?

Patti and Marty said...

The pro-Repub posts are propaganda contradicted by real economists. They write them because they cannot talk about their candidates without evoking jeers and derisive laughter. Judicial watch????ohhh yes that fair and balanced group. They are next to the swift boaters in the line of odious partisan character assasins.