Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why Gore's Time Magazine Interview Says "I'm Running"

The signs are all there. Despite the coy denials, the Washington-outsider positioning, and his status as the global warming rock-star, a position through which he enjoys immense power and freedom, Al Gore is running. Make no mistake. And it has never been more evident than in this week's Time Magazine cover story and interview, The Last Temptation of Al Gore. Consider the following, when The Goracle was asked what it would take for him to run:

"I can't say because I'm not looking for it. But I guess I would know it if I saw it. I haven't ruled it out. But I don't think it's likely to happen."

"I haven't ruled it out," Gore says. Of course he hasn't. The man who's had his eye on the White House for thirty years knows exactly what his chances are this time around, and he's biding his time until the right opening occurs in order to make the biggest splash (most likely when the frontrunners Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton implode on the campaign trail).

"If he ran, there's no question in my mind that he would be elected," says Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. And we all know that Jobs is quite the visionary. The Mac, iPod and Gore. My money's on Jobs' time-tested prescience.

And while Time cites Tipper Gore's frequent couching, even she admits: "If the feeling came over him and he had to do it, of course I'd be with him." That's not quite "Al's definitely not running."

Another sure-fire sign is Gore's new found emphasis on weight-loss. Many a well-respected pundit has said that when Al starts dieting, we can start the countdown to the campaign announcement. Time reports that he's been "dieting and working out hard these days." It's the first time in seven years he's caring about his appearance and we're supposed to believe it's pure coincidence? Fat chance (pun very intended).

On his status as the global warming lightening rod, Gore admits: "I have enjoyed the luxury of being able to focus single-mindedly on this issue. But I am under no illusions that any position has as much ability to influence change as the presidency does. If the President made climate change the organizing principle, the filter through which everything else had to flow, then that could really make a huge difference." There it is. Al Gore placing the greatest power to save the planet firmly in the hands of the Unites States presidency. This opportunity is way too good for him to pass up.

In addition to his 3-decade-long environmental advocacy and his early anti-war stand with regard to Iraq, Gore's been a harsh critic of President Bush, his corrupt administration, and the GOP in general. Messages that are timely and resonate tremendously with voters. His orating is almost messianic to many, and he commands a respectful 12% poll number (same as John Edwards) without even being in the race. Throw in his untouchable dossier--two terms in the Senate, four in the House, eight years as VP, and his Vietnam service--and Gore's about as attractive as they could possibly come for the Dems. An Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize would be delicious icing on his campaign cake. Ya think he doesn't know all this? Get real people. Al Gore is no more gonna sit on the sidelines in '08 than Peyton Manning will in next year's Super bowl.

When Time cited a Buffalo college student's literal begging of Gore to enter the race, complete with a one-kneed "Please, I'll vote for you," The Goracle, with his usual unconvincing coyness, replied "I'm not planning to run." And I'm not planning to be surprised when he announces his candidacy by October.

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Marc McDonald said...

An Al Gore White House, (after the horrible nightmare of the past 6 years), would be a dream come true.
However, if Gore runs, I hope he is ready to fight tooth and claw to not be cheated out of victory, as he was the last time around.
I believe the GOP will once again try to steal the 2008 election. The election will likely be mired in controversy.
Ultimately, like 2000, it could well come down to whoever is willing to fight the hardest.
In this regard at least, Gore was a disappointment in 2000. He really should have fought harder to claim the victory that was rightfully his.

Marc McDonald

Anonymous said...

The Republicans already have set things up to cheat in 2008. Why else have they been so intent on putting their people in as judges? Could it be that they will be the ones to decide any "problems" with the 2008 election? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Well-said, Andy! Mr. Gore's new book, "The Assault on Reason," is a scathing critique of how poorly the US has been run the past six years and an even-more scathing critique of the Bush-Cheney fiasco. With this book, Mr. Gore will burnish his reputation even more and will, I think, become unstoppable, when (not "if"!) he declares his candidacy.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore is the ONLY candidate that can possibly get this country back to where it should be. What got me interested in the Ostroy Report a number of years ago was a story Andy did on Gore and it was on the Huffington Post. Being a HUGE Al Gore fan I can't wait for his hat to be thrown back in the ring and this time WIN!

I too believe the hoop-la about Hillary and Barack will die down this summer and people will have had enough of these candidates and will welcome Al with open arms. By that time gas will be around the four dollar mark and the war will be really cooking with more deaths then ever. The stock market will take a "dump" and people will start feeling the money pinch like they never had before. Come October Vice President Gore will feel that this is perhaps his last chance to finally get the White House, which I think it truly is.

Look at the high rollers that will bust their butts to get him backing money, it's been said that Gore could put in over 40 million of his own money. Al has all the best people now in his camp and everyone is committed to get him in the White House and by reading the Ostroy Report we too are totally committed to getting the job done. Keep us posted Andy of anything you might hear about Mr. Gore.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore was a winner last night on Larry King. He was charming, thoughtful, relaxed and with no distracting mannerisms. He is certainly our next prsident if he decides to enter the race. He is the only one among the candidates in either party who can save America.

red rabbit said...

Al would be a great president. Aside from his unbeatable qualifications, he's been groomed for it his whole life and he has an appropriate sense of history. It would be an act of patriotism to support him.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Gore would make a wonderful President in his own rite and not just in contrst to what we have now. As qualified as he may be, he can't do it alone. We must elect real Americans in congress to help him and send a message to all the sell-out democrats like Pellosi,the fakes like Lieberman and the poll watchers like Clinton & Obama. Hell, I'd even vote for an open minded Republican (if I could find one) before these people.
Don't forget that ultimatly the responsibility for this country is ours, not Mr. Gore's alone.
Just a note: If they try to steal the election again or prevent one from taking place, we ALL need to hit the streets and say "not this time"

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, imagine the following scenario:

The leading Democratic candidates for President all endorse this shameful Iraqi funding agreement with the White House.

Within several days, Al Gore appears on tv and says, "I cannot sit on the sidelines anymore. Today I announce my candidacy for the Presidency."

Let's see if I'm right.

Anonymous said...

Heck, Obama said three months ago that we should give in on the continued funding of the war and Hilliary will NEVER admit that she made a huge mistake in buying the Rep. lies that got us into this mess. How about this: Gore cuts a deal with Obama offering him the VP position. Gore gets the Obama supporters (many new voters) as well as access to that war chest. If you want this country to ever elect an Af.American to high office, this is the way to open that door.
As for the "fold 'em" Dems on the hill, the only "cut and run" they are backing is their own. Where is the anti-war agenda they were elected on; where are the DOJ indictments; impeachment? How far out in front does the public need to be before the politicians wake up and get it?@?@!?!

Anonymous said...

Al has my vote again, but how can he inspire others to vote for him? If he can't get an overwhelming majority of votes we will repeat the disaster of the 2000 election.

I live in a Red State and believe me they hate Al Gore. Absolutely hate him.

Anonymous said...

I live in a Red State and they DO hate Gore. They also hate Hillary, Obama, Edwards and all Democrats. Aside from hating Hillary and Obamba personally because they're Dems, they hate them because of gender and race. That's why they'll probably nominate Rudy and then trust that the Independents and the more liberal Conservatives will put him in office. Gore could probably win because all Dems would vote for him and probably allthe Independnets. And, those who would never, at this time in our history, vote for a woman or an Afro American, would vote for him. Outside of Gore I can't imagine who can win. Hillary and Obama whom I don't think could win anyway, both voted "no" on the funding bill, only after it was clear their vote wouldn't matter either way -- it had been passed and Bush won again. That puts a lot of Dem voters off who perhaps in good conscience could not vote for either of them. Richardson hasn't got a chance either. Perhaps Edwards if he could finally "break out" and show some passion. It would help if he'd once and for all "shut up" everbody about his money. He earned it and wants everybody to have that chance too.

Anonymous said...

Al gore is as useful as a Bull with tits (@)(@)

Ian Curran said...

Right on, Mr. Ostroy! I'm not as convinced as you that he will run, but I sure hope he does. I don't see how anyone in their right mind could vote for Clinton over Gore, especially since she won't even admit she was wrong about Iraq. I liked your post on Richardson, too. He may be a good VP pick for Gore, although I also like Obama's charismatic appeal. And maybe Noam Chomsky for Secretary of State.

Ian O'Corrain

Anonymous said...

Like bush/cheney are? I guess it takes one to know one. But where we come from, the saying is "as useful as tits on a boar."
How useful are they these days?
With deadeye dick as his sidekick, and gonzo bringing up the rear, bush(dimestore cowboy) thinks he can't do any wrong. In his dreams maybe.

Anonymous said...

It looks like I agreed with OwlGore for about minute this week when he criticized Americans' obsession with celebrity gossip. Well he is back to his liberal bit-government self again. This time he is joining the ranks of Fairness Doctrine supporters.

On CBS' "Early Show" with Harry Smith, Al Gore said, "the first concerns among defenders of democracy arose with radio. And that's why the equal time provision and the fairness doctrine and the public interest standard were put in place here. Those protections were almost completely removed during President Reagan's term."

There you have it. OwlGore feels that the government should set the "public interest standards" for radio shows like this one. Well, maybe I am a low man on the totem poll, but liberals loathe the conservative influence in talk radio. They just can't stand the fact that people like Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham, and even little old me can get up here and yap for hours and hours and they can't do a darned thing to limit what I talk about.

What is so different about what Hugo Chavez in doing in Venezuela? Weren't those pretty much the same words that Hugo used when he seized the nation's most popular television station, a station critical of his rule? Chavez said he was "democratizing" the public's airwaves? Gore excuses his desire to shut down talk radio by referring "defenders of democracy."

Al is losing his political touch here. Sure, there was no real secret that he, along with the rest of the left, wants to shut down talk radio. After all, every attempt at bringing a successful left-wing talk show to the airwaves has met with failure. So, the rule in government is if you can't beat 'em, shut 'em down. But just how stupid do you have to be to voice your threat to shut down talk radio just days after your leftist fellow traveler Hugh Chavez shut down an opposition television station in Venezuela? And then you use virtually the same language that Chavez used to justify your plans?

Poor Al Gore. Perhaps he was listening yesterday when I covered the news story about global warming on Neptune.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be rude, but would someone please tell me who Neal at 9:19AM is? Does someone named "Neal" really have a talk show or is this yet abother deceit to bash Gore from a reader of this blog?

Anonymous said...

Idiot @ 4:18 pm,
Did you check the hyperlink attached to Neal's name?
I bet you attend(ed) government schools, you vote for Democrats, are a member of a union, and believe the evil rich are the source of all your problems.
Be an individual. Click on the link without someone telling you to do so. You don't need a village to obtain answers to your questions.

Anonymous said...

6:16 Why must you act like the born-again nut you undoubtedly are and just answer a simple question: "Neal who?" instead of acting so self-righteous and arrogant? Are you that insecure?

Anonymous said...

Someone please send Al Gore to Neptune. Now, along with Earth and Mars, it is a known FACT that Neptune has been experiencing Global Warming (or Climate Change) since the 1980's. The Humans on Neptune must drive a lot of SUV's. It's all the Republicans fault!!

Anonymous said...

10:01 This will shock you but there can be more than one cause for a result. Therefore, now try to follow me here, it could be that Neptune has one cause for global warming and Earth another. Or maybe Earth has more than one cause -- human activity and a "natural" cause. Example: an adult could be stupid because he is mentally dull or because he got a poor education or a combination of both. Two causes -- one result.

But, no matter -- stupidty is stupidity and global warming is global warming. Or we could even say stupidity is causing global warming.

Anonymous said...

...or we can say that most of the global warming on 3 different planets is caused by the common denominator - the Sun.

human activity may be a contributing factor in the Earth's climate change, but there is certainly no irrefutable scientific fact that clearly points to human activity as a significant cause of the Earth's climate change. If there was, I bet Al Gore would not have utilities bills 20 times higher than the average American's utility bills.

Anonymous said...

4:10 I am surprised you haven't investigated the heating bills for each of the hundreds of major scientists in the world who, like Gore, have declared that Global Warming is upon us, is a serious threat and we have caused it. Or is it that Gore is the only one you hate because he might be our next president. Whatever. The fact remains that even if human conduct,as you say, MAY be a cause, I would think any thinking human being would see that it would be the better part of intelligence and caution for Earth inhabitants to amend their ways to minimize our contribution to the eventual destruction of human life on Earth.

Anonymous said...

5:17 pm,
I'll amend MY 'ways' when the Global Warming Alarmists amend their ways. Gore's excessive utility bills are just the tip of the Global Warming iceberg. He's not even home most of the time, because he's flying all of the world on PRIVATE planes.

The Democrats each took INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE planes to get from Washington DC, to the Carolinas for their most recent debate. You'd think they could stand to be with each other and plane-pool for a 45 minute flight.

To date, the only Global Warming Alarmist who MIGHT practice what (s)he preaches is Leonardo DiCaprio. At least he drives a hybrid and flies commercially.

Even the whole carbon credit market is a scam. By the way, 5:17 PM...how have YOU changed YOUR lifestyle to save the world? I bet this conservative recycles more and takes more efforts to conserve energy than you do.

Anonymous said...

10:59 Really, I am sure no one cares if you amend your ways unless they are unfortunate enough to have to endure your pollutimg the mental environment in your home and community. You are so consumed with your hatred for Democrats and apparently your hatred of homosexuals that your one-note criticism of their personal behavior proves that is more of an issue to you that any concern for our planet.

And why do you brag about your conservation of energy since you are a Republican?

Anonymous said...

6:03 I'm not 3:55 but I see why he thought you dislike homosexuals. You wrote " . . . what (s)he preaches is Leonardo DiCaprio." The use of "(s)he" in that part of the sentence just before naming him can easily be considered as referring only to him. That kind of a preface before a name is usually meant as a slur. Who knows for sure what you did mean? Republicans seem not to like homosexuals which is probably another reason he thought you meant the (s)he as a slur.

Anonymous said...

7:35 pm,
Alas, you are wrong. Put the (s)he into context:

"...the only Global Warming Alarmist who MIGHT practice what (s)he preaches is..."

in context, "(s)he" clearly means 'she' or 'he'.

Even if I did state that Leonardo DiCaprio was a female...how is this homosexual? Also, how would that show any hatred of homosexuals? By the way, I'm willing to bet that I'm friends with more homosexuals than 3:55 "the great defender of homosexuals" is.

People like 3:55 need to be a little less knee-jerk reactive, and become a little more logical.

3:55's ridiculous anti-homosexual comment made me almost skip over the last question in his/her post. (I hope using "his/her" does not make me as anti-homosexual as using "(s)he" makes me.)

I'm not a Republican. I'm a registered Democrat. I vote independently, for whomever I believe to be the best person for the job. I don't blindly vote for any party.

3:55 still has not stated HOW (s)he has MODIFIED his/her lifestyle to help battle Global Warming. Should I assume that a response is not coming? In other words, more "do as I say, not as I do" from the Global Warming Alarmists?

Anonymous said...


Sources tell CBS NEWS that Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA) will be indicted this afternoon (6/4/2007) on more than a dozen counts involving public corruption. Jefferson has been the subject of an ongoing probe in which FBI agents allegedly found more than 90-thousand dollars in cash in his freezer. The Justice Department is expected to unveil the charges later today...

It's time to watch the Democrat-corruption appeasers come out of the woodwork with their excuses of how corruption is OK when it is on the Democrat side of the isle.

If Democrats really want to end corruption in Washington D.C., we would hear calls for Jefferson's resignation from the likes of Ostroy and his fellow bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson can't compare to Bush and his administration when it comes to corruption. Jefferson is a gnat in the hierarchy of perpetrators of crimes that have hurt our country, the world and every American. Haven't the Republicans ever heard the adage: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9:54 am,
Thank you for proving my EXACT point. Nowhere in your post is any indication of condemnation towards William Jefferson's corruption. You are an appeaser when it comes to Democrat corruption. You don't want to clean up Washington, your only mission "is to help Democrats regain the White House and Congress." You condone replacing corruption with more corruption, which makes you just as bad as the corrupt Republicans.

Anonymous said...

12;54 From you comments I'm sure the school in which you studied mind-reading is not accredited. MY POINT was to point out YOUR absurd POINT classifying Jefferson in the same category Democrats have placed Bush in regard to corruption. It's "apples and oranges" don't you know. No -- that's the problem. You don't know. So you see, my POINT was not to express my total thoughts about corruption in this small blog space in response to your political bias.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2:06 PM,
You are a Democrat-corruption appeaser. I'm sure that you've called for corrupt Republicans to resign. Will you call for the resignation of corrupt Democrats?

My point is: corruption is corruption, regardless of the party affiliation.

One of the Democrats biggest talking points was to put an end to the culture of corruption. Let's see them put their money where their mouth is. It's more "do what I say, not what I do" from the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

After reading the exchanges between the two above bloggers, I wonder if the self-righteous Republican who says "corruption is corruption" has signed a petition to have Bush impeached, or taken any other steps towards that end.

I doubt it. He's the "Do as I say ... " one.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6:25 pm,
I'm not a Republican, I'm a registered Democrat who does not vote by party affiliation. I did not sign a petition to have Bush impeached, nor did I ever sign a petition to have Bill Clinton impeached following his perjury and obstruction of justice.
I never embraced the Democrat's phony outrage at the "culture of corruption" because I know the Democrats are just as corrupt as the Republicans. If you were outraged at corruption in Washington DC, you should be outraged at any corruption.

Those who really want to end corruption in Washington need to stop voting for Democrats and Republicans

Anonymous said...

A Gore Obama Ticket? The G.O. Team!

Anonymous said...

A "GO to Hell" team!