Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NY Times Reports Big Progress in Baghdad. What Kind of Objective Crap is That!?

In it's huge front page story Tuesday, the NY Times, that venerable bastion of alleged left-wing media bias, practically gushed with excitement and enthusiasm for the progress reportedly being made in this city, the heart and capital of Iraq. Certainly would appear to confirm that the Bush "surge"--30,000 additional U.S. troops deployed to Baghdad five months ago--is working. Here's a little snippet from the Times' story:

..."The security improvements in most neighborhoods are real. Days now pass without a car bomb, after a high of 44 in the city in February. The number of bodies appearing on Baghdad’s streets has plummeted to about 5 a day, from as many as 35 eight months ago, and suicide bombings across Iraq fell to 16 in October, half the number of last summer and down sharply from a recent peak of 59 in March, the American military says. As a result, for the first time in nearly two years, people are moving with freedom around much of this city. In more than 50 interviews across Baghdad, it became clear that while there were still no-go zones, more Iraqis now drive between Sunni and Shiite areas for work, shopping or school, a few even after dark. In the most stable neighborhoods of Baghdad, some secular women are also dressing as they wish. Wedding bands are playing in public again, and at a handful of once shuttered liquor stores customers now line up outside in a collective rebuke to religious vigilantes from the Shiite Mahdi Army."

But wait, isn't the NY Times supposed to be a pawn of the left? A biased, radical fringe rag that never gets it right, especially when partisan politics is involved? Don't the Repugs always summarily dismiss anything written there as nonobjective, liberal trash? "Oh, you read it in the Times," they say mockingly. "The Times slants everything to the left," they taunt. "The Times literally makes things up to support the Democratic agenda," they incredulously claim.

But I bet they love the Times today! Oh, you can bet the Busheviks and the right-wing spin-monkeys like Sean Insanity and Rush Limp-baugh are gonna have a field day today with this one. "Bush is/was right," they'll say. "We're now winning the war in Iraq," they'll boast. "See, it's even in the NY Times!," they'll beam. These lying hypocrites will put the Times on a virtual pedestal today, but for one day only. You can bet your lefty ass that the nanosecond the paper reports something they don't like, the Times will no longer be this great source of truth, and instead will once again return to being a disgraceful puppet of the left.


Anonymous said...

This story immediately reminded me of the position of support for the lies about WMDs, etc. before the Iraq war. I have never fully trusted the TIMES since then. There seems to be a Republican/neo-con/corrupt influence somewhere in its system.

Unknown said...

Perhaps violence is down because there are less people left there to kill.
Millions have fled and hundreds of thousands have died. What price success?

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Andy. I think it'll be quite funny to watch the conservatives try to use the NYT article as propaganda to support their own increasingly-isolated position on the war. To burst the conservatives' ideological (and idiotic) balloon, all anyone would need to do is to ask why they're quoting from a source they've denounced time and time again as untrustworthy and biased. THAT answer should prove to show how well the conservatives can rationalize. And if they continue to make unrealistic claims about how well things are going in Iraq, will anyone mention how the fighting and instability have moved from Baghdad to northern Iraq? This is progress?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Ann Coulter, whose only regret about Timothy McVeigh is that he didn't bomb the NY Times building, continues to boast on her resume that she has had a certain number of books on the NY Times' Best Sellers list.

Anonymous said...

Democrats hate to hear about US Military successes, especially at Thanksgiving. It ruins their tofu-turkey dinners.

Anonymous said...

Democrats would love to hear good news about Iraq. Its my family members, co-workers, neighbors and fellow citizens dieing there. It is my tax dollar and my children,s future that is being spent there, so good news is what I want to hear, but it needs to be REAL news, not this trumped up crap we're seeing now.

Numbers may or may not be down. We don't actually know, because earlier this year the Iraqi government stopped counting and reporting on the death and Violence in their country. Our Millitary changed the way they counted deaths and violence. Remember, if someone is shot in the back of the head excecution style that sectarian violence, shot in the face, criminal.

Another thing, the ethnic cleansing is nearly finished in Bagdad so there are less Sunni's for Shia to kill.

And finally we are FIVE YEARS, let me repeat that because so many people seem to forget, WE ARE FIVE YEARS into this and we are measuring sucess by what? Five to Ten people are killed in Bagdad each day as opposed to 20 to 40 a few weeks ago. In the words of Clarence Thomas: Whooptee Fucking Do!

We defeated the Germans, Italians and and Japanese in less time.

theBhc said...

To right wing stooges, the New York Times is full of lefty lies and propaganda. Except when it pushes a story they all desperately want to hear. Then the NY Times tells the truth.

They really are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Let's get all our fighting men and women stationed in Germany, Japan & Italy out and bring them home right now. 47 years are enough. While we are at it, let's bring them home from the Balkans too. They were supposed to be home by Christmas according to Bill Clinton.

Measure success by progress and victory that even the NYT is beginning to grudgingly recognize.

Anonymous said...

Clinton bombed the Balkans without UN approval. The Balkans is an illegal war that has gone on too long. At least the Iraq invasion has UN resolutions to back it up. Democrats hate to hear the truth that Iraq is not without UN resolutions approving it.