Monday, January 11, 2016

Is This Why Trump Won't Release His College Transcripts?

"I went to the Wharton School of Business," Donald Trump routinely brags at his campaign rallies. "I'm, like, a really smart person."

And I'm, like, really? We don't believe you. We think you're full of it, just like you grossly exaggerate and lie about virtually everything else pertaining to your personal and professional life (note the Politifact study illustrating he tells the truth just 1% of the time).

On paper, Trump's educational background appears impressive. He first attended Fordham University and then transferred in 1966 to the real estate studies program at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree.

But contrary to his self-aggrandizing over-the-top embellishing, Trump's two years at the prestigious business school, from all public accounts, seem mediocre at best. His fellow students have no recollection of him. No Dean's List, no Honor Roll, no notable extra-curricular accomplishments. A completely unmemorable academic existence, including continuing rumors that his grades were unimpressive.

So is the Republican front-runner--the man who questions President Obama and Sen. Ted Cruz's citizenship, and who calls everyone in government "stupid," an academic fraud? Is his self-purported "smarts" as mythical as the Muslims he claims were dancing in the streets following the 9/11 attacks? 

The "Transcripter" movement demands that Trump release his full Fordham and Wharton transcripts. It's time for him to prove just how smart he is, or isn't. Let's see the grades. I suspect his GPA never cracked 3.0, which is why the transcripts remain a hidden mystery.


Anonymous said...

Trump is down right scary. So are Americans who support him. Trump is disgusting to blame Hillary for Bill's fooling around. I'm sure women will flock even more to Hillary if Trump keeps this line of blaming her for his life choices.

Anonymous said...

Bravo!! Thanks for bringing this up. We should ensure that Hillary, Bernie, and all other contenders also release their transcripts.

Just curious, did Romney, McCain and Obama ever release theirs? I would love to see them, and also their SAT scores.

Kash Kasen said...

Andy, it was years ago that you added me to your blog-notification email list.
Right now, I truly regret not having read your writings more frequently.

These last few posts of yours have been a MUCH needed morale booster insofar as they were a reminder that there are still people in this country that are good-hearted and decent.

So for that, I thank you.

Might you consider doing a post about the final State of the Union speech?