Friday, January 31, 2020

Trump’s Consciousness of Guilt Will Haunt Him Forever

Donald Trump cares about one thing: image. His.

He obsesses over size, stature, popularity, accomplishment, wealth, power and success. Racked by crippling insecurities and self-loathing, he sees himself as small, insignificant, ignorant, incompetent and illegitimate…yet spends every waking minute of every day trying to convince us he’s the biggest, the best, the smartest, the richest and most successful human on the planet.

One thing Trump doesn’t have is a poker face. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He lets us see him sweat. He’s as transparent as a Glad bag. We can literally see right through him.

Which is why Trump will never be at peace. Why no amount of ‘exoneration’ will ever satisfy him. He knows what he’s done. He knows we know what he’s done. He knows Republican Congressman and Senators know what he’s done. He will never accept ‘exoneration’ because he knows no one actually believes he’s innocent. And that just kills him.

Take the Mueller probe, which ended almost a year ago. Trump declared his innocence. Proclaimed the investigation “totally exonerated” him. Yet he’s spent almost every day since attacking it as a witch hunt. A hoax. A coup. He can’t let go. He’ll never let go. Because he knows he’s guilty and got away with it. Because he knows he’ll forever be an asterisk in history. Because his illegitimacy consumes him.

And now there’s the Senate impeachment trial, where later tonight he’ll likely be acquitted in the biggest cover-up in political history. But it won’t matter. Because, again, he’s tortured by his own guilt.

Last night Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN), the heretofore presumed critical “4th” Republican “yes” vote, issued a statement that he’ll vote “no” today on allowing further evidence and witnesses. But he also said Democrats successfully “proved” their case with a ‘mountain of overwhelming evidence.’ He said Trump’s behavior was “inappropriate.”

So Alexander’s position is this: Trump illegally withheld Congressionally-approved Ukraine military funding in a quid pro quo for dirt on political rival Joe Biden to influence our election— serving to harm an ally while empowering an enemy, Russia, and threatening our own national security…but that this egregious abuse of power is not “impeachable.”

In short, Trump did it. He fucking did it.

And that is what Trump will obsess over. Because he knows Alexander, and Democrats, are right.

Because he knows the cavernous depths of his corruption and treason.

Because for the first time in history there’s now a Senate impeachment trial with not one single document of evidence or one single witness.

Because he knows he’s been ‘covered-up’ not exonerated.

Because he’s been impeached, and that’s forever.

So no matter what happened in the Mueller investigation…no matter what happens in the Senate impeachment trial…he’ll never truly be exonerated.

Because only one person can truly exonerate Donald Trump. And that’s Donald Trump.

To be sure, a month from now, a year from now, five years from now and so on, we’ll continue to see the tweets, the rallies, the manic, rambling Fox & Friends and Hannity interviews to desperately spin his innocence and legitimacy.

We’ll continue to see Trump ravaged by guilt like maggots on roadkill.

A witch hunt. A hoax. A coup.

He will never stop.

He’ll be the angriest, most bitter, least-satisfied exonerated man ever.

A prisoner of his own guilt. And it’s a life sentence.


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