Sunday, March 11, 2007

Newt and Rudy’s Skeletons Could Fill Ten Closets (and BTW...Hannity Still Running Scared From Ostroy)

While Newt Gingrich was rabidly leading the 1998 crucifixion of Bill Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky, the former House Speaker himself was dipping his libidinous joystick into the cookie jar of a young congressional aide behind wife #2's back. His mistress later became wife #3. The real question, as Bill Maher asked incredulously, is that "someone fucked Newt Gingrich?!" All kidding aside, the hypocrisy is mind-numbing. While he was gallivanting around DC ruining his wife's life, he was arrogantly justifying his own shameless indiscretions while holding the former president to a much higher standard. The old Republican do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do philosophy.

"The president of the United States got in trouble for committing a felony in front of a sitting federal judge," the Georgia Republican told Focus on the Family founder James Dobson in an interview last week.

Gingrich drew a line back then between his own philandering and that of Clinton by taking the moral high ground in defending America's rule of law: "I have no choice except to move forward and say that you cannot accept ... perjury in your highest officials." Poppycock. He was an out-of-control, power-drunk Republican who ruthlessly and mercilessly castrated, and publicly chastised, his Democratic rival in an effort to shift the political landscape. And he succeeded. Clinton was impeached by the House that year, although he was acquitted by the Senate in '99.

So now Newt Gingrich, the same guy who broke the news to wife #1 that he was leaving her as she was recovering from cancer surgery, wants to be our next president, and he's trying to come clean in an effort to win the conservative vote. His strategy is to get the skeletons out, and out early. Between the affair, his multiple marriages and his embarrassing, scandalous fall from power, it's going to be an uphill climb. But at least we know that if Newt did become president, while he might very well continue his cheating ways, he swears he'd never lie about it under oath. Now that's integrity.

And then there's that other 2008 GOP hopeful, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Like Gingrich, Rudy's also got three marriages under his belt, but unlike Newt, he's been photographed in drag almost as much as Ru Paul. Is this Rudy's idea of showing America that he can be as good a woman president as Hillary? He also must deal with the question of his relationship with his two kids, with whom he's estranged. Seems they don't like the way Pa treated Ma (wife #2 Donna Hanover) as he was dumping her for wife #3, Judy Nathan (man, you need a scorecard to keep track of these guys!). Again as Maher joked, 'the only Republican in this race who respects marriage is the Mormon,' Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Wow, I'm dizzy. Newt and Rudy. Six marriages. Infidelity. Dressing in drag. Estrangement from the kids. And these are the "family values" folks?? Al Gore, are you listening???

So what will the Democrats do with all this dirt? Can you imagine what the Rovians would do if they had drag photos of Barack Obama? Jeez, just look what they did to John Kerry when he was caught windsurfing. You'd think the man had been caught writhing on a stripper's pole. Could you imagine how filthy dirty they'd play if they had a picture of John Edwards, the man they disrespectfully and childishly refer to as the "Breck Girl," wearing a dress? Or a shot of Hillary in a suit and tie? There'd be no stopping them. And ya know what? We need to fight fire with fire. The Democrats need to roll out these drag photos of Rudy everywhere. At every turn. And ask America if this is the sort of man they want protecting them in times of war and terror. Lord knows that's exactly what the Repugs would do to our candidate if they had the chance, just as they've done so often in the past. And while we're at it, let's keep reminding voters that between them, Newt and Rudy haven more marriages than the Gabor sisters. Not something to be proud of. And let's demand an answer from Rudy as to why his kids won't talk with him. Hell, in '04 they trashed our guy for windsurfing and being a war hero. We certainly can beat that.

Update on Sean Hannity's Courage: He has none. Still waiting for the brash blowhard to choose live debate vs the safety of hiding behind his microphone to bash me in absentia. C'mon Sean, grow some nuts, will ya? This liberal's challenging you to a verbal duel, and you're shakin' in your boots. Hannity and his producers refuse to respond to repeated calls and emails after my initial call....when producer Jennie Lubart (212) 301-5715, Jennie.Lubart@FOXNEWS.COM) said..."Hmmm, interesting idea, let me discuss with my senior producer." I guess they discussed it and decided it was best to stick to the strategy of having Sean bash people when they're not around to defend themselves. Put me on the air, Sean, and I'll destroy you with facts and truth.

On another subject......we could use your help at The Adrienne Shelly Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated in my wife's honor to help carry out her spirit and passion, with the goal of providing scholarships and grants to women filmmakers. And we're already underway: We've just made plans with NYU's Tisch School of the Arts to provide an annual Adrienne Shelly Foundation Scholarship; and at Columbia University's graduate school an Adrienne Shelly Foundation Grant to an end-of-year student film competition finalist. Other initiatives will soon be finalized as well. As many of you know, Adrienne was brutally killed here in NYC on November 1st. Please visit our website to learn more about our mission and to make a donation. Every little contribution helps preserve Adrienne's legacy, and to help create something positive out of this horrible tragedy. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Man...! WTF?!

The Republicans got mountains upon mountains of dirt on them!!

Gingrich & Rudy's 6wives among worse stuff is only the tip of the iceberg! Even GWBush is sitting on BARRELS of slime and a shady history!

Why is it that the conservative-activists and the Republican Party generally can so expertly coordinate and execute a smear campaign on nonsense like WINDSURFING and "flipflopping"?!

Why can't the liberals and the Democrat Party do the same -- orchesterate a smear campaign and come out SWINGING...?

Why, goddammit, WHY?!?!??!???????

Anonymous said...

and lets not forget that Rudy's first wife is also his second cousin. Hell, he should be booked on the next Springer show! Now the firefighters union is shunning Rudy for his reprehensible leadership in the aftermath of 9/11. Read my latest blog aboyt this asshole:

Anonymous said...

For the past 20 years, I've read that it's impossible for a Republican to run successfully for president without courting the Christian wingers.

So isn't more than a bit ironic that between McCave, Drag Queen Rudy and Newt the Hypocrite, they have had 8 wives total and all committed adultery?

This crop of GOPers is proving to be the biggest freak show ever seen in national politics.

But beware of Condi. If Cheney "resigns due to health reasons" and Bush replaces him with Rice, the Republicans will have their VP to run for president in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Help us Al Gore, you fraud!!

our Global Warming has spread to Mars! The ice caps of Mars are melting because of our Global Warming!!

We need the help of Mr. Fraud himself - Al Gore.

He should fly a private jet around the planet another couple of dozen times telling us how to curb Global Warming. It doesn't matter Owl Bore doesn't fly commercial. It doesn't matter Al Gore has a 20,000+ sq ft house, It doesn't matter that Al Gore uses 20 times the utilities that average americans use. It doesn't matter that Al Gore doesn't practice what he preaches. It doesn't matter that Al Gore needs 12 SUV's to follow him around!!

Al Gore, you fraud, please save Mars from our Global Warming!!!

Anonymous said...

Ostroy, you are a liar!

"While Newt Gingrich was rabidly leading the 1998 crucifixion of Bill Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky..."

This is the liberal spin machine at work.

The more accurate and truthful statement would be:

"Newt Gingrich was having an affair at the very same time he was investigating whether or not Bill Clinton had committed perjury and obstructed justice."

And the truthful result is that Newt Gingrich's affair has no parallels to Bill Clinton's acts of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Did you know that the entire Supreme Court boycotted Bill Clinton's 2000 State of the Union address because he did in fact obstruct justice and prevent his female victims from receiving justice?

Patti and Marty said...

The entire attack on Clinton was non-stop provacation by rigfhtwing radicals like the Anon above. It was all about Paula Jones which the judge threw out. During the deposition they asked about Monica....which had nothing to do with Paula Jones. It was a setup by Ken Starr who the night before sequestered Monica under guard, and took the taperecording beauty of her friend to be interrogated by Paula Jones lawyers..thus had the sex questions ready.Collusion by the special prosecutor,,,,absolutely. A witch hunt by the raving right..absolutely. Was Clinton guilty of a extra marital affair...absolutely. THAT WAS HIS only crime. He was NEVER charged or convicted of perjury,, it was for contempt of court that the judge in Arkansas penalized him...he should have told the truth....but it was very embarassing. Just as it is a total failure of morals and family values for that UBER-hypocrite Gingrich..very embarassing...or it should be. Except to rightwing apologists like el jerko above, this immorality can be overlooked. You are not a liar Andy, this criticism is wrong and despicably stupid.

Anonymous said...

Not only are Newt and Rudy adulterers, Mitt and McCain are liars. They'll take a positiion in direct contradiction of a previous position if it will get them in office/power. However, since all Republicans, especially the "religious right", are hypocrits and use "values" as a device to win, they will "forgive" Rudy's sins ("what would Jesus do") and Rudy will be their candidate. Then all the Independents who dislike the Democratic candidate will vote Rudy into the White House. If the Dems don't nominate a sure winner, the Republicans get the Presidency, again. Help!!!!!!!

As for Gore's "sins" -- none of them is among the Big Ten the Republicans want to display in every government office. However, "thou shalt not commit adultery" and "thy shalt not bear false witness" are.

Anonymous said...

"He (clinton) was NEVER charged or convicted of perjury"

another glorious liberal lie.

Bill Clinton was IN FACT impeached and stripped of his right to practice law for his acts of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Patti and Marty said...

You are wrong Anon...why can't you look up some facts other than at Hannity's site.Clinton was impeached in the House on Partisan voting...and exonerated in the senate...rule of law.. remember that. Name the judge who convicted Clinton of perjury..and when. That NEVER happened. You are either a liar or a willing dupe.The judge in Arkansas penalized him for contempt because he did not answer completely in the Paula Jones case as to whether he had "sex" with Monica.In fact...he never did have coitus, and hence lied a little. He is truly guilty of the affair....everyone acknowledges that. But why shouldn't we impeach Cheney and Bush for their lies that caused 450 billion dollars and the deaths and wounding of hundreds of thousands of people.To you extremist rightwingers, a lie about an immoral affair is really serious, but war big deal Your ilk are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how the rightwingers bring up Clinton's "sins" as the most awful thing to hit the White House. They absolutely cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to the foibles and sins of their precious GOP.

As reiterated countless times, the sins of the GOP and Bush Co. are far, far worse. I find I just scroll past the rightwing comments. I use to try to look at both points of view, but the GOP is now too out of it to even make sense. And compassion and truth? Let's not even go there with them. They are too scared to be honest and truthful about the mess created by this GOP administration.

Anonymous said...

As per 5:50 remarks. I agree totally and I wonder what's in it for them? I'm sure most of them are not among the one percent of the population that holds all the wealth, so what is it that they gain by supporting the Republican Party? Are they all religious righters who have a need to legislate their religious views or are they people who are just not very kind or smart? I'm not trying to be nasty by my last remark; I honestly cannot think of any other reason for their loyalty to the Republican agenda.

Patti and Marty said...

Read John Dean's book "Conservatives without conscience"..he describes the authoritarians that are about 20% of the population. They are weak sisters who need big daddy to take care of them. They are pathetic losers, afraid and insecure.These are the Repub trolls we are daling with

Anonymous said...

The liberals who want government involved in the health care decisions of each and every citizen support far more authoritarianism than conservatives. Look back at "hillary-care", where she would have made it illegal to use your own money to go to a doctor of your own choice.

The liberals are the thought police, trying to make all statements politically correct. Under liberal thought police, it's wrong to accurately describe someone as an "illegal alien". Liberals are trying to change this to "undocumented worker". This is just one of many examples. 1984 at work.

Liberals are the ones against school vouchers and choice of which public school to send children.

Liberals are against the privatization of social security. Liberals do not want individuals to have control over their own social security money because it takes control from the government and gives it to the working individuals. Liberals would much rather have this money controlled by the authoritarian government so politicians can continue buying votes.

Liberals are the ones trying to get in the middle of salary-skills negotiations between a potential worker and a company. Conservatives prefer the negotiation of pay to be between the holder of the skills and the paying company. Liberals do not like the free market, liberals prefer the authoritarian government to declare how much a skill is worth.

Anonymous said...

9:50 is of course right. The liberals are just dumb to not even consider handing everything like social security, medicare, postal service, education, all war contracts, disaster recovery, in fact, the entire government to HALIBURTON. Let the Republican Private Sector crooks continue to run everything and steal American citizens blind. We know they've done that in the Iraq War - so who cares -- at least they won't be telling us what to do. They'll just continue to steal and ineffectively fulfill their responsibilities. Of course we can't elect them, but who needs a Democracy when private companies can run everything. Give Haliburton and their counterparts the key to America and our Constitution so they can burn it. The likes of Haliburton already run the country through lobbies and their connections to government officeals in high places. Why not openly accept them and praise them for all they do?

Of course anybody who seriously believes in completely turning over our government to private business is a traitor.

Patti and Marty said...

Such incomparably stupid babble from Mr.9:50. Yes go ahead and tout the rejected privatization of Social Security...that really went down well with the overwhelming majority of Americans. Yes indeed Mr Rightwingnut...continue to push for stupid programs that Americans reject...I love it. Vouchers???? Such a blatant attempt to destroy the Public Schools that even proponents have to acknowledge that it mostly benefits Religious schools....some that do not cater to all children but only the rich...with a tiny smattering of scholarships to indigents. Go ahead...donate to poor schools money for private schools, but keep your filthy fingers off the public school funding.
Thought moron...what is describing any person who is against this disaster in Iraq as a terrorist lover, or a 4 star Marine General Zinni, like rightwinger Fukuyama, Buckley,Gen. Odom and so many others.
And wingnuts didn't invade the rights of the husband of Terry Schiavo from the most intimate decisions possible, or try to reverse the State of Washington 2 referenda to have a law that allows physician assisted suicide fro the terminally ill, or stop Gay people from having equal rights under the local state laws, or interfere in decisions of abortion rights. Noooo...the infringement on the privacy rights by this neocon government of morons like the 9:50 poster are LEGION.

Anonymous said...

Here's a slam dunk story and the Trolls have some of you, cluttering the boards, off defending Clinton. It's so obvious . . . stop falling for it.
We have the goods on Rudy and Newt. Just stick to THAT story. That's what leads to success. Rudy and Newt are immoral assholes. End of story, no argument... deal with it because we're going to tell the world. Rudy and Newt are immoral assholes. Nothing changes that.

Anonymous said...

Slanthead NEVER steps outside the wingnut safety zone. He puts his chihuahua, Colmes, on television, and tries to pass that crap off as "debate." I've had fiercer "debates" with my barber.

As far as Newt goes..... if he should run for President, I am more than likely going to have to cross lines and vote in the Gopper Primary-for Newt. The election of 2006 clearly shows that the Goppers are well on their way to becoming an approximation of Strom Thurmond's "States' Rights Party" of 1948, and I think Newt on the ticket would seal that deal. Moderate Republicans would accelerate their present trend of either defecting to the dems or declaring themselves non-affiliated. Newt could be a big WIN for everybody who cares about America.

Alamaine said...

Clinton's issues are dead. Gingrich should also repsect the fact that his is a similarly different error ... er, era.

Perhaps a few more marriages and they could get rid of all of their used and old spousal skeletons by tying them to back of the getaway car (instead of tin cans and old shoes).
We have to separate the rhetoric from the facts. The former strongly suggests that all of these characters are 'conservatives' while the latter tells us that they are merely disguised liberals who have used every opportunity to take advantage of each and every loophole to justify their juvenile behaviours, including freely defining themselves, almost to the point of going all the way to libertines. A valid 'conservative' would not consider serial divorce/marriage to be 'traditional' as would any sort of 'liberal.' I do not disagree with those who might not want to sustain a broken relationship but being as blatant about it as these characters have been demonstrates a degree of certain instability. Contrition is not the same thing as contortion.
It all comes down to making a statement and taking a stand, living up to both. Breaking oaths, promises, and commitments time and again is something that should be the key clue to the untrustworthiness of the fellers. We've had the times of parsing every syllable and now the mangling of every word, from the sublime to the ridiculed. There should come a time when plain speech is valued and honoured, not only by those making the utterances but by those hearing and listening. If we know that the serially marital cannot decide which bedroom allies they like, what about the relationship to one's own nation and to others internationally?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:02,
congratulations. I don't even read half the crap that Ostroy spews on this blog. I come in and take the entire 'ostroy community' in any direction that I want. It's funny because assholes like "patti and marty" fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Every time, guaranteed. I love it when they call me the idiot (or wingnut, koolaid drinker, blah blah blah). I control their strings like a puppet show.

Why am I telling you this on Ostroy's very own blog? Because the sheep the take this blog serious will be back in the palm of my hand in a week.

Does anybody want to know why Hannity won't debate Ostroy? check out his blog in detail, from an independent point of view. His points are crap and taken right out of the MoveOn handbook. Ostroy takes idiots like Al Gore and the Dixie Clits seriously. What a joke.

Even the New York Times is pulling away from the fraud - Al Gore - telling him to cool the hype on Global Warming. It's funny because NYT is a newspaper as left wing and anti-american as they come (excluding the entire city of San Francisco, of course).

Anonymous said...

i think the most pathetic people in the world are the conseratives that come on this blog and spew out there absolute crap like talking about global warming on mars and insulting al gore, all that al gore is doing is repeating scientific fact, there is no dispute about man-made climate change, it is fact, nobody is entitled to an "opinion" on the on whether it is happening, then again alot of the people who dispute climate change believe that the world is 4007 years old

Anonymous said...

Gingrich and Giuliani have baggage that the "religious right" doesn't like? NO WAY!

Sean Hannity is a fucking tool? The hell you say!

Tell me something I don't know. Seriously, is this supposed to be breaking news or some kind of insight? Because this has been discussed to death, even on conservative blogs.

I'm a Republican, and even I can't stand Sean Hannity, and except for the latest revelation about Gingrich's affair (which I read about on a conservative blog) there's nothing new here.

And maybe the reason conservatives come here to "spew" is that the author (or one of his toadies) is spamming conservative bloggers with this post.

Anonymous said...

1:36 No one is spamming conservative blogs. Conservatives are so locked into their mind-set they can't even imagine what the other point of view could be. They come to this blog to spy and to educate themselves. Not to change, of course, because they're too brainwahsed, but to gather facts to distort. Some of Ostroy's material appeared in Michelle Malkin's column.

And, some come to try to manipulate like 12:02 admits.

And of course Newt's news wasn't new. We all knew that he was sinning back when he was bashing Clinton. He just confessed so the Religious Right can forgive him his sins because "he's repented - praise the Lord"; and, he can then run for president as one of them. Rudy will probably be next to repent and Mitt will say Mormans don't hate blacks even though that they do is recorded in their scripture. I don't know what McCain can do. He's dug a hole too deep unless Repubican voters are total idiots.

Anonymous said...

No one is spamming conservative blogs because the intelligence and military aren't paying their operatives to do so. They pay their little toadies good money (or child porn most likely) to spend the day dropping their mindless inane noise onto progressive sites...

republicans hate america, its that simple, what they love is some fantasy land they have in their heads that never existed.

Anonymous said...

1:36 No one is spamming conservative blogs.

Well, since I, along with at least 5 other conservative bloggers had this link mailed to me, maybe "spammed" could be replaced with "e-mailing links".

Is that better?

Conservatives are so locked into their mind-set they can't even imagine what the other point of view could be.

Is that supposed to be a reality-based view? I think knuckle-draggers like your conservative "all liberals are stupid" troll are morons for painting everyone who espouses a political ideology with such a broad brush. I don't do it, and only a narrow(or small, or closed)-minded person would ever do so.

There are a few blogs where the same few commenters carry on the debate over is more evil--liberals or conservatives--day in and day out, and quite frankly it's tiresome and childish.

Critiquing someone's actions is one thing, ad hominems is another.

Anonymous said...

To 6:19 "Critiquing someone's actions is one thing, ad hominems is another." From your mouth to Republican's ears.

The M.O. of the Republican Party is to smear, defile and lie about their opponent's character. I'm surprised you haven't noticed. And, one tremendous difference between the Democratic defenses and the Republican attacks is that the Democrats criticize the thinking/reasoning processes, not what their wives do for a living, for example, or the hunting suits a candidate is wearing. They certainly don't call everyone who disagrees a traitor.

Anonymous said...

The M.O. of the Republican Party is to smear, defile and lie about their opponent's character.

You're right--all Republicans engage in ad hominem attacks.

Anonymous said...

I want to believe Bush lied and the Iraq invasion was a conspiracy, but can someone please explain the following without calling me a nazi, neocon, koolaid drinker, stupid, or any other stereotype/character-defaming name typically reserved for people who question the integrity of DNC and RNC leadership?

The Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-338) [1] (codified in a note to 22 USCS § 2151) is a United States Congressional statement of policy calling for regime change in Iraq. US President Bill Clinton signed the bill into law on October 31, 1998.

How does this fit into the "Bush-Iraq Conspiracy" ??

March 2005: Sandy Berger pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in federal court. Berger, who served as President Clinton's national security adviser, is acknowledging that it wasn't an honest mistake and that he intentionally took and destroyed copies of classified documents from the National Archives and cut them up with scissors.

what was Sandy Berger hiding??

Patti and Marty said...

Anon 9:46....The Iraq Liberation Act did NOT call for invasion or naked aggression to accomplish the goal of assisting the Iraquis in getting rid of their (THEIR) dictator.It allocated funds to permit internal dissent. We did this on the cold war against the USSR..and if you remember, in Romania the dictator Ceausescu was hung by his own people, and we did not invade. In Serbia Milosevich was turned over to the world Court by the Serbs and we did not invade Serbia. Clinton, Wes Clark and NATO threw the Serbs out of Kosovo to prevent mass evictions and war crimes...without losing a single troop.
With regards to Sandy Berger, where did you get that quote. The documents were COPIES....thy were not originals and the 9/11 Commission had already seen them. bI have never read that Berger purposely destroyed those documents.State your source please.

Anonymous said...

A 9:50 post said that conservatives want to make progress through the privatization of social security, salary negotiations, school vouchers. etc.

All we have to say to that is ...


Now there's a fine example of privatization! More money for the corporation and much less for the patients! What a deal!

Anonymous said...

Walter Reed Hospital is government run. It's more or an example of government run (socialized/universal) healthcare.

welcome to our future

Anonymous said...

Walter Reed is indeed a government entity. HOWEVER, many of the services have been contracted out to a privately held company the last few years on the order of the Army. Hence, some of the firings and retirements of top army leaders and the deplorable conditions. The staff, for example, has been reduced from 300 to 60.

By the way, the company is run by another former Halliburton crony!

So while the previous post has partial isn't the whole truth!

Anonymous said...

The company that was awarded the Walter Reed Hospital contract is IAP World Services led by former Halliburton/KBR COO, Neffgen and another named Swindle. The contract is for five years and 120 million dollars and was awarded by the Army.

Apparently this was a Rumsfeld sanctioned move by the Army. Now, Reed's a mess as is the rest of the VA system of care.

Want some more GOP "care" for you and your health? Oh, that's right, they don't believe in medical insurance for the working poor or for anyone that doesn't have it like the self-employed.

Yup, the GOP REALLY has your interests at heart.

Anonymous said...

To 1:29 The sentence you refer to was in the remarks in 11:09 and it was a sarcastic remark. Reread it and you'll see.

As for the Walter Reed remarks blaming the disgrace on government control? Why can't the Republicans take the responsiblity to get the facts straight before forming an opinion? .

Anonymous said...

The 13th post? Sarcasm? Don't see it.

But have to agree - Republicans act like vampires seeing a cross when it comes to the facts.

Anonymous said...

The fact is real conservatives believe in LIMITED government. No government health care. The federal government should have powers explicitly enumerated in the constitution, and the rest is delegated to the states. Senators should represent state's rights, and House members should represent the people. Taxes should be limited and based on consumption, not income. Our borders should be protected, the NEA should be disolved.

Neither 'side' of the isle is good. Both sides are looking to control the masses, neither care about the people. What's the best way to control the masses? The answer is to manager their healthcare.

Anonymous said...

Seems like we've seen how good it is under a conservative republican administration. Lost your job, yet? Lost your health insurance, yet? Gotten behind on the second subprime mortgage,yet? Been squeezed because of variable interest rates? Been in the military and had your benefits slashed or your VA benefits dry up?
Go get yourself shot up young'un and then pay for your own rehab and pay the govt back for the time you didn't finish on your tour of duty. And then have Rudy Guilliani's law office represent CITGO from Venezuela.

Patti and Marty said...

11:43 Repub does the usual smoke screen....make equivalent that which is NOT. He says "Both sides are looking to control the masses, neither care about the people. What's the best way to control the masses? The answer is to manager their healthcare".
This admin. has blown up the "war on terror" to be an all consuming rant...."Be afraid!! Only WE can protect you".We must lose our constitutional rights because of this war.This is their method ,and it applies to pathetic, frightened,un-thinking,rubber stamp "authoritarians" like 11:43.There are HUGE differences between the RNC and the liberals...and Americans are finally seeing this truth. That really scares dupes...that is why they scream "Terrorist appeaser,and Bash-America-first" whenever this tyrannical and incompetent RNC admin. is criticized.

Anonymous said...

To 11:43. I moved from a liberal state to an ultra conservative state and I am now scared to death of "states' rights." Here, the law and its enforcement are run by the "good ole boy" network that trumps state and national law. The government is run by "those with the power" and your treatment is determined, many times by gender or race, but almost always by "who you know." I don't even consider contacting senators or representatives because I don't want to be seen as on the "wrong side." The only answer is a national government that trumps state govrnment and thus enforces our Constitutional rights no matter where we live in the country. I of course I mean a federal government with the checks and balances that protect us all.

Anonymous said...

what state? I don't believe you.

Anonymous said...

My experience (I'm not 10:28 am) between WA and UT has been very negative. UT, where I have to live now because of family obligations, is the most GOP state in the union. There is right to work (read right to fire) attitudes in the public and private sector. There is a state income tax. WA doesn't have state income tax. There is more poverty, prescription drug abuse and gang activity. There are more legal and illegal latinos and ICE round-ups in UT.
The theocracy (read Mormon church) has a strangle hold on the drinking laws. Even the governor, who is a Mormon, wants the liquor laws lightened to help attract more businesses. I doubt it will help much since lots of people don't want to live here because of the LDS church and ultra republican attitude. The state's new logo is Life Elevated...Yeah, right.
Let's face it-unless you ski and hang out in Moab or Park City-Utah is a narrow, scary, boring place to live and work. When I was working outside the home, I never felt safe in working- like I was going to be fired for any little thing. Believe me that has a punitive effect on the day and someone's performance.
The moral of the story is...We can hardly wait to get back to liberal living! PS we will never vote GOP after living here!

Anonymous said...

If you want to know how state "good 'ole boy" govenment works look at Bush and his cronies. Forunately for us it's the federal government and the the corruption can often be exposed, finally. But look how much they got away with and probably more that we yet don't know. State government doesn't have that kind of public visibility. Not only that, since the state community is so small you learn to "go along to get along" or suffer the consequences. You begin to try to get into the "good 'ole boy" circle even if it compromises
your ethics. I"m not 10:28.

Larry said...

If you think Bush is a war-monger wait till Gingrich gets in. He wants and craves a World war.

If you want corruption then Giuliani is the man. He will make the Bush administration look like kiddie college, by the time his mob ridden corruption comes to light.

Anonymous said...

This thread is still the latest? What's going on Ostroy? Got writer's cramp? Why hasn't the Democratically controlled branch of government cut funding for a war that was "based on lies" ??

Patti and Marty said...

10:41.You know why. The dems don't want to harm the troops there. Anyways, it wouldn't work. This criminal would use funds in the Military budget meant for other purpose to fund the war. Where is the 9 Billion that has gone that being used ??
I don't think we can extract the troops with Bush/Cheney in power. They need to be impeached to end this disastrous war.

Patti and Marty said...

And the war WAS a pack of lies....unmanned aerial vehicles, mushroom clouds, 45 mins before an attack, aluminum tubes for centrifuges, forged Niger documents....all a pack of lies, only dupes and idiots don't understand that.

Anonymous said...

some of the most recent emergency funds are going to citrus farmers in California. Looks like more of Nancy Pelosi's constituents are getting pay back. Can anyone say Culture Of Corruption? It doesn't only exist on the GOP side of the isle.

Want Change?? vote libertarian.

Anonymous said...

There have been mudslides, fires, and storms in California Haven't you heard? It's true Californians handle their emergencies more efficiently than some states, but n'er the less they needed emergency funds to recover. It's getting to be a joke the way the Republicans'/Libertarians' defense for their misdeeds is to criticize the Dems. THe respond like schoolyard kids when caught.

Anonymous said...

Libertarian BS again?? Yawn