Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gore Says He May Re-Enter Politics Again

Former vice president Al Gore told reporters during a forum in Singapore this week that he may return to politics someday but that he has no plans to run for president in 2008, according to The Associated Press. Gore has repeatedly denied he has '08 ambitions, but then again, he's also fairly emphatically stated in the past that he was done with politics altogether.

"I may re-enter politics at some point in the future because I'm only 59 years old," Gore said. But more telling: "There is no single candidate that is putting forward a comprehensive argument about the environment or making climate change a priority," he said.

Can this finally be a concrete sign that Gore's taking the initial steps back into the political scene so as to set the stage for a surprise announcement early this Fall? Will we soon here Gore say something like: "Yes, it's true. A couple of months ago, I stated that I might someday enter politics again but not the presidential race in '08. But I have now come to the conclusion that I can indeed make the biggest contribution to our great country, and have the greatest impact on the issues I hold near and dear to me--climate control and putting an end to the Iraq war--if I seek the highest job in the land."

Stay tuned. Could get real interesting from here.....

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Anonymous said...

I see a Gore/Obama or Gore/Edwards ticket.

Anyone but Hillary.

My readers are beside themselves seeing this. It's like a dark cloud has opened and the light is shining down.

Anonymous said...

I do not see a Gore/Edwards ticket. No way Edwards is going to run as second bananna again.

Go Al Go!

Anonymous said...

I could see a gore/obama ticket, gore just needs on his annoying voice:

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that the man who should have been elected president in 2000 will be in 2008!

Anonymous said...

A regular reader posted this on my blog. New Jersey isn't waiting around.

Gusciora Seeks Gore Delegates for 2008

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora wants former Vice President Al Gore to be the next president. So he's launching a statewide grassroots movement to muster the necessary New Jersey delegates to put Gore's name in at the Democratic National Convention next summer.

Forget about a draft Al Gore movement now. It's too late, Gusciora contends. Gore supporters, says the veteran progressive legislator, need to organize and take their cause straight out of the February, 2008, Democratic primary to the convention in Denver.

Roy Hobbs said...

I hope Mr. Gore throws his hat into the 2008 ring. While it can be said that no political party under most circumstances owes a candidate its nomination, it can be said of the Democrats in the case of Al Gore. The man got robbed in the 2004 election. Robbed! That election was the closest thing our country has had to a coup d-etat. The Democrats and the country need Mr. Gore.

Anonymous said...

Gore is our only hope unless Edwards begins to soar. Either would be great and both would be terrific.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been real excited about the potential '08 Dem slate which really puzzles my friends who know how passionate I usually am about politics. I could however get behind Gore again and would love a Gore/Obama ticket.

Anonymous said...

Gore for President is the best news I have heard in a decade, and am 100% in favor of his taking the position of PRESIDENT of the USA for the good of USA and the world.

Anonymous said...

A Gore-Richardson ticket would sew up the Hispanic vote. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

There is not a single candidate out there that has the statesmanship, integrety, experience, and leadership ability to match Al Gore. We need you now President Gore!

Anonymous said...

None of the present candidates excite me...I am hoping against hope, that Al Gore would jump in.
He is the only candidate with the qualifications and experience to take on any rethuglican candidate.
Al Gore was cheated of his presidency, and he should run again, and put this country on the right track again.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore doesn't really like politics, however:

What if Hillary asked Gore to be her v.p.? After all, Gore was the first to truly embrace what a v.p. could accomplish. Cheney, unfortunately channels the dark side, but Gore back in the v.p. seat wouldn't have to play political hardball. He really would be in the catbird seat and the U.S. face for all global issues.

childsdish said...

The best candidate right now, however according to many he has no chance, is Dennis Kucinich. However, if GORE runs, his most compatible issue-wise running mate is with DK in the role of VP.

People, with a Gore/Kucinich ticket America would have the one-two punch our nation needs to crawl out of the 'bushes.' It's a combination of the best of the best, with a cure to the nightmare we live in today!

krose said...

I have no interest in any of the present candidates. Please, Al Gore, run for the Presidency. We need you desperately! I have been waiting for you to run, literally, for years! I have 8 "Re-Elect Gore in 2008" buttons, and I am more than ready!!!

Anonymous said...

I too would love to see Al run but look at the primaries and how early they are becoming. If they all hold true and are in January and February for the big states then Al can not wait until October to step in, it would be too late.

I had hoped he would run and support him if he does but at this point I believe deep down he won't.

Gore/Kerry 08???

Anonymous said...

Gore/Kerry would be awesome!

In 2004, John Edwards told us that "...people like Christopher Reeve will get up out of that wheelchair and walk again" if we elected John Kerry.

Maybe they will walk if we elect Gore/Kerry.

Anonymous said...

"...people like Christopher Reeve will get up out of that wheelchair and walk again" if we elected John Kerry.

Kerry said that?

Then he's every bit the idiot as his cousin, George Bush.

One too many trips to the Bohemian Grove and Cousin Kerry is loaded on the koolaid.

2008 has got to be all about Al Gore. That's all I know.

Anonymous said...

For the Calif. primary, if his name is not on the ticket, I'm going to write it in. I hope everyone does the same. Perhaps with a big grassroots show of support, he'll be convinced to run.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has an inside track on what Gore is up to(as to whether he'll run again-and I wish he would)I'd like to know. If he did, I'd be on that bandwagon of his in a flash.
I've been scouring the 'net but haven't been able to find out anything.
Are we in for another letdown like we got in 2004? We all had our hopes up that he would throw his hat into the ring then but he didn't.

Anonymous said...

Gore's carbon footprint is up to the size of a small country.

Christopher said...

Holy fucking-A!

Gore's "assembling a team in Nashville?"

Be still my beating heart!

Anonymous said...

Christopher, your Gore citation dates back to May 2006. Do you have anything a bit more recent?

Anonymous said...

Why do Democrats all have eyebrows like Alan Colmes?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

more good news coming out of Iraq today. Democrats must be very upset.

Good News for our Military in Iraq is very bad news for Democrats.

Anonymous said...

This blog is now closed and searching for new management. Look for Andy Ostroy as the newest character on The Wonder Pets. He is the chicken little character that constantly runs in circles screaming, "the sky is falling".

Anonymous said...

11:39 Maybe if you read literature more advanced than Chicken Little and viewed more adult TV you would have the where-with-al to appreciate Ostroy and Gore and perhaps understand the complexities of our world.

Anonymous said...

9:49 am,
Maybe if you studied in school and actually had job skills you wouldn't be a member of a union who has to vote for Democrats for fear of losing the government tit you suckle on.

Anonymous said...

9:49 You people make things up out of thin air. I own my own business and will allow unions when my very successful business grows. I believe in both sides having a say. By the way, did you pay for the highway you travel on or could travel on everyday? Are you paying the soldiers fighting in the war you love? Are you going to donate your social security to your church and refuse Medicare? Are you boycotting vegetables because the farmers get huge tax breaks from the government? How about the corporate tax breaks -- you know -- welfare for big business.

Anonymous said...

12:35 THEREFORE YOU benefit from government programs as much as those whom you resent getting government services. Government is NOT the enemy as most of you "I hate taxes"-people seem to think.
Government collects taxes and keeps the country running while, at the same time, hopefully, maintains our democracy by protecting our rights under the Constitution.

However, what amazes me about your response is you seem to support the war because you abhor the slaughter of children on the streets of Iraq, the mutilation of women and you fear the spread of their fundamentalist religion. Yet you have no compassion at all for the children in this country without health care and the other deprivations American's suffer. Do you hate Americans? Are you Larry who was a regular on this blog, who gives charity to Third World Countries but resents poor American children getting help?

Anonymous said...

1235 Hey, man - no way did you pay for that highway by yourself or for the war or anything else. So, that makes you a suckler on the government tit.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are in trouble. Even Hillary is saying that the surge in Iraq is working. Democrats want more American deaths in Iraq. Good news for the United States, the US Military, or Iraq is BAD news for the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to the Democrat-controlled congress!!

August 21, 2007
Congress Approval Rating Matches Historical Low

Just 18% approve of job Congress is doing

by Jeffrey M. Jones


PRINCETON, NJ -- A new Gallup Poll finds Congress' approval rating the lowest it has been since Gallup first tracked public opinion of Congress with this measure in 1974. Just 18% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, while 76% disapprove, according to the August 13-16, 2007, Gallup Poll.

Anonymous said...

wow, it looks like John Barbi Edwards agrees somewhat with the 'Larry' of this blog,

Small thinking and outdated answers aren't the only problems with a vision for the future that is rooted in nostalgia," Edwards said in the prepared remarks. "The trouble with nostalgia is that you tend to remember what you liked and forget what you didn't. It's not just that the answers of the past aren't up to the job today, it's that the system that produced them was corrupt - and still is."

Edwards also planned to tell voters they can't simply replace "a group of corporate Republicans with a group of corporate Democrats, just swapping the Washington insiders of one party for the Washington insiders of the other." He criticized "ideas and policies that are tired, shopworn and obsolete."

If you are tired of corrupt politics, STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS!!

Anonymous said...

9:16 Either you ARE "Larry" and are trying to put on a "new face" by likening yourself to Edwards, or you are a newcomer to the blog and you don't know "Larry." Edwards, who champions the poor is the exact opposite in that regard to Larry, who does, however, dislike the Dems and says he's an Independent, although he speaks the Republican line.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:28 am,
You are wrong on almost everything in your post.

1. I am the 'Larry' that you love to hate, yet I'm not trying to put a 'new face' by likening myself to Edwards. I'm just using a Democrat quote to reinforce one of the points I consistently make on this poor excuse for a blog.

2. Edwards does not 'champion' the poor. "The poor" is an angle that the trial-lawyer-turned-politician believes will help him win the Presidency. Remember, Edwards got his $1,200.00 haircut the day before he started his campaign against poverty. Another angle Edwards enjoys is the sympathy vote. You'll never see him not bring up the death of his child or his wife's cancer. This trial lawyer has no morals.

Another quote I enjoy from Edwards is his claim that people confined to a wheelchair would have gotten up and walked if we only voted for John Kerry.

3. How is my quote, "stop voting for Democrats and Republicans" part of the "Republican line" ??

4. Search for my posts and you'll see plenty of criticism of Republicans spending like drunken Democrats, the inability of the Republicans to reform social security, ignoring the invasion from the south, etc..


Anonymous said...

A Gore candidacy?

If his strategy is to wait to see whether the other contenders self-destruct, it may be working.

Hillary Clinton says that the surge is working. If that is what she believes, how can she in good conscience advocate the withdrawal of our troops? Is she the hawk that others have long speculated she is?

Barack Obama clearly is not ready for prime time. His "I'll meet with any leader" seems amateurish at best. Calling for improved ties with Cuba may be wise statecraft but it is poor politics. Is he ready to forfeit Florida?

John Edwards just hasn't caught fire. The uproar over his three-figure hair cut obscures the fact that he originally used campaign funds to pay for it. The huge speaking fees he charges colleges can come back to bite him. I can see a critic saying, "Why not return those fees in the form of scholarship donations?"

Bill Richardson, despite a most impressive resume, has gone nowhere.

As the campaign sputters on, as the candidates repeat their canned responses in their debates, might this be the time for a Gore candidacy to emerge?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:51 pm,
John Edwards' haircut was a 4 figure haircut, not 3 figures. He would never stoop so low as to have a 3 figure haircut.

Anonymous said...

Larry and the other two. Democrats do not hate the rich; they do not hate capitalism; they do not hate money. They hate that those who have "made it" in our country or those whose relatives have acquired wealth before them (George Bush) are not interested in seeing that all people, especially the now poor, have a chance to make money and become rich. John Edwards did just that. He BECAME rich because he was not oppressed as are the poor under this administration.

FDR was from a long-line of great wealth but no one on earth has done more to help every person attain a better life and a safer life.

We do not expect the Democratic rich to, necessarily, donate huge sums of money to their church or charity to get a tax write-off. We expect them to legislate and help and protect the poor so they too can advance in good health.

John Edwards can spend his hard-earned money anyway he likes.

Larry, don't you ever get the entire story? Edwards said if Kerry is elected there will be stem-cell research and a cure for Parkinson's disease. People will be cured and no longer need wheelchairs. You either are a poor reader, or you lie by omission. Not only that, your remark was made on this blog months ago (probably by you) and it was answered in the same way. Don't you remember?

Anonymous said...

Stop voting for the Republican Larrys.

Anonymous said...

4:27 am,
Here is what John Edwards said EXACTLY
"If we do the work that we can do in this country, the work that we will do when John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve will get up out of that wheelchair and walk again,"

John Edwards is a peddler of false hope. He clearly intended to imply that cures for disabilities are imminent, if we would only vote for John Kerry.

John Edwards uses his trial experiences, like claiming to channel and speak for the dead, to lie to people for votes. Like most politicians, John Edwards is despicable.

Anonymous said...

4:27 Stem cell research, which was mentioned in this speech, was what Edwards was referring to. No credible point can be made if the entire speech is not quoted, don't you know. But, then, you Republicans are masters at twisting things to make a point.

And, scientists report that Parkinson's and other illnesses can soon be cured if stem cell research could be financed and implemented. It was not an implication that Edwareds made; it was a fact. Kerry would have seen to it that this research would have been supported and implemented.

The ability, skill, education and success of a lawyer is based on his ability to think logically. John Edwards is extremely successful because he has the intelligence and training to deal with facts and make wise decisions. That's why he's so rich and would make such a great president. Not only that he has a kind heart. His work in the courtroom was to help and protect those in need.

Anonymous said...

4:06 pm,
Republicans may be the masters at twisting things to make a point, but:

1) You are not so bad at twisting the facts yourself

2) I'm not a Republican, so your accusation means nothing to me.

The fact is that there is no ban on stem cell research. That is just a liberal twist to spin the facts for the benefit of the liberal argument.

Private organizations have all the legal rights to research as they please. The 'ban' as you call it is on the taxpayer funding of this research. We all know that the big pharmaceutical companies have the money to fund the research that you've already declared to be the cure for all problems.

The problem is, Democrats just want to throw taxpayer money down that rathole.

I'm pretty sure that if Novartis saw a cure for Parkinson's or Cancer down the road with stem cell research that they would jump on it and secure the patent for the next 15 or so years. There is a ton of money to be made there.

I know liberals hate capitalism and love to spend other people's money on government waste, but your spinning is making you dizzy.

Anonymous said...

5:02 You can call yourself an Independent or the Kind of the Titans, the fact remains if you "walk like a duck; quack like a duck ..." You, sir, talk and act like a Republican. So be it.

Anonymous said...

6:10 PM,
I'm rubber and your glue. Is this level of discussion more appropriate for you? I'm a registered Democrat. Call me what you want. I may even participate in the DNC primaries.

Anonymous said...

Here a perfect example of a government sponsored education:

Way to go public school teachers! Thank you, NEA, for providing our public school teachers with an environment of zero tolerance and zero accountability.

Now, who wants to discuss raises for public school teachers?

Anonymous said...

Another NEA success story. It's no wonder the NEA wants to make it impossible to fire public school teachers:

City SAT Scores Lowest Since 2003

Staff Reporter of the Sun
August 28, 2007 updated 10:54 am EDT

New York City's math and reading SAT scores are at their lowest since 2003, even as state tests show rising math and English proficiency.

Public school seniors who graduated in 2007 scored an average of 903 out of 1600 on the popular college entrance exam's math and reading sections, down from 911 last year, the city Department of Education announced this morning. The eight-point drop, the biggest in recent years, is double the decline in national math and reading scores, which fell to 1015 from 1019.

Anonymous said...

Of course the graduates of the public school system are doing poorly on tests and in the "real world." NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND is a pathetic joke. The problem is the schools are not being run by intelligent educators, but by stupid politicians and parents. You simply cannot teach a class that is not composed of students on the same level of learning. The classes must be homogeneous. And you cannot teach a class if the only goal is to have a successful test score. You can't teach to a "test" level.

And, some of those who are not doing well on SAT tests were home schooled. That's perhaps the biggest disgrace in the education of American children.

As for the behavior of teachers. The job of evauluating prospective teachers belongs to the school administrators. Perhaps there would be better teachers if they were paid as the highly skilled, valuable professionals that in theory are and must be.

Anonymous said...

10:35 am,
YOU ARE LYING!! You claim "some of those who are not doing well on SAT tests were home schooled". You must be one of the public school teachers that reads this blog.

The low test scores explicitly calls out public school seniors, not homeschooled children.

"Public school seniors who graduated in 2007 scored an average of 903 out of 1600 on the popular college entrance exam's math and reading sections,..."

Anonymous said...

Many parents of home schoolers finally muster some compassion and many of them allow their children to attend public school for their senior year so that, for at least a year, they can have the social life that high school students enjoy. However, the consequences of their years of home schooling can't be compensated in one year of high school. These home-schoolers are included in the SAT statistics you quote.

Anonymous said...

5:41 PM,
The percentage of home-schoolers that go to public school for their senior year compared to the NYC graduating class size is negligible to the average score of 903 out of 1600. That is a far stretch and an attempt to inject FUD into the pitiful NYC public school average SAT score.

I might as well even call you a liar for trying to make that claim. You Are A Liar!

Its no wonder that NYC votes for Democrats - they need the big government welfare state!