Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Despicable Repug Attack Ads on Obama Have Begun, Making Clinton's "Dirty Politics" Seem Like Child's Play

They call themselves, and they've just released their new ad, produced by Floyd Brown, the creator of the infamous 1988 "Willie Horton" ad that sunk Michael Dukakis' Democratic presidential bid. It's a shameful, reprehensible, race-baiting attack-ad shown in North Carolina that describes the murders of young people killed in Chicago gang violence and concludes by stating that Sen. Barack Obama, while an Illinois State Senator, voted against the death penalty for gang members convicted of murder. It's quite chilling in its intentions.

Another ad released this week is produced by the North Carolina Republican Party. In it, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is featured in controversial sermon clips that of course include his incendiary "God Damn America" speech. The ad opposes the two Democratic candidates for Governor, Bev Purdue and Richard Moore, who've endorsed Obama. Hence, don't vote for them because they support Obama, the supporter of hate. It's a shockingly racist ad and is but a frightening foreshadowing of what's to come for Obama should he become his party's nominee.

Wow. That's what the panel of pundits had to say on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews Wednesday, predicting that these are the sort of ruthless racist attacks that Obama faces, which, by comparison, make Sen. Hillary Clinton's questionable negative campaigning appear like kids' stuff.

Even more infuriating was Sen. John McCain's disingenuous attempt to have the N. Carolina GOP pull the ad, which they refused to do, saying it was a local matter. By coming out publicly against these vile ads McCain gets to have it both ways. He appears above the fray, while the cable news outlets run the now-controversial ad free, ad nauseum (pun intended). Oh sure, McCain is just oozing with integrity. And that's how this shrewd politico will portray himself throughout the general election...while surrogates, local parties, Limbaugh and Hannity and 527's do his REPUGnant dirty work.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like George Bush politics. Let loose the 527 attack dogs and deny any knowledge of what they do. Can our candidate point this out and ask people if they aren't tired of these kinds of lies yet? Aren't we better than that?

Anonymous said...

So what else is new?? I guess you all will say claim shock and dismay. It has been known and said over and over again on this blog for months now that after Wright, Obama doesn't have a chance of withstanding attack ads like this. Since then the "bitter" speech and all the other sources for trash ads have become apparent. This is it. It's either Hillary or McCain.

Anonymous said...

When they were gleefully showing this ad on FOX NEWS they were boasting that it wasn't even a smear campaign because it was based solely on the truth. I think what makes them nervous is it will give Hillary the nomination and they won't be able to easily beat Obama.

From the documentation they give, the interviews with other black preachers and what research I've done, I'm afraid much of the Wright story is true; and the voting record will be easy to check. I hope every voting segment of the population does just that including Repblicans who are thinking of voting for him. I'm sure they will. Americans were so careful about vetting Bush.

Anonymous said...

Obama is fighting Hillary, McCain, the national and state GOP parties all at the same time.

All that and Obama's still on top, beating Clinton now and ahead of McCain in polling for November.

Clintonistas are deluding themselves if they think McCain and the GOP don't have oil tankers full of slime that they would be all too happy to throw at Hillary (again)(and again and again). Nothing would make the GOP happier than to get yet another chance to completely humiliate the Clintons, who incidentally are the ones who need to stop whining about Chelsea's run-ins with juvenile college kids' questions about Lewinsky.

Obama's already shown that HE CAN AND WILL respond quickly and forcefully to BS from McCain. He's already got a rapid-response team readying for "swiftboat" attacks. The DNC has already cranked up its machine against McCain and the GOP.

Obama has very graciously kept his elbow jabs at Clinton to a minimum - unfortunately earning him the disdain of some Democrats who suggest that means he's too wimpy to take on McCain and the GOP. But Obama is no fool. He knows the Democrats need everything they've got to pull it out this November, so he's refrained from really unloading on her. That's because unlike Hillary, he knows his primary nomination opponent is a Democrat and that her supporters are Democrats. He knows that insulting and tearing down her and her supporters could do some real harm to the Party in the general election.

We all know that the modern GOP and its standard bearers has become a deformed mutant that oozes slime and filth from every corner, and that nothing is below it in terms of bile and wretchedness it will throw at Democrats and the American people (and the world).

Whoever the Democratic nominee is WILL be in the crosshairs and no holds will be barred. All the way up to the Supreme Court.

Obama's ready. He's smart. He's got composure under fire, and he's got confidence. I can't wait until the debates with McCain.

Anonymous said...

The two Democratic candidates have to join up to win big and drive the right out of the picture. If they are really the stuff leaders are made of they will work it out between themselves and put the country first. The attacks will be relentless on both of them and very ugly. Together they have enough of a following that they would be unbeatable, separately each has a very good chance of being beat. Time to grow up and get the job done.

Unknown said...

It works. People in this country make their decisions emotionally.

Bill Clinton's Party harped on Bush I, Cheney and Powell letting Saddam off the hook creating such venom in Cheney that... well look what he did when he had a small window of opportunity.

Bill Clinton could twist it back on them. You need to address it not whine about it. Kerry whined about the "Swift boaters," he lost.

They should be on McCain's tax policy flip flop with two videos off him side by side and air it everywhere, all the time. They should ask where his spending cuts would be over and over and over.

Anonymous said...

The key problem for Hillary's campaign is that normal people reel back in horror at her association with the Clinton administration. (Which is why, as her supporter, I refer to her as simply "Hillary.")

If Hillary could run exclusively on her record since becoming a senator from New York, she'd be a relatively moderate Democrat who hates the loony left -- as we found out this week when a tape of Hillary denouncing surfaced. Think Joe Biden in a pantsuit.

But because of her unfortunate marriage, Hillary comes with a cast of undesirables like James Carville, Paul Begala, Terry McAuliffe, Joe Conason -- and of course Bill Clinton, along with his trusted impeachment manager Larry Flynt. Buy one, get the entire dirt-bag collection free

Prius said...

There is ONLY one way to beat this GOP slime boat machine in November. 11:34 is correct, unity is the only way to win and that means using the dream team of Clinton/Obama.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have selected poor candidates AGAIN. Thank you Democrats, John McCain will be a great President and protect us for at least 4 more years from putting a tax raising socialist into the White House.

Anonymous said...

There should be only one consideration. Under Bill Clinton we had the best eight years we've had in decades. All the rest is talk.

Begala, Carville, Hillary's pants suits, Monica, blah blah blah -- Meaningless.

Remind the country of the economy stupid and the Democrats win with Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Any Democrat who didn't expect at least some 527 Swift Boat slime from the GOP is a fool. Still doesn't make it right or help the country, and it doesn't make people calling for a more intelligent level of debate a bunch of weak-kneed complainers crying "foul".

Clintonistas like 8:57 brandishing the "Obama's an empty suit" meme need to realize that every time they use this feeble slam they even further diminish their candidate Hillary, the one currently losing to "an empty suit".

Obama lovers destroyed the Party? What a joke. Take Ostroy's advice and stop being a whiny, sore loser.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party destroyed the Democratic Party. They should have picked a white male candidate, probably Edwards, in order to win this election. But they got side-tracked with his hair cut and his big house. They were stupid. The country is not ready for a black president or a woman president. How could we be after the country elected a fundamentalist as president for the last eight years because he would be nice to drink a beer with and he talked to God.

Anonymous said...

A turning point for me was the PA debate. Once they got past the stupid questions and got onto issues, Hillary showed incredible command and detail. Obama was still speechifying. The country is a mess. Who can fix it? Haven't seen much evidence from Obama's state or US Senate careers where his name was slapped on bills he didn't work on. We need someone who will roll up their sleeves and govern. She's a fighter.

Anonymous said...

"Haven't seen much evidence from Obama's state or US Senate careers where his name was slapped on bills he didn't work on."

Blatant lie.

152 bills sponsored in the 109th
122 bills sponsored in 110th

820 bills over 8 years in IL:
233 regarding health care reform
125 on poverty and public assistance
112 crime fighting bills
97 economic bills
60 human rights and anti-discrimination bills
21 ethics reform bills
6 veteran’s affairs to name a few

Anonymous said...

Continuing, during Obama's first year in the U.S. Senate he authored/co-sponsored the following:

- Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act of 2006 (became law)

- Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act (became law)

- Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (passed the Senate)

- 2007 Government Ethics Bill (became law)

- Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill (In committee)

Anonymous said...

So what's your point? That's his job and what he was elected for.

You've given this meager list that includes TWO years 06 and 07 and I can't say much for his Immigration Reform Act. Who's been signing for him while he's campaigning? Does he still get his governmnet pay check? That a senator should not receive his senate paycheck while he's not there and is campainging instead should have been included in the Ethics Bill

Anonymous said...

During this campaign I've learned something that I had never known.

Human resentment and pain runs deep and long.

The black people are still seething over slavery and segregation after hundreds of years have passed and they can never forgive the white race and work for harmony.

Men are still seething and resentful over Eve making that awful mistake that doomed mankind to hardship for eternity and they can never forgive so they will continue to keep women from power.

All the attempts for unity are like the Sysyphus myth and it will never change.

McCain will reign.

Anonymous said...

"So what's your point? That's his job and what he was elected for."

No sense spending much time responding to this, but for a point of comparison, McCain sponsored 38 bills in the 110th.

Anonymous said...

It's not a good stategy to refute a point (in this case Obama's record in Congress) by reporting the poor performance of someone else (McCain). So what? McCain is not the concern in the Democratic process for a nominee. And, no matter what he or Hillary did, it has nothing to do with Obama.

Anonymous said...

10:42 - do your own homework. It's called and it allows you to search the entire federal legislation database. You can find all the legislation Obama has sponsored and co-sponsored and the substance of all of it. It is far from meager.