Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random Thoughts...

1. To Rep. Charlie Rangel: It most definitely is "the NY Times' business" how much space you and your family live in if it's the public's tax dollars that subsidizes it, and you're getting a questionable 50% break in the rent you pay on your four, count 'em, four rent-stabilized apartments. And what's with all this rent anyway? If you ever think of buying, give Sen. Chris Dodd a call. He knows where to get really cheap mortgages.

2. To Sen. John McCain: it's not funny, nor presidential, to say we should keep exporting more cigarettes to the Iranians because "that's a way of killing them." We thought you learned your sensitivity lesson with "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran..."

3. To Barack Obama: Who are you, man? Your loyal, heretofore insanely inspired followers don't recognize you anymore, what with all your recent flip-floppin.' Who'da thunk you were just another pandering, triangulating politician. What a let down, huh folks?

4. To Tony Snow: your very untimely death is very sad and tragic. R.I.P.

5. To Jesse Jackson: spare us the sanctimonious lessons on race. We're so fed up with your definition of what it means to be black and how blacks are supposed to act in order to be 'authentically' black. In case you haven't noticed, Barack Obama is but a heartbeat from the Oval Office. He's done just fine without your guidance, and is more of a legitimate role model for blacks than you can ever dream of being. Even your own son, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr, thinks you're irrelevant. Time to retire from public speaking. And while you're at it, take Al Sharpton with you. Young blacks need inspiration from high-achieving successful black leaders like Obama, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell, not race-baiting excuse-makers like you and the Rev. Al.

6. To NBC News execs: sadly, in Tim Russert's absence, Meet the Press is now a real snoozer. In all fairness, it's hard to imagine anyone being able to fill Russert's shoes. Take the show off the air, revamp it with a younger host (David Shuster?) call it something similar but different (The Sunday Press?), and bring it back after Labor Day in time to inject some exciting new journalistic blood into Fall's election coverage.

7. To the oil companies: What the fuck? Oil at almost $150 a barrel? Have you gone mad? There's absolutely no justification on this planet for fuel prices to have more than doubled in a year. As long as you keep recording record profits and paying your CEO's $50-million per year while the price of gas is crippling the American economy, I will continue to say you Bush-sanctioned thieves are raping us.

8. To the Stock Market: enough already.


Anonymous said...

Normally love your blog, but 2 comments have by undies in a bundle...

RE: Tony Snow... Nothing untimely about it. There are those who would say it is karma. When you suck up to missplaced power and lie to the public to promote fascism, there's a karmic price to pay. I feel for his family, but not for him.

RE: Lumping Obama in with Condalessa "I'll lie to congress at the drop of a hat" Rice and Colin "got my political career energized by being the guy who was in charge of covering up the Mei Li massacre and wasn't confident about the intel but went ahead and lied to the UN about weapons of mass distruction" Powell. (See Mei Li reference here:

Condi was a rich girl who just happens to be black and who said yes to the right people to climb the ladder of success. She never met a socially just political/legislative policy that she was willing to support, and she's been the watergirl for some real slimeballs. Same for Colin.

Barak seems to have the makings of a leader. The other two have risen to power by being followers of powerful, often times evil people.

Anonymous said...

What a disappointment Rangel has turned out to be. I thought he was one of the few politicians who had integrity and concern for others rather than the usual, self-serving kind. He has disappointed me as has Obama. I'm simply stunned at the revelation of Rangel's and Obama's other sides.

I agree with 11:36 that Rice and Powell were nothing but "water carriers" for this administration. I had always thought Powerl had the qualitites to be president until he revealed his lack of character and concern for our country.

Jackson is the public face of the "whitey and his government did it to us" Black Liberation Theology. He is not a loner who originated the "victim" stance. He feels betrayed by Obama's switch to the Republican side.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. You actually sounded intelligent and conservative until your random thought #7.

Do you understand the difference between "profit" and "profit margin" ? The oil companies may have record profits, but they are investing record capital as well. The profit margin, on the other hand, is not a record as there are plenty of industries that make more profit margin on each dollar invested - pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc., there are plenty of examples.

And another mistake: "...we should keep importing more cigarettes to the Iranians..." - I'm pretty sure that "exporting" is the proper word. And by the way, who cares ? We are addicted to their oil and that addiction could be the death to our country so who cares if they are addicted to our cigarettes? Mostly idiots (and union members) smoke cigarettes anyway.

Finally, it is great to see Obama the Racist plunging in the polls. Hillary is in a glass box with "break in case of emergency". I think it's time to break that glass.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with David Shuster as a choice for any more time on MSNBC than he has. He's just not sexy enough. His same old suit is boring (could we have a tight T-shirt that shows chest hair); his laugh is irritating; his remarks, spoken in a monotone, are sometimes insulting to women; and he just doesn't have that "come hither" delivery required by MSNBC in their female commentators. We want a "hunk" to deliver our news like the men have "sexpots" to deliver theirs. We want muscle, "bedroom" eyes, a deep, sultry voice and a certain heroic, male brashness. It's really time sexism worked for us women and so far MSNBC has let us down.

Anonymous said...

10:19 is right. If we want to win the presidency we'd better call back Hillary. Obama is no longer a valid choice for a Democrat to vote for. And the idea that we'll all unite at the polls is absurd since we have nothing to unite around. I thought I knew the platform I was supporting when I voted for him in the primaries - now I have no idea what I might be voting for in the general. Too scary to risk.

Anonymous said...


What platform did you think you were voting for?

Anonymous said...

5:12 "You hear wind swirling in your head, don't you?"

Anonymous said...



I suppose wind must have been the noise I heard when your vapid reply appeared out of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

9:49 PM,
You've posted that comment before and it reflects your level of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

The comment was in quotes as you two (or one) should have noticed. It was a comment used by a "regular" commentator on this blog who refused to talk to the issue and made a stupid remark. I used the same idiotic phrase in response to one who asked an evasive question, suspecting it was ine response to the one who had originated the idiotic response. I think we all know who he is.

Anonymous said...


What is "evasive" about asking someone a question?

The question I asked was in response to someone claiming they "thought they knew the platform" they were voting for. I simply asked for clarification as to what they thought was in the platform they supported.

Again, how that is "evasive"? I think it quite fair and appropriate.

Anonymous said...

The vapors from the kool-aid must be losing strength.

Does asking Obama about who he is a sign that more dems are becoming enlightened about him?

The rest of us have known all along he was just a pandering political nobody without a backbone or experience to lead the country.

Call back Hillary - yeah that would be a real good idea. If she will have such a ugly stepsister of a party back, she may be the only hope of a Dem POTUS.

Otherwise the DNC will get what they deserve, another loss in the WH column.

First item of business: Get rid of the person who threw the whole thing off track. Donna Brazile.

Then start to act responsibly towards Hillary and maybe, just maybe, the rest of the voters will see the DNC as viable instead of a huge joke.

We dems can't afford Obama.