Tuesday, August 05, 2008

McCain at Sturges: Who's the "Radical" Now?

Just imagine. A raucous event of 500,000 engine-revving, beer-guzzling, tattooed Hells Angels-looking motorcyclists and their scantily-clad women engaging in racy contests where nudity and simulated sex take place while wife-beater-wearin' Kid Rock head-bangs in the background. And then appears a presidential candidate who gleefully announces:

"Thank you, I thank you all very much for that unique Sturgis welcome! As you may know, not long ago a couple a hundred thousand Berliners made a lot of noise for my opponent. I’ll take the roar of 50,000 Harleys any day! Any day, my friend!"

And then an insane look appears on the candidate's face as he makes a wildly animated spinning hand gesture and loud "vroom vroom" noise intended to simulate the cranking of a cycle engine but ends up his own embarrassing version of the Dean scream....and then offers up his wife in the event's notoriously T&A-infested main contest: "I told her with a little luck, she could be the only woman ever to serve as both the first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip."

Holy Radical Associations, Batman...tits, ass, booze, tattoos, sex, cycles and sluts, oh my! Had the candidate's name been Sen. Barack Obama you can bet your ass that the McCain camp, his GOP surrogates and Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the right wing attack-dogs would be crucifying "The One." You can hear them now:

"It's an outrage! Does this man really have the judgement to be president? Hanging out with biker gangs and their naked 'old ladies'....drinking, cursing, engaging in lesbian sex, topless contests....Kid Rock, for Pete's sake!? Its disgusting and un-American....and we cannot have this sort of radical behavior in the White House!"

But the candidate was none other than the socially-conservative Sen. John McCain, and there was nary a peep out of Hannity and Limbaugh and the rest of the good 'ole boy spinhead network. In fact, they think it's cool that their guy gets down with the 'real Americans...patriots...the courageous men and women who serve our country proud,' as McCain painted the Sturgis crowd.

Sweet Jesus, could you imagine the holy shitstorm the Right would make out of this had Obama been standing up there reveling in his biker glory, teasing the flesh-baring beer-buzzed crowd that Michelle should "show us your tits!?" Oh, the hypocrisy....

HELP ELECT BARACK OBAMA PRESIDENT: It's now time for us to pull together as Democrats and unite behind Obama and his historic candidacy. These are exciting times. I urge you to support Obama by sending the campaign whatever you can afford. In politics, money is key. There are many swing states this year--Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri among them. With a sizeable war chest for campaigning, ground teams/staff, ads, mailings, Internet/email promotions, etc, he can win these states. We are commited to helping the campaign raise as much money as possible to combat the bountiful warchest of Sen. John McCain and the GOP. Click here to make a contribution. It's time to change America.


Anonymous said...

Good going John McCain. If anyone can beat The Messiah, its John McCain.

McCain 2008

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good going McCain.

Offer your wife up for a topless beauty pageant. That and calling her a cunt ought to go over REAL well with those Hillary voters you seek to court - not to mention the James Dobson crowd.

Oh, and sure hope you enjoyed being bitch-slapped by the likes of Paris Hilton today.

My goodness it's going to be so much fun watching this fraud of a "maverick" explode in the volcanic tirade we all know is soon to come.

Unknown said...

Hannity was simply too busy doing another show on UFOs. Rush had a dual bill: abiotic oil and a special look back at the impossibility of winning 'Clinton's War' in Serbia because it's so hilly there.

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton's energy plan includes drilling for oil and was much more realistic than The Messiah's plan.

Anonymous said...


Doing what's best for the economy and our safety IS being the better patriot.

Independent economic and tax groups that have looked at the nominee's plans conclude John McCain cannot pay for his and will sink the government deeper into debt.

Belligerent attitudes toward the world (unilaterally kicking Russia out of the G8, "bomb, bomb, Iran", etc.) and vague notions of "winning" are not likely to make us safer.

In terms of policy, and leaving out POW status celebrity, there should not be much doubt who is the "better patriot".

Anonymous said...

Obama panders to radical muslims. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

John McCain is not just "the better patriot" he is the only candidate who is a "patriot." Obama attended a chruch for twenty years that spewed hatred for America; "God damn America." Obama dissed America on his -- can yu believe it -- campaign tour to be presdient of the country he was "dissing."

What's not to love: Reread our Constitution if you have any doubts.

A patriot loves his country when it's "right or wrong."

Anonymous said...


You GOP folk need to stay on message.

"We don’t want to talk about his patriotism and character,” said Black. “We concede that he’s a patriot and person of good character." - Charlie Black, McCain campaign advisor, 7/7/08

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love viral internet rumors that live forever.

There's no proof to your Edwan pudding, Obama-haters, if you believe the notoriously right-wing Wall Street Journal: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2008/08/05/obama-camp-routed-out-illegal-donations-from-palestinians/

Anonymous said...

A patriot loves his country when it's "right or wrong."

This is the same old strawman argument that the Republicans and the Rovians set forth every time someone stands up to abuses in government and/or misguided/wrongheaded policies. Criticizing America doesn't mean you don't love it. In fact dissent is the most patriotic aspect of America. And where is your outrage of Mccain's courting or Parsley and Haggee and his earlier courting of Falwell (you know those "agents of intolerance" Mccain had decried about). Perhaps if we focused on the candidates beliefs and issues and not whether they went to church or not we could finally fix the real problems we are facing!

Its time to focus on the forrest through the trees. "My Friends"

Obama gets this? Why doesn't Mccain?

Anonymous said...

Correction - I mean the candidates' positions on the issues not beliefs and the issues. (need my morning coffee :))

Anonymous said...

A true patriot does NOT love it's country when it's wrong.

A true patriot corrects the wrongs and does not blindly follow when truth proves otherwise.

But then again, Republicans are counting on voters to just be blind followers. Ever since the dumbing down of American schools (which do not teach our complete American history) many voters have just believed the Republican crap (since the 1980s) without regard to asking questions.

Well that is why our country is in such a mess. We believed the Republican lies.

Will it work this time? Who knows. I am more concerned with those who won't even look at Obama's policies only be cause of his race. The guy is half white and half black. Why are folks so focused on race? It drives me crazy to think McCain will win only because he is the white guy.

With McCain you get Bush's 3rd term.

Wake up folks!

Anonymous said...

Actually, that's not really right, 10:40.

The real way to say it is "a true left wing liberal Democrat" never loves America."

The rest of us love our country EVEN when it's wrong. We just feel badly about it and try to fix things.

That's one sad sick attitude, by the way. If you have or ever have kids, I fear for them. Because if they are wrong it seems that you will stop loving them.

As to Barack, I get a kick out of him.

Why does he say he's Black? He is EXACTLY 50% black and 50% white.

He can just as easily say he's white as he can say he's black. But in this day and age, being black gets you a lot more in the affirmative action front, I guess.

Funny thing. No one believes my pal when he fills out his identity as African American. He's a white guy from South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:20 AM,
Your response is weak like Obama. Facts are facts and this is NOT a viral internet rumor - its in the Federal Election Committee database of political donations.

I went to the URL you posted. Its a blog on wall street journal's website which hardly requires the truth to be told. I've quoted from your link below:

"'They wrongly identified themselves as American citizens', campaign officials said" - In other words, the radical muslims lied to donate money to the Obama campaign.

"But the refunds weren’t reported to the Federal Election Commission due to a technical error, campaign officials said. The remaining $2,500 was refunded Monday." <--For the record "Monday" is 2 days ago (today is 8/6/2008) and the donations are still in the live database as donations. The technical error was, "Obama technically wanted to keep the money".

The Obama campaign is lying about refunding the money. If the money was refunded, the FEC would have updated the database; otherwise, they would not be able to properly track soft donations.

Anonymous said...

To prove my 11:18 AM post even further, the blog you referenced

doesn't even name its sources! So, your response to the fact that radical muslims from Palestine are donating to the Obama campaign is "a blog on the internet said unnamed sources confirmed that the money was refunded". Do YOU actually believe that ??

Independent thinkers: check it out for yourself --> http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2008/08/05/obama-camp-routed-out-illegal-donations-from-palestinians/

Anonymous said...

"Why does he say he's Black? He is EXACTLY 50% black and 50% white.

He can just as easily say he's white as he can say he's black. But in this day and age, being black gets you a lot more in the affirmative action front, I guess."

11:10, are you high? What country do you live in? Sen. Obama may be 50% black and 50% white but his skin color says all black and the US has historically treated a person with black skin tone as black - in fact it wasn't until recently that a person with even 1/8 black heritage would be discriminated against as a black (ever hear of the concept of "passing"?) Sen. Obama never uses his race for sympathy, etc. He is a black-looking man and as such was and will be treated as black. FYI: on his application for Harvard Law School - he didn't list himself as black or African-American. Sen. Mccain, on the other hand and Pres. GW Bush handly relied on nepotism to get them into Ananapolis and Yale, respectively (given their GPA's every knows they didn't get there on merit alone)

Anonymous said...


My god. I've seen starving dogs drop a bone faster than you accepting the truth.

Glenn R. Simpson is a well-respected reporter who is the lead WSJ writer on money laundering and financial crimes. He has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

The Washington Wire began at the WSJ in 1940, you ass. It's one of the oldest regular columns in any paper in the US. Simpson's reporting at Washington Wire is what you have read at the link provided, not some anonymous blog entry, and he found that all but $2500 of the donations were returned back in early December. He also reported that the refunds will be reflected soon in an amended report by the FEC.

There's only one liar in this conversation and you see him/her in the mirror each morning.

BTW, McCain has his own contribution scandals coming out. Hopefully he will be able to address them and do so in short order.

Anonymous said...

Something needs to be understood. "Our country" is not the people who run it, the President, the parties, or even the citizens. Our country is the principles and ideas which are it's basis, core and fundamentals of what it is. This is made very clear in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. When people distort its principles it is not a reflection on "our country" but on the people who defile it. Our country is the best that has ever appeared on earth and we'd better not forget that. The miskakes some of it's leaders have made are not to be condoned.

The same for a religions, for example. The precepts and teachings of the religion are its core and basis, and is not "wrong" because its followers defile it. It could be wrong in its baasis or teachings or doctrine, but not because of those who do not follow its teachings.

This all seems self -evident.

One simply cannot hate America and be a patriot.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate my children when they make mistakes or even do terribly wrong things. I love them anyway. I don't say "God damn my children."

Anonymous said...


If your children do something wrong you punish them or accept that they may be punished. You love them anyway, but they are due punishment for their actions.

Isaiah, Jeremiah and the Biblical prophets of the Old Testament did not hate Israel. They loved Israel. But they damned Israel when it sinned.

Personally, I'm far more likely to forgive someone who wants to damn America for its sins than I am a man who commits adultery.

The 10 Commandments do not speak of loving your country. They do, however, mention adultery as a pretty big no-no.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:38 AM,
You are the ass. If the Obama campaign REALLY refunded the money - they must have the FEC update the soft donations database. If the FEC soft donation database is out of sync with reality, then how is the FEC supposed to track soft money donations?

And regardless of Glenn R. Simpson's nomination for a Pulitzer Prize - He's not referencing any named sources in his article.

The unnamed source in the Obama campaign also claims that they refunded the remaining $2,500 on Monday. Was there another technical error that prevented them from reporting Monday's transaction to the FEC as well ?

Provide some proof with named officials in the Obama campaign and you'll at least add some credibility to your claim that The Messiah is right and the FEC is wrong.

Anonymous said...

12:15 PM,

If this story had any legs it would be all over Fox, Drudge and the Mccain website. It isn't. The simple truth is that it was discovered that improper donatations were made and they were returned. The same crap is happening with Mccain. Seriously, get over it and take your fearmongering someplace else.

Anonymous said...

12:09 A country does not sin. People sin. Leaders of countries sin. When you "Damn" a country you "damn" what it stands for in principle and all of its inhabitants.

A Commandment says "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain." That means :do not curse; do not say "God damn" I learned that in Sunday School at a Chrsitian Church.

When adultery is committed two are wrong and the wronged spouse is hurt.

When one condemns, curses, wishes ill upon a nation, all the people in that country are being condemned. And the curser is certainly not following Jesus in "Love thy neighbor".

The Constituion is perfect like the other contributor said. It's like Math is perfect. You can't blame "math" if there's an error in addition.

A citizen is less likely to be hurt by an adulteror than by one who hates him and his country. The terrorists hate us and our country and they are a danger whether they commit adultery or not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:55 PM wrote, "BTW, where is is factually reported that the people from Palestine who sent Obama the money are 'radical Muslims'?"

answer: In the same place where it is factually reported that the people from the south who send Republicans money are 'radical christians' or 'right-wing' conservatives.

Anonymous said...


You need to go back to Sunday school or at least re-read your Bible. The limited understanding of verse and logic you display are stunning. But it sure seems to be more and more the case that GOPers are proud to flaunt their ignorance.

"Vain" means pointless. The commandment impores us not to take the name of the Lord in a pointless or frivilous manner ("in vain"). Imploring God to damn, or judge, sinful activity is not pointless or frivilous and is not limited to Jeremiah Wright. Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson have all used such language in the past as have literally thousands of Christian preachers through the centuries.

It is precisely BECAUSE a government, a people, a country did not love its neighbors as itself that they are called upon to be judged by God. This is found in many places in the Bible, both New and Old Testament.

Oh, and the Constitution is far from perfect. If it were perfect, there would have been no need to amend the document and as it was created by man, and not by God, by definition it is not perfect.

Anonymous said...


Hey, doofus. We have enough people showing their ass at Ostroy's place today. There's no need to add another.

This isn't the Sturges rally.

Anonymous said...

1:55 Your thinking is so parochial.

1. You must understand that all Christian Churches and certainly not all Christian preachers interpret or teach the Bible in the same way. We have the Rev. Wright -- you know what he teaches; we have the Southern Baptist who teach women are inferior; we have the Catholic Church (I won't begin to list those differences) who teach vastly different interpretations of the same Bible texts. Therefore, you must respect that my Christian church and my Sunday school taught that "taking the Lord's name in vain is cursing."

None of them teach the perfection of the teachings of Jesus. Jefferson was correct -- only the words of Jesus should be considered.

2. Reread my statment about Love thy neighbor" and you'll see the obliqueness of your answer.

Wright "cursed" and did not follow the Christian admonish "to love thy neighbor."

3. When things change amendments are required to accommodate changes. Our rules of the road, for example, now that we drive cars are different from the days of horse and buggy. Hence changes required amendments to the Constituion and the need to clarify. And, even if by your standards and others the Constitution is not perfect, it is the bestthe worldhas known.

BTW: God created man whom you admit is not perfect, therefore the Constitution could be (is) perfect although created by God's imperfect creation.

Anonymous said...

12:09 As far as we know President Bush has never committed adultery, so that merit has little to do with the ability to preside.

Anonymous said...

Obama is white. He was raised by whites. He did not fully experience the American black person's experience at any time in his life.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the hysterically contorted and thoroughly inept reply. I have not had such a good laugh in weeks.

Do you have a hat were I can drop a few coins? Such effort deserves some small reward...

Anonymous said...


Adultery seen as meritable is a first for me and most Americans don't view President Bush as having much ability to preside.

So what is your point?


What, exactly, is the American black person's experience?

Anonymous said...


The fact that you posted this nonsense at 4:20 seems to only prove my point (see my posting at 11:31).

Anonymous said...

Look, let's get back on topic.

It is an undeniable FACT that Barack Obama is UNFIT to be President.

He was in the Senate - his sole Federal office (or any substantial office of real consequence) - for ONE YEAR before he began running for President. Since that time, he's hardly been doing anything else. If you doubt it, look at his voting record - and the number of absences.

So what we are looking at is a guy with ONE YEAR'S experience in any meaningful position seeking the most powerful office on earth.

It would be funny if it weren't so scary.

Anonymous said...


You gotta love people so confident in their righteousness that they feel the need to capitalize the word fact. Almost inevitably these "facts" are easily disproven.

The only fitness test required by the Constitution of the United States to run for President is found in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5:

"No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."

Barack Obama clearly passes this fitness test.

(BTW, Abraham Lincoln was a non-descript, one-term former Congressman when he ran for President.)

Anonymous said...

It is an undeniable FACT that Barack Obama is UNFIT to be President.

Um, many people are denying this "fact." Sen. Obama served 6 years in the Illinois State Legislature which gave him plenty of opportunity to learn and understand how to govern and fet things done. Moreover, since when does logevity in office equal competency to lead? Anyone can get experience. Not anyone can get smarts. We have had plenty of "experienced" people running the show in Washington for the past 8 years and look at the mess where in now. Seriously, do the Republicans have anything to run on other than "We are experienced and therefore superior, we wear flag pins and are therefore patriotic, thus we should be the ones in charge?"

Anonymous said...

Hey, 4:11, if we all have to respect the teachings of your brand of Christianity shouldn't you then respect the teachings of Trinity United Church of Christ?

Love your neighbor, man!

Anonymous said...

5:58 "You must respect that my Christian church taught . . . "

I didn't say respect the teaching of my church; I said respect the fact that my church taught a different meaning of that commandmen; and, that either could be correct, was implied.

Hie thyself to a rememdial reading course, man.

Anonymous said...

I typoed: remedial

Anonymous said...

Don't respect the teaching of my church, respect that my church teaches different meanings.

A distinction without a difference.

Anonymous said...

6:24 Only to the mentally disadvantaged.

Anonymous said...

4"38 Most white people only know what the American black experience is from the sermons preached by Rev. Wright who declared Hillary and white people couldn't know what it's like to be raised black in our country. That's on a tape that aired. It must be pretty bad or Rev. Wright wouldn't have damned America and the 2,000 atendees wouldn't have cheered.

I agree with the other contributor that Obama probably didn't experience the American black experience since his mileu was white and an environment of well- educated and well-off people with probably too much class to be racists -- or at least to have the bad manners to express racism. I'm sure the dignitaries Rice hangs out with don't display any racial bias. I'm sure the elite private shcool did not tolerate racism.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous stated:

"What's not to love: Reread our Constitution if you have any doubts.

A patriot loves his country when it's "right or wrong."

Let's get it correct: The Constitution as we know it has been bastardized and used as toilet paper by the current (neo)CON occupants of the WH. Thank you GW for bringng back all of that honor you Bullshitted the American publuc about in 2000. Thank you to the pinheads who believed that crap not once but twice. For God's sake don't F it up a third time with this demented crackpot.

A true patriot only wants his country to be better. Speaking out against what is obviously wrong is not unpatriotic, but the moral duty of a citizen. Or was Ben Franklin and Tom Jefferson unpatriotic?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that despite his promise to us, Obama eroded and defiled the Constituion with his recent vote to allow this administration to spy on us, American citizens. He also eroded the strength and perfeciton of the Constitution by weakening the division between church and state with his support of Faith Based charities.

Obama is not a patriot who loves our Constituion. And, not only that he lied to us to get our vote.

I'm into "Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Or even,
"Give me the devil I know.

We pretty much know what McCain will do, like it or not. Who knows what Obama will do.

Anonymous said...


So the short answer is, you don't know.


Anonymous said...


Gotta love tortured logic...

Anonymous said...

Hillary supporters!!

The convention is OURS. Its time to oust Obama and nominate Hillary Clinton!! Obama can't win, he's been polling below the same glass ceiling as during the primaries.

Anonymous said...

Finally -- the voice of reason, hope and salvation

It's 9:09 's suggestion.

Hillary is our only hope. Obama cannot win. Hillary can. It's Hillary or we get McCain.

Anonymous said...


Boy do you have the shoe on the wrong foot.

Defile the constitution?

How about we look at the leftist Warren Court?

They must have been convening in Area 51 when they located a right to privacy "emanating like pneumbras" from various other places. Either that, or they were on acid, as friends of mine who have had the experience have told me about emantions they saw that really weren't there at all.

Now before you jump to any conclusions, I absolutely agree that people should have a general right of privacy.

The issue I have is that it's no where to be found in the constitution - it's simply made up. Many state constitutions have an explicit privacy right written in black letter law.

And that's where it SHOULD be since the US central government was ALWAYS intended by the founders to be one of LIMITED government. Note, for example, the complete absence of any general police power mentioned any where in the constitution. That's because it was always a right reserved to the states.

And the states and the people never wanted to give up any more authority than they had to. That's why they started out first with a loose Confederation.

A right to privacy isn't a novel concept. It dates back to prehistoric times when cavemen went into separate caves for their personal privacy. That's why they called them cavemen....

It's not as if it was an unforseeable thing, such as the internet.

It was left out and it was no accident because it was thought to be something that the states could address.

Imagine - such important rights built upon such foundations of sand. Emanating penumbras....

But they WANTED to expand the central government's power, so they simply invented what they wanted. Indeed, the entire controversy over Roe v Wade and it's progeny stem simply because the complete absence of any logical reasoning behind a Federal right to privacy.

If you actually critically read the constitution, you will see that it is actually a document of LIMITATION. Sure, it has certain protections, but the power of the central government is limited.

For example, it can only regulate INTERSTATE commerce, not local commerce. It says what the central CANNOT do, but far less about what they CAN do.

The only true broad power is the ability to tax and spend for the general welfare. Yet for every positive power there are multiple limiting powers.

Indeed, before the 14th amendment, there was not even a national right to due process and equal protection vis a vis States actions.

So you look at the essence of the principles behind the constitution and you don't see a plan for it to be used as an expansive club to widen and broaden.

Not until Warren and his gang of constitutional criminals got their grubby hands on it.

And you have to laugh at how the leftists continue to abuse it and how inconsistent they are.

Listen to all the crap about how people whine about the recent 2nd amendment DC gun case.

And then look at the case that narrowly declined to overrule abortion based upon stare decisis - the rule of following precedents.

If you really truly believe in that, Plessy v Ferguson (1896) and its separate but equal doctrine would continue to be the law of the land today instead of Brown vs the Board of Education. Dred Scott would be good law.

You guys can't have it both ways. At least in the case of the DC gun case, it was a matter of first impression and not something that was contrived to overrule long settled Supreme Court precedents.

Anonymous said...

And they call supporters of Obama cultists.


Anonymous said...

9:45 Too long and too boring and no references to back it up.

Therefore I stay with professors who teach Constitutional Law at major universities who appeared on TV and said Obama's vote eroded the Constitution, That vote by him and others eroded our freedom.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's delegates are going to vote for her at the convention and Obaam's are free to change their minds. However, although Obama is not going to win for the Democrats this year, the Dems won't have the nerve to offend the Obama supporters and choose Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, McCain and family show up at a yearly orgy of drinking and nudity, acts like everyone showed up to see him, then offers his wife to be in the wet t-shirt/topless contest called Miss Buffalo chip. How presidential.

This is just after his handlers accuse the crowds in Germany of showing up only to see the warm up band. Turns out, McCain warmed up Kid Rock who always has a family-themed show.

McCain's daughter, Meghan, was onstage too. Why didn't he offer is daughter up to the booze-fueled bikers too? The bikers would have probably appreciated Meghan a lot more than her cougar mom. According to Meghan's own website, she was pretty excited being around the bikers and their liquor, and took many pictures.

About Miss Buffalo Chip. A buffalo chip is an animal turd. If Cindy actually won the contest and became Miss Buffalo Chip, would that make McCain Mr Buffalo Chip (read Mr Turd?) How presidential!

Anonymous said...

You are a Buffalo Chip!

Anonymous said...


Chip off.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a chip short of a cookie

Anonymous said...

Do we have to worry that the tabloids will print a scandal about Obama just before the election?

We are lucky Edwards isn't our nominee and especially not our president. His lack of good judgment would be frightening in our president.

Anonymous said...

Lessee... John Edwards had an affair. John McCain had multiple affairs. What was that about a frightening lack of judgment?

McCain's association with, and campaign being run by, lobbyists is far more likely to be cause for concern over scandal in the coming months. Heck in just the last two days it has come to light that McCain's top campaign advisor, Rick Davis, lobbied for specific legislation on behalf of DHL. Because of this, Ohio is looking at losing over 8000 jobs on the low end and as many as nearly 20000. Davis directly lobbied McCain and McCain then supported the legislation wanted by DHL.

Davis's firm was over time paid around half a million dollars for their successful efforts in cutting American jobs for a foreign-owned firm.

Anonymous said...

Obama has accepted over $400,000 from the oil industry. Don't fool yourself that Obama is not influenced by lobbyists. Obama The Messiah is a proven liar.

Anonymous said...

9:50 So there are degress to the sin of adultery. The one with the most such acts is more sinful than the onetime offender. Even if the one time offender cheated on a wife mortally ill by having a long-term relationships with another woman; promised the illicit partner marriage and sired a baby. Financed all of this with either family money thus depriving the family or other funds. Lying about it while running for president is serious, too, since one president was impeached for a sexual encounter not considered a sexual act by the Jesuits.

As for Obama's "frightening act of misjudgnent" it is twenty years in a racist church. He is smart enough, however, to take money from lobbyists but does not allow them to "join" his campaign.

Anonymous said...


How much has the proven liar McCain taken from Big Oil?

Anonymous said...


I did not claim degrees of adultery. "Thou shalt not commit adultery." Anyone recognize a level of degree mentioned?

What I stated is that, as of this moment, what we know is that John Edwards carried on an affair with one woman. John McCain readily admits to multiple affairs. If the former constitutes a frightening lack of judgment, so does the latter.

Change the subject if you like to Trinity, and I'll debunk it with testimony by dozens of Christian leaders, but acknowledge the former as true. If Edwards lacks judgement due to an affair, so does John McCain.

"Family values" voters are disingenuous to the core if they support John McCain.

Anonymous said...

I have never read about, nor heard about, nor seen any pictures or proof of McCain's adultery. So either he is innocent of adultery or he's smart enough to keep it quiet.

A "one night stand" is not an "affair". An affair has an emotional aspect and thus painful implications for the family. Adultery is adultery is adultery but it can include, as did Edward's "affair" deeper levels of pain for others if it's an "affair" or emotional attachment to another other than a spouse.

When was McCain asked in public and when did he lie about it?

FDR had a mistress, everyone knew about it including Eleanor and it was all right with her, as the story goes, because she had a liason herself. Again, adultery, but not one that destroys another.

Anonymous said...

We'd all better hope THE GLOBE article about Obama can't be proved. Or, even that the Repugs don't bring it up just before the eleciton.

Anonymous said...


Just because you have not seen, or have not looked for, the proof does not make it a matter of question whatsoever. John McCain is an adulterer.

Proof of McCain's affairs is readily available on the internet but you can read it directly from the cheating bastard's mouth if you like. In his own books he's forthright about some of his affairs and accepts sole responsibility for the destruction of his first marriage.

As another matter of fact, several GOP heavyweights turned their backs on him at the time of his divorce, including the Reagans, but none more important, IMO, than Ross Perot. Perot was the one who took care of McCain's first wife after her horrible car crash while McCain was still a POW.

Obama was called a proven liar, which is what prompted my response calling McCain a liar. John McCain lied about not writing letters to the FCC on behalf of Vicki Iseman's clients. He lied when he denied he ever made comments about his lack on knowledge on the economy or that he ever used the term timeline with regard to removal of troops from Iraq. He lied when he said Gen. Petraeus rolls around Baghdad in an unarmored Humvee, etc., etc.

The volume of lies, falsehoods and distortions that come out of McCain's mouth on a nearly daily basis render not only his "Straight Talk" mantra obsolete, he's destroyed his "maverick" brand for anyone with a shred of common sense. It's what prompted the conservative Deputy Editorial Page Editor of the Wall Street Journal to pen an article titled, "Is John McCain Stupid?"

He's become what he loathed in 2000 and tonight I watched his commercials air twice during the Olympics. My wife and I were with friends who span the gamut of political ideologies. Every person in the room groaned when the ad aired the first time and many complained about what a downer it was in the middle of such excitement. The second time it aired there was a scramble for the remote to hit the mute button or change the channel.

There's nothing inspiring about McCain anymore. He's become the personification of the grumpy old man stereotype.

Anonymous said...

11:54 From your mouth to the worldwide press.

Anonymous said...

NO one else would have Obama except Godzilla's baby sister(ala Pastor Manning) and Larry Sinclair.

That doesn't make Obama the messiah, just undesirable.

Oh and he's all of that!!

Nobama ever!

Anonymous said...

Godzilla=King Kong. Either way it ain''t good.