Thursday, November 06, 2008

Congratulations, Homophobes, You've Prevailed in Florida, Arizona and California!

Religious fanatics rejoice! You did it! You won! You've succeeded in getting amendments passed in Florida, Arizona and California banning same-sex marriage! This is your crowning moment! Rejoice, for you have now rid your states of the evils of homosexuality! There'll be no more gays around to threaten your heterosexuality and your marriages. Not at the office, on the street, in restaurants, on public transportation...anywhere! They're gone! You don't have to see them, talk to them, hear them, read about them, watch them hold hands or kiss in public, work out at the gym next to them or dance next to them at clubs. From this point on, Florida, Arizona and California will be homo-free states, right?

Er...wait a second. I think I may have gotten that all wrong. Sorry. They'll still be around. Everywhere. Living next door, working in the next cubicle, eating at the next table, shvitzing in the steam room with you. They'll still be in relationships, still be adopting children together, and they'll still be gay. Oh yeah, there's still gonna be boatloads of gay sex, my friends. In fact, while you definitely made it impossible for them to get married, they'll still have commitment ceremonies and engage in civil unions. But wait. What's really changed then? Nothing. That's right. Nothing's changed, and nothing's gonna change. All your efforts are just a big fat homophobic waste of time and money. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

That you all feel so threatened by homosexuality, and by how much it supposedly threatens your straight marriages, makes me believe there's some skeletons in that closet of yours that you're running from. And we all know which "closet" I'm referring to.....

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Anonymous said...

It isn't over. It might not be legal.

We in Michigan approved medical pot and stem cell research. We even got rid of the repub state supreme court judge who was in bed with the insurance companies and pham companies. We won many state seats too. What a glorious day!

Religious nuts better get a grip. We are sick and tired of you trying to control our lives.

Anonymous said...

Although not an ideal solution probanly for gay couples wishing to marry, a gay couple could accept the civil privileges and status offered by most states; and, then have a sacred, religious marriage in a church. I have never understood why this ceremony is both civil and religious. The state confers legal rights; and, the church makes the uniion sacred for religious folks. Where is separation of church and state in marriage as it is now? Is the ceremony performed by a judge religious? I've never attended one so I don't know.

Christine Norrie said...

That photo is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.

I read those hateful words on their small chests and wonder how someone somewhere can fill these poor boys and girls with such negativity and nastiness... when at this age they should be learning to love and live in the world.

Their selective values, their divisive community, horribly using children as vehicles of vengeance and destruction. Adults should know better, but these poor kids have little choice.

Melissa said...

At least the heterosexual wife beaters and pedophiles got to exercise their voice. No gay marriage for them.
And I'll bet Lindsey Graham and Larry Craig are pretty happy as well. If they're gonna be miserable, gosh darn the rest should be as well.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, there is no separation of church and state "in marriage" because marriage is a religious term, a religious sacrament, and has been defined as between a man and a woman for thousands of years.

If there must be a separation of church and state "in marriage", then I think the state needs to use the word "union" instead of "marriage".

I'm all for same sex unions, but I think the effort to redefine a religious word is why there is so much backlash, even in liberal states like California. To blame the failures same sex marriage efforts on Republicans or religious fanatics is misplaced when it comes to California because the right is clearly outnumbered in California.

Anonymous said...

Next up in the control freaks agenda: Vasectomies banned because those little swimmers are potential life. Tubes getting ties banned because eggs are potential life.
Population control is needed for this planet and humanity.
Be fruitful and multiply was at one time acceptable. Today too much of it is counterproductive.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between a rowboat, a motorboat, a sailboat, a kayak, a dingy, and an ocean liner ?

They are all boats, so why don't we redefine them all to mean the same thing ? You think the dingy likes to be called a dingy ? It's just not fair!

Melissa said...

The earliest marriages were believed to be economic partnerships and had nothing to do with religion. And as far as California, many democrats voted against same sex marriage and for all practical purposes would be considered the "right" when it comes to social issues. It was mainly church-going Democrats and Republicans who simply believe it is "Christian" to discriminate against certain citizens based on their sexual orientation and refuse to believe homosexuality is not a choice (although it's been scientifically proven). There wasn't nearly as much thought as you're putting into it. It was a vote of religious bigotry plain and simple. And religion should have no place in American politics. And the few non-religious who voted in favor of the ban just hate gays. So any way you slice it, American citizens shouldn't be able to vote to take away the rights of other American citizens. It's archaic and Un-American and just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

You gotta wonder which one(s) of these
little boys might come out of the closet
sometime in the future? Let's hope he'll/
they'll get all the support they need
from the LBGT community when their ultra-
Christian folks kick them out of the house.

Anonymous said...

There is a way around this, even if only temporary until the country becomes more tolerant. Gays can accept the civil and legal union under state laws and thus get the benefits of those heterosexual couples have. Then, the gay couple can find a church that will perform a religious marriage. If they cannot find a church to perform this ceremony, they can start a homosexual branch of the church of their religious choice. Why waste all the time and effort to change the minds of bigots, which is usually a losing cause.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to sound like Andy Rooney, but have you noticed how those people who most loudly profess themselves to be Christians are the ones who act the least like it? Christ once stated that the greatest commandment is to "love one another as I have loved you." Were Christ to see His followers act in this petty, mean-spirited, malicious way, passing judgment on others, He would refuse to recognize them.

Anonymous said...

Do all of you really think there are that many religious nuts in California? The notion that this is a fringe activity is ludicrous. In an election where so many Democrats voted, how can this be the work of religious nuts. Do you think Democrats voted for Obama and their people, but abstained from voting on the gay marriage issue.

Sorry, but this is mainstream opinion. To try to spin it otherwise in this of all elections makes you look silly.