Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Forget Christie: Why Jeb Bush Will Be the 2016 GOP Nominee

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Chris Christie will not be president. Nor will he win the Republican nomination. In fact, it's likely the BridgeGate and SandyGate scandals will derail his decision to even run.

Despite bragging of his vindication in the incomplete report released last week by his hand-picked 'independent investigator,' Randy Mastro, the New Jersey governor's hole just keeps getting bigger and deeper. You know you're in trouble when the surrogate you send out to do your biased bidding on the Sunday morning talk shows, Rudy Giuliani, calls the report "inconclusive" on NBC's Meet the Press.

So as Christie was jetting out to Vegas to kiss billionaire kingmaker-wannabe Sheldon Adelson's ass, thumbing his nose at the allegations against him and pretending everything's back to normal, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll was released showing his popularity's dropped to an embarrassingly low 17%. And at his press conference last week, he traded in his new softer, gentler, contrite self for the original brash, belittling, confrontational model....excoriating reporters simply for doing their jobs. Yes, Christie's back and he's pissed!

Someone needs to remind The Big Man that Americans don't elect angry, arrogant bullies as president, especially those from New Jersey who are embroiled in revenge scandals. As the polls indicate, voters aren't buying his "I didn't know anything" routine. They're instead concluding that he's either lying through his teeth or is utterly incompetent. Nobody wants a president who can't control his staff, or who might call Russian president Vladimir Putin "stupid" or an "idiot." To be sure, Christie's damaged goods, and the goods weren't that hot to begin with.

Which is why former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will most likely toss his hat into the ring and eventually become the GOP's nominee. He's got class, pedigree, political juice and a Mexican-born wife...assets the Republican Party desperately needs. He's an oasis of respectability and sanity in a sea of fringe madness. He's appealingly establishment and old-school against a backdrop of Tea Party Turks run amok. He's Steady-Eddie. Conservative enough to appeal to the masses, but not too conservative to attract independents.

Forget Christie. And forget Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Rick Perry and Paul Ryan. They have as much chance of becoming president as I do. Bush is the only electable one in this bunch. And the only one who makes Democrats very, very nervous. Those Bush's...they have this habit of winning...

Bush v. Clinton 2.0. Get ready...


Anonymous said...

Will Jeb Bush be just another wink wink repub to fool the voters? With Jeb you will get more of the teabagging repubs in the House and Senate. Repubs could win the Senate. Personally I believe we will be doomed if that is to happen. All I care about will be given the destructive boot. My question for the teabaggers is, are you going to accept another wink wink repub or are you going to fight like hell for one of your own? If the teabaggers don't get one of their own will they finally step up and run a candidate as a Tea Party nominated one? If not, they have totally sold out.

Jill said...

Especially when they rig the voting apparatus, as they did in Florida in 2008 with voter purges and as they did in Ohio in 2008 with Ken Blackwell's phony terrorist threat claims and stiffing minority areas on opting machines. Now they also have voting restrictions in swing states to rely on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I cannot believe that even the GOP is so moronic as to dare nominate a third Bush. Is this party, to say nothing of our country, so short of leadership as to turn yet again to this highly discredited presidential tree?

Is our individual and collective memories so short as to forget the horror that the last Bush brought to our country? We still are paying a high price for his eight years in the White House. If a third Bush were to be nominate and Lord help us elected president, the country will have lost its senses. I would say the same for Mrs. Clinton. She carries more baggage than Samsonite. I am a liberal Democrat who believes the country needs to find new voices to lead our nation in this new century. No more Bushes. And no more Clintons. Please.