Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The GOP Nomination: It's Still Jeb Bush

Back in April of 2014, when everyone was still riding the Chris Christie bandwagon (despite the BridgeGate and Sandygate scandals), I wrote why Jeb Bush will win the 2016 presidential nomination. Eight months later I wrote "Here Comes Bush v Clinton 2.0". Almost a year later it's still Jeb Bush.

Scott Walker and Rick Perry are already gone. For all intents and purposes, Ben Carson "Muslim-ed" his way out of the race last weekend. And it's just a matter of time before the hope and money dries up for Rick Santorum, John Kasich, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and the rest of the 2nd string clowns. That leaves Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Bush. Rest assured, the whorish, sycophantic lust affair that extremist troglodytes have with Trump will soon end, as will Fiorina's revisionist history campaign designed to botox away the deep scars of her dreadful corporate record (read Joe Nocera's excellent Tuesday NY Times op-ed on Trump and Fiorina's "Snake Oil Sales"). Stick a fork in Cinderella and Shrek.

Watching last week's second Republican debate made it clear that Bush was the only adult in the room (except when he seemed a little too sophomorically excited about receiving Trump's adulation with that awkward hand slap). And while the other candidates' poll numbers are gyrating all over the place like a cheap stripper, Bush is holding steady near 10%. As more candidates implode and drop out, his numbers will steadily rise. And with over $100-million raised to-date, he's got nothing but time in this war of attrition. Take it to the bank: Gen. Jeb Custer will be the right's last man standing.

And what about the Democrats? A new CNN poll shows Hillary Clinton dealing with her Bernie Sanders "problem" by taking a commanding 42%-24% lead. Joe Biden's a likable guy with a  stellar public service record, but if he enters the race his chances of beating Hil are about as good as mine. Martin O'Malley and Jim Webb? Yawn. Nationally, Clinton has the support of an overwhelming majority of Democrats, especially women. No one's beating her. Period. End of story.

So yes, it will be Bush v. Clinton, again. Just another dynastic retread, right? Wrong. Hillary Clinton stands to make history as the first woman president of the United States. That makes this next election not only different, but incredibly exciting, inspiring and a proud moment for all Americans, even Republicans, even if they don't understand and appreciate the monumental significance of it all.


Charlie said...

Yes, agreed.

Cue dozens of subpoenas, investigations, and probably even impeachment proceedings by a desperate and ideologically-challenged GOP congress.

Unknown said...

My forecast, and it's not a happy one, is that it will be Rubio/Kasich vs Clinton, and that will win Florida and Ohio, and the Democrats can't win without them. The campaign will be tomorrow vs yesterday, young vs old, and as an absolutely awful campaigner, Hillary will lose.
The best hope is that Trump will be so offended that the Republicans ganged up on him that he runs his own campaign, violating his pledge, not that he cares at all about dissembling. But it would be 1992 all over again, with a third party vote which splits the Republicans and enables a Democratic win. Fingers crossed . . . .


Anonymous said...

Theres no difference between Bush and Clinton. They both get their marching orders from the cfr and wall st bankers. Those are going to be your two "choices" unless hillary lands in jail which is where she belongs and crazy uncle joe is the next puppet. The rest of it is just theater. Trump and Sanders will be executed either by the presstitutes or by their own party. There is no "democracy" in this "republic".

O'Guillory said...

....what? How embarrassing. To whatever degree that this writer may be correct in their predictions of the corrupt political activities within The US...the prostitute-like manner in which this essay endorses any of these people is revolting. As a retired executive with US DoD, who spent over two decades as a Federally Protected Whistle Blower, this writer's POV is childish. Having worked all over The US Empire, standing up to systemic corruption all around the world, I've seen the corruption first hand, democrat to republican, administration to administration, so I don't buy the writer's premise at all. It seems that this writer's juvenile portrayal of our political, financial, economic and constitutional problems are all to be solved by placing a murderous, treasonous, corrupt woman in the job...all because she has a vagina? What a sad, reflective of modern America-viewpoint. This writer doesn't seem to get...(or care)...that the entire Bush / Clinton / Bush / Clinton / Obama Crime Cabal is a treasonous entity, bent on the destruction of The US, it's Constitution and sovereignty. All while making them filthy-rich. To the writer, (s)electing a historic-vagina-candidate is more important than electing a person with a degree of character or ethics... and anyone who will stop this NWO idiocy in it's tracks. Instead, the writer should be advocating for the arrest, charging for treason, trial and conviction...then public hanging for all members of the treasonous Bush / Clinton / Bush / Clinton / Obama War Crimes Family.
RJ O'Guillory

Anonymous said...

Grand Daddy Prescott Bush ---- nazi financier
Daddy-Bush --- "READ MY LIPS, no new taxes" Carlyle Group WAR PROFITEERS
W-rong Bush --- "Iraq has WMD's" THOUSANDS of dead American Troops -$TRILLIONS to the WAR PROFITEERS Carlyle Group/Bush Family
J.E.Bush Bush ---- JEB's company "hired" Hillary -- http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/05/18/report-jebs-education-company-paid-hillary-225k-for-speech/
ONE party .... TWO names ............ Democan/Republicrat....
They are not even PRETENDING ...... They are RUBBING IT in your FACES ................
"daddy" Bush has been BFF with Billy Clinton for decades,that is WELL publicized...........now:
George W. Bush: Hillary Clinton is like ‘my sister-in-law’ By Jose A. DelReal December 5 at 10:16 AM
Former President Bush has spoken at length about his close ties to former President Bill Clinton, at times calling him his "brother from another mother."
CNN's Candy Crowley asked Bush during an interview published Friday where that leaves Hillary Clinton: "My sister-in-law!" the president responded light-heartedly.
JEB's company "hired" Hillary -- http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/05/18/report-jebs-education-company-paid-hillary-225k-for-speech/
Two families ----- ONE Crime Syndicate
A vote for a BUSH is a vote for a CLINTON

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if a complete revolution could ever succeed but I do know that without a complete change, the people are doomed. WAKE UP!

The Ostroy Report said...

Very plausible scenario, Alan, and certainly one that could present real trouble for Hillary. I just don't think it's going to happen.