Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tom Delay is the Devil

Congressman Tom Delay. What more can we say about this bastion of ethics. This pillar of morality. This great defender of human life and citizen's rights. What can we say about him? Well, for starters, we can call him Lucifer. Because that's what he is. He's the devil, folks. The devil in devil's clothing. He's not even made the effort to mask himself in the proverbial sheep outfit. He's right there before our very eyes, in full devil gear, horns, pitchfork and all. Radiating that shiny red Texas heat. And, damn, he's proud; a proud little devil, that Tom Delay is. Proud to stand before Congress, the media, the American public, and show how no one but he has Terri Schiavo's best interests at heart. That he and he alone can and will be her savior. It's all about the sanctity of life, Delay tells us. And he ought to know, because he is the most sanctimonious little devil there is. He's also a fortunate little devil, mind you. He owes Terri Schiavo a great big thank you, because she unknowingly saved his hellish hide much like Robert Blake came to the rescue of Gary Condit. Nothing like a juicy murder to distract from another. And in the case of Devil Delay, he has Ms. Schiavo to thank for saving him from the weeks and months of grueling, embarrassing and potentially career-altering ethics charges. Timing is everything, they say. And for Devil Delay, the timing couldn't be better. Last Friday, speaking before the Jesus-juiced-up members of the Family Research Council, Devil Delay said "One thing that God has brought to us is Terri Schiavo to elevate the visibility of what's going on in America." He then went on to warn these God-fearing souls "The other side has figured out how to win and defeat the conservative movement, and that is to go after people personally, charge them with frivolous charges." Was that the Republican Party he was referring to? Because the last time I checked, "the other side," us, we Democrats, have won nothing! Nada. Zippo. Bupkis. Our little devil is a liar. He's a master manipulator. A divider. A self-serving, oligarchic megalomaniacal law-breaker. He's so evil he makes Dick Cheney look like a Boy Scout. So evil he makes President Bush appear like Jimmy Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life." Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, told members of his group to support DeLay. "I challenge you to pray for him," Perkins said after DeLay's remarks. "I know the work that this man is doing ... I encourage you to stand with him." Perkins is right. Pray for this man. Pray for Devil Delay, because it's gonna be mighty hot where he's eventually headed. But most of all, pray for Terri Schiavo. Pray that she gets what she wants, not what you, I, Devil Delay, Bill Frist, Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, the Schindlers or Michael Schiavo wants. She deserves at least that. Andy


Anonymous said...

There are so many demons these days it's hard to determine which one is Satan.

Speaking of demons, "Christian" Alan Chambers (whose organization EXODUS claims to "convert" gays) has issued the following press release claiming Oprah is Satan. Why? Because she is nice to gays but not cheating husbands.

What's even more hysterical, is these fools are so stupid, they have actually posted their bios which show they are adulterers, bisexuals and all around fvcked up religious frauds.

Exodus Spotlights Report for October 29th, 2004
*** For Immediate Release ***
Dated: October 15th, 2004
For Further Information contact Randy Thomas or Alan Chambers.
Phone: (407) 599-6872


I am going to be very honest with you because mincing words isn't my style, especially when it comes to absolute rights and absolute wrongs.

I absolutely think that Oprah Winfrey is one of the most effective forces propagating evil in our media today. Oprah comes off as this sharp, educated, caring and enlightened personality and that is why she connects with so many people. She has all the appearances of being good, but that is why she is so very dangerous. Leslie and I have compared her to what we believe the Anti-Christ will be like: smooth, seductive and seemingly good. After all, who would follow someone overtly evil?

Leslie and I did purposely sit and watch Oprah on Wednesday afternoon. We knew how she would spin the episode on ‘Married Gay Men’ and so were not shocked when the show was over. However, we were angry. Oprah does shows where men cheat on their wives with other women and she 'lets them have it'. She goes off on how awful it is to cheat and her audience reacts the same. Yet, a man that has 1,000 male sexual partners or another that cheats on his wife for 30 years with another man receives no rebuke from her.

If Oprah was a judge I believe she would have happily divorced all of the couples right then and there and then thrown a party to celebrate the 'coming out' of the gay men she was interviewing. She is evil and her show is nothing but an agenda advancing mechanism to help America get further down the path of moral decay.

Oprah doesn't believe in marriage--she said so herself when she applauded Halle Berry for saying, "I won't ever get married again because I don't believe in marriage." Oprah's reply was, "Good for you, girl." So, it doesn't surprise me that Oprah didn't care that these men cheated and that it was no big deal to encourage the women to divorce them and move on.

Also, Oprah said that change isn't possible and that gay men are gay men and there is no hope of changing that. She said that there is no purpose in a gay man staying married to a woman.

Does she forget that John and Anne Paulk were also guests on her show a decade ago and that they have remained faithful to each other? Is Oprah’s memory so short that she forgets that change IS possible? I think Oprah has a selective memory, one that chooses to forget truth and righteousness.

Friend, who do you serve? Are you a Christian? Do you believe that God is who He says He is? Do you believe His word? What if your struggle was with pedophilia or murder or something more culturally unacceptable? Would you believe Oprah or anyone else if they said that was ok? I think not.

I know what it is like to struggle with homosexuality and to want a man so bad that it hurts to my deepest core. I know sex addiction and how good it feels, at first, to give in over and over and over again. I also know the loneliness and pain of it. I know how natural same-sex desires feel and why you are battling so hard. I know what it is like to want to give into my selfish desires. However, I also know why giving in is wrong and why homosexual activity will never satisfy what you are really searching for.

I'm not trying to talk you into something or out of something because at the end of the day we all have a choice. The best day of my life was when I chose to serve God all the way. I chose to love Him over my feelings, to serve Him and not my same sex desires. You have a choice and you will never be happy until you decide to fully serve God or to fully reject His word. That is what this all boils down to.

Despite whether your feelings ever go away, you have to decide that He is worth it or that your way is better.

Today, I got up, chose once again to serve the Lord and to love and remain faithful to my wife. Both were VERY easy choices for me to make because I have practiced making them. It isn't hard for me today to say, I am not going to have sex with a man, cheat on my wife or disobey God in that way. I WANT to do what is best, right and life-giving. I know the pain and destruction that comes from choosing anything else.

I also love my wife and have a life and satisfaction that is far superior to what I used to know. I don't want to be gay because it is wrong, because it hurts and because I live a life that is so fulfilling and wonderful that I can easily see that what I had as a 'gay man' was really like living in a filthy dumpster in a dark stinky alley.

I pray that you will choose freedom. I pray that you will choose to fight for your marriage and for your life. I pray that you will become an example of what God intends for men. I pray that you won't become one more stumbling block for those who come behind you.

You have a choice to make, friend. Don't ever let anyone convince you that you have no choice or that the high road is choosing the 'accept yourself as gay'. You are so much more.

I hope you will receive this with all the love and conviction with which I wrote it. I feel for you, but I also know the truth and that burns in me deeply.

I am really praying for you!

Alan Chambers

Founded in 1976, Exodus International is a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian organization promoting the message of "Freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ." We include over 122 local member ministries throughout the USA and Canada.

Board of Directors

Mike Haley, Chair
Mike Haley manages the Homosexuality and Gender department for Focus on the Family’s Public Policy division, where his duties include helping coordinate and speaking at the ministry’s Love Won Out conferences. He is a frequent speaker at conferences nationwide and has written articles for publications such as “Single Parent” and “Plugged In”. He has recently produced a new booklet for Focus called “Straight Answers: Exposing the Myths and Facts about Homosexuality” and has written “The 100 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Homosexuality”. Mike’s testimony of change from homosexuality appears on several documentary videos including “Reaching into the Closet” and “A Journey Out.” He and his wife, Angie, were married in 1994 and are the proud parents of a young son.

Tom Cole, Vice Chair
Tom and Donna Cole have shared their stories of transformation on shows such as, ABC’s “20/20”, “eXtra” and “Inside Edition”. Tom’s articles have been published in numerous publications and his life story is featured in the book “Portraits of Freedom” (Davies, I.V. Press). Tom is the Executive Director of Living Hope Ministries in Arlington, Texas. He joined the Exodus Board of Directors in 2002. The Coles are proud parents of two boys and two girls.

Rev. John J. Smid, Treasurer
Rev. Smid is a licensed Southern Baptist minister, through Germantown Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. He became involved in ministry for those struggling with homosexuality in 1986 through his involvement with Love In Action International. When he was 24 years old, John left his wife and family to become involved deeply in the homosexual subculture. Finding a real relationship with Jesus Christ began a new work in John’s life, eventually leading him to leave behind his homosexual involvement. John married his second wife, Vileen, in 1988. He became the Executive Director for Love In Action in 1990 and continues in that position today. During John’s tenure in ex-gay ministry he has been involved in numerous public media opportunities, speaking engagements, as well as both local and foreign mission projects, most of which have involved sharing his personal testimony of victory over homosexuality through Jesus Christ. John’s personal mission statement comes from Isaiah 12: God has done great things and it is vital to share them with the world. This is John’s second time to represent Exodus on the board of directors. He was previously on the board from 1990 through 1995 and was the board chairman during 1994 and 1995. John not only considers it a great privilege to serve those who struggle with homosexuality, but sees it as a biblical command from God’s word. He bases this upon 2 Corinthians 1:4 where God speaks of comforting us so that we can comfort others with the same comfort we have received.

Patti Keator, Secretary
Patti is a native of St. Louis, MO and is a graduate of Southwest Baptist University with a BS in business administration. She is married to Clark and they have five children: Abigail (23), Michael (18), Betsy (14), Clark (14), and Laura (13). She is currently a fulltime homemaker, 9th grade girls’ Bible study leader and accompanist for children’s choirs at First Baptist Church of Orlando, FL where she has been a member for the past 22 years.

Alan Chambers, Exodus President
Alan Chambers joined Exodus in 2001 as its third President after having served on the Exodus Board of Directors for one year. An accomplished speaker, Alan has been featured in media venues such as ABC’s “20/20”and “Nightline”, MSNBC’s “Buchanan and Press”, and is a frequent contributor on Janet Parshall’s “America”. He writes for magazines and newspapers regularly and is currently working on the cover article for the October edition of “Charisma”, a Christian magazine with over 250,000 subscribers. Alan and Leslie Chambers live in Orlando, Florida and are expecting their first child through adoption.

Roy Blankenship
Roy was born in Birmingham, Alabama on June 4, 1957. He graduated with a BS in Business Administration from the University of Alabama. After graduation he took graduate courses in Computer Science also at University of Alabama in Birmingham. He took 64 of 92 hours toward his Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Roy married Nancy on May 15, 1982. They have no children, but have nurtured several young men through the One Way Addiction Ministry. Roy and Nancy are gifted with musical talents. In recent days, Roy taught an adult Sunday School class and led Wednesday evening Bible study times. He enjoys teaching and preaching the Word of God whenever he is called upon to do so. With the new direction of ministry (Minister of Communications & Counseling) at First Baptist Church Woodstock, Roy oversees the Publication Department, Media, Information Systems and Counseling ministry of the church. He also takes on personal counseling ministry especially in the areas of addiction. Under his direction FBCW’s One Way Addiction Ministry houses men and helps these men break through the shackles of addiction. He administers a sexual healing program with support groups dealing with all types of sexual addiction and pornography.

Phil and Vickie Burress
Phil Burress has been a part of Citizens for Community Values since its inception in 1983. He held the positions of Assistant to the President and Treasurer and served as a member of the Board of Directors before accepting the position of President in 1991. Phil’s effectiveness at CCV has brought him national recognition as a leader in the fight to establish high community standards. He has been the recipient of a national award from the Religious Alliance Against Pornography, the Washington Times Foundation National Service Award, and an award from the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families.
Vickie Burress is also a recognized leader in the pro-family arena, having founded the American Family Association of Indiana. She currently serves as the National Coordinator of the Victims of Pornography campaign at CCV. Together, Phil and Vickie have presented seminars across the country to assist communities in grassroots efforts to stop the harmful effects of pornography, sexually oriented businesses, material harmful to children, and the homosexual agenda. Phil and Vickie live in Cincinnati.

Dan Puumala
Dan, an ordained and licensed minister, holds an M.Div from Bethel Theological Seminary. He served two churches before becoming the Executive Director of Outpost Ministries in Minneapolis, MN in 1996.

Don and Diana Schmierer
Don and Diana have been active in interpersonal ministry and counseling for four decades. While serving in the Navy, Don joined the staff of The Navigators, which involved military and campus outreach. Don and Diana founded His Servants in 1983, continuing their work among students, business professionals, and church leaders. They have also helped operate several Christian addiction recovery programs. Don has written several books, including a youth curriculum titled "Celebrating Gods Design", "What's A Father to Do?", "Healing Wounds of the Past" and "An Ounce of Prevention". Don and Diana have been married for 40 years and live on a farm in Northern California. They have two sons, four granddaughters, two grandsons & two great grandsons.

Tal Thompson
Tal has served as Director of Missions for the Holston Baptist Association (a region of the Southern Baptist Convention) since 1983. Before that, he served on church staff as minister of education in Bristol, VA. He is a graduate of Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, TN and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Tal and his wife, Liz, have three children -- a daughter and two sons, including one son who has overcome homosexuality in his own life. They also have three grandchildren

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this letter or press release. It was extrememly helpful and I needed the info it provided. And how ironic too.