Saturday, May 21, 2005

Christians, It's Time to Get Angry

It's time for Christians in America to get angry. Time to fight back. Time to stand up, and stand tall, and send a very strong message to the Bush administration and Republicans everywhere that not every good, conscientious, law-abiding, God-fearing Christian is a conservative. The time is now for Christians--both those on the left and the moderates on the right--to take back their faith from the opportunistic, polarizing, sanctimonious religious zealots who've hijacked God and religion. Time was when God belonged to everyone, whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, liberal, conservative, et al. But since the 2000 election, politics has changed all that. The GOP has masterfully cast itself as the party of God, and its constituents the only people of faith. And it has also masterfully painted Democrats as New York Times-readin', NPR-listenin', Volvo-drivin', Bierkenstock-wearin' atheists. We all remember the GOP commercials last year that highlighted these vile stereotypes. Christians, take back your God. Take back your religion. Take back your faith. Wake up Monday and flood the White House, the Senate and Congress with your phone calls, faxes and letters. Remind them that God belongs to all, and that people of faith exist on both sides of the aisle. And that they vote. Tell them Republicans don't speak for you as a Christian. Tell them you don't like being represented by radical, extremist evangelicals. Tell them you believe in the Separation of Church and State. Tell them that activist judges do not belong on the Supreme Court. Tell them you're sick and tired of seeing the sacred teachings of Jesus being used as a smokescreen for discrimination and the erosion of civil liberties and the balance of power. Shout it. Scream it. Again and again. Maybe then they'll hear. Andy

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James said...

right on. As someone from the Uk who despairs of the Bush administartion and their hijackingof religion, I see we need to hear more voices like yours!