Thursday, May 12, 2005

We Are Indeed The Party of "No"

I received an email from GOP head Ken Mehlman today with a link to their new propaganda video, Wanna "No" Something? Just ask a Democrat. In short, it paints us as obstructionists; a party of negative naybobs with no plans for anything save for blocking President Bush's agenda. We'll, at least they're half right. We are the party of "no" indeed. We say no to breaking down the sacred principle of checks and balances in this country. We say no to rampant violations in the separation of church and state doctrine. We say no to the growing legions of religious demogogues who are trying to turn America into a Christian theocracy. We say no to idealogues like Bill Frist who desperately want to strip Democrats the right to filibuster and thus block the appointments of right-wing extremist activist judges. We say no to rogue politicians like Tom Delay who use Congress as a forum to spread their own religious dogma; who change the rules because they don't like the current results; and who circumvent the laws we so cherish. We say no to the religious fanatics who want to dominate our secular society and tell women what to do with their bodies; tell us who can get married; and what families should do with their dying loved ones. We say no to President Bush, who wants to all but erase the memory of FDR and the legacy of the New Deal. We say no to Bush's misguided plan to cut Social Security benefits and put our seniors' retirement savings at risk. We say no to rich White politicians who seek to eliminate every social service and entitlement program that helps the poor and middle class. We say no to those in power who believe every American should not have adequate health care for themselves and their families. We say no to the new breed of Republicans who rack up historic US debt, record gas and oil prices, and then tell us it's a great economy we have here. We say no to war-mongering bullies like Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Condi Rice, Dick Cheney and Bush who think they can arbitrarily send our young men and women off to die in an unjustified war and not have to pay a price for their pig-headed mistakes. Yes, we are truly the party of "no." And we're gonna keep saying no as long as these oligarchs in Washington try to ram their extreme politics down our throats at every turn. And you know what? I'm damned proud to call myself a Democrat because of it.Andy

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