Thursday, May 12, 2005

An Important Break in the Ranks?

The Log Cabin Republicans, a Gay group, and the Republican Majority for Choice, an abortion-rights group, have broken ranks with the GOP and are advertising in a Capitol Hill newspaper and in newspapers in the home states of moderate Republicans, denouncing Bush's judicial nominees on the basis of their extremist views on Gay rights and abortion, claiming these judges' views are "profoundly out of step with American legal thinking." This is a watershed moment, folks, as it could finally be the signal we're all waiting for. That being, that moderate Republicans are finally tiring of their party's narrow and extremist views by those in control. Perhaps the more people like these who realize their party has swung too far to the right, the better we'll do in '06 and '08. Remember, just 80,000 more votes for Kerry in Ohio and we'd have a different man in the White House right now. I certainly suspect there's a heckuva lot more than 80,000 Gays and abortion-rights advocates in this country. This is just the beginning. Let the demogogues and idealogues pursue their extremist goals. In the end, just like in the 90's, it may be their ruination. Andy

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