Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Why Hillary Clinton Must Run

Dear Secretary Clinton...
It's time for you to announce that you'll be running against Barack Obama in next year's Democratic presidential primaries. Your party and your country need you now more than ever.

Yes, we all know how rare it is to take on a sitting president from your own party. But this is no normal election year and the circumstances are dire and the stakes too high. By next November if there isn't significant improvement in the economy and appreciably reduced unemployment, President Obama will likely lose to a Republican. And it might be a Tea Party Republican like Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry, who will set America back 200 years from an economic, policy and social standpoint. Government as we Democrats know it will be unrecognizable, and the advancements we've made in the areas of education, healthcare, science, environmental protection and civil/human rights will fall to ignorance, intolerance and religious zealotry. We simply cannot lose next year's election, and you must be a part of the strategy to keep the White House in Democratic hands.

You've seen Obama's poll numbers. You know the state of the economy. You saw Friday's employment report that showed zero job growth for August. The Obama administration projects that unemployment will be at 9% by the election, yet no president since FDR has been elected when unemployment tops 7.2%. And you've seen how Obama's former supporters are hugely disappointed and disillusioned by his constant caving to the right. Most Americans now believe our government is broken and not functioning properly. Democrats need and want a president who knows how to fight. A president who knows what she stands for, has a vision to achieve her goals, and the passion and gravitas to battle the ruthless obstructionist GOP machine to push through her agenda. A president who'd rather wage war with Republicans than succumb to them. There are tens of millions of voters ready to dump Obama and support you.

There's been much speculation that you'll be running in 2016. But that will be too late. Your time is now. Regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat is in office, the economy is sure to turn around well before the 2016 election. Economies are cyclical, and this one too will improve. And if Obama loses next year, a Republican incumbent running in a strong economy will no doubt win re-election. Which means your next real chance to actually occupy the White House will be 2020 when you will be seventy-three; too old to be president and too old to want to be.

If you run next year you will win. Remember how close you came to beating Obama in 2008. Think of how easy it will be to beat him this time. And I'll bet my life savings on a match-up between you and any Republican. Should you run, I and countless others will do everything in our power to support you...from blogging to raising money to campaigning in the streets.

Madam Secretary, please run. America's future depends on you.


Anonymous said...

It would be so much better if Obama just got out of the way first. It's pretty obvious he doesn't even like the job much, only the perks.

Anonymous said...

Why should Hillary help out the party that rigged the outcome for the nomination against her?

Shhhhh....it's the last, sad gasps from the Democratic party.

Roy said...

Seems like you and Dick Cheney think alike. Both of you are wrong, but I imagine the two of you are more alike that one might suspect.

Tiredofbeingquite said...

I am a 60 yro woman who has voted in every election but really never really followed politics until now. I have such a sad and heavy feeling about our country that I am desperate for hope! My husband and I were unhappy to see Mrs. Clinton lose but were willing to give Mr. Obama a chance. We're realistic enough to understand that the depth of trouble we are in will not be overturned overnight, however, we don't even see a glimmer of hope with Mr. Obama at the helm. I've been listening to the Republican hopefuls and shutter to even think where they will take us! We need someone strong, clearheaded, politically savvy and capable of turning us around. I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion that the person for the job is Mrs. Clinton. We've gotten ourselves into such a mess that it will not be easy but I strongly believe that she has the guts and knowledge to do. She has a strength that I don't think people realize she possesses. The state of our country has overwhelmed me...I feel like a mother bear defending her cubs, I'm feeled with rage!