Sunday, November 18, 2012

Romney's Binders Full of Gifts

Two things were confirmed this past week: that Mitt Romney truly despises the poor and middle class, and that most Republican leaders despise Mitt Romney.

Now that the election is over, some of the long-lost truth is returning to politics. In a conference call Wednesday with campaign donors, Romney blamed his humiliating loss on what he implied were the bribes President Obama used to buy 51% of the electorate “especially the African-American community, the Hispanic community and young people....In each case, they were very generous in what they gave to those groups...What the president's campaign did was focus on certain  members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the  government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote, and that  strategy worked."

He continued: "With regards to the young people, for instance," Romney told his big fund-raisers, "a forgiveness of college loan interest was a big gift. Free contraceptives were very big with young, college-aged women. And then, finally, Obamacare also made a difference for them, because as you know, anybody now 26 years of age and younger was now going to be part of their parents' plan, and that was a big gift to young people."

This latest embarrassing diatribe from the nation's whiniest sore-loser unequivocally proves what we knew all along: that when he delivered his now-infamous, campaign-sinking "47%" comments at a closed-door fundraiser in May he was speaking from his core. That despite spending the next six months desperately trying to convince voters that he didn’t mean to disparage almost half the population and that he represents "100%" of them, he last week demonstrated once again his utter disdain for the working class, veterans, the sick, the elderly, minorities, immigrants, women and college students. 51% is the new 47%. 

Romney's reprehensible outburst was swiftly denounced by many top  Republicans including Tim Pawlenty, Haley Barbour, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH), Gov.  Bobby Jindal (LA), Gov. Scott Walker (WI), Gov. Susana Martinez (NM), strategist Ana Navarro, Newt Gingrich and New  Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. All of whom regrettably lined up to endorse him before the election. But his latest outrageously offensive statements gave these reluctant supporters the opportunity to finally and publicly demonstrate what they couldn't throughout the campaign: how much they dislike him.

The truth is, Romney will go down as perhaps the worst Republican candidate in history, which is why so many of the party's prescient voices behind closed doors clamored for anyone but Mitt, but it was Mitt with whom they got stuck after the rest of the primary crazies imploded (’ceptin’ Jon Huntsman who, if the GOP base wasn’t so radical, might’ve actually become president). Now they get to distance themselves from him like a dreaded plague.

Some sage advice for Romney: don’t go away mad, just go away...  


Anonymous said...

I don't trust repubs and I don't care how many renounce Romney. They need a come to Jesus moment and a serious out of power re-grouping like happened in 1964. Their wing nuts in the House are still there. Don't buy it folks. They are saying now what they believe they think they have to say to con folks who didn't vote for them.

VennData said...

In your tummy, you know he's a dummy.

Colonius said...

Strength of character is what you show not when you're winning and successful, but when life hands you setbacks and disappointments. The whining and denial we've heard from the likes of Romney (and the ridiculous Grover Norquist for that matter) are the sort of thing you'd expect to hear from an end-stage alcoholic who's just been fired, not from the sort of guy Romney's been pretending to be. What a bunch of self-delusional tools. I'm tired of hearing how "in shock" Romney and the campaign were when they lost. Most stupid excuse ever. Americans need to take a look at the abysmal lack of personal strength and character demonstrated by the guy they almost got conned into putting into the White House. It's clear Romney was absolutely lacking what it takes to be President. There are makers, takers, and fakers. And Romney has never been in the first category.

And speaking of gifts -- if we'd seen Romney's tax returns we'd know exactly how big a gift the carried interest rule was to him personally. Without those returns, I can estimate (unlike Ryan, I actually am a "math guy") that the rule gifted him somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 - 100 million dollars. Now that's a gift. Or a steal, take your pick.