Thursday, June 02, 2016

Why Donald Trump Will Not be Eleceted President

First let me state for the record that all of my previous predictions about Donald Trump since he began his campaign a year ago have been dead wrong. Which raises the question, why the hell should anyone care about yet another prediction from me? Because if I'm wrong again it will signal the fall of the greatest nation in history.

The conventional wisdom is that there's a huge difference between angry white male Republican primary voters and the general electorate. Given that roughly 16% of Americans voted in the Republican primaries, and that Trump garnered about 45% of them, that would mean his "fans" comprise approximately 7% of the general electorate. Now while we've learned that with Trump there is no conventional wisdom, it's still hard to fathom how he can expand his base to achieve the 51% majority need to win in November, especially without women, Hispanics, independents, moderate Republicans and with a 60% unfavorable rating.

But what's really difficult to fathom is that America could be led by a fascist dictator like Trump. Someone who's blatantly and shamelessly attacked the likes of immigrants, minorities, women, the disabled, veterans, war heroes, world leaders and the Pope. An attention-starved thin-skinned narcissist who's run an insult-laden campaign built on bombast, bullying and false bravado. A mean-spirited, nasty, divisive, polarizing loose-cannon with an utter disdain for America's free press, the bedrock of a democracy. A tone-deaf, self-serving, entitled megalomaniac and pathological liar who's promised to shut the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency and the IRS; withdraw from NATO; expand nukes globally; defund Planned Parenthood; punish women for getting abortions; deport 11-million immigrants; and register and ban Muslims. In short, someone who is fundamentally unqualified to be president.

Trump is so dangerous and self-destructive that he'd turn America into a domestic and international joke, similar to Italy under controversial power-hungry billionaire Silvio Berlusconi's indictment-ending reign of greed, corruption and sleaze. Under "President Trump," America would degenerate to its ugliest, darkest days. He would single-handedly destroy its reputation and the 240-year-old principles on which it stands.

And that is precisely why Donald Trump cannot, will not, be elected president. Because I believe my fellow Americans are inherently good, decent, moral and patriotic people. Unlike the small minority of Republican primary voters, I refuse to accept that they will vote for a self-aggrandizing empty-suited reality-tv buffoon like Trump, who in just 12 months of campaigning has tarnished the office of the presidency like no one since Richard Nixon, the disgraced Republican whose career-ending unethical, amoral and criminal behavior paled in comparison to Trump's sexist, racist, xenophobic offenses.

Yes, I believe America is better than Trump. That the general electorate will ultimately demand more than an angry, vulgar, crass, impulsive, intolerant, intellectually-bankrupt peddler of negativity and doom as leader of the free world and commander-in-chief of the greatest military on the planet. That's my new prediction. God help us if I'm wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope you are right about Trump's chances, but we are seeing repubs falling in line to support him as the days go by. DC repubs believe that Trump will be an empty front man and they will be able to run the country ala W/Cheney. Then there are those who will vote for him because he has an "R" after his name. We really are at a tipping point in our country. Young folks lives will be a living hell with a Trump Supreme Court for the next 30 years. If we thought 5-4 was bad, just think what the repubs will do with more repub votes. Care about Citizens United? Forget it with Trump. Care about universal health insurance? Forget it with Trump. The seriousness of this all is why I wish Bernie would end his campaign. Bernie is not helping at all. The Dems need to unite and focus on Trump.