Friday, June 23, 2017

Yes, Trump Really Said That...

Donald Trump held one of his patented campaign-style love fests in Iowa Wednesday night, complete with blatant lies, belittling, bombast and bluster. Like him or not, at least with his rabidly loyal base, these events are a religious experience. His brainwashed minions hang on every syllable as if Jesus himself was on stage.That is, if Jesus couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the poor, the sick, the needy...and lied through his teeth non-stop.

But what was most striking in this pathetic display of attention-starvation was the moment when, referring to his cabinet, Trump basically told the crowd...

’To the poor and middle class I’re idiots! Hey, you voted for me, am I right!? But I don’t like you, I don’t give a shit about you, and you certainly don’t belong in my administration... believe me! Just clean my house, wash my car, mow my lawn, drive me places, serve me food, take away my garbage, protect me and put out my fires. But that’s all you’re good for. Just be happy we rich people know how to do stuff and can take care of you inept morons!”

OK, what he actually said was...

“I love all people, rich or poor, but in those particular positions, I just don’t want a poor person...”

Yes. Trump actually said that out loud. And guess what? The crowd cheered and applauded! The poor and middle class Trumpsters actually cheered and applauded as their tone-deaf elitist billionaire cult leader summarily dissed them—an entire segment of the population—as incapable and unqualified based purely on the amount of zeros they have, or don’t have, in their bank accounts.

Which brings us back to Jesus, a cash-poor man yet rich in intellect, idealism, empathy, compassion and obvious leadership skills. Totally capable of being God, but not quite wealthy enough to serve Trump’s swamp-infested cabinet.

Trump lives in a binary socio-economic world of rich and poor. Rich versus poor. Rich good, poor bad. Where rich equals smart, competent and successful and poor equals total failure. He views everything through the lens of wealth. As president his self-described accomplishments are singularly judged like business deals: how much money he’s either made or saved America. The Oval Office has become the headquarters for negotiating domestic and global financial transactions at the expense of educational, environmental, medical, scientific, technological and diplomatic vision. With Trump, it’s all about the Benjamins.

It remains astounding how an unscrupulous, self-serving kleptocrat was elected president with the support of so many of those whose stand to lose the most from his draconian, heartless policies. But it’s an even bigly’er mystery how, five months into Trump’s chaotic presidency, the sheep are still cheering the bullshitting billionaire despite him constantly shoving his tiny middle-finger in their faces. Despite his unrelenting, shameless lying and reneging on campaign promises. Despite him being hellbent on taking away their healthcare, their financial/banking protections, their clean air and water and their money....all so he can reward his fellow oligarchs with massive tax breaks.

There was a time when these folks would be cheering Robin Hood. Today they applaud the Robber Baron.

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