Friday, July 27, 2007

Will Clinton-Obama Slugfest Set the Stage for Gore?

The following scenario is something I've been writing about for some time: as the Summer heats up, so does the head-to-head political battle between the 2008 Democratic frontrunners, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton. When only one is left standing (most likely Hillary), former vice president Al Gore announces his candidacy and becomes the clear, highly electable #1 choice among Democrats. And if he offers Obama the vice-presidency, just imagine how attractive that ticket could be on a national scale.

Well this week the bell officially rang on the Clinton-Obama slugfest, with self-proclaimed "politics of hope" candidate Obama accusing his rival of being "Bush-Cheney lite" after Clinton called him "irresponsible and frankly naive" on national security matters. She was referring to his willingness to meet, as president, the leaders of Iran, North Korea and other rogue nations. This is just the beginning, folks. In the weeks and months ahead you can bet the bloodletting will worsen as the primaries approach. So far Clinton has demonstrated that she's got more moxie and mojo than her main opponent, and all of the others in fact. Just watching her shine at the recent debates has won me over. She's the only one of the lot who's truly presidential. She's brilliant, charming and a deft politician. The junior Senator from Illinois doesn't stand a chance. He's as good as finished. I don't care how much money he's raised or how many hundreds of thousands of donors he has. Can you say Howard Dean? Remember him? He had a terrific grass-roots campaign with lots of money and donors too.

But Hillary's reign as frontrunner will last only until Gore enters the contest, which I predict he will do by October. And when he does, he will quickly raise so much money on the Internet that Clinton's head will spin. He'll also attract piles of money from fatcat Democratic supporters. And he will win...not just the nomination, but the big national prize. Let's face it, his stock has risen tremendously since 2000. Firmly anti-war, pro-environment and genuinely skeleton-free, there's every reason to believe Gore will be re-elected. Man, I like the way that sounds....


mw said...

I know you like Gore. But ...

The Clinton Obama slugfest sets the stage for nothing more than the Clinton/Obama Ticket. In that order. I think you ought to get used to it,they both want it, and that is going to be the 2008 Democratic ticket.

Anonymous said...

G'day mate

I am a fair-dinkum right winger from Australia. And Even I am certain that Gore is going to enter this race - and to my displeasure - is probably going to win the nomination and the election. I am so certain that I have been buying dem.nom.gore bets on intrade like crazy. At less than 50c for a $10 return they are the best bet in years!

Christopher said...

Nothing would make me happier than Al Gore entering the race.

I have already told the Gore folks my blog is their blog and I will gladly volunteer for his campaign.

But recently, even Gore's daughter Kristin said her father has no intention of entering the 2008 presidential race. By all indications, Gore isn't going to run.

I hope he changes his mind and he certainly has time, but until he says "I'm in," I must conclude it isn't going to happen.

The Ostroy Report said...

Firstly, a Clinton/Obama ticket is not going to happen. I'm as liberal as they come, but I just don't see a woman and a Black man running together, and (more importanly) winning, in 2008. We're still largely a bigoted, narrow-minded nation. Next, one Senator, let alone two, will have enough trouble getting in the White House. Lastly, the public disparaging of each other these two will do before and during the primaries will preclude them from ever teaming. Hillary's already called him "irresponsible and naive" regarding national security matters...and we're living in an age of terrorism and war. How on Earth will she explain that one as she announces Obama as her VP? Ain't gonna happen.

As for Gore, I don't care what anyone says until I hear this famous Sherman statement come out of his mouth: "If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve."

Terri said...

Andy, I think you are on spot. I am a native Californian transplanted to the South in 1993. It is still 1957 here in Arkansas and a Clinton/Obama ticket would never make it. They HATE the Clintons and cannot tolerate the thought of a black person (man or woman) as President or VP.

I hope you are right about Gore entrering the race by October. Just in case he needs some additional encouragement (not that mine would mean all that much), I have written my letter to Gore telling him that I believe we need his leadership, asking him to run for president and pledging my support and money. If nothing else, it made me feel great writing it.

Anonymous said...

Ostroy and Terri are both definitely correct. "We ARE still a bigoted, narrow-minded nation" and neither a woman nor a black can be elected. Terri's right about the south. I moved from NYC to the south and the shock is tremendous. It IS still 1957 in the south and on top of that they do HATE the Clintons, especially Hillary. If either Hillary or Obama is our candidate we will not win the election. Aside from gender and race, Hillary voted for the war and is a panderer and Obama is not strong or experienced enough to win. Those who would vote for a Democrat will vote for Guiliana, if he's the Repulibcan choice, because of his liberal views and the Republicans are counting on that turn of events. I think a Draft-Gore movement should begin now. He will have to step in to literally save the country.

Christopher said...

A Clinton/Obama ticket?

That's just crazy. Both have such enormous egos that I can't envision any circumstances where they could work together.

Frankly, I can't imagine who Hillary will find to run with her as Veep.

I hope, I hope, I hope, Gore enters the race. But the time for a decision is drawing near. Especially, if he wants to qualify for Federal matching funds. He must make up his mind soon.

Anonymous said...

"She's brilliant, charming and a deft politician"

Yes, but there is something your missing: a critical mass of the electorate are so pissed off and disgusted by what's happened over the last 7 years that everything isn't equal. Obama is in play just as Clinton is at the peak of her "brilliance, charm, and deftness" - it should be a slam duck, but it isn't. Perhaps Obama's "I'll talk to dictators” response was naive - just the type of naiveté we are craving for!

And of course, another factor: we’re not stupid (a slight majority that is) – we know that Chavez is no dictator - he was elected twice and the target of a U.S. support coup attempt.

And we know he can't touch our very own Bush on the rogue state leader scale. We talk to him, don’t we?

mw said...

Ok, Andy ... I am linking this thread now for the big "I TOLD YOU SO." in 2008. I'm sorry I have to do this to you.

Anonymous said...

This is somewhat off subject, but to Terri from CA and anonymous from NYC, I just want to ask...WHY? Why on earth would you move from progressive states to the slackjaw South? I've lived here all my life, and always felt out of place. Were it not for family, I would have been gone long ago. I'm a one-week-a-year snowboarder, and every time I cross the Mason-Dixon line heading to New England, I feel like my IQ jumps 20 points. So, what happened? Did you lose a bet?

Anonymous said...

A bloody fight between Obama and Clinton will mean faux progressive and faux Democrat Michael Bloomberg will enter the race and this isn't speculation. AQccording to the Waszhington Post he has already set aside ONE BILLION of his own money for a presidential run. He has already laid out a plan for hiring people to petition his name onto the ballot in all 50 states. HNe spent 70 Million to get elected mayor in 2001. In his 2005 reelection bid he spent 90 million in registered spending and another 150 million in "election year philanthropic donations." He has an enormous ego and will easily spend more than the billion if need be. In 2005 he used the philanthropic groups he donates through to blackmail NARAL into endorsing him.

The only thing that is keeping him from entering the race now is a fear that if Hillary emerges from the primary strong his legacy could be that of another Ralph Nader. If Clinton and Obama damage each other during the primary or there is an Edwards win, Bloomberg will enter the race. I heard that from someone very close to him.

Anonymous said...

Global Warming Alarmists like Al Gore are lying to you. Al Gore is a Global Warming hypocrite.

- He owns 3 enormous houses. He keeps all 3 of his houses heated during the winter, but he obviously can use them all at the same time.

- He invests heavily into the oil industry. Gore's income from his oil investments is larger than most American's annual income.

- Gore's utility bills for just one of his 3 houses is 20 times that of the average American. Include his other 2 houses and its even higher. His groupies will argue that its OK because he pays into the carbon offset industry. The carbon offset industry is a total scam.

- Gore makes annual income in one of North America's largest polluting Zinc Mines. Gore and his zinc mining cronies have been caught emitting thousands of pounds of toxic substances and several times, the water discharged from the mines into nearby rivers had levels of toxins above what was legal. The mine also puts high quantity of Barium, Iron, and Zinc in the Caney Fork river. The soils of the riverbank are also showing the presence of Arsenic, Chromium, and Lead with traces of Cyanide.

- Gore never travels on commercial airlines. For Gore, it has to be private air travel.

- Traveling on the ground, Gore requires at least 7 large SUV's in his ontourage. He was even caught taking his ontourage 4 blocks to a movie theater when his Inconvenient Truth propaganda flick was released. Poor Gore, the next day, he actually had to walk a few blocks.

- Gore doesn't even pay for the carbon offsets that his groupies will argue he purchases. The offset purchases are actually made for him by Generation Investment Management, a London-based investment firm that Mr. Gore co-founded, and which provides carbon offsets as a fringe benefit to all 23 of its employees, ensuring that they require no real sacrifice on the part of Mr. Gore or his family.

at least Elizabeth Edwards gave up tangerines.

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely and totally full of crap regarding Al Gore. Where exactly do you get your info? If you're going to make outrageous claims you'd better be able to back it up. Besides, it's not likely Al Gore will run for president anyway, so you might as well save your breath.

creature said...

I agree on all counts.

I've been touting a Gore/Obama ticket and I agree that, no way in hell, will there be a Clinton/Obama ticket. She resents his entry into this race. In her mind this was her year and Obama came in and mucked it up.

Anonymous said...

If Clinton gets the nomination she'll pick Edwards as her running mate. They're the ones plotting to rid the stage of the lower tier candidates and Hilary is pure DLC complete with the flawed logic that having a southerner on the ticket will win you the south.

Anonymous said...

Andy, I agree with your views. I suspect Mr. Gore is waiting until the dust settles before he declares his candidacy, much in the same way that Fred Thompson is playing a waiting game with the Republicans. Should he enter the contest, Mr. Gore will, I'm sure, win it all. It will make up for the debacle of 2000!

Anonymous said...

I am strongly backing Edwards but a Gore candidacy would like win me over. I believe these two are our strongest potential Democratic candidates in the general election.