Thursday, May 15, 2008

Appearance Today on Sirius Radio Channel 110

For those of you with Sirius Satellite Radio, please tune in today at 5:30 EST to "The Blog Bunker" political talk show on Indie Talk channel 110. I'll be interviewed for about 30 minutes on the 2008 presidential election, including the latest on the Democratic campaign between Obama and Clinton; Hillary's chances; the Edwards endorsement; the role of the super-delegates; McCain and the GOP; and more.

The Blog Bunker airs Monday-Friday from 5PM-6PM EST.


Anonymous said...

How great!!!!!

I won't be able to listen. Please put the transcript on your blog.

Good show!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Congrats and hope it goes well for you.

One nit to pick... it's SIRIUS radio.

Anonymous said...

Sirius, Andy. Sirius.

But hopefully, soon you will be SERIOUS about this election............