Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank You David Letterman For Asking McCain the Obvious Questions That "Real" Journalists Won't

If the mainstream media had done its job properly these past eight years, perhaps the entire political landscape would be different. Perhaps voters would be more informed; would understand the issues better. Perhaps the Iraq war would be a bigger priority among Americans. Perhaps there'd be much more accountability in Washington. Perhaps Bush would not have been re-elected. But the press has been utterly neutered during the Bush years, and they've been no less silent and ineffectual in the current presidential campaign. Thankfully, we have hard-hitting "journalists" like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Joy Behar and David Letterman to aggressively ask the direct questions that the "real" journalists are curiously too afraid to ask.

Sen. John McCain, who infamously dissed Letterman weeks ago by cancelling an appearance with the excuse that he had to "rush to Washington" to save the country from financial crisis, only to appear minutes later on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, returned to the program Thursday night. He received more than a subtle tongue-lashing from Big Dave, whose performance made this week's debate host Bob Schieffer seem like a high school newspaper reporter. Letterman admirably pressed the feisty little Republican on several key issues in a manner that should embarrass the hell out of working journalists.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On the choice of Gov. Sarah Palin as McCain's vice presidential running mate:

Letterman: ...the question is, if she had been a man, would you also have selected him as a man?

McCain: Yes, because I believe that Sarah Palin is a reformer.... very proud to
have Sarah with me and I think she has energized our ticket and energized a lot of

Letterman: No question about that. But I’ll tell you… I mean, was she your first choice?

McCain: Absolutely.

Letterman: Had you spent time with her?

McCain: A couple of times, I’d met with her. I didn’t know her real well but I knew her reputation and I didn’t know her well at all. I didn’t know her well at all. I knew her reputation as a reformer...

Letterman: ...if you are unable to fulfill your office, we get a 9/11 attack, Sarah Palin is the president who leads us through that.

McCain: Sure. She’s been the governor of a state with 24,000 employees....

Letterman: Let me just get back to my question. Well, I mean, either you’re right or you’re wrong. You know what you’re talking about or you don’t know what you’re talking about. But I’m just telling you from my perspective that I thought, Oh, oh my God. I’m sure she’s a lovely woman. I’m sure she’s done a great job in Alaska. But in terms – this country. I’m 61. I’ve never seen it in this big a mess. I’ve seen economic problems. I’ve seen war. I’ve never seen a combination of things quite like this. I’ve never seen the free fall diminishment of the impression of the United States around the country. I’ve never seen anything like this. I have a four-year-old son. I wonder what the hell, is it going to be 160 twenty years from now on his birthday? So I’m thinking, alright, this is a pretty important job.

McCain: But with all due respect, she’s had the leadership experience that’s necessary to run bureaucracies, to reform…And because she was not known inside the Georgetown cocktail circuit, doesn’t matter to me.

Letterman: Let me ask you a question. In your guts, in your stomach – you’re a smart, tough, savvy guy –...If I were to run upstairs, wake you up in the middle of the night, and say, "John, is Sarah Palin really the woman to lead us through the next four, eight years? Through the next 9/11 attack?"

McCain: Absolutely. She has inspired Americans. That’s the thing we need. We need
inspiration now....But I think America is crying out for change. And she represents
the kind of change that we need. Have we pretty well exhausted this topic?

On 1960's radical William Ayers, and the McCain campaign's relenteless attenpts to connect him to Sen. Barack Obama:

Letterman: No, no. I’m just getting started! Now she’s also, she’s the one, I think who says that Barack Obama pals around with terrorists. Has she in fact said that at rallies?

McCain: I don’t…yes. And he did. And refused to acknowledge the fact.

Letterman: Who did he pal around with?

McCain: William Ayers who said on 9/11 that he wished that he’d bombed more. OK?
His wife was on the Top 10 of FBI’s Most Wanted.

Letterman: But this all took place…when he was active, Barack Obama was eight years old.

McCain: Eight years old. And Mr. Ayers in 2001, September 11, 2001, said, "I wished I
had bombed more." It’s an unrep—

Letterman: But what is that relationship?

McCain: It’s all we need to know. Senator Clinton said, "We need to know about the
relationship." First he said he was just a guy in the neighborhood. And so it’s a matter of trusting the word of someone....

Letterman: But did you not have a relationship with Gordon Liddy?

McCain: I met him, you know, I mean…

Letterman: Didn’t you attend a fund raiser at his house?

McCain: Gordon Liddy’s?...

McCain: I know Gordon Liddy. He paid his debt. He went to prison, he paid his debt, as people do. I’m not in any way embarrassed to know Gordon Liddy. And his son, who is also a good friend and supporter of mine.

Letterman: But you understand that the same case could be made of your relationship with him as being made with William Ayers.

McCain: Everything about any relationship that I’ve had I will make completely open and give a complete accounting of. Senator Obama said that he was a guy who lived in the neighborhood. OK, it was more than that.

Letterman: They served on a committee at one point....Are they double dating? Are they going to dinner? What are they doing? Are they driving cross country?

Letterman: Now she (Palin) said "pals around with terrorists." OK, so alright. Let’s say we give her William Ayers. He was eight and William Ayers was 29. But they palled around. (Letterman had also asked why Palin had been using the plural "terrorists" at her rallies, but McCain did not answer)

McCain: There’s millions of word said in the campaign. Come on!

So, if you're John McCain, it's ok to pal around with a convicted Watergate criminal who attempted to steal an election; it's ok to use incendiary rhetoric and outright lies to define your opponent; you stand firm in your shameless contention that Sarah Palin is the absolute best choice in the country to be your second-in-command; and...terrorist...terrorists...what's a little "s" among friends, right?. And he's the "Country First" candidate?

Props to Letterman for further exposing this fraud for exactly who is he is, and isn't, and for giving voters a greater glimpse into McCain's shallow character. Mainstream can take a lesson from the Letterman playbook...

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Anonymous said...

Letterman's incisive questions clearly showed McCain's utter hypocrisy and sheer desperation. My esteem of David Letterman, whom I've always thought was a great comedian, has just increased about a million percent~

Anonymous said...

Great post! It is truly unfortunate more "journalists" don't ask the toug questions. The ones that do are written off as "liberal" and "left-wing conspirists". Kudos to Letterman. I saw the episode that McCain was supposed to be on, and no holds were barred then by Letterman. I suppose you can give some credit to McCain for showing up last night. Well, then again..

Anonymous said...

Now if the Republicans don't steal the election (again) or tie it up in knots over this ACORN stuff, we will see a new day come 11/4/08.

Whatever you do, do not think this election is won. As Sen. Obama said yesterday: "Don't forget New Hampshire (primary) where the polls said he won and then come the election he lost.
Get everyone you know to vote and don't let them think that Sen. Obama has it won. We must fight like hell and not be satisfied until the networks call it for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Obama cleans connections to ACORN

"Computers Stolen From Boston ACORN Office
BOSTON (WBZ) ― Police are investigating a burglary at the Boston offices of the community activist group ACORN.

Boston police told WBZ Friday that three Dell laptop computers were stolen from the group's Dorchester office around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday.

According to police, the alarm had also been ripped from the wall and wires had been damaged."

Anonymous said...

Leave it to a LIBERAL MIND to see a MORAL EQUIVALENCE between a man who broke the law to win an election and a man who engaged in violent acts with bombs without any remorse or repentance since.

Also, leave it to the liberal mind to point out Liddy, but have no problem with the massive vote fraud organization ACORN.

Basically Obama pals around with both bombers AND election stealers.

Anonymous said...

Great. The Republicans are going to say we stole the election.

What a hoot!

We must not let them us this tactic. It's time for all good folks to get it in gear and work like mad until 11/4/08.

Anonymous said...

12:00 pm Leave it to a repub mind to ignore reality. You had you chance and Americans are sick of Republicans.

Get out of our way. Your time is over and you know it, don't ya?

Anonymous said...

And I hope when Sen. Obama wins, we can take back Christianity too. The Republicans have stolen religion for the last 25 years.

They are disgusting at how they have highjacked religion and used people of faith just so they can stay in office.

Anonymous said...


You have no clue as to how voters feel. Your time is over. Your party has destroyed our once great country. Obama has answered the questions that you want answered, but you just don't like the truth. Notice how the voters think your side is out of it?

And yes, your party has used Christianity to win elections and then did nothing for you folks after they get in.

You are so misguided I can only feel pity for folks like you.

Now get out of our way and go back to your hate talk radio. We are moving forward and you can just sit there and be hateful.

Vleeptron Dude said...

The poor man ... like Hillary, he thought he was entitled to be swept into office with no opposition. Now he's confused and lost to realize the people want an end to Republican rule and have no use for him.

So he has no choice but to let the lobbyist sleazebags who run his campaign run a typical Republican character assassination campaign, with heavy racist overtones -- an All Lies, All Fear campaign.

Anonymous said...

1:03 You are as arrogant and misguided as your Messiah.

The Religious Right is mostly Republican because of abortion and gay marriage. That's why they voted Republican. That had nothing to do with the remaining Christian denominations who do not mind aborition and have gay ministers.

The Catholic Church and the Religious Right were/are aligned. During all the time they held the spotlight I heard no other Christian churches denounce any of the other churches'positions as not suported by scripture. The other churhces stood by spinelessly. And, even now, no Church is saying anything about the hateful, anti-Christian, Black Theology Churches. So don't blame the Republican Party.

Obama has answered questions with lies He even lied in the last debate when he said his political rally was not held in Ayers' house.

So don't give me your lie that he has answered questions.

And don't talk to me about hate. I was a Democrat until this election. I am no longer because I am stunned by the hatred for women, the black Dems hatred for whites, the hatred and threats and vulgarity spewed by Democrats all over the web and the TV channels. I don't know what has happned to the once dignified, intelligent, fair-minded and effective Democratic Party. I am now an Independent.

Anonymous said...

If Bush as inept, stupid and ineffectual as the Democrats seem to think he is, could rise to the occasion of 9/11, unite the countrym and, to have protected us from any attacks since then; why does anyone doubt that Palin who has had as much experience as he, could not do the same?

Anonymous said...

Dem desperation disguised as psychic knowledge of the outcome of the election. Priceless.

Dems think that America will embrace Obama's socialistic plan to "spead the wealth."

Hate is the new all encompassing force to bring americans together.

Obama and his minions want you to give up, roll over, and hand your future and your country's future to a known failed system of government.

Obama will degrade you and discredit you if you speak out against the Messiah Obama.

Obama wants to change America to a socialistic and totalitarian regime.

But, do you want that?

I'm PISSED OFF and I approve of this message. Paid for by the F-YOU Obama committee.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "if Bush as (sic) inept, stupid and ineffectual......could rise to the occasion of 9/11......and to have protected us from any attacks since then......." If you recall, Bush began his administration on 1/20 and 9/11 occurred on, well, on 9/11, almost 8 months later, over 16% of his term already having passed. In other words, Bush did not protect us, but despite having been given distinct information that an attack was planned, did absolutely nothing to even try to prevent it!

Anonymous said...

5:42 what is your point? By 9/11 Bush had already assembled a team that could bring the country together after 9/11 and prevent further terrorists attacks? Palin is not running for President. Surely there would be a "team" ready by the time she had to take over. If not, then she'd have to go with the team in place on Inauguration Day. Bush assembled a competent team apparently.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid of the Democratic Party. They are tormenting "Joe Plumber", camping in his yard, searching into his private affairs, and threatening him. All he did was ask Obama a question. Talk about terrorism.

They are calling black people and insisting that they vote for OBama. They are committing election and registration fraud which is a crime. They lie, control TV networks, blog outrageious, cruel comments, and, all in all are looking very militant, anarchical. What will they do in power? I know for sure I will never ask Obama a question at a rally. I am happy to call myself "Anonymous".

Anonymous said...

3:27 PM

"black dems hatred for whites" How clueless you are. I am a black dem and this is the first time in my life I will be voting for a black person. How is that hatred for whites?

How many blacks have you voted for? Yeah...I thought so!!

Anonymous said...

Letterman at his very best!!! Especially in the 2nd half of the McCain interview! Good to see that both -at least somewhat- kept their sense of humor in all of this though

Anonymous said...

3:27 I am white and the last black I voted for was for mayor of my town. He won. And in the past I might have voted for a black presidential candidate if one had ever become the candidate. I'm sure you've had the opportunity and voted for black congressmen and mayors, and superivosrs, etc. in your neighborhood.

However, Republicans, Clinton supporters, almost ALL blacks are voting for Obama because he is black. Even Colin Powell might support him. And, why do I think it's motiviated by hatred -- because of Black Liberation Theology and the way blacks turned against the Clintons -- "the first black President". "Vote for the bro not the ho". A little sexism thrown in, too.

I, myself, was "color blind" until I learned about the widespread hatred for me and other white people at Wright's church and others like it across the country. I now see why the black community doesn't come to my church although we've tried to get them to. They don't like us.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks! I am a man! Of God? Sure, we all are whether we like it or not! But no 'preacher' will ever define me. Republicans? Of God? Sure-Moloch! Terrorist? Sure, they can be found in most school yards!

Unknown said...

Oh, the smell of desperation is in the October air. Many thanks to David Letterman for taking McCain to task on his last-minute selection of Palin, who has now morphed into the proverbial albatross. "NO WAY, NO HOW, NO MCCAIN, NO PALIN". (Hillary Clinton)
Obama/Biden '08!

Anonymous said...

McCain promises all these wonderful things; however, where is HIS money coming from. Let's see: If he's elected, he will have a $800-$900 trillion dollar deficit. From that start, without raising any taxes or saving $10 billion per month from a closedown of the Iraqi War,he will balance the budget at the end of his first term, save social security taxes and health care without cutting any benefits, double tax credits for each family member, reduce taxes for small business, leave the Bush tax cut in place, repair the infrastructure of the United States, and he will do all of these things without raising taxes on anyone. Folks, isn't this just a bit naive??

Anonymous said...

Sorry, $800-$900 billion dollar deficit.

Anonymous said...

The lack of knowledge and depth of the entire situation by democrats voting for Obama is disappointing.

Hasn't Obama encouraged you to do your homework little donkeys? Oh, that's right, he doesn't WANT you to know anything about him or his glorious plans for your country.

Sad little donkeys. Clueless lemmings, not unlike a certain group of people over sixty years ago.

Spineless, too. Needing a messiah to make it all better rather than standing on your own...inferior processing of the total picture of Obama appears to be the norm.

Naive? Little Donkeys don't know from naive...

Odinga connection made.

Rezko connection made.

Socialism/communism connection made.

Auchi connection made.

Soros connection made.

Khalidi connection made.

Farhakkan connection made.

ACORN connection made.

Use of the media to subjugate typical american to mass scrutiny - Joe the Plumber - witnessed.

Obfuscation of pertinent information, such as proof of citizenship and health records witnessed. Obama uses same attorney who defended domestic terrorist Ayers on record for Berg vs Obama lawsuit.

"Spread the wealth", a diatribe right out of the socialists (extreme left wing of Democratic party) handbook witnessed.

Known associations with black theology proponents such as Wright, Cone, and Davis made. Obama has named them as mentors. "Whites are to be killed. America is the enemy." mentality preached.

Riots threatened if Obama loses.

Can we stop there? Are you getting the picture?
Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say this is what I stand for, too?

Does any of this bode positive for yourselves and America?

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of observations on this entire ayers/wright/rezco argument that the Republicans are making:

1.If there was any "there, there" why didn't the Clinton's use it more? Republicans are always decrying the "Clinton Machine" which implies that they believe that they are ruthless in their pursuit of power. If that is what Republicans believe, and if the Clintons were unable to truly take Obama out during the primaries with this attack (remeber how every news outlet replayed the Rev. Wright sermon?) Then maybe the answer is that there is not much to any of these stories.

2. The fact that McCain and the rest of the Republicans constantly make reference to the fact that as of 9/11 Ayers was unrepentent is a disengenous and deliberate attempt to link Obama to the 9/11 terrorists. What McCain did on Letterman, and what he and his supporters continually do, is make reference to an interview that coincidentally was published on 9/11 in the NY Times. Remember, the attacks of 9/11 occured at @8:30am on 9/11. That day's edition of the paper was on my doorstep at @6:00 am. And the interview and "offending" statement was no doubt given some time earlier (perhaps even weeks before).

Anonymous said...

The Democrats are going to win a majority in Contgress and if Obama is President it will be the end of the good life for most citizens in America. And, to make it even worse Pelosi, Reid, Dowd, Rangel, Schumer, Frank and other crooks will probably get re-elected. All is lost. THey will continue to line their pockets, lie and give even middle cinome earnings to those poorer and we will feel likewe're living in a Third World Country.

Anonymous said...

5:02 What are you saying?

1. We all have to concede that there may be forces/money/power greater than that of the Clinton's promoting Obama.

2. I don't understand any of your number two comments. You're saying that it matters when Ayers was unrepentent? You're saying someone knew about 9/11 in advance? Nothing you wrote is clear.

Anonymous said...

1. I am saying that if you a) believe that the Clinton machine is ruthless (like many conservatives do believe) then you have to believe that they would have been able to tag Obama with the Ayers/Wright gargbage with some real force during the primaries- and they didn't. I'm pointing out a hypocricy of the right. I don't believe the Clintons are all-powerful at all. Its more of a if you believe a)(clinton machine) then you must believe b)(they would have run with this story if it brought Hillary the nomination) and therefore your statement c) it is is garbage (scary stories of obama's association w/ ayers,et al. are all smoke and mirrors)

2. McCain, et al. when they go on their rants about Obama "paling around with terrorists" and mentioning that on 9/11 Ayers was unrepentent they are trying to plant a seed in people's minds that Ayers, and therefore Obama, is connected to 9/11. It's a bullshit scare move and should be condemned.

Anonymous said...

You're whole premise is Bullshit. The Rezko federal corruption trial was going on during the last part of the primaries. The Clintons could not reveal any information that may have affected the outcome of the trial. Think again, they had to work in concert with Fitzgerald. Actually, convicting Rezko is like putting the numbers runner away. Next, the feds will go after the next layer of corruption. Blagejovich and Obama. Get an effing clue!!!

Sheesh. This why Obama supporters can't put two and two together. Light weight thinking and absolutely NO knowledge of what they bla bla on about. NO wonder they like their cut out Obama.

Anonymous said...

7"23 1l There was a limit to the extent the CLintons could pursue the election at the expense of another Democratic candidate. You must know they couldn't reveal horrible things that would cost Obama the election should he become the candidate. "Their hands were tied"; and, even now, they're forced to campaign for him against their "gut" wishes.

2. You can't think the NY TIMES published the Ayers story in an effort to smear him and connect him with 9/11. The TIMES is a liberal paper.

Unknown said...

Since I don't know which "Anonymous" wrote to me, I will simply say that I am not afraid of an Obama presidency, no amount of your fearmongering will change my mind, and the thought of McCain and the village idiot in the White House is enough to "send chills down my spine." So, don't waste your breath, "Anonymous".

Unknown said...

Another "Anonymous" has left a response in my e-mail, asserting that an Obama presidency would signal the "...end of the good life in America..." What in the world do you think is happening now, under the policies (politics) of Bush? How do you think those policies would differ under the policies of McCain?

Anonymous said...

Another set of questions he SHOULD have asked (questions and answers made up, but the real thing couldn't be very different):

Letterman: Mr. McCain, I'm very concerned about all those terrorists in the Middle East. What would your response be if Ahmadinejad threatened to bomb us directly?

McCain: I've been a long term advocate of bombing Iran. If Ahmadinejad suggested he wants to bomb us, we'd make sure we bomb them first. I'm ready to deploy troops to Iran the day I take office.

Letterman: Ok, but... You have threatened to bomb Iran before. Are you saying that Mr. Ahmadinejad would be right if his response to that suggestion was bombing us first?

McCain: Oh... Absolutely not... If they say they want to bomb us, we have all rights to bomb them. But if we say we want to bomb them, they have no rights whatsoever. Umm.... It's a big difference.....

Anonymous said...

It goes on beyond fear of an Obama presidency. It goes to using common sense and logic.

Why would anyone want to "hire" someone with virtually no resume, dubious character references, and a known penchant for embracing ideologies that run counter to the good of the nation?

You're staking too much on an unknown quantity AND then what? It's okay to become a pawn in Obama's game of incompetence? NO THANKS!!!

Unknown said...

Common sense and logic say that it is foolish to do the same thing over again and expect a different result. McCain's policies, for example, economic and international, are virtually the same as Bush's policies, except he would take everything to the next level. We would have a real depression (if it isn't already happening), and we would continue to wage preemptive wars (I say "wars" in the plural, because he seems to want to "fight" with everyone.) And Palin in the White House? I'd sooner have the Marquis de Sade.

Anonymous said...

But you don't know that McCain will be exactly the same as Bush. That whole argument is weak.

If you think that Obama is such a great choice, answer the following.

1) Name three documented and verified things Obama has done to improve the lives of his constituency that are touted by said constituency in Illinois,

2) Name three mentors of Obama who have a positive effect that a majority of people would agree with on America. Qualification: These must be mentors outside of his political party.

3) Name three provable examples of Obama's willingness to work within the structures already set forth in the intelligence, foreign, domestic, and governmental rules and by-laws of the departments of the US government.

4) Name one interest in helping citizens of all races that Michelle Obama has expressed as her contribution to the betterment of all Americans. This must be outside of her socialistic rhetoric of some people losing their pie so that others can get some mentality.

This is just a start. So let's begin to convince Americans that use their common sense that Obama is the right choice.

Otherwise, he's just an empty suit and his supporters are just low information minions.

Ready, set, go.

Unknown said...

I am tired of your pseudo-intellectual babble and I am not taking your anonymous pop quiz. Do your own research, "Anonymous", whoever you are, and you will eat your words on November 5th.

Anonymous said...

You "talk the talk"and use the phrases, but, like a parrot, you are soooooo uninformed.

Anonymous said...

First I want to say hello to all posters on both sides of these issues. Next I want to say that the people
who are trying to find dirt on Obama or connect dots that aren't there, to relax just a bit and take a deep breath.
I an going to talk about your ignorance. I say ignorance not in an insulting way but with the exact meaning
of the word. [ the condition of being unaware or uninformed] Everyone on this planet is ignorant of many facts.
I will list the ones the McCain campaign is using to try and slander his opponent Obama.
1) Rezko

2) Wright

3) Ayers


First Rezko, The U.S Government has quite recently concluded a 45 day trial of Rezko. Obama was not
mentioned in any incriminating way. I don't know if you have ever had the misfortune of being
accused by the State or the U.S. Government. Believe me and everyone else that has ever
tried to go up against the financial power and investigatory power of these entities, you will find they're
relentless. They will not stop until they know every part of your life. All aspects are invaded. They
won't stop until they know the first and last time you ever masturbated. So if you think that they
would leave out even a misdemeanor from a trial you are ignorantly mistaken. They will throw
everything they've got at you to sway a jury, to get a conviction. EVEN MORE SO, in a politically
connected trial. See that way, a big conviction gives them a political boost. Believe me, if their was
any illegal connection between Rezko and Obama they would have leapt at the chance to take him
down. Especially when the campaign was so heated between the CLINTON machine and Obama.
Don't look at it from where we are now in time. Be realistic and place yourself back then. The
Clintons have enormous clout!!! They would have made sure Obama's career was stopped dead in
tracks if there was any there, there........ NO ONE WOULD SAY " GEE, Lets wait till he has the
nomination to the Presidency sewn up. THEN!! We'll spring it on him. Use your head, not your fear
or disappointment that he just might WIN. Another thing. Don't you think, that the most devious and the
most vile of campaign managers (the same one's that destroyed McCains image in 2000) running
McCains campaign now, would play to your fears just as they did to the 2000 McCain followers. They
instill fear and hate. Most of the same people who rejected McCain 8 years ago because they were
told he fathered a black baby are following McCain now and are rejecting Obama. You people are so
easily manipulated. Damn, you people are easy. They're playing you like a fools... And you are falling for
it like little school girls.

Second, Rev Wright, What do you know about him, or what do you think you know about him? Let's take it one
step at a time. He's BLACK. I'll take that one first because it's easy to prove that both the Reverend
and Obama are both black. OOOOOOOOOOOOhhh. That must have some scary connotations right
COMING TOO??? Run for the hills Agatha there are two of them together and we have proof! Get
down on your knees and pray for protection from the LORD! And they have known each other for
TWENTY YEARS. IMAGINE, JUST IMAGINE the plots, the dirty plans, the awful things they might
have have said about a Nation that bought, sold, whipped, raped, murdered, hung, burned alive,
RIPPED loving families apart for sale and profit, and did I say raped and raped and raped and raped?
All the while having their labor stolen for over THREE HUNDRED YEARS?
I know what your thinking or saying, "that was in the past, I didn't have anything to do with it". Well,
ya know,.... it was in the past and the majority of the white families today don't have relatives that
inflicted that horror and injustice on our fellow Americans. The majority of our fellow black American's
have had that horror and injustice inflicted upon their relatives. I can't imagine or even comprehend
what it would be like, to go through my family album and have to explain to my children why we don't
know where Granpa or Gramma is because they were sold away like some horse or a piece of farm
equipment. To explain, that men, cloaked in white sheets came in the dark of night, burned a cross on
the lawn and then busted in the house, all the children and babies screaming in shear horror because
of the breaking glass and the exploding, reverberating gunfire...... slammed MOM to the floor and then
unmercifully beat and bound Papa, dragged him outside and hung him in the front yard. Then not let
us take him down for days............Now.. you want to tell them, "it was in the past, get over it". Like it
was,,, you got your car stolen or something. YOU SEE, this is AMERICA'S history. Whites have their
family stories and blacks and American Indians have theirs. ALL very different, but ALL OURS.

I'm sorry I got a little off point about the Reverend Wright but that is his history. Another thing you
know about him is the video of the sermon that was played at nausium on the TV. The one where
he is emotionally saying " GOD DAMN AMERICA". Right? That's the one, right? Has anyone of you
seen that sermon in it's entirety? BE HONEST!! Well if you had you couldn't possibly think that's
what he is all about because before he goes into the diatribe you all use to berate Obama, Rev
Wright loudly and plainly states he is going to repeat what an Ambassador from the United States said
during a speech. BY the way, the Ambassador was an old WHITE guy. GOOGLE IT!! So from that 30
second clip you have made a judgment on Obama's life and beliefs, and also the Pastors. Have any
one of you that uses this video to frighten yourselves and countless others ever been to a black church?
I DIDN'T THINK SO.....If you had you would see that it is just a church like any other. Teaching
Love of each other and LOVE of the LORD. The same Christian LORD you are taught to LOVE.
Teaching forgiveness and tolerance and peace. But again, you are used like a TOOL by the masters
of SPIN. Whipped into a cowering flock of sheep afraid of the big bad wolf. How easy you are to
frightened and then controlled. It must be awful to be you to be breathing and eating but never living your
own lives. To be slaves to the man in charge and then obey his not so clear wishes. But,
you will add 1 plus 3 and come up with 13 because it must BE. What else could it BE? Why would they
tell us just so much and leave out the rest for us to put together? They can't say it it out loud, for some
reason. But sure as shit we'll fill in the blanks. YOU's are so used. WAKE UP PLEASE!!! I bet you
you didn't know either the Reverend Wright is a DECORATED VETERAN. You but holes.
Again I have to ask you to go back to the time, when the Reverend was giving the sermon. Most of us
in this country had just realized that we had been lied to about IRAQ. That is, I mean people that
get their news from reputable sources. NOT FOX OR RUSH. Real news. Like the BBC or PBS or CNC.
So finding out your son, brother, dad, mom, sister, daughter, uncle, aunt or your best friend has given
their life or limb for a lie or a barrel of oil. Even worse the enrichment of a bank account. Tends to make
one angry. Even a Reverend who has been preaching for years. But still, just a man, will lose it sometime.
, Your fear and your cowardice, and the lack of trust in your own judgment keeps you looking for
something that's not there. The worst part is, your not even sure but you will talk with someone else who
is just afraid as you and together you will come up with an answer to a question that should never have
been asked. Face it. Your a freak that is so afraid of your own prejudices that you will portray them onto
others because you think everyone else is just as rotten as you. People that steal, think that everyone

Third Ayers, Ayers is simple. Here's a guy who in is twenties was a protester of the vietnam war. Another war we find
out was also fought for PROFIT. We found out the Gulf of Tonkin was a LIE. Our ship was NEVER sunk.
But more than that, the mood of the police and the authorities was "do as we tell you and SHUT UP". Just
about 75% of our generation (baby boomers) were protesting the WAR. We were being beaten, arrested
harassed and pulled over constantly without cause and being search for pot. We were fighting for our
rights granted to ALL under the CONSTITUTION. The police and authorities were constantly abusing
those rights so we pushed back. Something today the youth of this country hasn't done because they have
never been taught the Constitution. Even at my age now I have been to D.C. with 100,000 other AMERICANS
to protest this occupation. But today the Whore Media doesn't report the news just what the MIC wants
you to hear. I digress. So because of all the tension of those days regular Americans were being gassed and
beaten down with batons by police in full riot gear. Even though we were peaceful they drew first blood.
Young people were being killed. Then, The National GUARD opened fire on a college campus in Ohio and
KILLED FOUR COLLEGE STUDENTS and wounded several others. The Nation was shocked!!! It is against
the Constitution for our Armed forces to fire on our own citizens. POSSE COMITOTUS!!! (A RIGHT THAT
buSH has tried to remove by Executive Order). Thetas when the Weather Underground was formed. Just a
bunch of students that got caught up in the fury of the times. They were defending THE CONSTITUTION,
NOT fighting the U.S. Government you FOOLS. THEY BLEW UP TOILETS!!! TOILETS!!! The only ones
that died were three of them who blew themselves up making a bomb. So for Palin and McNuts to put them
in the same category as the terrorists who blew up the Trade Towers is just asinine and terribly wrong.
DIVIDING THE NATION JUST TO WIN AN ELECTION? How you can back this is beyond me. But again your
being controlled by the professional spin mysters who know just how to push your little buttons. You people
are SO SAD.

Fourth ACORN, ACORN is a non profit group that is trying to register the poor and the disadvantaged. The claim is they
only register Democrats. This so bogus. If someone is not registered to vote how would they know what
party affiliation they are. It's just a known fact that more people are Democrats in this country. It is also a fact
that the poor and elderly mostly vote Democratic because they know the Republicans only help the very
wealthy. The elderly especially because they are surviving on Social Security. Something they have paid into
ALL OF THEIR WORKING LIVES! The Rescumlicans keep trying to get their greedy effen hands on those
trillions of dollars. That senile old *#@#*$ Reagan borrowed three trillion from S.S. and they still haven't
paid it back! That's why it is going defunked. Back to ACORN. They are given a certain amount of
registration forms to get filled out. Lets say 1000 for now so we don't tax your simple minds. The law says
they must return all 1000, even if someone used them to pick up dog shit. ALL MUST BE TURNED IN. GET
IT? ALL!!! What ever names are on them they haven't a clue. They do all they can to contact the signatories.
If they can't, the form is flagged. They turn in THREE separate piles, those that have been verified, those
that are iffy, and those that are blatantly BOGUS. THE LAW SAYS THEY MUST TURN THEM
ALL IN. They (ACORN) don't register anyone to vote it is the STATE and the COUNTIES that do the
registering. ACORN just gets the names and then the officials double check and cross reference them with
their data. Just as they would do if you walked IN and filled the forms out yourself. It's called registering
but it is still up to the office of the registrar to verify. Their inly's the problem. Kind of like the DMV. They
are only human, most anyway. So we don't have voter fraud because Micky Mouse will not show up to vote.
What we have is ELECTION FRAUD!! We have Republican Secretaries of State and Republican Governors
purging MILLIONS of already registered voters because they are predominately democrat. TRYING TO
STEAL THE ELECTION AGAIN!!!!!!! They are using ACORN as kind of a "bait and switch" SCAM. So what
happens? Your little minds get over heated with all the accusations and GO JUST NUTS!! Played again
like the non thinkers you are. You guys are so pathetic. But maybe not. Their was a time when I trusted my
Government also. Just do your research. Don't just listen to right wing rhetoric. Listen to the left wing rhetoric
also and some where in between is the truth. No one should be whipped up into a frenzy as the people I
saw at the McCain/Palin rallies. Those people are an angry mob. This will only lead to bloodshed. People
are entitled to their opinion, but inciting a riot is going way too far.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Obama was mentioned in the opening statements of the federal corruption trial of Rezko. Obama and Blagojevich.

Obama's on court record as being an associate of Rezko and it has been noted that Obama did know of some of the subterfuge and has been entered into testimony as being placed at a party where he met middle eastern arms dealer, Auchi. Auchi has been banned from entering the US. Obama has sent letters asking that the ban be lifted. Auchi has been banned for known interactions with Hezbollah.

Media is picking up on Pringle's investigative reporting of Obama pre, pari, and post Rezko Trial.

It doesn't bode well for Obama, et al.

Anonymous said...

Gee Carol,

Did you suffer some cognitive dissonance there?

That happens when the facts about Obama overwhelm the fantasy of Obama.

Anonymous said...

I must admit to my ignorance, I don't know about Auchi. As far as the court ruling Obama being an associate of Rezko, we already know that. He bought a piece of property from him. In court lingo that makes him an associate.[a person unted with another or others for an act of business] i.e. They got together and made an agreement on the sale of said property. Like I stated in my earlier post if the state had incriminating evidence they would have presented it to the court to further implicate Rezko. It's the incriminating evedence that makes a difference. I know in this country you are supposed innocent until proven guilty but it seems lately just planting a seed makes you guilty. Why is everyone so suspicious? The words from the knuckle head buSh. "if you are not with us then you are against us" He made peolpe believe that, if you are different you are an enemy. That is just not true. Please enlighten me further about Rezko. If you are a McCain/Palin supporter this could be the news you have been waiting for. If there is something to it. McCain should wait until Nov 2nd or 3rd so the Obama camp has no time to defuse or rebut the allegations. In the mean time I will search to find what I can. I do want to know. Also, Just because someone is at the same gathering as you doesn't mean they're on the same page. Who hosted the party and who made up the guest list. I went to the same high school for three years (graduation class of 300) and never got meet everyone in my class. That being said why is Obama asking to lift the ban? If he IS.

P.S. sorry about the anonymos earlier, first time to the site.