Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who the Fuck is Joe the Plumber? That and Other Questions for John McCain

All three presidential debates are now history. With just 20 days left until the election, judging from the polls and Sen. John McCain's overall sub par performance Wednesday night in which he needed a knockout but failed to get one, it looks as though Sen. Barack Obama is well on his way to becoming the 44th President of the United States. That is of course barring any acts of terrorism, widespread election fraud and/or large-scale racism.

As a post-mortem to the debate, I have some questions for McCain:

1. Who the fuck is Joe the Plumber, and why is he so important to have been mentioned 21 times by you? And, why is he the only American you referred to the entire evening?

2. Is Joe the Plumber a $40,000 per year working stiff or the wealthy owner of the plumbing company? In your repeated populist references to him, you implied that he's just your average blue-collar worker, yet all of your tax and health policy examples clearly had him as the more affluent entrepreneur in control of his workers' fates.

3. Who the hell cares about William Ayers and Acorn? Did you not see the new NY Times/CBS News poll indicating that voters are utterly fed up with your dirty politics and smear attacks on Obama? With the Dow down another 700 points earlier in the day, and with the economy's meltdown scaring the bajesus out of Americans, how about talking about something they're all really interested in?

4. Why don't you directly answer this question: "Is Sarah Palin the best possible choice you could've made...the most qualified, capable second-in-command, to lead this nation in the event of something happening to you?" (forget it, we already know the answer).

5. How can you possibly defend and be "proud" of those who attend your and Palin's rallies and scream despicable threats like "off with his head" and "kill him?" In terms of simple human decency, how did you not turn to Obama and sincerely apologize for this vile behavior? Instead, you went tit for tat in saying "your supporters have said some awful things too." Excuse me, Gramps, but no one at an Obama rally is screaming "kill McCain."

6. You know damned well you can't balance the budget in four years, so why keep regurgitating this irresponsible promise? Makes you look like you know even less about the economy than you do..which is pretty little as it is.

7. Why do you keep distorting and lying about Obama's record on tax, spending, health care and energy policies? (sorry, dumb question, we already know the answer to that one too)

8. Why so nasty? So condescending? So sarcastic? Why all the eye rolling and agitated facial contortions? The obnoxious smiling, laughter and mock-indignation? What's your real problem with Obama's "eloquence?" (sorry, that's a lot of questions in one question). As CNN's David Gergen said, your erratic behavior tonight was an "exercise in anger management." MSNBC's Rachel Maddow noted that you were "gritting your teeth down to sawdust." And Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel said you're a "grumpy old man in slippers."

9. Why all the stammering and verbal gaffes: "Senator Government," "Fannie and Freddie Mae," and "Freath Bresh," and of appointing Supreme Court Justices: "I will find the best people in the world!" You seem so nervous and desperate that you don't know what the heck you're saying anymore, doggonnit! (sorry, I just love PalinSpeak)

10. Why bother saying "I'm not Bush" when, judging from your voting record, you and President Disaster are virtually one and the same?

11. And what's this disingenuous "spread the wealth" nonsense about Obama's tax plan? Was the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%, which you were vehemently against before political expedience had you for them, not "spreading the wealth" eight years ago? So, reversing the grossly unfair tax breaks for the rich is your idea of socialism?

12. Lastly, where was your flag pin? We noticed Obama's, but nothing on your lapel. Are you unpatriotic or something?

To be sure, McCain came out swinging Wednesday night, but swinging wildly and not really connecting. He was about as embarrassing and unpresidential as, well, our current White House occupant. To the contrary, Obama was cool, composed and highly presidential. He showed superior intellect, knowledge of the complex issues, clarity of thought, and provided well-articulated proposal specifics on his tax, spending, health care and energy policies. And while his feisty, petulant opponent spoke only to the ubiquitous Joe the Plumber, Obama often looked directly into the camera to make that much-needed visceral connection to voters across all party lines. And like in the previous two debates, his strategy seems to have worked yet again.

Some very interesting numbers: in CNN's Columbus, OH focus group of thirty independents, two-thirds said Obama won the debate. Additionally, McCain's smear tactics continued to cost him votes. Three out of four in the group who indicated that tonight's debate convinced them to vote for one candidate or the other, said they'll be voting for Obama. In CNN's overall poll, Obama won the debate by a 58%-31%margin. Among the much-coveted independents, Obama won 57%-31%. CBS News' poll had Obama winning 53%-22%, while MSNBC's focus group of independents chose Obama by a 20-7 margin.

As I wrote the other day, let's just hope grumpy Grandpa McNasty and Grandma Sarah-Joe Sixpack keep up the current strategy of talking about everything that voters clearly couldn't give a rat's ass about. Ayers and Acorn and Wright, oh my!

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Anonymous said...

I believe Joe the Plumber is the figment of the weak mind of some graduate of Bob Jones University who figured if he gave Joe some free publicity Joe might hire him to snake out sewer lines with his tongue after the McBush gig his crazy Aunt Goodling got him dried up on 11/5.

jkw said...

Rock the Vote! Andy - you make me laugh and smile - a hard thing to do these days - thanks for the SMART comic relief.

Anonymous said...

All the Joe the Plumbers of America are going in insure Obama never becomes POTUS.

Anonymous said...

you turn me on Ostroy~!!!

Athena Smith said...

The anger that McCain demonstrated was disturbing. If elected, who on earth would dare voice a different opinion? The group think mentality would be pervasive in McCain's White House.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully stated! It seems almost pointless to continue talking about McCain as if he were a threat to enter the White House, but we must fight the fight to the end. How about Christopher Buckley endorsing Obama and resigning for the National Review? One more in a long line fo Republicans (the ones that are remotely awake, at least) who will be voting on consicence for once and not down party lines. The GOP are seeing their just desserts after pandering so strongly to the neocons and radical Christian right. Nov. 4th should be a big wake-up call for them.
Do I love reading your posts! You betcha! Keep on writin'!

Marissa's Dads said...

Remember the song, Beyond the Sea? It rhymes with

Somewhere beyond the Bering Sea
Somewhere Putin can see
Happy we'll be beyond the sea
And never again we'll see Palin
So long, Palin, Bye, Bye Palin
No more Paling

Anonymous said...

1.Joe Plummmber is the guy at a rally Obama told that when he is President he will "distribute the wealth." Take from those who make over 250,000 and give to those who make less.
2. Joe Plummber is a a "working stiff" who hopes to own his own plumbing company after saving and struggling for years. After sruggling and sacrificing, Joe does not want the profits from his company to be distributed to those not so ambitious or who have not invested their time and energy in bettering themselves. At 251,000 Joe's money would be "distributed."
3. Everybody should care about Ayers and Acorn. Why would we want a President who associates with crooks and terrorists to have access to power that could ruin our lives and destroy America? In the history of the US there has never been a candidate with such trecherious associations. At the moment, ACORN is committing crimes to steal the election for Obama.
3. The questions is is she now a better choice than Biden? Biden's ethical history is shakey and his plan for Iraq to be three countries ridiculous.
5. How can Obama be proud and silent when his supporters are cheating election registration; who sall tee-shirts saying "Palin is a cunt."; who said "Hillary is a whore"; and who wish a horribledeath for Bush, Cheny et al.
6. Obama knows damn well he can't impliment the promises he is making nor cut taxes and start more entitlement programs - but he promises doesn't he. He doesn't tell us how much it would cost to enroll in the health plan that he and other congressmen have. He just says we can. How much would it cost is the quesiton.
7. Because Obama lies.
8. McCain was no more condescending than Obama with his little smirkey smile and the slight shake of his head, while McCain was talking. I saw no uncontrolled anger, But even more I saw not one flicker of emotion of any kind from Obama and never have. Surely there is a name that identifies such an abnormal emotional condition.
9. Why on other occasions has Obama said we have 57 states and that he is a Muslim?
10. He is not Bush because he doesn't agree or support Bush in everything he says and does. The same way that Obama is not Wright, or so he says.

Anonymous said...

I swear, if you guys actually saw Obama rob a bank, or kill a child you'd probably say something like

"That Bank ripped off the poor, so that's great" and "That kid's parents is a McCain supporter so what's the harm?"

There is little that Obama has done or said that is wrong in your eyes. Anytime anyone raises it, there is an immediate smackdown.

But there is something REAL about how he rose and if any Republican:

1. Got his political start in Timothy McVeigh's living room,

2. Directed money to abortion clinic bombers

3. Was associated with banks that loaned money to Mafiosi

4. Represented and donated $800K to a criminal organization known for election fraud in hotly contested states

5. Engaged former Fannie Mae executives as important advisors to his campaign

6. Accepted contributions from overseas people including Palestinians

7. Was endorsed by Hamas

8. Sat in pews for 20 years listening to a born again Christian pastor spewing hate for the country and a white liberation theology

Would be DEAD MEAT in these parts.

But Obama could do stuff just like that, and it's all fine. Not only fine, but woe on to anyone who should raise those "hateful" topics.

Anonymous said...

Obama said Joe the Plumber as many times as McCain. How about some "fair and balanced"?

Anonymous said...

On MORNING JOE last week, after Joe said something fair y favorable about McCain, Chuck Todd said "Don't you remember who signs your pay check?" or words to that affect. That explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

I just cant keep still.. how fucking stupid are you to post this?

Why on other occasions has Obama said we have 57 states and that he is a Muslim?

You really believe Obama thinks we have 57 states? Guess you think those "darkies" will believe anything when they isn't dancin' and jivin' and eatin watermelon and actin' uppity! Been reading Michele Malkin I see..
I stand by what I say.. the only excuse for posts like yours is RACISM PLAIN AND SIMPLE

Anonymous said...


I think that the racism is on the other foot.

For some reason, you seem to think that Obama should be treated differently than other candidates. It's like you demand "affirmative action" for him - an easier rode to the prize. Can't criticize him or you whip out the race card.

That is an implicit play of that card in and of itself.

Shame on you, you racist.

Anonymous said...

The racists in this contest are the black people. If Colin Powell supports Obama after being Republican all his life, then he, too, is a racist.

Obama supporters playing the race card are pitiful and it will not work. No one at white churches preaches hatred against blacks; no white person says "put one ovef on whitey", no one is theatneing other whites if they don't vote for McCain, and there are thousands of white people who wll vote for Obama and almost no black people.

Anonymous said...

11:48 I don't hear any of those racial slurs in my high school. In fact, I never heard of them until I read y our post. The only racial things I hear at school are blacks saying"I don't want to be like whitey."

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden thinks JOBS is a three letter word!

Anonymous said...

Obama would meet without preconditions with some of the world's worst tyrrants

Joe Biden thinks 'jobs' is a three letter word

Barack Obama thinks there are 57 states in America

Joe Biden thinks Franklin Roosevelt was President during the 1929 stock market crash

Joe Biden thinks Americans had television in 1929 and that President Franklin Roosevelt we on TV after the 1929 stock market crash

Joe Biden claims to frequent a restaurant that closed YEARS ago

Joe Biden, Judicial Committee Chairman for over a decade, doesn't know that the Vice President is President of the Senate

Joe Biden thinks Article I of the Constitution defines the Executive Branch

Obama claims to be against genocide, but financially supports Kenya's Odinga

Obama considers a plumber to be rich and wants to 'spread the wealth' to under achievers.

Sidney Condorcet said...

1:45pm, so Obama's agreed to meet Cheney and Bush without preconditions? Where'd you read this scandalous information?

Anonymous said...

2:18 Not only would Obama meet with them, he would "cave" and agree to their demands. He has already given in on spying on Americans, separation of church and state, drilling off shore and nuclear energy. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

You know, like he caved on campaign financing.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a friend to terrorists, and I don't just mean Ayers. Russia, Venezuela, and Iran are licking their chops at the thought of Obama's America.

I'm sad to say that 2008 will forever be known as the year America embraced socialism with the election of Barack Obama for President.

I might as well quit my job and ride the coat tails of people who work for a living.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Joe?

I want to know if this ACORN investigation by the DOJ/FBI is going to be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Righties tossing repub lies around because they can not win on the issues are not welcomed here.

Go away and think about all the mess you have caused to our once great nation.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if I'm welcome here. Just like an illegal alien being harbored in a liberal city, I'm here to stay...AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

KathTea Katastrophy said...

WTF! make Joe the Plumber shut up! He's not even a real plumber and his fucking name is SAMUEL!

PS: Obama only raises taxes for ppl who can afford it (eg John "I- have-7-houses-and-my-wife-wears-$300,000-outfits" McCain)

PPS: Middle class people will have tax burdens lifted by Obama

PPPS: Red necks are confused

PPPPS: Sarah Palin is an effing moose killer

Anonymous said...

PS: Only children use "PS"

Anonymous said...

1:12 I am a big animal right's person, as you seem to be. I am also for an unborn baby rights, and of course those babies who survive abortion. Obama is not and I think he eats meat.

"Joe Plumber" is a generic name for the people in the same economic category as the man Obama told he was going to distribute the wealth. Perhaps you've heard of "John Doe" -- same thing.

Anonymous said...

Both candidates were funny last night when they spoke at the banquet. Obama, as usual, demonstrated his sarcastic humour when he talked about Rudy's being in drag and then having the nerve to run for the Republican nominee. Obama said, he himself, has never worn lipstick, It sounded like a putdown at gays.

Anonymous said...

1:12 Obama was never a bona fide Professor. He was a "Senior Lecturer", not a Professor of Law. How has he gotten away with that elevation of status and lie?

Anonymous said...

Joe the plumber isn't a licensed plumber, may be registered to vote as a member of the Natural Law Party, owes back taxes, and seems to have no ability to make the business deal he is talking about. He isn't generic-- he's a real person here in Ohio who is simply a McCain plant. He's also done more press interviews than Sarah Palin.

On the other hand, we have "Joe Sixpack," who is a generic figure. So who is this guy? Lemme tell ya-- as you may know, there is an ounce of alcohol in a beer, which means that drinking a sixpack is the same as drinking six shots of booze.

So Joe Sixpack is a guy who works all day, then comes home, drinks a sixpack, and falls asleep on the couch. Every day.

In other words, in Sarah Palin's world, the average American worker is an alcoholic. How insulting to all of us. Someone should ask her about this-- except, of course, the press can't talk to her because she's is a coward. A coward to lead us.

For shame on her.


Prius said...

Joe the plumber was a "ringer" a setup. He owes back taxes, has no plans to "buy" the business and doesn't even have a licence. Why did he say that he would be making 250 to 275K, the very magic numbers he was prompted to ask.

Another Rove tactic.

Anonymous said...

If Obama can be so easily fooled by a Republican "ringer" and led into revealing his socialist agenda, and giving a strong talking point to McCain, hen I simply do not trust his judgment and ability not to be hoodwinked by every foreign leader he will have to deal with. He has no insight, intuition or "street smarts" at all, it would seem.

Anonymous said...

10:24 The man named Joe something or other, became the "generic" middle class workman during the last debate when Obama and McCain, both chose to speak to him about how their plans would help him. Whether the "real" man has earned his license yet, whether he inherited money he wishes to invest, whether he plans to save, is something that is his personal business and none of you can know. However, his remarks during the interviews have been more intelligent than most professional pundits.

Your opinion of the class of people Joe Sixpack generically represents is very condescending, insulting and elitist. Because one prefers beer to wine, poker to bridge, etc. is a matter of taste, not value or intelligence or any other admirable attribute.

No one has every said "Joe Sixpack" drinks all the beers at one sitting; he merely buys them in a six-pack.

And alcoholism has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol one can consume. At is a condition wherby one cannot "live" without the drug and must have a "fix" because the urge is unbearable.

By your standards for Palin, Obama is a coward too. He wouldn't have Town Hall meetings with McCain and won't appear on a number of talk shows who have invited him. And, he's reading scripts now all the time to avoid making a mistake.