Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Second Assassination of Trayvon Martin

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The only thing that could be worse than a presumably innocent 17-year-old boy being shot dead is the aftermath where police, gun enthusiasts, conservatives and racists attempt to smear the youth's reputation. The wholesale character assassination taking place is despicable but not unexpected. It's the typical "she was asking for it with that short skirt" defense. When all else fails, blame the victim.

I don't care if Trayvon Martin had a police record or not. Or if he was suspended from school or not. Or whether he smoked weed or not. Or that he was out at 10pm or 3am. He could've just held up a liquor store for all I care. And I don't care whether he threw the first punch at Zimmerman or not. In fact, Trayvon could've been the worst scum of the Earth (which he clearly wasn't) and none of that...let me repeat none of that...justifies Zimmerman stalking, confronting and killing Trayvon. We live in a society governed by the rule of law, not by vigilantes who play judge, jury and executioner.

On neighborhood-watch patrol, it could be argued that Zimmerman did his job by calling 911. It should've ended there. He was told to stop following the kid. He didn't. He then elected to put himself, and Trayvon, in harm's way. Florida's controversial Stand Your Ground law should not protect him. To the contrary, it protects people like Trayvon. It is Trayvon, unarmed, who apparently needed to 'stand his ground' after being menaced by an older man with a 9mm semi-automatic weapon strapped to his waist. Even if that meant throwing the first punch. It was his right to use deadly force after believing that Zimmerman was out to kill him.

Trayvon Martin has already been assassinated. The shameful second assassination taking place right now needs to stop.


Anonymous said...

You say we are a society governed by law and yet you want to make an exception for Zimmerman and not allow those same laws to protect him. You also think that Martin is free to assault and slam Zimmerman's head into the ground freely?
By the way, Florida Statute 784.048(stalking), doesn't fit the elements of the crime for Zimmerman's actions.

The Ostroy Report said...

Nice repetition of the common BS out there now...but the truth is, when cops took him in that night for questioning there were NO visible signs of bloody/broken nose, head slamming or any other injuries. Why do you still espouse this crap in the face of the facts?

Anonymous said...

The funeral director said the only wounds on Martin's body were from the shooting. He did not have any other marks, which means he was not involved in a fight with Zimmerman, WHO WAS ORDERED BY THE POLICE NOT TO FOLLOW MARTIN, WHICH MEANS THE 'HOLD YOUR GROUND' LAW DOES NOT APPLY, AND THAT ZIMMERMAN WAS INDEED STALKING MARTIN!!!