Friday, October 12, 2007

Ostroy to Discuss Ad on Friday's "Hardball with Chris Matthews"

On Wednesday took a full page ad in the New York Times with the headline "An Open Letter to Al Gore" in which the organization issued an impassioned plea to the former vice president to enter the 2008 presidential election:

..."Mr. Vice President, there are times for politicians and times for heroes. America and the Earth need a hero right now, someone who will transcend politics
as usual and bring real hope to our country and to the world. Please rise to this challenge, or you and millions of us will live forever wondering what might have been."

The ad, as expected, has garnered a great deal of media attention. As someone who's frequently written about the prospect of a Gore campaign, I've been asked by founder Monica Friedlander to represent them on the MSNBC program "Hardball with Chris Matthews." I'm scheduled to appear today (Friday 10/12), but as always these things can change last minute. "Hardball" airs live on MSNBC at 5PM EST and is repeated at 7PM EST.

Tune in if you can....


Joisey Dago said...

Would'nt you know I would be traveling when one of my favorite bloggers appears on my favorite show. Im sure gonna try to view the show Andy.....Good Luck

The Joisey Dago

Christopher said...

Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize!
Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize!
Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you, Andy! Have a wonderful time. I will be watching and cheering you on!

Anonymous said...

Go get em, Andy!

Anonymous said...

I was sorry I didn't get to sign the petition which had, I think, 136,000 signatures. That's just a fraction of those who want Gore to run. The pundits this a.m. are saying that he won't sacrifice his now elevated position as a Nobel winner to open himself up to the slander that happenes in a presidential race. They say that would weaken his position as a leader against global warming. I hope, however, that Gore can be convinced that he can save the world more easily from his position as President.

Christopher said...

Meanwhile, CNN, the C.onservative N.ews N.etwork, is reporting "anonymous sources" inside the Gore camp are saying the former Vice President won't run for president because he can't take on Hillary's machine at this late juncture.

To that, I say bullshit.

Democrats are desperate for him to run and desperate for anyone but, Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em AO. Let's see if you are proven right about Gore. Still haven't heard the "I will not run if nominated and will not serve if elected. ". It may be a longshot, but stranger things have happened.

Panda said...

You were great, Andy! Mark Green on the other hand does us absolutely no favors by speaking out on behalf of Air America or Democrats. Matthews, as usual, was a moron. They don't get the fact that when Gore announces, MILLIONS will immediately flow into his coffers and he already has grassroots activists out here ready to do all the footwork.
Your responses were perfect. It IS the right time for Al Gore. Run, Al, RUN!

Anonymous said...

Andy, BRAVO. You were wonderful. I was so impressed with your authoritative presence and the clarity of your remarks. It would be to our advantage if you had your own nationwide, primetime TV show on which to represent Liberals. How can that be accompoished?

Christopher said...

“I still think there’s a 25 percent chance that Al Gore gets in. I don’t think it’s too late.” - Democratic strategist James Carville, quoted by The Examiner

Unknown said...

Andy I have been pulling for Al to get in for a long time. It is getting close to a point of either you know what or get off the pot.
In any case, it is imperative to get this gang that can't shoot straight out of the White House. It is also time to make sure the Dems don't indulge in self destructive behavior as they are often prone to do.
Fortuneatly when it comes to self destructive behavior it is hard to outdo the GOP!

Anonymous said...

Al "The Sky is Falling" Gore needs to get a pair of red suspenders if he really wants to impress the world. I think if Al "The Sky is Falling" Gore got said suspenders, he would win the Democrat primary and lose the Presidential election again. Dicky Neely looks good in red suspenders, so why wouldn't Owl Bore?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you will be speaking on behalf of all of us Gore supporters! I'll be watching.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats,
Please stop trying to insult our friends in Turkey. Pushing a resolution regarding the Ottoman Empire and its actions against Armenians almost 100 years ago is not urgent in today's political spectrum.

I understand that 'non-binding resolutions' are the only arrows in the Democrat quiver, but it is better to do nothing and continue the Democrat trend of 'do nothing' with the Legislative Branch controlled by Democrats.

Is there nothing of substance that the Democrats can do in any other area of legislation? Why is this useless (non-binding) resolution so important at this time?

Terri said...

Good luck, Andy. I will be watching.

And, of course, Al Gore is running for President. He has already posted 3 position statement videos on the new

I can't wait for the formal announcement!

Anonymous said...

I read my Blackberry on Friday morning and thanks for your heads up email I set my DVR for the show. We were out of town for the weekend so I got to play it on Monday evening. Andy, you should be on TV, you are fantastic, you really are.

I noticed that Chris let you talk and that's very rare. You had your act together and advanced to the cause.

How about giving us all a bio on how you get to rub elbows with these well known people. I think there is more to you then we know of, please share with us.



Anonymous said...

Gore can't run for President because there is Global Warming on Mars. Someone please strap a superman cape to Owl Bore so he can fly out to Mars and save our sister planet from SUV driving Martians.

Anonymous said...

[Nelson laugh on]
ha ha
[Nelson laugh off]
Gore is not running! Ostroy, you are lame! What's your next prediction? Do yourself a favor and stick to Global Warming Alarmism, it fits you better.

Gore rules out presidential run after Nobel prize

Oct 17 10:12 AM US/Eastern

Former US vice president Al Gore said Wednesday that his Nobel Peace Prize triumph had not altered his intention to stay out of the 2008 presidential race.

But Gore could still shake up the Democratic Party nomination by endorsing a candidate other than front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Speculation following the peace prize announcement last week that Gore would run was quashed he told Norwegian broadcaster NRK: "I don't have plans to be a candidate again, so I don't really see it in that context at all."

Anonymous said...

I predict that in November 2008 the Democrats will win the WH and Congress in a LANDSLIDE!

I also predict that right after the election you will see a ton of stories, finally, about how the Bush crime family has runied this country.

I also predict that the right wing nuts will keep showing how stupid they are by writing crap like the last two idiots.

Good on you Andy, you have the Republicans on the run.

Anonymous said...

poor Al Gore. He is such a tool.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Gore is a French Tickler.

Granny said...

It appears as if they're still collecting signatures. I signed up.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore on youtube!!