Sunday, October 21, 2007

Soul-Selling Repugs Continue to Pander to Shrinking Evangelical Base

Forget that we're embroiled in a disastrous war that's killed almost 4000 U.S. soldiers. Forget that the economy still struggles with anemic job creation and consumer confidence, record debt, inflation concerns, skyrocketing fuel costs, weak housing and credit markets, and fears of recession. Forget that 45-million Americans are without health insurance. Forget that our public education system is in shambles. Forget that so many God-fearing "values" Repugs have been rocked by salacious scandal. Because according to evangelicals, the most pressing problems in America today remain whether or not two homosexuals should marry, or whether a woman should have the legal right to an abortion. Or whether a bunch of testosterone-starved neanderthals should have the right to play with firearms. Guns, God and gays. Despite a nation in crisis, it's all these narrow-minded religious fanatics have ever been concerned with, and it's all they ever will . And the pack of GOP presidential hopefuls has been literally tripping over each other in pandering to these right-wing extremists in a bid for their 2008 support. It's a pathetic sight to see.

These flip-flopping opportunists are selling their souls to the devil for a few votes. If you listen to Mitt Romney, Rudy Julie-Annie, Fred Thompson and John McCain, you'd think all they do is sit around in church all day. At the Values Voters Summit in Washington last week, the candidates shamelessly dropped their drawers to appear more fanatical than the next. They couldn't have sounded more right-wing extremist if they tried. And to some people, it apparently worked. The NY Times on Saturday quoted Merrily Crowe, an evangelical from Tennessee, who was moved by McCain's emotional, Jesus-coated Vietnam anecdote about compassionate prison guards and crosses. Prior to McCain's hallelujah performance, Crowe had ruled him out because of ideological differences. "When I listened to him, the thought occurred to me for the first time that I'd consider voting for him," Crowe said. Sure, all it takes for some of these lost souls is one little tear-jerker about a crucifix in the ground and they're quick to toss out every socio-economic issue they stand for. Jesus saves.....

Thankfully, the statistics show that the evangelical movement is much smaller and less influential than in '04 and '00 and getting smaller every day. To be sure, that they are on the verge of splitting from the GOP and considering propping up a 3rd party candidate is a solid indication of this trend. But no ones's apparently told the pack of '08 Repugs. Guns, God and gays. They love the way it sounds. It's like a drug to them. They just can't help themselves from pandering to this radical fringe no matter how insignificant and obsolete it's become. They remain, simply and somewhat surprisingly, utterly out of touch with most of America. And that's a great thing for the Democrats in '08.

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Unknown said...

Would that the right wingers, who claim they are "strict constructionists" concerning the constitution, don't pay more attention to Thomas Jefferson who admonished that the wall between church and state should forever be maintained.

Anonymous said...

Democrats will destroy the economy with increased taxes on the producers of America. Democrats want to take money from producers and give it to people who only know how to consume.

Democrats don't care about America, they only want the power. Democrats are willing to give up all of America's interests in pursuit of more power. Look at the Democrat attempt to insult our biggest democratic ally in the middle east for a recent example of Democrats trying to submarine America.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Republicans are pathetic as they trip over each other pandering.

I also believe the Democrats are just as pathetic as they make promise after promise of entitlements without any explanation of how the new entitlements will be paid for.

Hillary can't go 2 days without promising a voting demographic something from somebody else's wallet.

Anonymous said...

Aw, let them have their rapture. They display the very un-Christ-like "christian" values of hate, bigotry, and the celebration of death and destruction. I'm especially thinking of "Assassinator" Robertson and his mob, Coulter, Rush "Junkie" Limbaugh, their collateral marketers and followers.

While they rebrand the satanic as "christian", their "rapture" is sure to turn out to mean blowing goats in hell.

Which sounds fair.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Andy, Everything you have written is true and it is time for the country to wake up and see the damage and danger that "values" group has wrought. The weird thing, too, is that Christians are told to go into the closet and pray in secret, and not to howl and make self-righteous noise like the Pharisees. These people don't come near to practicing the principles they claim to purport.
Jimmy Carter left that group because of it's disregard for women. That stand against women is one reason Hillary will never get their vote. Women and apparently children have no value among them else they would have supported the healthcare program Bush vetoed.

Anonymous said...

As usual, politicians of minority heritage break new group via the Republican party.

congratulations to Louisiana

"Republican Representative Bobby Jindal was elected as governor of Louisiana on Saturday. He is the first American governor of Indian ancestry, and is also the youngest governor in the United States.

Jindal won with 54% of the vote compared to his Democrat opponent, Walter Boasso, with just 18% of the vote. Jindal will replace Gov. Kathy Blanco ... the Democrat known for her "genius" recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina. He won on the conservative promises of stopping political corruption, cutting taxes and improving government schools.

What really happened here is that the voters of Louisiana realized, after Katrina, what a horrible mistake they had made putting Blanco in office in the first place. There's nothing like a crisis to showcase incompetence ... and Blanco came off looking like a disorganized fool."

Louisiana is starting to clean house. This is great news for the country. Now if they can only get rid of the CORRUPT WILLIAM JEFFERSON

PREDICTION: The racist Democrats will come out against the first Indian American Governor in an attempt to downplay the political loss.

Democrats everywhere are yearning for the old days when they were hosing down black people on the streets of America.


Anonymous said...

Andy, I remember the good old days when Neal's rantings were deleted. Why the tolerance lately?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:49 am,
Can't you compete in a free marketplace of ideas?

Do you have a problem with the first Indian American Governor? He received 54% of the vote versus 18% for the Democrat. The people of Louisiana have spoken and I would expect Democrats to celebrate the spirit of a democratic republic.

Do you want the corrupt William Jefferson to remain in power because he is a Democrat?

I know that for you power may be more important than ethics, but just admit your token outrage next time you complain about corruption on the 'other' side of the isle.

Are you ashamed that Democrats were fire hosing blacks?

Facts are facts. In case you need the reminder, it was also the Democrats that were pro-slavery.

Anonymous said...

11:49 -- You so obviously use the heretofore effective and devious Republican ploy of changing the subject after some serious fault has been exposed. You have habitually done this, deliberatly changing the subject of the article written by Andy and cluttering this blog with your irrevelant harangues. I suspect few bother to read and fewer still to respond. You are just a nuisance and irritant. Stick to your own kind. Find a Republican blog. Or if you can't resist annoying, at least stick to the subject.

Anonymous said...

As a Democrat, left-wing liberal, Christian and gun-owner (sorry, did I not fit your stereotype? is the party big enough for me too?), I wonder when we on the left are going to try to have a different conversation than the one we have been having since the 80's. Because it's not a conversation anymore, it just sounds like shrill buzz-words, and tired ones at that.

Anonymous said...

The Democrat part was not big enough to hold a moderate like Joe Lieberman. There is only room in the DNC left for the loons and those who want government social services paid for by people other than themselves.

Anonymous said...

Oh, hey in case you missed the "different conversation" part of my comment, please keep your tired "Nanny State" nonsense to yourself, too. Unless of course you fight your own house fires and pave your own roads.

Anonymous said...

Good comback, jbj, and you pointed out something they just don't get: they can't do it alone. They don't pave their own roads, or save their houses from fires. Even David Brooks wrote in a recent column: "... the individual is a part of a social organism and thrives only within the attachments to family, community and nation that precede choice." The concept of the use and purpose of government is developed in his article. How did the majority of the current Republicans become so cocky with delusions of grandeur that they hate government and the idea of our being a cohesive society.

By the way to 3:44. Lieberman has always been more Republican than Democrat. He voted for the Daddy's invasion of Iraq, too. He had to pretend to be a Dem to get elected in CT. just like Romney put on an act in MA. They are both unprincipled.

Anonymous said...

11:54 PM,
You are an idiot. The Founding Fathers also hated government. Liberals think government is what makes America great. Libertarians think American citizens and the Constitution make America great.

Speaking of a tired old conversation: the ony thing Liberals have as a platform is bashing a Lame Duck and promising to take money from hard working successful people and giving it to union schmucks that can't do anything by themselves.

Anonymous said...

8"59 and the rest of you who agree with him, read the Huffington Report today.

Anonymous said...

Huffington Report == a bunch of Hollywood elites blabbering

Anonymous said...

1:49 FYI: Elite or elites: A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status. American Heritage Dictionary

The "Huffington" elites enjoy all of the abovementioned attributes. Read her Report and learn.

Anonymous said...

5:37 PM,
FYI - The origin of the word "Democrat":

"... the term "democrat" originated as an epithet and referred to 'one who panders to the crude and mindless whims of the masses.'"

Democrats today enjoy all of the above mentioned attributes.

Anonymous said...

9:21 By your personalized definition of democrat you show how much you hate our democracy i.e., America. That explains your rabid hosility to this blog. I suppose you or your relatives were not among "the huddled masses yearning to breathe free ... " who were thrilled by the first sight of the Statue of Liberty. You are one of few, thank God.

Anonymous said...

If you know how to read, you can look into a book to confirm the fact that the word "democrat" originated as an epithet and referred to 'one who panders to the crude and mindless whims of the masses'.

If you know what an ISBN is, you will find: Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation (ISBN: 9780375705243)

BTW, today's Democrats hate America. Oh and by the way, America is not a democracy - it's a Republic. The founding fathers also hated the idea of democracy because it means 'mob rule'. This is why we have representatives.

My relatives came to America in the 1660's, fought in many wars that helped America become a country including fighting for the North during the Civil War. In case you need a reminder, during the Civil War, it was the Democrats that fought for slavery.

Anonymous said...

Once AGAIN, Joe Biden (Democrat) makes racist comments:

Biden attempted to explain why some schools perform better than others -- in Iowa, for instance, compared with the District of Columbia. "There's less than 1 percent of the population of Iowa that is African American. There is probably less than 4 or 5 percent that are minorities. What is in Washington? So look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you're dealing with," Biden said. He went on to discuss the importance of parental involvement in reading to children and how "half this education gap exists before the kid steps foot in the classroom.""

and as usual, there is no outrage from the Ostroy Gaggle of Libiots

Anonymous said...

11:42 I read FOUNDING BROTHERS: THE REVOLUTIONARY GENERATION when it was required reading for my high school history class. I loved the litte vignettes. I especially liked the one about the Burr-Hamilton duel.

Since the word "democrat" means one who practices social equility, it was used as an epithet by "snobs" to make a political point, much as democrats are called "traitors" now when the Republicans wish to score politically.

"Democracy means rule of the people. The two most common forms of democracy are direct democracy and representative democracy. A representative democracy is a form of republic" but it is not a reputlic. We have a representative democracy. See W.P.Meyers whm I have quoted and paraphrased. You've been fooled by Ron Paul's stupid argument against democracy. Even Bush says we're spreading democracy to Iraq.

England, sent a lot of criminals to this continent in the colonial days, as Cuba has sent its criminals to America recently. I'm sure your relatives were upstanding immigrants, however. Since you're so proud, I presume your Northern relatives were not evil Carpetbaggers.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us what the Democrats have accomplished in any area of legislation since they have controlled the Legislative branch?
Liberals like to claim that Bush should have prevented 9/11 in his first 8 months, without infringing on the terrorist's civil rights; yet the Democrats have not accomplished a single thing, in any area of concentration during their first 10 months.
I guess that I can stand slightly corrected. The minimum wage was raised for everybody except Nancy Pelosi's Somoa Tuna constituents. Pelosi's friends in the Tuna industry needed the money more than the workers did anyway.
Oh yeah, there was probably a shady Harry Reid land deal or three as well.
The Democrats have all but admitted to lying about ending the war in Iraq. That was just a boat load of empty campaign promises to the liberal moonbat conspiracy theorists. None of the Democrat candidates for Presidency will even pledge to remove the troops before the end of their potential first term.
The Democrats couldn't even successfully insult our largest Democratic ally in the Middle East. They tried to make it harder to get supplies into Iraq by insulting Turkey, but they failed at that too.
Things are improving in Iraq and the surge is working so far. Liberals must hate it when American body counts are not climbing fast enough for their political agenda.