Friday, October 26, 2007

Repug ChickenHawks Step Up the Tough-Guy Talk on Iran. But Will They Send Their Sons and Daughters this Time?

To listen to President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and the leading Republican presidential contenders for 2008 you’d think these guys actually believe they know what the hell they’re talking about when it comes to foreign policy and military matters. But after having been one-bazillion percent wrong on just about every detail leading up to the Iraq invasion and the ensuing occupation, here they go yet again, this time beating their reckless, delusional war drums over Tehran. Will they ever learn? Or more importantly, will we?

In the past week, the draft-dodging Bush chillingly warned that a confrontation with Iran over WMD could drag us all into WWIII, while his snake-oil salesman Cheney chomped his venomous teeth into yet another macho man-wannabe warning to "the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism" that it faces "serious consequences" if it builds its nuclear arsenal. "We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon," snarled Dr. Evil. Just like we took care of Saddam’s deadly WMD arsenal, right Dick?

And then there are the ’08 hopefuls, all jockeying for position in the "I’m the toughest tough guy” contest. Hoping to win first-prize, former NYC Mayor and front runner Rudy Julie-Annie has said "it’s a promise, not a threat" that the U.S. will do whatever necessary, including using military force, to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. And one-upping the cross-dressing hawk was former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who on Thursday, claiming the threat from Iran as so grave, said he’d be willing to use a military blockade or "bombardment of some kind" to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. I’d love to ask the war-mongering, God-fearing, uber-patriot Romney if the threat is so grave that he’d urge his five privileged Ralph Lauren model look-alike sons to suit up and take arms to defend America, or is he suggesting that as with Iraq only our sons and daughters fight this fight too. If the mainstream media had an ounce of balls in that empty sack of theirs they’d ask him--and the rest of these Princes of Deferment--that very question every time they even remotely ratchet up the "let’s invade Iran" rhetoric. But they won’t. And I suppose the self-righteous Stormin’ Mormon will be allowed instead to continue espousing his nonsensical claim that his red-blooded, able-bodied, square-jawed Anglo-Saxon prodigies are serving this great nation by helping out his chicken hawk dad on the campaign trail.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and smell the $4 Starbucks coffee. Are we going to stop these irresponsible maniacs from leading America down another lethal road of more hatred, more bloodshed and more chaos? Ya know the old expression, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. These dangerous old men--overgrown ‘tweens who never got over playing army--are fucking with real human lives here. So, what are we gonna do about the "mushroom cloud" gang this time?

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Anonymous said...

No, they do not plan to send their sons; and, the citizens of American will probably not protest until the draft is once again enacted. Of course, Bush will never do that; he'll use every last life available through volunteers, and if we're in a war at the time of the next election. the dirty duty of draft enactment will be the new President's job. On the other hand, if this administration plans to "nuke" them that will probably mean the end of life on earth. We simply cannot live through that kind of destruction and pollution, not to mention the degradation of the human spirit.

I think the only hope would be for the men and woman now fighting to simply lay down their weapons and go on a strike; and for no one else to enlist in the armed services until there's sanity back in the leadership of our government.

That won't happen of course so -- really -- what can be done. We are in a hopless situation.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is not saying it Andy---give credit where its due man!

Anonymous said...

You are 100% asshole. What do you suggest doing about Iran? Do you think it is acceptable for a country like Iran to be in possession of nuclear weapons? Iran's leadership has openly stated that wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Iran funds the Hezbollah terror organization.
The Europeans have been trying to negotiate with the Iranians, but have not succeeded in any way.
I'm NOT saying we should go to war with Iran. I think our history with Iran since Truman, Roosevelt, Dulles, Eisenhower, and the CIA initiated Operation Ajax has been utterly tragic.
Ostroy, you offer nothing but insults and mud slinging. Instead of throwing stones, maybe you can spark a discussion with all the 'progressive' thinkers on this blog that will solve the problem for all of us. You seem to know all the answers in hindsight. How about coming up with a solution.

We all pretty much know a Democrat is going to win the White House in 2008. If you were an honest blogger, you might try discussing your party's position on Iran's terror ties and their quest to join the nuclear club. Attacking the Republican candidates is like attacking the NY Mets, they are already done.

Anonymous said...

You are going to vote for Hillary, who is in favor of labeling Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. To quote Hillary, "We must work to check Iran's nuclear ambitions and its support of terrorism, and the sanctions announced today strengthen America's diplomatic hand in that regard"

As usual, you ignore the liberal hands in the cookie jar and concentrate only on the conservatives.

At least you are good at throwing stones.

Anonymous said...

This article certainly hit a nerve with the Repugs who've resonded. Maybe, somewhere in the brainwashed recesses of their brains, they realize how dangerous. deceitful and deranged the thinking is in this administration. Congratulations, Ostroy. You've reached even them. There may be hope for the world after all.

Anonymous said...

These mutants have always been with us, from the very beginnings of our nation, darkening it's vision, corrupting it's promise, twisting it's good works to evil purpose, creating hatred and fear and living off of it like vampires. And they have the reigns. God save us all.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love anonymous snipers? Such courage. These are no doubt folks who take full advantage of the freedoms better people have bought, wear their American flags on their lapels without fail, but NEVER speak or be concerned about actual troopers, much less go visit one who had lost his/her appendages. Facing up to your "convictions" would be far too courageous. Probably works in the Beltway, too.

Anonymous said...

Dave. Try to understand than signing your blog "Dave" is no more relvealing that "Anonymous". Can you see that? We know no more about you/Dave than we know about any Anonymous at this site. And who are those "anonymous" people you're sniping at? The only people I know who have no concern for the wounded soldiers are those in the Bush administration that neglected them at Walter Reade. I suuupose we could add those in this administration who didn't see to it that our soldiers had the proper equipment; or those who won't allow them the leave and rest from combat they were promised; and, perhaps those keeping them in a fighting situation they were not trained for and that sets them up as easy targets. And how did invading Iraq preserve our freedom?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - good point - by the way, it's Walter Reed, Einstein.

Anonymous said...

Dave -- If Einstein were no better typist than I, he might have made the same typo mistake. There were two other typos even more glaring that you missed. So much for your acuity.

Karen, I totally agree with you and I'm shocked at the women flocking to support Hillary. Although, on PBS I heard women say they were really voting for Bill, which is just as disappointing. No matter which one they're voting for, Hillary cannot be elected president and we're going to lose again because of party supidity.

Anonymous said...

Didn't miss 'em, Short Bus Boy - you just made it too easy. Since Walter Reed was indeed a true hero and patriot (and an intellect, which is why you didn't know how to spell Reed), I thought it would be well for you to at least be aware of that one. Glad we bought your freedom of speech, though -

Rich Miles said...

Andy: Good points. Seriously.

Now please, fix the HTML error in your article headers. It's been driving me nuts for months.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can assume is that RON PAUL SUPPORTERS WANT TO DESTROY SOCIAL SECURITY. If you are young, you are being fed a bunch of lies about Social Security. And if you are young, you better plan on being rich enough to take care of your parents, grandparents and other huring relatives. We will be going back to the poor houses of the 1930s which is how life was here in the USA before Social Security.
Ron Paul is not telling the whole truth!!!!

Anonymous said...

THEIR GOVERNMENT AT WORK --> The future of US Healthcare
Brits in record numbers go abroad for health care
Long waiting lists, substandard treatment, increasing threat from hospital superbugs

Posted: October 28, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2007

Filmmaker Michael Moore praises the UK's National Health Service as a model for the U.S. in his latest film, "Sicko," but record numbers of British citizens have apparently not seen the movie and are going abroad and paying out of their own pockets to obtain better health care.

More than 70,000 Britons will have treatment abroad this year, the London Sunday Telegraph reported, a number that is forecast to rise to 200,000 by 2010.

In the first survey of its kind in the UK, Britons said long waits for treatment by the NHS and fears of the growing hospital-infection crisis were the primary reasons they chose to seek medical care elsewhere.

India is the most popular destination for surgery, followed by Hungary, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, Poland and Spain. According to the survey conducted by Treatment Abroad, "health tourists" from the UK travel to 48 countries.

The NHS is coming under increased criticism for its failure to provide health care. Cases of the superbug Clostridium difficile have increased 500 percent in the last 10 years and are expected to climb above the 55,000 cases reported in 2006.

Long waiting periods for surgery have imposed a de facto rationing system on medical treatment. Last month, a British man was told he did not qualify for a simple surgery because he was a smoker.

Costs for the NHS have risen due to increased bureaucracy that prevents nurses from seeing patients and increased compensation to general practitioners that have seen their earnings rise over 50 percent in the last three years.

Health tourists are courted on the Internet by foreign doctors and hospitals that offer consultations online or with agents in the UK. Cost of a heart-bypass operation in India, including the flight and hotel, are less than half what the same would cost at a private British hospital. The shortage of dentists in Britain is being met by dentists in Hungary.

"The confidence that the public has in NHS hospitals has been shattered by the growth of hospital infections and this government's failure to make a real commitment to tackling it," said Katherine Murphy, of the Patients' Association. "People are simply frightened of going to NHS hospitals, so I am not surprised the numbers going abroad are increasing so rapidly. My fear is that most people can't afford to have private treatment – whether in this country or abroad."

In the survey, almost all of those who obtained treatment abroad said they would do it again.

Anonymous said...

If we can believe Dave's "report" then surely the Brits who travel out of their country for medical treatment must be competing with the huge number of Americans for space in hospitals in other countries. An embarrassing number of Americans find it necessary to go overseas where they can afford the healthcare they need.

Perhaps Dave should credit the old "American know-how" and concede that Americans could design and run a very effective universal healthcare program. Or is it that he has no such regard for American intelligence?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that it comes as no surprise, but the Democrats were awful during last night's debate. Hillary, of course, has never answered a question honestly. At least the other two, Obama and Mr. Haircut, challenged Hillary on her lies.

Unfortunately, we are once again in the situation where the DNC will not offer anybody of substance that this registered Democrat can vote for.

I wish we had a Truman or John Kennedy in the DNC. At this point, I'd even settle for a Lieberman. Its an easy prediction that I will be attacked by the moonbats for suggesting that the current gaggle of dems is too far left.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is Republican lite. Dowd was great last night as was Biden; and, Edwards has always been a
viable prospect and would be a good president. There is no such thing as "Too far left". That's what the Democratic party is: LEFT. The Repbulican party is RIGHT>

Anonymous said...

There is such thing as "too far left" if you believe in small government, minimal taxation, and maximum civil liberties.

I concede the point that I will not find t his in the Democrat party.

Anonymous said...

3:16 You sound like a Republican or at the very least a Republican lite. Why don't you switch, if you are, in truth, a Democrat? There is nothing wrong with our government and it needs to be the size required to make it the magnificent country it once was and can be again. And, taxes are a necessity of life in a democracy. Taxes pay for the necessitiies and comforts and conveniences that give us the high standard of living we had before Bush came into office. Taxes are akin to the dish each chruch family brings to a church supper to contribute to the success of the gathering. Each brings what he can. THe whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Taxes protect our civil liberties which are an almost exclusively Democratic Party priority.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:57 pm,
"There is nothing wrong with our government ..."

You must be part of the 16% of the country that thinks Congress (controlled by Democrats) is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

9:03 I mean "our government" as provided for by our CONSTITUTION. I do not mean "our government" as hideously distorted by the Bush administration.

Anyone can sing "The Stars Spangled Banner" but not everyone can sing it beautifully or even musically correct.

Surely you see the difference.

Anonymous said...

10:37 am,
It may surprise you, but none of the entitlement programs on the Democrat agenda is in the constitution.

If you are so proud of the US Constitution, you may want to consider changing to the Libertarian party. I doubt you will do that since you are a liberal, who probably wants government handouts.

Anonymous said...

10:37 The Constitution says the Legislature can enact laws: that includes social security and all the other humane programs to keep the weakest among us strong so our streets don't look like those of Calcutta and our capacity for humane governing doesn't look like the reign of Satan. If you have the capacity, imagine yourself in another's shoes; and, if you have the brains, imagine a country where the discriminated against, poor, disabled, out-of-work all lived and died in the streets.

Anonymous said...

Democrats earmarked $11.8 Billion in defense spending last week. The Pentagon has stated that it does not need this earmark.

I thought that Democrats wanted to stop the war machine. Instead, they are cramming $11.8 Billion into the Pentagon to make good on their corrupt corporate obligations from the previous election campaign.

What the Hell are our Democrats doing?? They should spend the $11.8 Billion that the Pentagon doesn't want on some of the other entitlements that they've already promised to the poor, poor, pitiful poor that liberals are always crying about.

Where's the liberal outrage against the Democrats that spent this money?

Democrats only want power. They will even vote for Hillary Clinton to get power. Hillary still has not released over 2 million documents that detail her 'experience' that she keeps touting.

The Bush->Clinton->Bush->Clinton tyranny will continue

Anonymous said...

Thank You Hollywood Strikers!!,

The Movie Industry is one of the biggest contributors to Global Warming in California. It's actually right behind the meat eating industry and oil.

The longer we are without Hollywood people, the better we are.

go Strikers!

Anonymous said...

Once again we have more proof that the Hillary Clinton administration is going to be just as secretive, if not more secretive, than the current (and previous) administrations.

If Americans want real change in politics, Hillary Clinton is NOT the answer

Where is the outrage from the ever-shrinking Ostroy audience? Democrats never seem to care when their party is caught in corruption or deceitful practices.


Anonymous said...

12:14 Ostroy's auddience is shrinking because he doesn't write frequently enough. He's still in mourning I'm sure.

I am a Democrat and believe what you say about Hillary to be true. She is not our best candidate for the presidency. But, her character shines as a beacon of hope when compared with that of that derelict, Rudy. To get Pat Robinson's support Rudy agreed to appoint a Supreme Court judge who would abolish a woman's right to choosewhich is a principle Rudy has said he supported and has benefited from when he was running for office in NY. How on earth can we trust a man who is so obviously, publicly and dispicably an opportunist? A man such as he with no principle at all would make a deal with a forgein power to take over America, if it would benefit him.

The Ostroy Report said...

Ok, time for Ostroy to chime in here. Been crazy busy putting together the Adrienne Shelly Foundation's inaugural fundraising gala and Ebay auction, both of which are tomorrow night (Monday Nov 12). The gala is in NYC, and will feature music by Alanis Morissette, and a reading of Adrienne's script THE MORGAN STORIES, featuring Edie Falco, Matt Dillon, Mary-Louise Parker, Ally Sheedy, Gina Gershon, Jason Patric and others. The auction runs athrough next Sunday ( I am also busy producing SERIOUS MOONLIGHT, a script Adrienne wrote after WAITRESS, which is directed by Cheryl Hines and shoots in LA in 3 weeks. We will soon be announcing an amazing cast. As for politics, my Republican pals will be pleased to know that in just another week or two I will be able to get back to much more frequent writing. I know how much you guys miss me when I'm gone. And to my terrific Lib loyalists, who've always stood by me patiently during this past year of tragedy, thanks for the support...and see ya soon.

Anonymous said...


A man as had been feeling cocky,
Decided to kill an Iraqi,
"It´s for his benefit" quoth he
And those around him did agree.

It turned the killing went so bad
And everybody got real mad,
Soon all the victim´s neighborhood
Were targeted and gone for good.

Some people said unto the fellow
(While he proclaimed the worth of Jell-O),
"That which you did is wrong, and you
Should go to jail for what you do."

Soon there appeared a crowd, not great
But loud, called the electorate,
It clamored thus: "Good fellow, we
Pronounce you fit for candidacy."

Anonymous said...

What a stupid STRAWMAN argument. This is not ancient history where parents arrange marriages for their kids or force them off to war.

Each kid has a choice to join or not. The parents do not make this choice for their kids (politician or not).

To ask if politicians are going to "send" their sons and daughters is the usual non-thinking liberal bilge non-argument. Can you imagine the headline "Bush Forces Daughters to Join Military"? Stupid.

By the way, I am proud to say my son is in the USMC. However, that was his choice not mine.

Anonymous said...

Doctors who perform abortions should have to send their sons and daughters to the baby grinders!

Anonymous said...

Please...Senator Obama said that he did not think the comment made by Senator Clinton was meant to be racial in nature. He went on to say that she had worked for civil rights. The media and other activists fueled this flame.

He did say that her comment was interesting in that she did not see the power that hope and dreams play in making something a reality.