Friday, August 24, 2012

Republicans Taking a Cue From the Great Richard Pryor?

It's one of Richard Pryor's best bits: a woman catches her man and another woman having sex. In a moment of supreme male arrogance he says "Are you gonna believe me or your lyin' eyes!?" Welcome to the 2012 Republican campaign strategy.

This is the year of unprecedented GOP hypocrisy, distortion, deception, dishonesty and lies. And it's all about what they say not what they actually do:

-They claim to care about the poor and middle class yet seek the smallest government possible through massive cuts to low and middle income Americans while giving massive tax cuts to the rich

-They claim Obamacare is "socialism" and a "government takeover" of health care, yet it puts 30-million new policies in the hands of private insurance companies  

-They claim to be patriots concerned with national security and then shamefully Swift Boat Obama over Osama bin Laden's killing, saying he had nothing to do with it (remember John Kerry's "fake" medals?)

-They promise to protect, preserve and save Medicare as they plot to destroy it

-They claim to be "for women" yet consistently legislate against them and show them nothing but contempt through their views on workplace equality, abortion, contraception and rape

-They pander to Hispanics as they seek to build a fence around Mexico and deport 14-million immigrants

-They abhor the subject of sex yet are more obsessed with what takes place in a vagina than a gynecologist 

-They claim to value education yet compare student loans to Stage 3 cancer; seek huge cuts in school lunches, Head Start and in hiring teachers

-They claim to be concerned about the environment as they passionately work to end government regulation of polluters

-They claim to support equality and civil rights yet obsessively seek to prevent gays from fucking up marriages as much as they do (50% of "straight" marriages end in divorce)

-They say they champion minorities, yet have conspired, with the help of the courts, to enact Draconian voter ID laws to disenfranchise them and prevent them from voting

-They claim to be for religious freedom but impose their extremist doctrine on everyone else

-They claim to be deficit hawks yet support the Ryan budget which adds roughly $1.5 trillion annually

-They claim to be the party of "values" as they discuss "forcible rape" and "legitimate rape"

-They pretend to support science (a la Todd Akin on the House Science Committee) as they espouse VoodooSpeak about magic vagina-juice which kills rapist sperm

-They self-righteously demand Akin quit the race as they're simultaneously adopting a party platform which supports his positions

-They distance themselves from Akin and condemn his statements yet have co-sponsored (Ryan) two bills with him redefining rape and abortion

-They make stump speeches about running honest campaigns while they're lying about things such as President Obama's alleged "You didn't build it" comment 

Hypocrisy. Distortion. Deception. Dishonesty. Lies. Should be the Romney/Ryan bumper-sticker.

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