Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters

Dear Bernie Supporters:
Enough with the "rigged system" claims. Please. The system is not rigged. Or corrupt. Or disenfranchising any of you. Last time I checked, you guys are all over the place 24/7. On TV, at rallies, in the voting booth. You've made Bernie Sanders what he is today: a major contender. But make no mistake: there's simply not enough of you. That's it. No vast left wing conspiracies. No back-room shenanigans. No covert mission by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to keep your guy from winning. Bernie's losing for one reason and one reason alone: he hasn't convinced enough of you to vote for him. And it's because his message hasn't resonated as well as Hillary Clinton's. Period. 

Bernie is losing because America's democracy works. It's a process he signed up for (as an independent running as a Democrat), and one which has allowed him to go from being a relatively obscure Vermont socialist (yes, socialist) a year ago--60% behind in the polls--to running an unprecedented "outsider" campaign as a very close runner up. Think about that: he's gone from being a political nobody to giving the powerful Clinton machine the most nagging yet effective opposition it's ever experienced. That in mid May Sanders continues to nip at Hillary's heels is not just a testament to his grass roots appeal and tenaciousness, but to the very election process that's got him there.

Sanders' success has become not just a national phenomenon but one that's garnered him worldwide praise and respect. Sounds like "the system" has worked pretty well for him. That he now is turning on that very system for politically expedient, populist purposes speaks to character. This narrative he's reinforcing of a rigged system is irresponsible and disingenuous. He's telling you that he's not winning because of cronyism and corruption, not because he can't gain more traction with voters. He's riling you up with trumped up (pun intended) baseless charges that he and you are being robbed, rather than simply outvoted. The awesome legacy he could have is dangerously close to being destroyed by his ego and selfishness.

How about answering one simple, obvious question: If the system was/is so rigged for Hillary, how come she's having to have this close a fight right down to the wire? To be sure, the campaign has certainly been no cakewalk for her. She's had to fight way longer, way harder and way more expensively than she ever hoped and expected. If the system is rigged, it's the worst rigging in the history of rigging.


Anonymous said...

Also why didn't Bernie and his staff let folks know each state's rules and deadlines? I think Bernie and his staff are to blame for this lack of information. Political parties are private organizations and they get to make the rules. Let's hope these Bernie folks join the Dem Party and participate at the local, state & Fed level. Then you work to make the changes you want. If they just sit on their couches until 2020, it will be way too late.

Michael Rivero said...

Then explain why Hillary does so much better in precincts with electronic voting machines that fail hack tests than she does in precincts with more secure voting? Explain how Bernie Sanders voters had their registrations changed without their permission in Nevada, or vanished outright in New Jersey.

Of course there is cheating going on. It has never been more obvious.

John W. said...

Andy you expressed the feelings of so many Clinton fans. Bernie started out all fired up, but he sang the same old tune over and over and over. He never came up with solid plans on how to pay for all his FREE give a ways. His people failed to understand that he cannot do ANY of his promises without the Congress, yet he kept shouting and waving his fingers as if that made it all plausible. Bernie ended up being a “one trick pony” and now he wants to muck up the election process by division. He gave it a good run, fired up “his” people, gave some ideas, but now it is time to hit the trail to get not just Hillary, but ALL Democrats elected. He has a choice to make, go out a sore loser and have that hang over his head, or call it a day and fight for Hillary and the party. I hope he does the latter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
I respectfully disagree with your views on Bernie Sanders and his supporters. As a millennial, I feel more included in the political system because the topics he discusses are things that are important for my generation and future generations. As "progressive" as the Clinton administration would like to portray, flip flopping on issues such as gay marriage, gun control, and deportation of illegal immigrants working in the U.S. dismantles that persona. There is some corruption in government in terms of superdelegates. How is assigning political party leaders and elected officials a Democratic process? If Hillary Clinton wins the nominee, it is her duty to win my vote over. I will not hand it over to her just because I align myself with the Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Ostroy, you haven't a clue about what you're talking about. One reason I know this is because mine is only the second comment anyone has bothered to make on your website.

Why the Huffington Post gives space to vanity bloggers is difficult to understand. Some of them - no names necessary - just like to talk out of their ass and waste everybody else's time.

Thanks for wasting mine.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Andy, still only one comment!

Try this definition of rigged:

Manage or conduct something fraudulently/collusively so as to produce a result or situation that is advantageous to a particular person.

What part of this don't you understand? Keep writing for your own pleasure. You are bound to produce something worthy of sharing.