Friday, September 05, 2008

John McCain: The 25-Year Washington Insider Comically Running as the Washington Outsider

The Republican convention is finally over. Thankfully, my large-screen TV's still in-tact despite three nights of me throwing my enraged liberal Birkenstocks at it. The whole event was a freak-show of deception, scripted by the duplicitous campaign chief Steve Schmidt and GOP operative Karl Rove and executed by a shameless parade of disingenuous conservative liars.

The biggest liar of all is the party's nominee, Sen. John McCain, who is desperately trying to portray himself as the Washington "outsider" and the candidate of change. In fact, listening to the Republicans this week would lead one to believe that it's been the Democrats, not them, who's been running Washington these past eight years. The NY Times wrote Friday that:

"The nominee’s friend described him as a "restless reformer who will clean up Washington." His defeated rival described him going to the capital to "drain that swamp." His running mate described their mission as "change, the goal we share." And that was at the incumbent party’s convention."

"Drain that swamp?" If in fact Washington's been a swamp since George Bush took office in 2000, then McCain's been wading in it with his thigh-high muck-boots along with Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of the Bushevik swamp-dwelling, Constitution-defiling cronies.

All week long we heard about McCain and his anti-woman woman running-mate Sarah Palin talk about heading to Washington to shake things up. Watch out DC, McCain/Palin's comin' to town to whip all you corrupt, amoral, wasteful-spending insiders into shape. And the central character in this line of bullshit is Palin herself. That somehow McCain's six terms as a U.S. Senator is negated by his decision to appoint some no-name arctic oil-whore as his running mate.

It's astounding how McCain can attempt to credibly run as a Washington outsider when over the course of his 25 Senate inside years he was a disgraced member of the corrupt Keating Five; enthusiastically supported every one of Bush/Cheney's reckless war blunders; voted with Bush 90% of the time; and has had more lobbyists on his payroll than your average K Street lobbying firm.

But credibility has never been the Republicans' strong suit. They're the guys who dodged the Vietnam draft yet paint war heroes like John Kerry, Jack Murtha and Max Cleland as weak and unable to protect America. They're the guys with the highest wealth and privilege yet paint Barack Obama and Joe Biden as elitists. They're the guys who've controlled power for the last eight years under Bush, and for virtually all of the past 14 years in the House and Senate, yet portray Washington as a Democratic cesspool. And now we have McCain and his 25-year swamp-stained D.C. muck-boots calling Obama the Washington insider.

Let's hope that over the next 60 days McCain and Palin are exposed for the frauds that they are.

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Anonymous said...

Obama: comically running as an accomplished and experienced candidate.

Anonymous said...

I found McSame's speech a wonderful exercise in doublespeak--George Orwell would have been proud of the senator from Arizona!
With a voting record of 90% support for Bush and Cheney's mistakes and missteps, how can McSame sleep at night while claiming he's a candidate of "change?" The only "change" in which he's interested is the "change" you'll have remaining from your hard-earned paycheck after the tax-and-spend, pork-barrel Repugs finish with their disaatrous handling of the economy!

Anonymous said...

Obama: commically running on a platform of change selects 25+ year Washington insider as his Vice Plagiarist

Anonymous said...

Obama: comically claims he will protect and defend America's interests

Anonymous said...

Obama: comically claims his family loves America as his wife declares in 2008, "for the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country".

His preacher declares, "GOD DAMN AMERICA"

Anonymous said...

Obama: comically declares he will fix the economy as he also promises to tax everybody but YOU. He promises larger government with more spending. He promises to tax corporations and make the corporations stay in America.

Anonymous said...

Obama: commically declares he is a candidate of change as he embraces the 'more of the same" Democrat platform

Sidney Condorcet said...

I believe God has indeed already damned suffer your presence...

Clayton said...

So you hope that the miscreants will be exposed for the frauds that they are.
And the public won't go for McCain.
I used to think who in their right mind would ever vote for Bush the second time?
The American electorate is plain stupid. It is the electorate that has embarrassed this great country to the eyes of the free world. Not Bush and Cheney.
If this miserable duo consisting of someone who in the initial stage of dementia and a woman who probably can not give the definition of GDP without googling it first, is elected, who is to take the blame?
Andy, if you are a fair man, stop slamming the old man and the broad. Slam the millions of deranged Americans.

Anonymous said...

Obama: comically declares his candidacy to be "... the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal …"

He really is The Messiah!

Anonymous said...

Obama switched to the Republican side. Now we once again have two choices: The Democrat aka Republican wannabe: Obama;

and, the Republican, who wants to change things in DC.

Anonymous said...

"Oil WHORE" aounds sexist to me.


Anonymous said...

obama: comically running as a uniter when his voting record shows he is 100% liberal. He has never stood up to his party for the good of the country. He votes "present" because he can't take a stance on issue.

Anonymous said...

Democratic men and some women are sexists against women. That's why they bashed Hillary and did nothing to shut up the media. I am a life-long Democrat but I'm stunned at how low the Party has fallen or maybe they've always been sexists and it's just been revealed.

Anonymous said...

According to history, Democrats were on the wrong side of the civil war, were for segregation, and were on the wrong side of the civil rights battle.

I think its safe to say that "they've always been sexists"

I'm glad that you realized it before the election. I'm a registered Democrat too. Not sure why - I guess I was just stupid in my youth.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your disgusting hatred. You helped prove the point that Democrats are bigots.

Keep posting.

Sidney Condorcet said...

According to history, Democrats were on the wrong side of the civil war, were for segregation, and were on the wrong side of the civil rights battle.

I think its safe to say that "they've always been sexists"

I'm glad that you realized it before the election. I'm a registered Democrat too. Not sure why - I guess I was just stupid in my youth.

1:22 PM

You betray your lack of knowledge as to history. You are right, except you fail to mention that the Solid Democratic South became a Solid Republican South 100% because of a Democratic president's (Johnson) signing into law of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. Strom Thurmond was once a Democrat, but like many other bigots and racists, became a Republican once he knew that Democratic leadership supported civil rights for african-americnas.

You're an idiot. By the way, Democrat Harry Truman integrated the armed forces by executive order. Look at the sea of white (mostly male) faces at the Republican convention and compare that with the Democratic convention. You're full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Robert "KKK" Byrd is a celebrated Democrat and Klansman.

Its not the Republicans fault that 90% of blacks are voting for Obama based on his race. 90% of blacks were voting for Obama versus Hillary Clinton too, so don't try to tell me its a Democrat versus Republican issue. You are the idiot.

You pompously spout your nonsense on this blog, predict the future as if it's fact, and try to demean anyone that disagrees with you. You did it during the Primaries as well, so there is no need to try to state that this is a Democrat versus Republican problem for you either.

Why don't you back up your talk with your wallet? You haven't donated any money to the Obama campaign, yet you are lawyer. Is your lawyer salary too restrive or do you just prefer to use other people's money for your causes ?

Sidney Condorcet said...

Who the fuck are you?

"You haven't donated any money to the Obama campaign, yet you are lawyer." Do you work at my bank? How the hell would you know whether I've donated money? In fact, I've donated several times to the Obama campaign and the DNC. You, poor soul, are delusional.

And the fact that you note one member of the Democratic Congress who was a member of the KKK for a fleeting period in the 1950s, says absolutely nothing about the Democratic Party as a whole and does little to refute what I said in my prior post. You are brain dead. Seriously, you should consider a full-frontal lobotomy...oh wait, too late!

Sidney Condorcet said...

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, a Georgia Republican and lifelong Southerner, described Barack and Michelle Obama as "uppity" this week.

And he's not backing off.

A spokesman told the AP that his boss didn't know that the word had any racial connotation.

Yeah right...Just one more Republican racist...

Anonymous said...

For those looking for a chuckle - the lime-green backdrop during McCain's speech? No it wasn't one of his many houses. It was - Walter Reed School, Hollywood, CA!

Anonymous said...

Online Etymology Dictionary
1880, from up; originally used by blacks of other blacks felt to be too self-assertive (first recorded use is in "Uncle Remus"). The parallel British variant uppish (1678) originally meant "lavish;" the sense of "conceited, arrogant" being first recorded 1734.

He doesn't need to back off. Just because blacks used that word as a derogatory term for other blacks doesn't mean that others can't use those same words without being racist.

I seem to recall at least one word that blacks like to use that we aren't allowed to use. The Political Thought Police on the left are racist.

Don't tell me that blacks can use words that whites cannot use. My ancestors fought for the North to free the slaves that the Democrats in the south wanted to keep as property.

Sidney Condorcet said...

Yeah, and my father fourght against Republicans in the 60's to guarantee that african-americans in the South can vote. Republicans didn't want to see them get full use of the franchise. Those Jim Crow whites liked using words like "n***er" and "uppity"...It's about power, you fiend. Poor white Repugs can't seem to handle a black man in charge...He's "uppity"...We know what other word is on Rep. Westmoreland's mind...Or your mind, for that matter.

You white supremacist!

Anonymous said...

The only people that I see "counting blacks" and "categorizing people by race" on this blog are the liberals.

Ostroy did it the other day and now Sidney is doing it.

Sidney Condorcet said...

2:59pm is a schmuck or he/she cannot read or possibly both.

I brought up race in response to someone (probably 2:59pm) who made it seem, with complete intellectual dishonesty or simple ignorance, that Democrats were anti-black and anti-civil rights, when the parties completely switched positions on civil rights between the 40's and 60's...

You're such a douche...

Anonymous said...

And you are a misogynist that can't stand the fact that Democrats were on the wrong side of the civil war

Sidney Condorcet said...

I'm fine with it...Want to know why? Because the beliefs of Democrats over the last 40 years more closely match the Republicans during the Civil War, while the Republicans of the last 40 years, most closely match up in ideology to the Democrats during the Civil War when it comes to matters of race.

So you see, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN A DEMOCRAT and I WOULD HAVE BEEN A REPUBLICAN. You're such a fool. Insipid people make me smile.

Sidney Condorcet said...

Umm, not really.

I said the shift occurred over the course of time, beginning with FDR who first began to bring African-Americans into the Democratic coalition.

The switch was not final until the 60's with the passage of the Civil Rights Act, which is what prompted many Southern Democrats to become Republicans, and which thus, finally, made the Republican Party, the party of racists.

Your logic is as twisted as your ideology. You truly are dim-witted, my poor friend.

Anonymous said...

damn it! I'm wrong on the last comment.

Unlike Obama, I can admit when I'm wrong. But there is no way you can compare Truman to any Democrat of today.

Name one and make a legitimate comparison.

Obama has admitted the surge worked beyond his belief, but he won't admit that his vote against the surge was wrong.

Anonymous said...

The most astounding thing I saw in a broadcast of astounding bullshit was an ad by McCain that claimed that if Obama is elected Obamas will cause massive deficits!! This astounding assertion in the light of 25 years of deficits compiled by Republicans is so out of touch with reality that I seriously think that those that believe it must be insane. Seriously

And PS folks..dont even waste your time talking to Bush Bots that post on this site telling you first how much they love Bush and then how they are going to clean up the mess he left.. Their only goal is to make stupid statements they cant back up like bait and get you to respond.. They are hateful nasty cowards and answering them just plays into their childish game..

Sidney Condorcet said...

There is no way you can compare Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or Eisenhower to any Republican today. What's your point? Historical analogies as to individuals are hard to make.

I appreciate you having admitted that you were wrong. For that, I'm sorry for having showered you with complete and perhaps unnecessary derision.

This is politics, man. I'm sure in private that Obama believes his vote was wrong. Just as I'm sure that in private, McCain still believes that Bush's war time tax cuts were wrong, that his immigration bill was right, that these religious figures he's cozied up to in order to get the religious right's favor are still "agents of intolerance" and so forth.

You'll never get the politics out of the politicians man. So there's so much shit we have to swallow from Dems and Repugs alike. Sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

Well you can start by not calling conservatives Repugs. I'm a "registered" Democrat who is fiscally conservative.

I'm not socially conservative, yet when liberals jump to calling me a 'repug' because I'm fiscally conservative.

I see liberals in the media implying that if I don't vote for Obama I'm a racist. This is completely untrue and I'm not going to take any shithead implying that I'm racist ... because I'm socially conservative.

If you want to have an honest conversation, don't start it by calling the other side "repug".

I'd love to see Democrats have a debate on John McCain without using the bumper sticker "3rd Bush Term".

Anonymous said...

crap, I type too fast. I mis-typed again. I am NOT socially conservative, I'm fiscally conservative.

I don't want a big federal government. I think the real power belongs at the state level.

I believe in free market. If control is at the state level, people are free to go to whichever state best suits them. Its one of the great things about America - the freedom to move around.

The Ostroy Report said...

Excuse me, but Merriam-Webster defines "whore" as:

"a venal or unscrupulous person"

It does not have to be associated with one gender or another. Dick Cheney is an oil whore. Is it a pejorative term? Yes. Did I intend it that way? Yes. Is she an oil whore? Yes. Take your Republican framing games elsewhere. They don't work here, pal.

As for the other poster's comment about "counting blacks"...if you don't wanting us on the left counting the 2 blacks on the right that were shown at the GOP convention, it's simple: stop being the virtually all-white party.

Sidney Condorcet said...

I was a fiscal conservative once. I believed in the power of untethered markets and individual choice. Its what made me a Republican up until 2002.

Unfortunately, i've come to realize that national problems demand national solutions and that the federal government is the only protector of average people when it comes to private tyrannies. I've seen the gap between the rich and poor grow to such extremes it scares me that we will lead lives so removed from each other and it eventually lead to civil unrest.

"A State divided into a small number of rich and a large number of poor will always develop a government manipulated by the rich to protect the amenities represented by their property."--Harold Laski

I don't believe in socialism or communism or vast redistribution of wealth. I just believe that in the world's richest nation it is unseemly and immoral that 50 Million Americans have no health insurance at all and another 30 million are underinsured. These people end up presenting to emergency rooms, where taxpayers are still footing the bill, but where the cost of treatment has sky rocketed as the medical problem became more serious and acute.

One problem that I see with your "move to the state that suits you" idea is that it will lead to more polarized states where political opponents can be more easily demonized. When neighborhoods become more ideologically pure, we tend to only see the caricature of our political opponents and we cease to understand that they make come to an equally valid political belief, no matter how much one disagrees.

Anonymous said...

hey anon, why dont you post with a nick so i can figure out which anon im responding to

guess welcome a person who wishes to destroy my people into your church, and godamn right im gonna show hatred

its funny...when you idiots spew your hatred against everyone that isnt like you, thats ok...when we fight back, it isnt...eff you

guess what...the great former mayor of wasilla was the mayor of the meth capitol of alaska...good job mayor palin...maybe if you handt fired the chief of police that wouldnt have happened

maybe if she didnt have such a disdain for community organizers, someone wouldve been there to assist families who feel the need to use and sell meth....doesnt appear that her church did any good in that area...too busy hating the jew

Anonymous said...

4:15 Fundamentalist Christians do not hate Jews or any of the other vast number of people they think willnot be "saved" because they have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In fact, their deepest prayer is to convert them and thus save them. They feel that way about other Chrisitian demoninations where "salvation" isn't themajor tenet. These fundamentalist would never lesgislate against Jews even if they had the power. To what end -- conversion. Paleeze.

Anonymous said...

My deepest prayer is that Sidney aka Michael would het his own blog.

Anonymous said...

anaon at 4:15

i cry bullshit

it has nothing to do with saving, but destroying

why dont you listen to this and tell me how much they love jews

Anonymous said...

I actually don't mind Sidney, even though we battle on the blog. At least he forcefully defends his position without jumping to nazi references. As I stated before, I wish he wouldn't call conservatives repugs, but I guess I name call sometimes too.

Anonymous said...

4:15 - But its the idea that Jews need to be saved that is so abhorent. The right is always complaining that the left are snobs who look down their noses at them. BUT....they are no better. Those who don't subscribe to their religon/worldview are at best - lost and at worse evil.
Obama's appeal - if people listed to him(both right and left) is that he wants to move past all of this and learn to find a middle ground - even on hot-button issues. Mccain at one point seemed to believe in this - how he ran his campaign, his selection of Palin and the hate-fest portrayed at the RNC demonstrates that this is no longer the case.

Anonymous said...

5:41 PM,
The RNC was not a hate fest. I watched every night of both conventions and they both had their share of rhetoric towards the other party. You just agree with the rhetoric at the DNC so its not "hate" to you.

Anonymous said...

5:41 How could Obama subscribe to moving beyond hatred when he attended a church for twenty years where hate for whites is screamed from the pulpit; and,
when he associates when Ayers who hates America, bombed our cities and has no remorse??????

It is impossible to listen to and aossociate with hatred and not believe it, also.

He has fooled so many and I don't see how that's possible. But it's true.

Now it could have been calculated political ambition and he needed that church. Then, the same could be said for Palin. If you excuse one you must excuse the other to be intellectually honest.

Anonymous said...

I lived in a community that was composed mostly of Jews. One very threatening rainy day I offered a Jewish man a ride in my car to his destination. He sat in the back, rolled down the windows and said nothing until we arrived and hastily got out.

I later found out that was in keeping with the Jewish men's opinion of women. Not to mention what I learned in Sunday School from the Old Testament, some of which has now been adopted by the Southern Baptist Church. At least they no longer stone adulteresses.\

I guess I should throw inthe Catholic Church that doesn't think women are fit to be priests. (All from the Old Testament I think.)
I therefore, according to the skewed logic from one poster, must never vote for a Jewish man to be President, or another Catholic one, despite the competence of JFK.

Anonymous said...

7:03 PM

what the man did was rude, but it has little to do with jewish men's opinion of women, and more to do with his perverted understanding of laws regarding unmarried men and women being alone together...but instead of discovering why he did what he did, you formed a racist opinion...nice

and what exactly is your point...that he would be better as a christian?

Anonymous said...

5:44 PM

not a hate fest? guess i missed where bush compared the dems to the viet cong and the entire convention put down "community organzers"

at the dnc, i heard lots of people saying how much they respect mccain for his service, but that he is just wrong on the issues, at the rnc, i heard speakers constantly lie about obama's credentials.

so yes...the rnc was an all white hate fest

the big tent party has a very tiny tent...

Anonymous said...

I was reading yesterday that McCain manager Rick Davis wouldn't commit to putting Palin out to media interviews unless they saw it as helping their campaign.

How nice.... not ready to face the questions... but ready for the "other stuff.."

Anonymous said...

12:37 In your opinion one rellgious belief is "rude" while the other is hatefilled. Really. The Jewish man was not "rude" he was reflecting the basic disdain for women by excluding them in the primary religious rites. And, the Jews can do and believe what they want - it's their religious belief. But therefore, so is the unacceptable tenets that are believed by other religions. In other words -- that's what's so great about our country. Religious freedom -- if only we could do it without malice.

However, no matter what religion it is and no matter in what country in which it is practiced women are always, always, at the least, disregarded and minimized and men the "rulers."

Anonymous said...

bacci40 lives in the world of comic books. How can anyone take anything he says seriously ?

You obviously missed Barack Obama's speech. Instead of the optimist that got him to where he is, he was trying to act tough. It was the angriest Obama I've ever seen. If Palin's community organizer jokes were 'hate', than surely you believe Obama's anger toward Bush/McCain/Conservatives is anger too.

I love how Dems can make any joke they want and if it upsets any conservative it means that conservatives don't have a sense of humor. Ostroy pulls that move all the time. When a conservative makes a joke, its hatred.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:56
You are making no sense. Try adding gerunds/subjects to your sentences. Since we are at it, you need an apostrophe in "its." Without the apostrophe it is a possessive pronoun.
I am getting sick and tired of seeing that mistake.
It is=it's
The value of an object= its value


Anonymous said...

Some have pointed out that Obama is for change with Biden 25+ years and the same old democrat platform. Um, that would be change from the last 8 years of republican rule. Keeping the last 8 years of republican rule would not be change. It's simple.

"At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

Obama: comically claims his family loves America as his wife declares in 2008, "for the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country".

McCain: comically claims his family (the first one or second one?) loves America but spilled his guts to his captors in Viet Nam and earned the nickname Songbird.

"His preacher declares, "GOD DAMN AMERICA""

Bush: Constitution(which to me, IS the Unitied States of America) is a god damned piece of paper.

Anonymous said...

10:38 AM,
You forgot periods at the end of your sentences.

anonymous 9:56 AM

Anonymous said...

10:38 AM,
Are you one of the child molesting teachers protected by the NEA ?

Anonymous said...

If Palin is an "oil whore", does the story below make Obama a "parasite (or john) of an oil whore" ?

I knew that Barack Obama was once named Barry Soetoro, having taken his stepfather's last name. No big deal, really. Plenty of kids take the last name of Stepfather. Nothing to see here when it comes to that.

Not given to fiction, I didn't read Barry's books. I relied instead on the debunking of some of his stories by the Chicago Tribune Investigative Reporter. So, what I didn't know is that his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was an Indonesian Oil Executive.

I mean, who hasn't read or heard Barack Obama's sad sad sad sad sad sad poverty story repeated ad nauseum? You know, the food stamps, the horrible horrible poverty. Everywhere you go on the internet and everywhere you look in the Obama press, you hear about poor poor Barry.

I was wondering exactly how a kid whose stepfather was an oil executive, whose grandmother was a bank Vice President and whose Mother was working on a phD found himself on food stamps? I just don't get it. But then not much about Barack Obama adds up, does it now?

Barry lived in Hawaii, where his bank VP Grandmother was. Even with a father who took off on him, do we really think his grandmother let him starve while his mother, who, like so many people we all know, seemed to have very bad taste in spousal selection-- was between husbands?

After his mother re-married, Barry lived in Indonesia with his Oil Executive stepfather. His mother worked at the embassy in Indonesia. Next, he asked to move back to Hawaii, where his grandmother arranged for him to attend an expensive private school, which he personally selected. So exactly how does all of this this add up to being a poor unfortunate poverty-cursed kid?

Here's how Barry explains it:

"I had to reconcile a lot of different threads growing up—race, class," he told me. "For example, I was going to a fancy prep school, and my mother was on food stamps while she was getting her Ph.D."

Sounds rough on Barry doesn't it? He was attending a fancy prep school paid for by his successful grandmother, and mom was getting her Ph.D. Sounds so painful and hopeless for Barry! The food stamps thing doesn't even fit in does it? I mean, shall I assume that Typical White Woman Grandmother paid for prep school and let poor Barry's mother languish in hunger? And since Barry was busy at his Prep School, exactly how does his mother's food stamps make him Poor Barry? He was living with his grandparents in Hawaii during his Prep School days, so it's pretty safe to say that Barry wasn't going hungry.

Perhaps Barry's mother "qualified" for food stamps while she was getting her Ph.D, and like so many people, she took advantage of that opportunity. Or maybe she never was on food stamps at all. We will never know, because so much of what Barack Obama says is crap, but do we really think that Barry was Poor Poor Barry during his Prep School days?

Poor Poor Barry.

Anonymous said...

10:38 Since you are an authority on possessive pronouns please write to Obama, the Harvard graduate and elitist, and tell him to use the possessive pronoun when using a gerand. Example; INCORRECT (what Obama says) "They believed me calling for taxes . . ,"

CORRECT "They believe my calling for taxes . . . "

Hillary never made that mistake.

It is so irritating to think one who makes such a mistake could be President.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

"White trash" can be interpreted figuratively. It's the person, (nobody gives a f*** about the color) who had the means to make it and did not.
Because they had "issues" my ass....

Get over it. The man made it. In every way. He graduated from top schools. He was the first black senator to be elected in the US Senate. He won a hell of primary, the hardeest fought ever. he exhibited extraordinary managerial and organizational abilities. He married a super intelligent woman (although she could have been prettier... much prettier...)
Look at the retard McCain married. Or the loser Sarah is hooked up with.
Try to fix up your miserable lives. End of story.


Anonymous said...

12"31 From Obama's elevated childhood experience which included the best schools and well-off grandparents, a millionaire step father and a mother with a Ph.D. he had no place to go but to become a Presidential candidate. And why not -- everything had come to him without personal effort.

We don't know the background and hardships of those you nastily call "Poor white trash." One thing you can probably be sure of is that they are "poor.". Not Obama's case, at all.
And what's worse, he lies about his advantages.

Anonymous said...

To the illiterate of the blog who can not even spell "gerund."

Give me the link. If he has made a mistake, it is inexcusable and I will send a letter to his campaign.
Just the link for now.

Anonymous said...

12:55 A typo does not indicate illiteracy.

If you haven't noticed the mistake you're as ignorant as he is. And, do you own research. If you don't know how, hire a tutor.

Anonymous said...

12:55 PM,
You should form correct sentences if you are going to attack someone as an illiterate because of a spelling mistake.

Your statement, "Just the link for now.", is not a proper sentence.

Anonymous said...

Cindy is a retard. I don’t give a f*** if she has a college degree. The moment this broad opens her mouth, I fall asleep. She is like a discarded Barbie from the 50’s whose only purpose now in life is to be used as a scare-crow in the corn fields of Iowa.

Do not insult any man’s basic intelligence by calling Michelle “pretty.” The woman’s ass is huge, the jaw is protruded and the legs are crooked. Nothing like Jackie O. She set the standards; no one EVER even came close. I hate the idea of Michelle standing next to Carla Bruno. This is the best America could come up with?

I am glad you did not mention Hillary. Not even her husband wants to f*** her.

The loser from Alaska stays home because he is a blue collar worker unable to compete in today’s market. Just imagine how deprived Miss Piggy must feel, being the governor, having all that power, and being married to that thing. I bet you every day she curses under her breath…. “Why didn’t I marry that lawyer… or that doctor…?”

Nice chatting with all of you. Got work to do. Enjoy your chitchat.


Anonymous said...

Where do I begin? I guess the first comment I have is to encourage you to continue posting on the OstroyReport. You exemplify the liberal thought process perfectly. Thank you for your comments.

"Cindy is a retard." -- Is this the sensitivity one should expect from a liberal ?

"The moment this broad opens her mouth..." -- Sexist Exhibit A.

"She is like a discarded Barbie from the 50’s..." -- Sexist Exhibit B.

"Do not insult any man’s basic intelligence by calling Michelle 'pretty.' The woman’s ass is huge, the jaw is protruded and the legs are crooked..." -- Sexist Exhibit C shows how shallow you are. I wonder what YOU look like.

"I am glad you did not mention Hillary. Not even her husband wants to f*** her." -- Sexist Exhibit D. In this case you are talking about a United States Senator.

"The loser from Alaska stays home because he is a blue collar worker unable to compete in today’s market." -- Sexist Exhibit E. A males that stays home is a loser ? Is he a loser because he 'stays home' or because he's a blue collar worker? You claim that you are going to work on a Saturday. What is YOUR occupation ?

"Just imagine how deprived Miss Piggy must feel, being the governor, having all that power, and being married to that thing." -- Sexist Exhibit F.

Anonymous said...


Obama said anyone spreading rumors about Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy would be fired.


An original member of Barack Obama’s finance committee said Friday that Sarah Palin is putting her career above her family by accepting the nomination as John McCain’s running mate.

Howard Gutman made the argument on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” telling the radio host that the Alaska governor should focus her energy on her unwed, pregnant teenage daughter.

“If my daughter had just come home at 17 years old and said, ‘Mom, Dad, I’m pregnant, we have a family problem,’ I wouldn’t say, ‘You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to take this private family problem … I’m going to go on the international stage and broadcast it to the world’,” he said.

Gutman later added: “If you take a daughter who’s got this emotional strife and subject her to the most intense scrutiny of the world at this time in her life, I think you’ve put your career above your family.”

Did Obama fire his staff member as he stated he would?

NO!, Instead they just made a statement:

“Obviously these comments do not reflect our frequently stated, crystal-clear view that families of the candidates should be off limits, and we hope that supporters on both sides will act accordingly,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said in an e-mail, pointing out that Gutman has apologized in a statement to ABC News.

Add this to his lies about public financing, offshore drilling, not having any aliases, ...

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The ex-wife of a man said to have had an affair with Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin tells it's "absolutely, completely false."
"I can tell you this with 1,000 percent certainty, Sarah Palin never had an affair," said Debbie Richter when reached on Friday afternoon.
The rumor that her now ex-husband, Scott Richter, had an affair with Sarah Palin gained momentum after the National Enquirer reported she had been romantically involved with one of Todd Palin's former business associates.
The John McCain-Sarah Palin campaign threatened to sue over the story.

One celebrity news tabloid claims that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had an affair with a former business associate of Todd Palin. Seems like a bit of a stretch to us.
It would be easy to dismiss as pure tabloid trash, but this next piece of information makes the latest Palin scandal at least a little intriguing.
Turns out that the guy Palin is accused of having an affair with just filed an emergency motion to have his divorce records sealed - this week.
Meanwhile, other sources are saying that Brad Hanson is the man who the National Enquirer is going to break as Sarah's "secret affair."
Palin, the governor of Alaska and mother of five, became the first female nominated on a Republican presidential ticket last Friday.
Her life has been subject to intense scrutiny ever since - especially since on Monday, she announced her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol Palin, is five months pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, Levi Johnston.

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Brad Hanson

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to the "secret affair" rumor, I say bring it on. It will be exposed as yet another Democrat lie because they are afraid to confront Palin on the issues.

Do you really believe that Palin thought a 'secret affair' would not be discovered? We aren't talking about John Kerry's military records - a secret affair would obviously have a an angry spouse which would come right out and announce herself.

I think a little more proof is required before you can declare a smoking gun.

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THere are those of us who believe in evolutation but don't thorougly understand it. It has its mysteries as does religion.

If we evolved from apes why are there still some apes on earth who did not evolve?

And why are there some men who did not evolve like Joseph also known as 1:47 on this blog. He is at about the level of evolution as the Neanderthal Man.

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By Mack Rawden: 2008-09-06 10:59:18 Buzz up!

Good God almighty! There may be trouble in the Great White North. John McCain’s Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin may have had an affair with her husband’s married business partner. That’s so heinous on so many different levels. The salacious accusation was first reported by The National Enquirer, who you may remember was one hundred percent right about John Edwards’ man whoring.

According to Perez Hilton, the man in question immediately sought a court order to close his divorce records, probably the guiltiest move in the history of bonehead guilty moves.

I’ll be honest: I’ve been really impressed with Sarah Palin thus far. Sure, she lacks experience, but her frank honesty and bizarre name choices for her kids have given me something to smile about (not that I was planning to vote for her and McCain).

Personal lives have absolutely nothing to do with running the country. Thomas Jefferson was--to put it nicely--a monstrous philanderer, and I still worship the man with reverence. But would you really want to vote for some hussy who cheated on her husband with his best friend? I need a Vice President who has more in common with John Adams (minus the Alien & Sedition Acts) than Denise Richards.

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No doubt about it, if true, Palin belongs on that long list of worthless beasts who had a least one out-of-wedlock affair and maybe more:Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt; John F. Kennedy; Bill Clinton; Dwight D. Eisenhower; (accused: George Bush I); and John McCain; and there's talk of Abe Lincoln. But, GOD FORBID THAT A WOMAN SHOULD EVEN THINK OF SERVING HER COUNTRY AFTER SUCH AN OUTRAGE. SHE SHOULD BE STONED.

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She should not only be stoned, she should be forced to wear a huge A on the front of all of her clothing, until she reaches senility.

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She should have to have her head shaved; she should not be allowed to wear make-up - in fact, she should be forced to wear a veil to cover her face and wear nun's attire or burkas like some other women so she will not commit the heinous sin of making a helpless man, feel horney and who would wish to sin with her.

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She should be forced to divorce her husband, and marry some he-man like Joseph who would keep her in line. If that didn't work she could then be sent to one of the polygamy settlements in TX where they know how to keep woman in their place. She's probably too old for a sex-slave postiion in one of the many function in this country.

But one thing is clear. A woman should never never never have sex except with her marriage partner. And she certainly should not hold a national office because of the dangaer that poses to the welfare of all our citizens.

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We would be far better off electing a MAN who votes to assure that babies who survive abortions must die.

Athena Smith said...

Once Palin expressed her joy over her daughter's pregnancy, then the photo should stay. It is a reminder where this idiotic "only abstinenece" programs have got us into.
We are the country with the highest teen pregnancy rates in the industrialized world. The differences with the other European countries are purely shameful.Take a look at the bar charts.

It is not that in the Netherlands the teens are less active. It is that the sex ed is a daily lesson and the Catholic Church there has co-authored one of the texts used, in which of course, being the pragmatists they are, they do not advocate abstinence but caution.

There is nothing pretty about teens having kids. These kids are far more likely to drop out of school, to end up in jail, to get abused and become teen parents themselves. As for the mothers they are far more likely to drop out of highschool, get on welfare, remain single and poor and have another kid within two years of the first.

Palin, despite the realities demonstrated by these pathetic numbers says the following: "I don't care if 'abstinence only' programs eventually lead to more pregnancies, more poverty and more crime. As long as I am in accordance with my own interpretation of God's word...." (whatever that may be on the subject... and since when have we adopted theocratic characteristics?)

Guys, it has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrats. The way I see it, this has become a matter of national security because it is the driving force behing accelerated poverty and crime rates. These crime rates might hit you and me personally and gravely one day. And what will our excuse be? That we did not know?
It is always up to the people to push for change. So if this is what you want, then you will deserve what you will get. Unfortunately, I might also get what you and only you deserve.

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How about each of us taking responsbility for our bodies and stop expecting others to pay for our care:
1. Women, take care of you body and who you allow "in" it; there is not guaranteed "right to pregnancy";
2. Smokers, stop'
3. Fat people -- go on a diet;
4. Diabetes - monitor your condition;
5. psychotics - get help;
6. drug addicts; alcoholics go to AA - it's free

Stop your self-destructive behavior. If you can't do it alone go to one of the countless free groups to get halp.

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You do know that lying is a sin, don't you?

Anonymous said...

2:54 It's a social sin not to recognize sarcasm.