Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sen. John McMighty-Mouse: "Here I Come to Save the Day!" When He's Done Rescuing Wall Street, What Else Can He Save?

Greatest American Hero", 2008
original painting by Dana Ellyn

Thank God Sen. John McCain is back in Washington "focusing on the economy." I was beginning to worry there for a minute that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Sen. Chris Dodd, Rep. Barney Frank, the Senate Banking Committee and the House Financial Services Committee would never be able to collectively reach a compromise on President Bush's $700-billion Wall Street bailout bill. I mean, seriously, this thing's huge. As Bush so astutely warned in his address to the nation Wednesday night, the "entire economy is in danger!" So now that McCain, our dogged little economic Mighty Mouse, is back in town, we can rest assured everything will be fixed in no time. In fact, just the mere specter of him headed back to D.C. caused lawmakers late Wednesday to essentially come to acceptable bi-partisan terms on the measure. Damn, he's good. The guy doesn't even have to be physically in town to make shit happen. Now that's the kind of leadership we need.

So why stop with Wall Street? There's plenty of other crises for which McMighty could come to the rescue. Take the New York Mets, for example. The Flushing Meltdown threatens to occur yet again. Last year, with a 7-game lead on September 12, the Mets gave new meaning to the term "choke" by losing 12 of their last 17 games, ending the season in one of the worst collapses in Major League Baseball history. In their stunning 9-6 loss to the Chicago Cubs Wednesday night, the Mets found themselves once again flirting with disaster, dropping to a tie for the National League's wildcard spot. A couple more losses and '08's over as well. I strongly urge McMighty, when he's done saving Wall Street from our nation's second worst financial disaster, to hop the No. 7 train out to Willets Point, suit up in the Shea Stadium locker room, and help the Mets avoid another heartbreaking baseball catastrophe. If anyone can do it, he can.

And thank heavens we have "country first" politicians like Sen. McMighty. Brave legislators who know how critical it is to put aside their own political aspirations so they can sit around with Bush in the White House going, "yup, yup, we're fucked. This shit's huge!' Because that's important. So much more important than debating. We need McMighty in D.C. this week doing whatever it is he is going to do to lead Congress and Wall Street out of this mess. Who cares what his specific economic plans are if elected? Why bore voters with such trivial nonsense.

Also, we're grateful to McMighty for so unselfishly "suspending his campaign" while he whips Washington into shape. And for anyone who doesn't believe him, just listen to all his top campaign strategists and surrogates who've been on the TV news shows non-stop since Wednesday's announcement bashing Obama over it.

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Prius said...

He has gone off the deep end. Just a preview of what he'd be like as President, god forbid.

Letterman went after him good last night. Today poor Johnny one note is complaining he's being made fun of for this lame trick.

Anonymous said...

YOU guys have gone off the deep end.

Your HATRED for McCain has you guys unhinged. Correction - you're hatred for ANY Republican has you unhinged. The GOP hated Clinton in ways that made them lose credibility. The most prominent Dems and Dem fans are far worse.

People were rightly outraged when Republicans made fun of Chelsea Clinton's physical appearance. So what do YOU guys do? You make jokes on national television that Palin's daughter's pregnancy may be the result of father/daughter incest.

The huge gap between those two examples is instructive of the differences between the character of the two sides.

The current crisis is another example. The disrespectful unflattering cartoonish presentation of McCain in this thread is little more than a distraction.

The big reason for the current crisis is Democratic big government manipulation.

It was Clinton and Cuomo, Jr. who polluted the mortgage system with their redistributionist class warfare policies.

Incredible as it may seem, they forced Fannie and Freddie to make more and more risky loans to poor and low income people. They went so far as to force the two giant agencies to include food stamps and welfare payments as income considered towards loan eligibility.

Cuomo went so far as to push the two lenders to increase their loan purchases to be 50% from poor and low income borrowers.

And Wall Street, cast in the play as the bad guy, did what they were told. They bought the bonds because the Federal Government told them that they were backed by their full faith and credit.

People warned Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Including McCain, whether you like that truth or not. They said that Freddie and Fannie were tremendous risks to the system. Those guys said eff off. They also got huge bennies from the two organizations.

Fannie and Freddie have LONG been known as bastions of the Democratic establishment. Jamie Gorelick - she of the Chinese Wall that contributed mightily to 9/11 - ends up with a job there and a sweetheart loan from the mortgage company that was Freddie and Fannie's largest customer. Obama gets two discredited senior executives in crucial places in his campaign.

This whole mess is a Democratic tragicomedy.

Deny it all you like. Call me all the names you like.

But please, start your slams with an explicit justification for Democrats forcing Fannie/Freddie to accept foodstamps and welfare payments as includible income for mortgage eligibility.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate John McCain, I just recognize him for what he is.

On the economy, he's a complete dolt. In one of the Republican debates he denied ever saying that he did not understand the economy as well as he should and went on to say that he wanted interest rates to be at ZERO.

Earlier this year he was making the claim that in many ways Americans are economically better off than we were 8 years ago. A couple of months ago $5 million a year was the marker for a middle-class income. A week or so ago McCain was claiming that the fundamentals of the economy were strong.

Oh, and eff off with the class warfare gambit. You want REAL class warfare, follow this link:

When the workers of the United States of America reach this response level, you will come to know what real class warfare looks like.

Anonymous said...

"Freddie Mac recently began 25 initiatives around the country to dismantle barriers and create greater opportunities for homeownership. One of the programs is designed to help deserving families who have bad credit histories to qualify for homeownership loans." - George W. Bush 10/15/02

"Clinton and Cuomo, Jr."? Prius, turn off Fox News. Buy yourself a clue.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Prius, that was meant for 'anonymous' #1.

Anonymous said...

There are two extreme and evil factions in our country represented by part of the Republican Party and part of the Democratic Party.

The "evil" part of the Republican Party wants to so cripple our country so that it is no longer able to support any social poclicies or programs to help the less fortunate. They want to do away with social security, welfare, subsidized housing, medicare, medicaid, head start and even public schools. They want this country to completly destroy and defeat any segment of the FDR "new deal". This administration has done its best to implement this goal.

The "evil" Democrats want to distribute the wealth and make this a socialist country so that personal incentive and accomplishment is stifled so there is no way for anyone to excel or exceed the limits of a socialistic government. All incentive is wiped out and everybody's life is substandard.

What we need is some sanity and intelligence restored in this country without extreme ideology and personal motives to be restored. I have seen no evidence of it lately.

I don't know where it went wrong or how and I don't see any evidence of clear-headed normal people in charge or even among American citizens.

Sidney Condorcet said...

If McCain doesn't get House Republicans on board and a bipartisan deal doesn't pan out, McCain will suffer badly in the polls should the market, as expected, tank in the wake of the deal's failure. McCain has tied his electoral prospects to the success of a bailout package.

Anonymous said...

I am concerned that the repubs, Rove & McCain are going to somehow turn this around and blame the Dems and Obama. And I am concerned that we are going to get a terrorist October surprise. The terrorist issue is the only issue that McCain leads Obama on. Scare the hell out of us just like Bush did with the Osama tape just days before the 2004 election.

As for the Repub talking point that we Obama supporters just hate McCain. What a bunch of crap! We are trying to save our once great country and that is all they got? Who in their right mind would vote for the old geezer and bimbo with all the problems we have?

Anonymous said...

Obama was on television last night. Not the kind of television that Biden claims Roosevelt went on when he was President during the 1929 stock market crash, but the real television in the real world.

Obama concluded:

* We have to act.

* We shouldn't have gotten into this mess in the first place.

* People's jobs and homes are at risk if we don't deal with the problem.

* There are differences of opinion in Washington.
We have a chance to solve this problem

Is he for real? This is all he's got ? Obama might has well told us that the Earth is a planet and the sky is blue.

It is no wonder why Obama can't go anywhere without his teleprompter. He's got absolutely no idea what he is talking about without the screen telling him what to say. Obama is Soros-MoveOn sock puppet.

danaellyn said...
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Athena Smith said...

About last night's debates.
Obama scored highly among women because of his conciliatory tone (vs. the condescending attitude exhibited by McCain).
McCain needs some coaching on the different perceptiveness qualities as they are related to gender, that is.
Since Palin did not do the trick.

Kind of late to dump her?
For the good of the country of course...

Anonymous said...

6:57 I am a woman and I totally disagree with your conclusion. I found Obama to be as unacceptable last night as he's been to me and other Democratic women since watching the early primary debates and that campaign.

Athena Smith said...

Actually I was not expressing a personal oinion. I was copying CNN numbers... facts in other words.
"The CNN poll showed men were evenly split, but women gave Obama higher marks 59% to 41% for McCain."

Obviously you belong to the minority.
But that's okay. Your right and privilege. And I mean that.

Anonymous said...


John McCain spent the entire debate regurgitating emotional stories of meeting military personnel, his imprisonment in Vietnam, his passport stamps and a litany of factually incorrect statements from his stump speeches and campaign commercials.

There was absolutely NOTHING of substance he provided to show he is in any way different than George Bush in terms of policy, intelligence or temparament and the polling of independent voters afterward confirm this conclusion.

My favorite comment of the night came from one of Frank Luntz's independent voters on Fox News. Luntz asked the group of thirty from Nevada what surprised them about the debate and the first response was from a woman who looked to be in her 40s or 50s... "(McCain) looked old and angry."

Of the 30 independents there, 17 are now leaning Obama, 10 McCain and 3 still undecided.

Anonymous said...

Here is a sneak peak of what a potential Obama Administration will be like. Critics of an Obama Administration will be labeled racists. Obama was recently called out for his Abusive Use of Missouri Law Enforcement to silence his critics.

Those who think the Bush Administration was Big Brother have no idea what is in store for them under President Obama.

He has already used the Orwellian tactic of redefining words like "neighborliness" and "patriotic" to mean class warfare and increased taxation.

He has already made baseless predictions that his critics would bait race wars; then he turns around and race baits for his own gain.

Now Obama is stooping to using law enforcement to silence his critics.

What's next Obama ? "Neighborly" visits from government officials to search our homes in the middle of the night ?

Anonymous said...

Last night when McCain said to Obama "You cling to . . . " the camera showed Obama laughing and practically rolling his eyes in an "oh please" expression. But the entire media screamed, as did he, in his defense that when he used "lipstick on a pig" he had not a clue that such a reamark about "lipstick" would be assocaited with Palin's "lipstick" remark in her speech. So, he's perceptive on one occasion and very dense on another.
"Oh please"

Sidney Condorcet said...


Meanwhile, McCain went nearly the entire 90 minute debate without looking at his opponent...

Hmm, which is more noteworthy....tough call

Anonymous said...

The truth about taxes?

Anonymous said...


McCain didn't look at Obama because he cannot stand him. Better that than the smirks from Obama, who cannot stand McCain, nor Hlllary, nor Bill, nor a large number of other people.

Sidney Condorcet said...

1:06pm, you make a persuasive argument. I agree that it's completely cool that McCain cannot look at someone he can't stand. Luckily, McCain will never have to engage people he "cannot stand" as President, right? Oh wait, he'll do that often. Clearly McCain lacks the temperament and charm to be an effective President.

Anonymous said...

2:58 And conversely let us pray Obama is not Prsident and thus be required to meet people whom he absolutely needs to respect him, like him , admire and trust him. Wouldn't it be disastrous to find other leaders of the world "can not stand him". McCain is an easy going guy -- if Obasma can't "charm" him he's lacking in charm. Obama lacks the temperament and charm to be aneffective President. Nobody hates Mccain. Nobody likes Obama's smirks, either.

Athena Smith said...

CNN has a world map and how each country stands towards the US election. I calculated that on the average Obama gets more than 70% of the world's vote.
World leaders want someone who understands the interconnection of this planet, need someone who can look at America from the outside as well as from within, and definitely need someone who has repeatedly said that we can do it alone. Anyone with a basic grip on international economics, knows how true the latter is.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course, we must do as the world wants. We've had Democrats who have caved to the Republican Party for the past eight years, so it only follows that we must advance now to electing a Democratic President and Congress who will cave to the interests of the world. Obama is the man to do it.

Anonymous said...

Our financial crisis was not caused by the lack of "a basic grip on international economics." It ws caused by the universal "grip of greed" on some people. This "grip" has no international nor any other kind of boundary. We all remember the greed of Rezko, Obama's friend, in the real estate business.

Anonymous said...

What's in it for Greece?

Anonymous said...


McCain is an "easy going guy"?

You've got to be kidding or have absolutely no clue. His best friends on the Hill have commented publicly about his hair-trigger temper, how he's prone to emotional outbursts and he makes decisions based on those same emotions rather than reason. Hell, he's admitted this himself in his own books.

If you don't want to believe me, see for yourself:

The man is a loose cannon.

Sidney Condorcet said...

11:58am, oh yeah, not to mention the greed of John McCain's friend, Charles Keating, which helped lead to the last hundred-plus billion dollar bailout in our nation's history...

Difference is that Obama wasn't off flying on Rezko's private jet like McCain did with Keating.

Anonymous said...

Obama was just accepting thousands of dollars from Rezko for his campaign funds and getting a "sweetheart" deal on a house he bought from Rezko Give me a ride on an airplane for a candidate anyday.

Anonymous said...

Obama claims to have visited 57 states

Anonymous said...

Obama needs to explain how he will finance all the social programs he has promised. Since he can't, we need to know what he will do. The Democrats need to explain how they allowed this to happen. where were their brains? Why did they insist people who couldn't pay back be given loans for houses? What has happned to the smart Americans who used to run the country? An IQ score of at least "average" should be a requirement to hold office. And after that an lie dector test to see if they honest.

Anonymous said...

McCain is "easy going" in the sense that he flares up but gets over it; likes a good laugh, even at himself, and likes to be "one of the boys" which is a social achievement. He is not aloof. Most times a quick temper which expresses itself and is over, is preferable to quiet, slow, seething resentment. Far more damage is done by that type of personality. It's all undercover and long-lasting.

Anonymous said...


Excuse his behavior with generalities all you like. Several who have known him for 30-40 years have characterized his temper as frightening and unstable.

Chuck Grassley did not speak to his fellow (R) Senator for two years after one of McCain's tirades.

Anonymous said...

At least McCain knows there are 50 states in America.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Obama,
There are 57 states in the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). There are 50 states in the United States of America. In the future, please do not mix up your loyalties during a speech to Americans.

Sidney Condorcet said...

8:13am, you're a child. Just thought you should know that. "But, but, mister, mister, the tall skinny man said there were 57 states on one occasion! Surely, he doesn't know there are 50 states!" Well, little Jimmy, it's likely that he was exhausted. That gaffe was a long-time ago, 8:13am, how sad is it for Team McCain that his supporters are left to recycle that gaffe rather than anything more of substance.

I mean, when Obama supporters reference McCain's confusion of various middle east issues (who's training insurgents, sunni/shia, etc..) at least that has bearing on his presumably superior foreign policy judgment.

You know McCain's going to lose when all his supporters can do is point out the 57 states gaffe...Time to paint the White House black...Aww yeahhh....

And happy new year to my fellow hebrews and shebrews...

Anonymous said...

Just last week Biden claimed President Roosevelt was in the White House in 1929 and went on television after the stock market crashed. He preceded those ridiculous comments with "part of what a leader does ... is demonstrate what he or she is talking about".

Oh, but that is just "Biden being Biden". I'm calling bullshit.

If Palin or Biden made these mistakes, would YOU give either of them the same benefit of the doubt ?

Sidney has jumped all over McCain for his sunni/shiite gaffe while he was in Iraq. But Obama gets a pass for not even knowing how many states there are in the country he wants to lead.

Anonymous said...

"Part of what a leader does ... is demonstrate that he or she knows what he is talking about. ... When the stock market crashed Franklin Roosevelt got on television and didn't just talk about ..." -- Joe Biden, September 23, 2008