Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'll be on Fox News' Strategy Room Wednesday

Tune in Wednesday at 10am to FoxNews.com's Strategy Room. I'll be holding up the left on a variety of subjects likely to include the economy, the midterm elections, the BP oil spill and more. Stream it live at http://live.foxnews.com/strategy-room


Rick said...

I don't tune into Fox News, and you shouldn't sully yourself by appearing there. Fox News is not a news network, but a propaganda machine of the right wing. I'm disappointed that you associate with those vipers at all, let alone promote their programming by directing your readers to their stream.

Chris said...

I saw you on the Strategy Room. You sound like a smart guy and I always appreciate hearing the left point of view but when you said that the average American doesn't know or understand what is going on, you took on the high and mighty liberal tone that is driving the average American to tuning out your message. We understand what is happening and we are speaking out. You will just have to come to grips with the idea that your ideas about growing our economy have to be more thoughtful than just squash the evil corporations. That is to simplistic and will have long term negative affects on the average American.

Anonymous said...


I can't figure you out. Time and again you rip Fox News a new bung hole. You are on them time after time after time for their right wing reporting and their negative contribution to the body politic.

But as soon as they offer you a chance to talk in front of a live camera, all that is forgotten and you run like a lynx to go on tv.

You're presence gives them the ability to position themselves as "balanced" which you know it's not. So why give them the ability to say it by lending your name and credibility?

Is being on TV THAT important to you?

The Ostroy Report said...

Wow...people are so obviously obsessed with all this partisan vitriol that they've lost an ability to see the forest through the trees. The reason I go on Fox, my friends, is because that's exactly where millions of the opposing viewers are. And if you actaully watched my appearance, you should've quickly realized that (a) I am nobody's stooge (b) I am very aggressive in speaking my views and even dominating the debate, and (c) I try very hard to convince those at home watching that perhaps there's another viewpoint they should consider. If you want to talk about "fair and balanced," you could just as easily see me as the balance. I am there to refute all the lies and mistruths given to them by right wing radio and tv. If I can reach one person and help them see how Obama and the Democrats are truly helping them and doing a good job, then it's well worth it. I would be convincing no one on MSNBC. I'd be preaching to the choir. On Fox I could potentially have impact in giving its viewers a rational, intelligent, fact-based opposing viewpopint to consider.

To the other writer who said I believe average Americans "don't know or understand what is going on"...well, that's not what I said. I had been responding to the woman Liz who said people are worried about "Greece" and what's happening in the global economies. I found that a bit fo a stretch. I truly find it hard to believe that average Americans are not spending because they see what's happening in Greece and the Eurpoean Union. Just sayin...