Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bristol's Baby Daddy's Another Baby's Daddy!

First it was true teenage love, and then an unwed pregnancy and an imminent gunshot kiddie wedding. Then it was a sensational tabloid split, with Baby Daddy trashing his famous almost-in-laws. Then poor Grandma was horrified as these two crazy attention-starved, money-grubbing kids got back together, disingenuously avowing their love on the cover of People as Baby Daddy confessed to having lied about Granny's many warts. Then the unthinkable happened: Baby Daddy lied yet again, telling his Baby Mama he was headed to California for a hunting trip but instead visiting his other baby...the one his almost-soon-to-be-teen-bride didn't know about. And once again Baby Daddy, the nightmare who may finally go away for Granny, abruptly got kicked to the cold, Alaskan curb.

Welcome to the Palin family, where good old fashioned conservative family values are about as foreign as the Russian skyline.....ya know, the one Mamma Grizzly can see from her Wasilla window. While daughter Bristol and Baby Daddy Levi Johnston are the gossip gifts that keep on giving to Democrats, they've given Mama G nothing but fire-breathing heartburn. How can Ms. Death Panel possibly spin this PR fiasco? Remember during the 2008 campaign how she claimed Bristol's situation demonstrated true family grit? Yeah, maybe for The Adams Family.

And now with Palin on the campaign trail once again, with self-righteous, morality-police guns ablaze, it's comic relief listening to her Tea Party drivel about family values and "taking back America" to the way our Founding Fathers would want it. But ya know what would really make the Founding Fathers heads spin? The Palin family's media-whorish, amoral behavior. You betchya!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how smart an idea it is to call oneself a Mama Grizzly, but no one ever accused Sarah Palin of being smart:

Anonymous said...

There are MANY that will say she's smart and continue to support her - Republican, Team Party, Ind .... I can't believe it!

VennData said...

Mama Grizzly's showing us how well the the women's intuition she wants to use to run the government is working at the micro level.

It's like the Goldman Sach's salesman, Fabrice Tourre...

...don't look to close at what i'm selling you, just buy it.

Anonymous said...

So, when we are talking about horseface Chelsea marrying into a criminal family or wing nut Amy Carter, politicians kids are off limits.

By the way, how come I didn't see anything about the sense of entitlement that horseface and her family felt when they basically took over a town that they had no connection to, other than they wanted it for their over the top party?

Or that she spent 12,000 on a cake while people are out of work and starving?

Nah - let's pick on the Palins.

Funny how it never works the other way with "tolerant" leftists.

Realist said...

One has to wonder what these two would now be doing if Sarah Palin had not introduced media fame to them.

It's clear that Levi has become star-struck, and the attention he's gotten has turned his head. I doubt he has a clue about what kind of a mess he's in.

On the other hand, Bristol is adopting the same kind of clueless hypocrisy which has made her mother famous. She has also become affected by the media frenzy, in that she never bothered to check out the facts before she tossed Levi out again (no doubt with a lot of "advice" from her mother).

Kids today have it a lot harder than I did when I had gotten married at their age. I feel that I had more and better sources I could trust than Levi and Bristol have now, despite our "improvements" since then. No matter what decisions they make, they have the entire supply of the world's media vultures second-guessing everything they will do. I feel very sorry that their lives will never come close to being normal thanks to a mother's insane quest for power and fortune.