Sunday, August 21, 2005

Karen Hughes: "Operation: International Bullshit"

The NY Times reported today that President Bush has dispatched his most talented, trusted talking head, Karen P. Hughes, to create an international public relations war room of sorts to provide 24/7 damage control in response to political attacks. According to the Times, these "rapid response" teams will "counter bad news and defend administration policies around the globe," particularly in Muslim countries. Hughes, who's been Bush's left hand to Karl Rove's right since his days as Texas governor, was recently appointed under secretary of public diplomacy, charged with the mission to repair America's ailing stature abroad. What amazes me about all this is the Bushies' arrogant logic. I can actually hear Bush's smug Texas drawl in my head saying, "Heck, I ain't gonna change one damn thing I do, not even if it pisses the whole world off. We'll just send the "High Prophet" (Dubya's nickname for Hughes; the prez just loves those nicknames...) over there and throw some bullshit around, make nice-nice, and all these dumb bastards will be least that's what "Turd Blossom" (Rove) tells me. We'll call this..."Operation International Bullshit!" And there you have it. God forbid Bush should actually stop making dangerous, incompetent, unpopular policy. That's what he'd do if he'd really like to regain the world's trust and respect. But not this president. This president never makes mistakes. This president never makes bad policy. This president never says he's sorry. This president doesn't need to change anything. Anything. Because nothing's wrong. Ever. With the war, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, N. Korea, Iran, the's all good, all the time. So screw the world, and when the shit hits the overseas fan, the High Prophet will assemble her mighty band of bullshitters and blow some compassionate conservative smoke up the world's ass in an attempt to appease and distract those who hate us. Jeez, Hughes's so insincere and swarmy I wouldn't buy an umbrella in a rainstorm from her. Can you imagine how she's gonna go over in the Arab world? Andy

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