Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ostroy on FoxNews' "Strategy Room" Monday March 9th

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Anonymous said...

Been thinking about the state of things since Obama was elected and inaugurated.

Things continue sag economically, people seem to be even more fearful and the administration's efforts to date have seemingly added to the problem.

And I am not so sure that's not intended.

I say that because of the comment by Rahm and it's public repetition by Obama that no crisis should be a wasted opportunity to achieve other policy objectives not otherwise attainable.

It doesn't take a one-eyed rocket scientist to realize that the biggest drag on the economy is the broken financial system. Credit continues to be unavailable - I personally know of credit worthy commercial loan applications that are as low as 40% of value being rejected. That comes from fear - 80% or more was do-able a year or so ago for lesser deals.

And with Obama's energetic agenda to transform the relationship between government and the people, with major overhauls to education, health care, etc that put more control and dependency on the central government, it would seem that the agenda is benefitted by an a continued extension of the crisis.

It would only seem sensible that the first and foremost department that he would have focused upon given the troubled financial system would have been the Treasury Department. Yet other than Geithner, he has not moved a single other person through the system. How can Treasury solve the problem swiftly if the President is not paying attention to filling out its roster?

The answer to me is clear - Obama does NOT want a full roster because he does NOT want the financial crisis to end until it's utility in transforming the government is complete.

In effect, he is purposefully and consciously hurting people now for the "greater good".

Anonymous said...

12:27 PM,
I'm sure the Obama Administration wants to fill those open Treasury positions. Give the administration a break, its not easy to find a Democrat capable of performing the task who also pays his/her taxes.