Friday, September 03, 2010

"I Can Has Cheezburger," says Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

Well, not really. I Can Has Cheezburger is funny-cat-picture web site. But what Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer did say during her opening remarks at her debate with Democratic challenger Terry Goddard Wednesday was just as grammatically horrifying.

Brewer opened with an embarrassingly weak, slow-motion, rambling, repetitive and brief statement: "I have, uh, done so much, and I just cannot believe that we have changed everything since I have become your governor in the last 600 days. Arizona has been brought back from its abyss. We have cut the budget. We have balanced the budget, and we are moving forward. We have done everything we could possibly do."

Brewer, realizing that a stammering, empty-suited 25-second summation of her accomplishments and why she deserves to be re-elected was woefully insufficient, put her head down, stared at her notes, fidgeted with her hands, laughed nervously and after 15 seconds of painful silence only managed to come with "We have did what was right for Arizona." O-tay, Spanky!

For a legislator who all but wants to crucify illegal aliens, at least they speak better English than she does.

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Bipolar Disorder said...

LOL some of them are horrifying me. I don't care much how grammatically correct they speak English, but they are just as bad at everything else.

Anonymous said...

I feel if I were being sued by the Federal Government for protecting my constituents by enforcing the Federal Law; and, also suffered the personal threats to my health, my life, and my family by people who oppose me, I probably would make no public appearances at all and have a staff member read my comments.


Realist said...

In the video of Jan Brewer's post-"debate" news encounter, one of her handlers -standing just over her right shoulder in the picture- openly mutters something to her right before she turns and walks away from the cameras and reporters. I can now only surmise that she is nothing more than a front who follows orders from her "director" as she "acts" as the governor of Arizona. If I am correct, then I don't wonder about how she froze up in her debate intro. I instead wonder how the people of Arizona put up with this charade and still think they being properly represented.

Anonymous said...

Realist - I suppose you feel the same way about President Teleprompter who can't even use his own words to talk to kindergarteners?

Realist said...

Yes, Mr. Anonymous, I do consider Obama to be handled. His seriously altered behavior upon taking office screams this. I have posted similar negative comments regarding Obama here before. Satisfied?