Friday, December 02, 2005

More Bush War "Progress:" Explosive Kills 10 U.S. Marines in Iraq

The Pentagon has just reported that a massive roadside booby-trap explosion yesterday outside Fallujah has killed 10 U.S Marines and wounded 11. The death count continues to climb, the insurgency appears to be consistently gaining strength, and the Bush administration continues to falsely cite tremendous progress. Any more progress like this and we soon won't have a military.

It's time Congress and the American people demand that Bush issue an honest and realistic assessment of the war and a timetable for a troop withdrawal. As Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) continues to stress, the war is a losing proposition and keeping our troops there to face death is the most dishonorable thing we can do.


Joe Smoe: American Citizen said...

It's time Congress and the American people demand that Bush issue an honest and realistic assessment of the war and a timetable for a troop withdrawal.

That ain't gonna happen. This is an administration built on lies and denial. Everything that these inept clowns said was gonna happen from the beginning of this CLUSTER has been exposed as a lie or wishful thinking, it's hard to believe they'll come clean now with how screwed the situation really is over there. Instead expect the administration and the Pentagon to start paying off reporters here to write FEEL GOOD Success stories like they do in Iraq. All on the taxpayers buck of course…it’s the Republican way

The Emir of Smoe: Seer

Anonymous said...

We need to get out and get out NOW! When in a hole you stop digging and we’re in a hole over there. There have been too many lives lost for a cause only dreamt in Bush’s mind and he will not alter the course. The killing will continue and we’ll be over 3,000 dead in no time at the rate we’re going and for what?

I say bring everyone home NOW and put on trial all of our leaders that caused this, starting from the very top and working all the way to the ones that voted for in the first place. Enough is enough and how much longer will the world stand for this BS? I’m not just pissed now, I have been when the first talk of war came up and now I’m REALLY pissed at the media and our liberal government for not making this the lead story EVERY day and night.

Have you had enough yet?

Anonymous said...

It's starting to get real with this article and the one on DeLay. I have one question. Where is All_I_Can_Stands?

I guess when the preponderance of evidence becomes too large to ignore, even the staunchest of GOPers begin to wander off.

Let's press for cooler heads to prevail and get us out of this mess. I wouldn't mind seeing those responsible answering to the likes of Patrick Fitzgerald, either.

Anonymous said...

THE FACT THAT THESE CROOKS ARE STILL THERE IS SIMPLY MORE PROOF THAT AMERICA GETS THE VERY BEST GOVERNMENT THAT BIG BUSINESS INTERESTS ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR! Why be surprised people when the issues that turn an election are emotional and not practical, when debats are around touchie fellie issues and not facts, then of coarse you get what you allowed to be fousted off on you. When are Americans going to wake up and realise that the country has been bank rupted by a bunch of criminals that should be in jails instead of in the white house et al.