Thursday, February 21, 2008

"I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman"

I have two thoughts on the latest scandal involving allegations that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), the GOP's 2008 presidential frontrunner, had an illicit affair and inappropriate political relationship with a lobbyist approximately eight years ago. The first is that this type of personal smear is despicable. The second is, too bad. Ever since the mid-90's when New Gingrich and gang went on their venomous which-hunt and crucified Bill Clinton over his sexual indescretions, the Washington, D.C. landscape changed forever. I remember back then saying how these myopic fools failed to realize the old cliche that what goes around comes around; that someday this newfound license to ruin someone over personal matters is gonna bite 'em in the ass big time. Judging from the wave of Republican scandal since, that's exactly what happened. The Republicans changed the rules back then. Open season on your sex life. And now McCain's reaping what they sowed. And yes, I say too bad. I don't make the rules. I just expect them to apply to everyone equally.

I want McCain to be put on the same hotseat as Bill Clinton. I want him to have to look into America's collective eye and say, "I did not have sex with that woman." Let's get him on record making a panicked denial, as Clinton did, when faced with the prospect of a ruined political career and shattered family. Yes John, what goes around comes around indeed. And now it's your turn to feel Bill's pain. A very important distinction though: Bill's drawers-dropping daliances never involved providing political favors to his mistresses.

At a 9am press conference Thursday, with his yet-another-embarassed-and-publicly-humiliated Republican wife Cindy smiling tersely by his side, McCain unequivocally denied all of the allegations. So what do we have here now? One of two things is at play: either the Times had absolutely no factual basis to print this story, and has committed journalistic malpractice and will pay dearly--both in reputation AND in court--or McCain is lying through his teeth.

Regardless, can McCain recover from this scandal? Are the mere accusations enough to derail the Straight Talk Express? Will McCain, who's been playing the integrity card since the campaign began, be able to shake these allegations that he used his power seat as Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee to grant favors to lobbyists and corporate America? Will this be the nail in the coffin for conservatives, already in strong opposition to his campaign? If Rupert Murdoch's right wing rag NY Post is any indication with its huge Thursday headline--McCain Shocker--McCain could be in serious trouble. Especially if further evidence surfaces after his strong denial. There's another old cliche I love: where there's smoke, there's fire. Stay tuned....

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Anonymous said...

So here we go with the hypocitical Democrats wanted to make John McCain go on record about a topic that Bill Clinton committed perjury and liberals tell us that this is none of anyones business.

So what is it? Is Bill Clinton the perjury king or are Bill's sexual relations with a White House intern his private business ?

I personally didn't care about Bill cheating on his disgusting wife with a blowpig. I did care about his obstruction of justice, his denying innocent rape victims justice (Jennifer Flowers), and his under oath lying about any topic.

Lets also remember the Rose Firm records that showed up in Hillary's office with Hillary's finger prints on them. If we are going to get people on record for this election season, I'd like to hear her restate how she didn't know that she was hiding these documents in her office.

Ostroy, you are a total schmuck and a hypocrite. You yourself have stated that Bill's personal relationships are personal. Where you lying or spinning?

Unknown said...

I think Andy's point is where are all the GOP moralizers.

You may or may not approve of
Clinton's dalliances but Rose law firm records? Fingerprints? Where did you get that?

If the GOP is going to crucify for sexual shenanigans, they should be consistent. Right?

Anonymous said...

With Clintons still in this election season, I'm not sure it is wise to start bringing up sexual misconduct. This is more of the past that remind Americans that Bill Clinton lied under oath and it is going to help bring Hillary down. You know for a fact that Bill still has some sexual misconduct hiding in his closet.

This is partly why Barack Hussein Obama has so much liberal momentum, even though he has absolutely no accomplishments worthy of making him the most powerful person in the world.

Anonymous said...

If I remember right a reporter once asked Poppy Bush about an affair he was having with Jennifer Fitzgerald. He replied "I'm not even going to dignify that question with a response" It was never brought up again. McCain is not a sitting president and they don't have another candidate. I would not be surprised if he denies it and it just goes away.

Anonymous said...

Yes - Hillary's fingerprints were found on the Rose Law Firm papers that were hiding in her office for two years. You can get this information from the same source that Ostroy the Idiot got the story we are talking about in this thread. Here's a snippet for you:

Hillary Clinton's Fingerprints Among Those Found on Papers
Published: June 5, 1996

Republicans on the special Senate Whitewater committee released a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation today showing that the fingerprints of the First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, were found on records discovered in the White House family quarters two years after they were first sought by investigators.

You liberals really have a short memory.

Anonymous said...

I want to get Hillary on record regarding her sexual relations with Huma Abedin. Go ahead, I encourage you to google the name Huma Abedin.

Please go on record regarding your lesbian sexual relations with Huma Abedin.

This is more proof that the Clinton marriage is a marriage of political convenience, not a marriage of love.

Anonymous said...

9:25 AM,
Thanks for highlighting the liberal mentality. Its no wonder you need a nanny state.

Anonymous said...

THose who compare this with Clinton are conveniently overlooking that McCain PAID for his sex by doing political and business favors for his lobbyist girlfriend. That's hardly the same as a one-time, no rewards to Monica, dalliance.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Repulican hypocrisy is in full force. On Morning Joe Tucker Carlson said, in effect, that who's surprised that a former Air-force pilot likes women, unlike Romeney. What's the big deal. Men will be men I have not quoted because I didn't write it down. This is the gist of Tucker's observation.

Buchanan, on the same show, said that the TIMESS' story was really not a legitimate story for politics. What -- the impeachment was inappropriate, politically?

Anonymous said...

Now that McCain has been "deballed" maybe those of you who chose Obama for electibility will observe that Hillary now has a chance to beat McCain.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 8:34: Didn't you understand what Andy said?

Everything changed because of what the Republicans did to Bill Clinton.

You reap what you sew!

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing to hear all the rightwinger talking heads now saying about the alleged McCain affair as being a private, personal issue. Strange they never said that about Clinton's transgression.

But here, it must be noted that when Attorney General, Janet Reno agreed to an independent counsel, Reno pulled no punches and appointed a Republican Party Hack, Starr to be independent counsel. On the other hand every effort to choose an independent counsel to investigate the myriad of alleged Republican wrongdoing has been denied, sidetracked, and obfuscated. Just another example of honor, duty and values practiced by this band of hoodlums.

Anonymous said...

If McCain's affair affected legislation, then it is not a private matter any more. The public is footing the bill. THAT is the difference between McCain and Clinton's fun and games.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I find it interesting the trolls are out on this one as it seems that this serves the GOP base who want McCain out. LOL
However this scandal exposes the culture in DC for what it is: not about the Constitution, "the People" etc. but about power, greed, avarice, pride and how easily the pols are corrupted and bribed by plying these human frailties. The Franklin Banking/Boystown scandal of the 'late '80s early '90s, up through the Abramoff scandals of the past few years, and the current on going scandals, all feed on these same root causes.
Getting the money out of politics completely should be a start.

Anonymous said...

too bad all of this is about an 8 year old story reported using unnamed sources, all parties denying the accusations, no witnesses of any wrong doing, and no facts backing the accusations.

this story will be dead before Hillary gets a chance to congratulate Barack Hussein Obama on his DNC victory.

Anonymous said...

"I did care about his obstruction of justice, his denying innocent rape victims justice (Jennifer Flowers)"

Jennifer Flowers! You mean the Gennifer Flowers whose cooch I saw all up in Penthouse? That Gennifer Flowers?

Anonymous said...

Well Andy, if you say too bad and this kind of stuff is back on the table, then you have to accept that as a sword that cuts two ways.

Now everything that Hillary did is back on the table too. The way she went about destroying all of the women who posed a threat to Bill, the Willey's, etc. of the world.

Her use of black bag detectives to run a counter operation. The "down market" voter characterizations about dragging $20 bills through trailer parks should be presented front and center to those <$50,000 income voters she thrives on.

Let's get it all out there. Terry Lenzer, the cattle futures killing she got from people who were dependent upon the good graces of her husband the governor - heck, even her position on the Wal-Mart board which she never would have gotten if not for Bill.

Let's make sure she owns don't ask don't tell, NAFTA and welfare reform.

After all - too bad, eh?

Anonymous said...

This scandal is about sex for political favors. It bears no similarity to an act between a president and an adult female intern other than the possible exchange of bodily fluids. What McCain is alleged to have done will speak volumes about his so-called "integrity" should it turn out he did have an affair with a lobbyist.

There is private sexual behavior between consenting adults and then there is sexual behavior between a senator and a lobbyist that results in big time payoffs for the lobbyist's clients. What McCain is alleged to ahve done is different from Clinton's juvenille acts in kind and in magnitude. His behavior with the lobbyist amounts to bribery.

Anonymous said...

hey anon 1:23---if there's nothing to hide then why was Vicki Iseman's BIO pulled from her site. Go to the HuffingtonPost for that story.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 237, there was plenty of stuff that Hillary did that should be on the table - having NOTHING to do with Lewinsky.

How about her lies about her cattle futures profits? Or about how she lied about the Travel Office? Or about how she lied about her Rose Firm billing records? Or about how she tried to steal Federal property on her way out of the White House and had to return a couple of truckloads of "presents"? Or how she leaned on Bill to sell pardons so her brother could get commissions? Or how she leaned on him to pardon terrorists who murdered innocents just to coddle the Puerto Rican vote in her Senate run?

She has far far far more to answer for than Barak and Rezko or McCain. The woman is just plain bad news.

Anonymous said...

"You mean the Gennifer Flowers whose cooch I saw all up in Penthouse? That Gennifer Flowers?"

More insight into the liberal mind. This is very enlightening. Are you implying that someone who poses in Penthouse cannot be raped because you saw her 'cooch' ?

With logic processes like this, I'm starting to understand why Democrats need a nanny state.

Anonymous said...

So, trading political favors for sex with a senator. Political favors are wanted because they are as good as or better than money. Sounds like common prostitution to me. They need to arrest her for whoring.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Republicans should be praising this to high heaven. After Mark Foley and his affection for teen-aged boys, Larry Craig with his gay bathroom sex solicitations and George Bush and his homosexual prostitute White House visitor Jeff Gannon, they finally have a high stepper who is associated with a woman.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are sad people because there are Republicans ruining our country.

4:13 Hillary's "stuff" has been on the table over and over and over again, ad naseum. THey have found nothing. It was all part of the,yes, right wing conspiracy lies to stop her political career.

Speaking of which, the TV networks are already bashing her although she clearly won the debate last night. Obama's people asked this a.m. how dare she mention McCain's VOTE for the Iraq war. She DID NOT mention his vote but said his SUPPORT which of course is true. She has never supported the war; she voted for Inspectors to continue and the UN to supervise. And, doesn't anybody notice that last night, as in every debate, Obama repeats, as his own, one of Hillary's comments made usually about ten minutes earlier when she had the floor. He hasn't had an original idea yet Last night she spoke about a mother who asked her how she could get insurance to take care of her sick child. Later during the debate Obama said When mothers come to me and ask how they will get insurace for their sick child . . . And I still don't know how he's going to make the US a Utopia unless he explains how he will destroy the Republcian political machine and change the minds of all Republicans to embrace our Democratic principles.

Anonymous said...

Hillary *did* support the war when she voted to give the Command-In-Chief the authority to go to war.

If her husband took care of Al Qaeda while they were attacking us during the 1990's, 9/11 wouldn't have happened in the beginning of Bush's first year and there wouldn't have ever been backing to go to war to begin with.

If her husband did something about the environment during the 1990's, the planet wouldn't be in as *dire* of a situation as it currently is today (If you believe the Global Warming Nuts that humans have any significant impact in Global Warming.)

Anonymous said...

2.27 Do you remember hearing at the time that Sadam was an "imminent threat" and that he had nuclear weapons? Most Americans believed that to be true. Bush and his gang lied to us, and certainly lied and presented false evidence to Congress. No responsible representitve could gamble with our lives even if they suspected he was not telling the truth; they had to give him the power to go to war should Sadam strike. However, Bush also pledged (a lie) to go to the United Nations and send the inspectors. He lied. Do you understand. He lied and wiser people than you were fooled.

And your second mistake is to think that a wife is responsible for her husband's mistakes. They are two people. The wife is not her husband nor even "the better half" of her husband. Hillary is not responsible for anything Bill did. However your accusations are wrong about Bill's mistakes. But what is certain, no matter what Bill did or did not do, while Bush vacationed in TX he completed ignored the warning (a legitimate intelligence report) that we were to be bombed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 2.27 If Adam and Eve had behaved themselves we'd all be in Paradise. Get real.

Anonymous said...

Nadar has done it again. It's all over and McCain is our next president unless every woman in the country votes for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Democrats certainly don't let facts stand in the way of their beliefs. The "Bush Lied" theory breaks down once you consider the fact that Clinton started a war with Iraq for the same reason as Bush just 3 years earlier. Below is from the Clinton News Network (CNN) 12/16/1998:

"Earlier today I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British forces," Clinton said.

"Their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors," said Clinton.

Clinton also stated that, while other countries also had weapons of mass destruction, Hussein is in a different category because he has used such weapons against his own people and against his neighbors.

Are we really supposed to believe that Clinton was telling the truth about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction 3 years before Bush "lied" about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction?

How did Bush make Bill Clinton lie about Iraq's WMD ?

Anonymous said...

Obviously Bill's "war" against Iraq was successful and they destroyed all the weapons of mass destruction. This is proof of course that Bush lied three years later. Thank you 11:29

Anonymous said...

6:21 PM,
Are you claiming that our government, which has never done anything 100% correct, was 100% successful at dismantling all of Saddam Hussein's nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs?

If this is possible, when in your imagination did the Oil-For-Food corruption start and why was it necessary for Saddam when he could have just shown that he was clean after Operation Desert Fox? He could have made a lot more money if sanctions were lifted and all he had to do was let the inspectors do their jobs before the end of the Clinton term.

Anonymous said...

6:29 I am not 6:21 but it is obvious that 6:21 was responding with sarcasm to 11:20's idiotic idea that our war in Iraq was Bill Clinton's fault. If Bill, had, as 11:20 claims ordered the Armed Forces to remove Sadam's WMDs then there were none and thus Bush lied, which of course he did whether Clinton removed them or not.

This is surely getting convuluted. Time for a new article Ostroy.