Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Swiftboating of John McCain. 'Conservatics' Are Running Scared

I had an occasion to be on a long drive Monday and treated myself to many hours of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin (I say that with tongue firmly in cheek). I do this when I can to learn what the other side is thinking. And now I'm convinced: the other side is nuts! These guys--as well as Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and others--are uniformly trashing Arizona Sen. John McCain, the GOP frontrunner as if he was the devil incarnate. They not only call him a liberal, which is utterly absurd, they accuse him of making liberal policy. Oddly, I found myself (if only for a fleeting, non-partisan second) thinking..."Hmmmm, if these self-serving narrow-minded blathering boorish buffoons hate him so much, maybe I should like him? Maybe, just maybe, he's the right guy to bridge the gap between Red and Blue? To be the conduit of political peace between the parties? Nah. But it's a nice thought. Like I've said all along, McCain is certainly no moderate. It's just that, to the far-right wing of the Republican Party, he's not enough of a 'conservatic' (a cross between a conservative and a lunatic).

The biggest bloviator of them all is Levin, whose syndicated radio program unfortunately polutes the airwaves each night. This guy is so rabid and venomous, and his vitriol knows no bounds. He's a nasty, angry, mean-spirited blowhard who flings ad-hominem personal attacks with reckless abandon (see: "Mike Huckaphony, Gov. Jerkenegger, Dorothy Rabi-no-wits"). He even calls his own party "Re-pubic-ans." All because they've annointed McCain the frontrunner. Man, I'd love to spar one on one with this guy, as I know exposing his ignorant, racist rhetoric for the garbage that it is would be tantamount to stealing candy from a baby. It must be really nice to have a national radio program where you can, with impunity, scream and yell and call people names as you relentlessly lie about them and everything else for that matter (so if you're out there and listening, Levin, bring it on...).

So, what exactly is the consrvatics' overall beef with McCain? As Limbaugh put it, "he doesn't speak for us." Us? Just who exactly is us? To be sure, McCain is clearly speaking to a majority of Republicans, otherwise he wouldn't be kicking dust in former Gov's Mitt Romney's (MA) and Mike Huckabee's (AR) faces. Perhaps McCain's overall popularity is a wake-up call to right-wing fanatics like Hannity, Rush, Levin, Coulter, etc. A signal that the average conservative is fed up with the politics of hate and fear and devisiveness. To the conservatics, you are not a Republican unless you have a singular platform that conforms to every single belief of theirs. There is no "big tent" for these guys. There's only one-type of "acceptible" Republican. You must be a national security junkie. You must hate taxes. You must hate illegal aliens, and wish to ship all 12-million of them back home. You must hate campaign finance reform. You must hate big government. You must hate welfare, free education and socialized medicine. You must hate gays. You must hate abortion. You must hate atheists, agnositics and anyone who doesn't believe in Creationism. You must hate Democrats, and everything they stand for. You must hate, period. And if you hate, say, most of these things, that's not good enough for the conservatics. You must hate 'em all.

The conservatics claim that McCain "will destroy the Republican Party." Well, the very conservative columnist and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan said recently that it was George Bush who's destroyed the party. She's 1000% right. And I believe if Republicans were smart they'd recognize that McCain is the guy to unify them in the future. He's got the moderate Repubs, the conservative Dems and the highly coveted independents. In that sense, he's almost as Reaganesque as Reagan. But the conservatics hate him so much because of his impressive record of reaching across the aisles to create compromise legislation (i.e McCain-Feingold, McCain-Lieberman). But isn't that what politicians are truly supposed to do? Wasn't that the vision of our Founding Fathers? Or, as Hannity and Limbaugh would like you to believe, did they have Rovian partisan hate politics in mind instead? I am no personal fan of McCain, but I do admire his tenacity, his resolve, his independence. He strikes me as the guy who puts country and beliefs before party. Call me crazy, but that's what they all should be doing.

The conservatics also decry McCain's flip-flopping on the Bush tax cuts, but completely give their boy Romney a pass on his abrupt and very politically-timed about-face on gay marriage and abortion. Go figure.

One of my best friends is a Republican. There, I said it. Cliche, but true. "Karl" and I have been close pals for 25 years now. I love the guy, except his politics. So I asked him about all this McCain Swiftboating last night. And sure enough, I could close my eyes and hear Hannity and Levin and Limbaugh coming through loud and clear. "He doesn't represent us," said Karl, dutifully repeating the Kool-aid drinkers' mantra. I asked, what about McCain's record on the war, terrorism, Bush Tax cuts, school vouchers, abortion, guns, gays, and God? Doesn't that make him pretty damned conservative? Well yeah, Karl conceded, but then he went right back to the "doesn't represent us" thing. I guess he won't let facts and logic spoil the fantasy.

Poor conservatics. There's a party goin' on and they weren't invited. And it makes them angry. Angry like the high school nerds who weren't invited to the party either. So they are violently unleashing their venom on McCain and everyone who supports him. After Super Duper Tuesday, this just might once and for all prove to be most of the GOP. And maybe the end of the conservatic movement as we know it.

On another note, we could use your help at The The Adrienne Shelly Foundation. We are a tax-exempt, non-profit organization dedicated in my wife's honor to help carry out her spirit and passion, with the goal of assisting women filmmakers. Adrienne was brutally killed in NYC on November 1, 2006. Through the Foundation, her commitment to filmmaking lives on. We've established scholarships, grants, finishing funds and living stipends at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts/Kanbar Institute of Film; Columbia University; American Film Institute; Women in Film; the Independent Feature Project; the Nantucket Film Festival; and the Sundance Institute. Your generous contribution will go a long way towards helping us achieve this very important mission. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Im gonna do a story on my blog called: "Andy Ostroy NOW loves war"----do I have your permission Andy? If I dont get an answer in 2-3 days I will assume I have permission and run it.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about McCain? For one thing he would be the hardest for us to run against.

Wake up Andy!

Anonymous said...

You may enjoy calling Dr. Levin names, but I guarantee that he is 100% smarter than you and knows the US Constitution better than almost anyone.

BTW, McCain is not conservative.

The McCain/Kennedy proposal speaks for itself.

McCain/Feingold is the most devastating attack on our Freedom of Speech possibly ever.

Unknown said...

Folks, Let’s have a chat … shall we?

McCain only cares about one thing and that is McCain. His stance on certain issues has nothing to do with his values or principles, it has to do with what he thinks is the best political position to take.

If something is good for McCain, he will see it as good for America.

BUT If something is good for America, but not necessaryily good for McCain .. he will choose what is best for him.

This man has taken his former POW status and made a political career out of it.

He doesn’t give a rats a$$ about anything or anyone except himself and his ego.

Did you know that he has been the biggest enemy to the families of Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action from Vietnam? He has made the efforts of these families a mockery by belittling witnesses during testimony at Senate hearings, supporting and passing legislation that weakened previous legislation which gave the families some sense of oversight. McCain just came in and gutted it - He has saw to it that documents remained classified LONG after their declassification date - Why? Because some of them deal with him and what he did while in captivity. Once again, he made the POW/MIA Issue about HIM!

for more - please go to http://powwarrior.wordpress.com

It will make you sick what this man has done to families whose fate was much worse than his own.

There is no denying what is there in black and white. Just watch the video … It will make you sick!

The man is a psycho - if elected, they will be adding a psych wing on to the West Wing! Maybe Brittney can come by for a visit and they can chat! UGH!

The Ostroy Report said...

ANON 11:57 writes....Who cares about McCain? For one thing he would be the hardest for us to run against.
Wake up Andy!

I wrote about the McCain threat on January 24. I'm awake.

Anonymous said...

It's not Swiftboating if it's true. John Kerry's "swiftboat" attack was nothing but lies, McCain really doesn't represent the majority of the Republicans, because, as someone else on this blog says, he does what's good for him. And, the Republicans are not going to ever compromise - with McCain or Obama. They are typical neurotics: they "want what they want when they want it." That's why Obama will be a disaster -- he is not a fighter. McCain would be a disaster because his spine turns in the direction most advantageous for McCain. With all their faults, the Clintons are our best bet.

Anonymous said...

Seniors -- don't let sexism interfere with what's best for you. Certificates of Deposit rates are down from 5 percent to the very low 2 percent which is what they were during most of Bush/the Republican administration. They were at five or more during the Clinton years. McCain doesn't know anything about economics by his own admission. Vote for the Clintons.

Anonymous said...

Andy----your January 24 story was about McCains threat to DEMOCRATS-----not AMERICA in general!! No, youre asleep.

Anonymous said...
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Sidney Condorcet said...

I don't know why everyone is getting so flustered by McCain. We all should know that due to an unverified terrorist threat the general election will be postponed indefinitely, and Cheney, err I meant Bush, will remain President for the next four years.

(All kidding aside, it takes some serious mental gymnastics for a Democrat to believe McCain is a genuine electoral threat, but yet propose that Hillary is the solution. The only way you make the war the millstone around McCain's neck is by countering him by nominating a responsible, anti-war pol, like Obama.)

Anonymous said...

Got news for the right wing, anti-immigrant piss ants coming after Ostroy, he's a lot tougher and a lot smarter than you are.

Sidney Condorcet said...

When I left my comment, I hadn't read the previous comments. (I'm unsure if the despicable email(s) had already been removed). However, as I now understand the gist of what the deranged poster had said, I must comment.

Disagree with Andy all you want, but he is a highly intelligent and passionate American patriot. Shame on you for bringing up such a heartbreaking personal tragedy. This blog is for the discussion of American political issues, not for personal attacks. If you choose to make such disgraceful, inhuman remarks then at least have the courtesy of posting your real name, rather than anonymous, so that I may have the pleasure of knowing who's ass I will be kicking in the near future.

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with asking why Andy doesnt hate illegal immigrants? Whats wrong with that? As for Nathan Dean's post----I mainly wanted to know why Andy did not mention ONE word about the war or the surge when the story right underneath this one is about him being very against it. How was I supposed to mention why Andy doesnt hate illegal immigrants without mentioning the tragedy that one of them caused him? YOURE spinning and making this a political point by making it appear as if I am happy that that happened to Andy. You know damned well no sane person would be happy about the death of a loved one in someone's family, but you chose to make YOUR political point out of it by making it appear that it filled my heart with joy posting it. I even said in my FIRST post (that Andy deleted) that "I dont mean to be insensitive or cruel". Why doesnt Andy answer the questions instead of deleting posts if for some reason he thinks Im wrong or that I misunderstood his story? Why doesnt he set it straight and reply? No, he ignores it and deletes it----thats very Bill O Reilly of him. And sidney---although I do enjoy Andy's posts when he attacks Bush and calls his minions "Busheviks"---you have to agree that THAT is a personal attack---despite it being funny, but I dont see you condemning that, do I? So, in other words, a personal attack is only a personal attack when you disagree with it. But when you agree with it and enjoy it, all of a sudden, its not a personal attack. I didnt even call Andy a name! But in this post he called Limbaugh and Hannity "nuts", "narrow-minded blathering boorish buffoons", and "lunatics". He called Levin a "nasty, angry, mean-spirited blowhard". Im not saying I dont agree---but nonetheless they are personal attacks. And one last thing Nathan Dean----you wanted to know where I get its a love-letter? My goodness---he equated McCain with the founding fathers! Now, THATS insanity! I would like to know just ONE thing that was never answered by Andy-----Why no mention of McCain supporting the war or the surge during this "non" love-letter to McCain when he JUST did a story on it below? Can he at LEAST answer that?

Anonymous said...

hey DUMBASS-----I meant I wanted to know why he didnt mention the war or the surge in the JOHN McCAIN POST----I thought that was VERY CLEAR. A little RETARDED arent we? Andy already KNOWS thats what i meant---he's already deleted me asking it TWO times. Im FAR from right wing---but yes, I DO hate McCain!! I think that has been very clear---Ive not hid that! You called me "dumbass"----hmmm, a personal attack! Im asking about illegals to get a reaction???? Are you insane? Yes! Im asking if he LOVES illegals---and if so---why?? Why does he love them? Thats a simple question. Yes, Im trying to get a reaction! An ANSWER. YOU made the illegal thing a political issue---NOT me, and you call yourself Andy's friend? Not ONCE did I call Andy a name, or did I even try to be insensitive about the illegal question---but how am I supposed to mention what one of them did to his family without actually saying it? You still didnt answer that one. Im asking honest, legitimate questions here and getting attacked for it. YOU chose to make that political by assuming I was HAPPY about what happened to Andy's family. THATS cruel---and you should apologize to Andy for making his personal tragedy political. I was only asking how can he like illegals depite what happened? Was that a better way of saying it? I think its a legitimate question! And yes, I DID call you dumbass---because of you asking that first question in your post when it was crystal CLEAR I was talking about why Andy didnt mention the war/surge in the McCAIN POST----NOT THE ONE UNDERNEATH! Duh. Tell me why arent my questions legitimate

Anonymous said...

Im done on here---obviously I'll never get my questions answered. Andy's Dems have done NOTHING about this war---I even posted THAT in one post (just that alone) and it was deleted. I never thought Id say this but Andy is now like O'Reilly. When he's faced with a tough question---it's deleted and ignored. Andy, you conduct your blog however you want.

Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear about your wife, Mr. Ostroy. The Unbelievable Truth and Trust were among my all-time favorite films. I only just learned about this tragedy. Please forgive the garbage-mouthed conservatives, for they know not what they do, being reactionary, mechanical, evil rather than conscious, compassionate, good.
As Schopenhaur once said, "Dull minds think alike." (I paraphrase.)

If I find myself repeating even one sentence born of another head, I am apalled at my unoriginality. And yet Rush, Hannity, and the Dull Minds of Conservatism (DMC) freely, mechanically think and speak with someone else's head.

Little wonder America is falling apart at their helm. They don't deserve to be read. You do, my friend. May your words be given a thousand wings.


Anonymous said...

wow---lotta hatred there Jeff Renfro---didnt Andy talk about NOT having that kind of hate? wow

Anonymous said...

Jeff Renfro---how does McCains position on the war make him conservative? It is traditionally the conservative stance to END wars---not be FOR them. Not sure how that answers that guys question. Andy is just saying in that sentence that that is what makes him conservative (which the war doesnt)--its not answering why Andy didnt mention that he is personally against McCain because of his stance on the war, which is what that person was asking

Anonymous said...

The Republican Talk Machine is "attacking" McCain? Not so fast, they are merely orchestrating the perception that the Manchurian Candidate is a centrist. America will be fooled again...

Anonymous said...

McCain is a threat because there are voters who do not know of his recent ditties and still think of him as a maverick. They don't remember him as he sucked up to Bush in 2004. Many will be swayed by his military background expecially if the Bushies do something to scare us big time prior to the November election.

Also bottom line if McCain gets elected: We will continue to throw money at Iraq and our blessed soldiers will continue to die.

And if I may say so from my perspective: I am a Baby Boomer who is due to start collecting Social Security in less than ten years. It has to be there or many folks like me are going to die on the streets. It won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

McCain is a NEO-CON. Neo-cons emerged from the Democratic party. Research it Andy.

Anonymous said...

Well said Andy! You are such a joy to read.