Friday, February 08, 2008

Romney's Despicable Attack on Democrats. He Should Be Ashamed of Himself

Well, the guy who "hates to lose" has lost. Stick a fork in him. Former Massachusettes Gov. Mitt Romney has bailed out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. But not before spewing a bunch of disingenuous, reprehensible garbage about his reasons. Did he say he's exiting because he's now got as much of a chance of winning the GOP nod as I do? Nah. Did he say that, as an astute businessman, he's tired of throwing good (personal) money after bad into his disastruous campaign? Nah. Here's what the flip-floppin' Stormin' Mormon did say Thursday:

"They would retreat, declare defeat, and the consequences of that would be devastating," Romney said of his Democratic rivals, NY Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. Adding that staying in the race "would make it easier for Senator Clinton or Obama to win," he went on to deliver this irresponsible and despicable accusation: "Frankly, in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding the surrender to terror."

I am so fed up with this absurd rhetoric. This notion that Democrats would "surrender to terror," and that Democrats "want to lose the war," is preposterous and must stop. Romney should be ashamed of himself. He calls himself a person of faith and hides behind his religion (as so many of these phony zealots do), yet has no problem whatsoever defaming an entire party with lies, deception and highly calculated partisan drivel. Who exactly is surrendering to terror? Who exactly wants to lose the war? Clinton? Last time I checked she's voted in lockstep with President Bush on Iraq and with national security, wiretappings, etc since she came to Washington in 2000. And so has Obama. Romney's ridiculously offensive accusations are so without merit. It just shows the true charcter of this man. The same character that's been questioned and criticized by both Democrats and Republicans. He's an insincere, shameless self-promoter and narcissist who'll say and do anything to further his mega-self-interests. Personally, I find it all, and him, disgusting. Good riddence.

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Anonymous said...

Andy --

I don't know, I'd like to hear Obama and Hillary saying, "Surrender to terrorists? You mean closing the book on an irrelevant war that's only acted as a breeding ground for jihadists and hatred for America is 'surrender'?"

I'm hoping that McCain takes a slightly more responsible tack in his campaign, but where is the Democrat response machine?!

(Keep up the good work!)

-- dp

Johnny said...

These republicans are despicable at best. I have to agree with Doug, the candidates have a perfect chance to make a point on the differences yet not a word.

I, as you were Andy a one time backer of Howard Dean in 2004 and the reason I came to your site. Howard really pissed me off with his stupid idea of stripping us here in Florida and Michigan of our rights to vote and make it count. Now he has egg on his face and wants to have a revote or worse yet a caucus. A caucus is NOT a vote, it is peer pressure with a room full of selected people to push a candidate.

The media has become pro Obama and very much against Hillary. Our local paper, The St. Petersburg Times has been relentless on Hillary with pro Obama articles. The readers have been very vocal on how the paper has changed from a liberal FAIR paper to being very one sided, it even backed McCain and Obama. In the past the conservatives would call The Times a paper that is well "red".

When I saw Hillary saying they needed money I finally broke down and gave. I think Bush has messed this country up so bad that we really do need 2 presidents. Having Bill and Hill in the WH would be a dream ticket.

Dicky Neely said...

Good riddance to Mitt, he is a hollow man in a tailored suit, pushing the divisive rhetoric and backwards ideas of the neo-cons. They didn't believe he was really one of them. They don't think John McCain is one of them.
Will we see a right wing "Ralph Nader" emerge to run independently of the GOP?
Well goodbye Mitt and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Anonymous said...

We need to get our candidate finalized. It will do no good to eat our own. I just wish Obama and Hillary would run together. It would cover all the folks who support them.

Anonymous said...

It started for me when Reagain stopped the funds for mental hospitals in NY and soon Manhattan was flooded with poor, sick, former patients of those institutions who were living in boxes and phone booths on the streets of New York. Reagain was cruel. But, since then, I've become convinced by the evidence that all Republicans are mean, selfish, cruel, evil and of course dangerous to the survival of America. And, the horror of it all is most of them are "wolves" in the "sheep clothing" of religious people. How dare they object to feeding the poor and taking care of those less fortunate; how dare they deny and ignore the veterans living under bridges; how dare they resent and fight against healtcare for everyone -- and the list goes on -- we all know their agenda and most of us have suffered under it. Thank you Ostroy for pointing out the evil nature of at least one of them.

Anonymous said...

All Republicans should be ashamed of themselves.

Unfortunately, they aren't.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you argue with an idiot; sometimes people can't tell the difference. I see these GOP candidates as invincibly delusional as is their constituency's.

Anonymous said...

I say if the 'Stormin' Mormon' is so worried about losing the war then he should talk his sons into doing what he didn't have the guts to do. Join the military pick up a weapon and defend this country. Just so you know I served from 1973 to 1977. And I vote.

Jeff Renfro said...

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Anonymous said...
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Jeff Renfro said...

Dumbass, NOW you're gettin it. Andy deletes yours and not mine because he likes me, and, like you Republicans, it's ok when we do it but not ok with you do it. Whats the matter, douchebag, the do as I say/not as I do thing sucks, huh?
Keep posting. You only look more and more pathetic and lonely each time you do. that you stay here when no one likes you or wants you here, and you yourself complain about andy and this site all the tine, only means you have no life and nothing else to do. Actually? I feel sorry for you DUMBASS.

Anonymous said...
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Ian said...

With his exit speech, Mitt Romney confirms that the Republicans have become the party of terror. Not that we didn't already know that but the idea that they were somehow the party of business and of fiscal restraint were still very much a part of the dialog. That lie has been laid bare by the Bush administration. They were floundering till 9/11 struck and since 9/11 they have exploited terror at every turn in order to further their agenda of global conquest and conceal their fiscal inadequacies. Politically timed terror alerts, unverifiable claims of terrorist captures, threats of war against Iran, the manipulation of Israel into launching an incursion into Lebanon... But Romney is right in one aspect. The Democrats have yielded to the Bush White House, demonstrably a surrender to terror.