Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama Sweeps Saturday Contests. Is this the End of the Clinton Era?

Give him credit. Barack Obama has come from behind to mount an aggressive, highly -effective offensive that, without question, has made him the clear Democratic frontrunner for the 2008 presidential nomination. On Saturday, he swept Louisiana, Washington, Nebraska and the U.S. Virgin Islands, sending his rival Hillary Clinton home empty-handed (but since the Democratic Party awards delegates proportionally, Clinton stands to pick up an appreciable number of the 3-state 158 total). It was a highly impressive showing, in particular his 2-1 margins in Louisiana and Nebraska. Surveying the landscape at this time it's hard to imagine this momentum fading at any time soon. It's hard to imagine him not going all the way. In politics, momentum and perception is everything. And he looks, act and sounds like a winner. In his victory speech, he was strong, confident and driven; he carried imself like a man who had a window into the future, and he really liked what he saw. To the contrary, Clinton appeared like a tired loser; weak, scared and whose window afforded a much less exciting view.

"Today, voters from the West Coast to the Gulf Coast to the heart of America stood up to say 'yes we can," Obama told an adoring crowd of supporters at a dinner gathering in Richmond, Va.

For Obama and Clinton, after today's Maine caucus (24 delegates), the campaign heads to Tuesday's "Potomac Primaries" in Maryland, Virginia and D.C., where a total of 168 delegates are at a stake. Troubling for Clinton is Obama's near 20-point lead in both Maryland and Virginia, where 153 of those delegates are up for grabs.

Watching Obama it's hard not to get caught up in his excitement, momentum, and the truly historic aspects of his candidacy.

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Vigilante said...

The trend of support Obama's direction for America is reasonable.

Hillary did not vote with the majority of her Democrat senate colleagues on the Authorization Bill of oct 2002. Hillary may or may not have 'represented' her New York constituency of 2002. If she did, then the best we can say for her is that she is a good representative. She should continue to represent the citizens of New York state.

The record on Obama is clear, OTOH. He spoke out against an unprovoked attack on Iraq. The verdict of history establishes that he was correct to have done so. Clinton(s) - neither of them - did not. (Gore, OTOH. did speak out early and often against the war.) When someone goes against the majority's strain on critical questions, and is proven to have been correct, what do we call it?

We call it LEADERSHIP.

Unknown said...

Set next to the Clinton / Obama battle is an even more revealing contest: the GOP vs the 'Reagan Coalition.'

Huckabee's victory in Kansas a thumb in the eye to Bush who says the country needs to get behind McCain since "...peace and prosperity is a stake..."

I guess the people in Kansas don't like Bush's peace nor his prosperity.

Here are the Hucketer's - leader of the 'Reagan coaliton' - comments after his win:

"I know the pundits, and I know what they say: The math doesn't work out," Huckabee said Saturday morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. "Well, I didn't major in math, I majored in miracles. And I still believe in those, too."

How telling. He doesn't believe in math. The GOP establishment did their deal with "the devil" so to speak and now they can't live without the evangelicals. Pity. Rove and the 'Reagan Coalition' builders have cast the GOP to a generation out of power.

Anonymous said...

If Ron Paul isn't the pres we're all screwed, and I mean everyone on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the record on Obama sure is clear.

His foreign policy advisor is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the man who brought us the Mujaheddin and is openly calling for direct warfare with Russia.

His economic advisor is Austan Goolsby, a Yale 91 grad who is also a member of.....gasp.....Skull and Bones!!

Uh... and can you say Tony Rezco?

You deluded liberals think that you are getting a "breath of fresh air" or an "agent of change" have some serious soul searching to do.

With the exception of Ron Paul, EVERY candidate is bought and paid for by the war mongering elitists who brought you Iraq I and II, Afghanistan, Pakistan, DU, 9/11, Real ID, the Patriot Act, the MCA, the NAU and a whole host of other nefarious and obnoxious stains upon this land.

Get your head out of your assess you "liberals." Your candidates are straight up new workd order scum.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, quit impersonating me and misrepresenting my position.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the only one that speaks the truth, no matter how you much may dislike it.

Anonymous said...

One can always tell when a poster gets his news and views from the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly. They throw out the term "liberal" as if it the greatest insult that can be hurled.

While I agree that this country is headed into the crapper and radical changed are needed and I have circulated petititions for Ron Paul in IL, I could vote for Obama.

1. He's very smart. You don't become editor of the Harward Law Review without being super intelligent.

2. He has stated numerous times that he supports public funding for political campaigns. Getting the money out of decision making is way past due.

3. His multi-cultural lineage would do wonders for our reputation around the world, if it were followed by more balanced MI policy.

Face, the US needs to control Iraq's oil... our energy intensive economy and lifestyle are at stake...and, as Cheney has said, "The American lifestyle is not negotiable."

Anonymous said...

I read that people with something to hide are a MAJOR THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY. Especially gay and lesbian politicians who are in the closet, being vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by self-serving, hostile entitites against the safety, security, sovereignty and best interests of the American people.

One example on how America's enemies operate today, is the 2004 Jim McGreevey affair. He forced himself out-of-the-closet, before these so-called "hostile entities" could finish the job. It was McGreevey's being under the threat of disclosure by his gay lover, Golan Cipel, that he decided to come clean and end the charade. {It is highly probable, Cipel was working on the side as an agent for the mossad} Cipel quickly flew back to Israel. leaving behind a 100 thousand a year job as head of New Jersey's Homeland security, that under the cornered circumstances, McGreevey may have been forced to give to Cipel.

Aside from "FileGate", Bill's endless list of affairs {that we know of} Vince Foster and who knows what else the Clinton's might possibly have hidden away that can be used as a tool for blackmail, the media seems to use these people as virtual figures. Under the threat of exposure, they put other nations first and American's last. So unfortunately, it now seems more than ever, the only people who reach the pinnacle of power in corporations, Congress and various governments around the globe, are those who have skeletons in they're closets. I guess so they can be more easily handled like pawns, more than defenders of the peoples free will.

The "End Times" are now.

Anonymous said...

The Obama supporters have fallen for his Martin Luther King impersonation, as someone mentioned in response to another blog. I, MYSELF, WAS AGAINST THE WAR, TOO, but I'm not a credible candidate for the presidency. Easy for Obama to sound off, as did I and others, but he wasn't in the hot-seat like Hillary was having to deal with the information this administration was cramming down her throat with their fake intelligence and lies. But more to the point, what, what, what has he outlined that is his plan that will CHANGE anything? He certainly doesn't explain his plan during the debates when he stammers and rambles on making no point. And, who thinks he or anyone else can coaleace with those determined and driven Republicans? We Democrats need to get the power and use it for our programs as the Republicans have done since Reagan. I also think it's interesting that those hurting most in this economy are voting for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Is this the end of Hillary? I sure hope not.

She speaks for me and I am proud to support her.

Clinton/Obama in '08!

Anonymous said...

"CHANGE"? We don't need the "changes" that simply redefine, and retain the inherent/intentional flaws in this empire.

We need REFORM! We must reform the direction we have been pointed in by Nazi Zionist extremists. The Nazi Zionist movement has absolutely nothing to do with any religion, or piece of real estate.

They use the Jews/"Israel" in a dogmatic oxymoron of "builder/destroyer" to evoke an emotional response on two fronts. Firstly: to comfort and solicit support for the "victim", second: to hate the Jew. As we move back and forth in this transparent conspiracy: They further their agendas. They murder those they claim as family and friend, in another's name; to justify the mob mentality that savages anyone who disagrees or refuses to capitulate. They use them as phony icons to derail rational thinking.

They knowingly create an atmosphere that purposely leads to a mob mentality where "justice" is absolute animalistic savagery at the state level.

"Might" does not always equate with "Right". In the Nazi mind; it NEVER DOES.

"Greatness" does not reside with the most powerful.

"Greatness" resides in the minds and hearts of the humble and truly just. Unfortunately: Those qualities are mostly absent in every major, known capitol. These qualities should be demanded of, and proven to exist, in true leaders.

Real, effective, reform has to be aggressive and brutal. History must be revised to tell the truth, not the propagandized version of self adulation and hypocrisies. Our children must learn the truth in school, including the mistakes and outright, deliberate, terrorism we have inflicted on our victims.

We are not hated because of our "freedom"; we are hated because we create situations, and install dictators who deny freedom to those who look up to our stated ideals; only to receive the exact opposite. Our stated intentions and intentional goals are diametrically opposed.

The Nazi Zionist movement is best described in the PNAC manifesto.

In the course of reform; we must accept the reality that people will die. Those who actively participate in the Nazi Zionist movement are guilty of crimes against humanity. AIPAC must be disbanded and the leadership placed under death warrant. Those in the media, we supposedly should trust, who cover up and distort information they are entrusted with should be under death warrant. Any person in a public service position who dishonors the oath to uphold and protect the constitution should also be under death warrant. The corporate elite whose "bottom line" depends on modern warfare and predatory banking practices, should be under death warrant. Those who are American citizens; have committed TREASON. Those who are not American citizens should have no benefit of "due process".

We must sever all ties with Nazi Israel and use our military force to protect their neighbors. Let the countries who have the oil, establish the markets as they see fit. Stop all support of the numerous, brutal, dictators we have installed and let the people decide their own destiny. Use our military to secure our borders with lethal force. Revoke the "amnesty of 1986" and deport all who came here illegally with no regard of their current "legal status". Once illegal: always illegal.

Take the carrot off of the ominously threatening stick and hand that carrot to the truly needy.

We must make our elections transparent and well supervised. The elections in 2000 and 2004 were stolen. Only those who agree with the outcome of those "elections" will argue that point. We already see allegations of irregularities in the primaries. It's not even spring yet. What happens in November; swings on our vigilance or lack thereof.

This is much less than the "constitutional republic" we are told to believe it is. Our "elections" are a coin toss where the coin has been switched many times. The reliability and integrity of the "electoral college" is highly questionable. The probability of political assassination is never "off the table" in places the unscrupulous power brokers infest, like the Bilderbergs, Skull and Bones, CFR, IMF, etc.

The Nazi Zionist movement is only a small slice of a larger spectrum. However: it exemplifies and demonstrates the most evil intentions in the grand scheme. The current holocaust against the Palestinian people is at the forefront right now. They have many more planned. Henry Kissinger has been the most visible and outspoken about "selective (racist) population control".

Every "election" I can recall was about "electing" the lesser of the evils proposed. Where are the greatest? Were there ever any?

The "Clinton dynasty" was built on lies and the blood and fortunes of the innocent. Even 2 10 year old boys playing near a cocaine drop point were not immune.

The "Bush Dynasty" was built on lies and TREASON. Beginning with a conspiracy between Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker to Assassinate FDR and set up a Nazi state based on the 3rd Reich.

McCain is a pathetic piece of work. Not a "hero", never "tortured". He already stated he wants a "100 year war" in the ME. "Perpetual war for perpetual peace"?.....OK!

Obama is the lesser of all the evils. His alliance with AIPAC and involvement with the CFR is discouraging.

I think Obama is the predetermined winner in November. He is also being set up to be a miserable failure in a way where any work-around is doomed. This all depends on one thing: IF there is an "election" in November.

I will be voting for OBAMA or no one.

Sidney Condorcet said...

It's great to see that you are no longer held captive to the notion of Hillary's inevitability. As John Kenneth Galbraith once said, "[t]he enemy of conventional wisdom is not ideas but the march of events."

Anonymous said...

Clinton is crap, plain and simple. I'm a little bit nervous for us to make Obama our candidate because he has absolutely no experience with foreign policy. He even stated that he would bomb Pakistan and have tea with the crazy Mullahs in Iran. This is not going to go well in a general election, unless we can make everybody think like we do here in Berkeley.

Where's Al Gore ?

This is not the time to elect Clinton or Obama. We need someone that is going to save our solar system from the likes of the knuckledragging republicans and global warming.

Anonymous said...

Of course Obama will be the nominee if the kind of treatment Hillary is getting by the media continues. On CBS, SIXTY MINUTES last night both she and Obama were interviewed. Obama was asked serious questions about his policy and was allowed to defend himself on some issues and to clarify and promote other of his ideas.

On the other hand, that silly Katie Couric asked Hillary if she didn't ever admit to herself (in her heart of hearts) that she might indeed not be president. After that exchange, Katie then wanted to know what her health secrets were which led into Hillary's having to say she ate hot peppers and drank lots of water. PALEEZE. Why wasn't Hillary treated with the respect and professionalism that was granted to Obama? It was like a high school girl interviewing a prom queen for the high school newspaper. Hillary should have walked out or taken the lead in the interview. But, that of course would have led to damning headlines about Hillary's being rude and domineering.

Anonymous said...

Hillary should have performed her best Bill impersonation and turned purple while pointing her finger in Katie's face. Although if Bill was alone with Katie, I somehow imagine that a cigar would be involved.

How can you not take the Clinton's seriously?

Anonymous said...

funny, i thought the hillary interview was a straight puff piece designed to make her look more human...foolish me didnt see that it was an attack job.

does obama have his flaws? absolutely. is he the best choice for president? out of our current choices, yes.

but hillary is still in this thing, no matter what happens this tuesday...and that is good for the party and the country.

dean has said that by march or april, the party leaders will force a decision and get one of the candidates out of the race, in order to stave off a brokered convention.

that would be idiocy.

46,000 showed up to the caucuses in main, eclipsing the 17k that showed up in 04

this election is exciting the base...its exciting the independent voter

dont kill that...please

and for the first time in my life, there may be something interesting to watch during the dem convention...and with a floor fight, we may get gavel to gavel coverage.

Anonymous said...

As far as I and others are concerned Obama does not have a chance against the Repubican swiftboating attack machine. That's why all the Repugs on the air are praising Obama They want him to be our candidate. I wasn't convinced until I read Roger Cohen's column in the Times today. And, to tell you the truth, I, myself, am now a little wary of Obama. Cohen pointed out, as did someone on this blog, that Obama has Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is hostile towards Isreal, on his forgeign policy team. Obama's Christian preacher, The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., who "ushered him (Obama) to his Christian faith." supports and agrees with the anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan.

The Repuboicans had nothing like this on Gore, or Kerry and look how they destroyed them. With this connection to Islam Obama will be slaughtered when the Republicans attack and he will lose when the Repuoicans scare the American people into running from Obama as a dangerous and sinister threat.

Of course it's not true, but Kerry wasn't a coward, etc.

Vigilante said...

Most anonymous commentary is worth a warm bucket of piss. At best.

Anonymous said...

With this connection to Islam Obama will be slaughtered

you should have stated:

With this connection to Islam Barack Hussein Obama will be slaughtered

Vigilante said...

If I thought this anonymous fool was making a threat in this last comment, I would report this thread. But since I consider that he is only being foolish, I will not. For the time being.

Anonymous said...

Obama will lose in November if he gets the nomination. It has nothing to do with his growing up religious background (yes he's a Christian). But it will be more about what will happen when folks go into the voting booth. And the big unspoken truth:

Are white voters ready to turn power over to a black man? As our population stands in 2008: No (This will change as more and more racist old folks die off.)

If Obama gets the nomination, watch the polls up until November. If the polls are close between McCain and Obama, Obama will lose.
Just watch and see.

Anonymous said...

Why is using Obama's full name - Barack Hussein Obama - a threat ? Are you scared of his name? Anonymous 11:14 PM was clearly quoting part of Anonymous 6:39 PM's posting, but clarifying Barack Hussein Obama's full name. I know Democrats like to take everything out of context and then criticize it in a vacuum, but I don't see the a threat.

The 'threat' you speak of might be part of Speech Censorship that Democrats will push if they win the November election. If Hillary wins we'll get the same old Clinton threats for censorship like MSNBC and their 'pimping chelsea' comments. Hillary hates free speech. If Barack Hussein Obama wins we'll be called racist any time we disagree with him.

Democrats HATE free speech! Actually, so does John McCain with his McCain-Feingold unconstitutional law.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you people. No one in his right mind or otherwise would mean literally, or hope for literally for Obama to be slaughtered/killed. Obvioiusly what was meant is Obama will be "ruined", "defeated"by the Republican "swiftboat smear machine." But it won't be permanent because Obama is young and he can and we hope will run again and then he will be President. Slaughterous means destructive, brutal or murderous. As he won't be "smeared" literally with dirt when they start their attack but it could, God forbid, cost him this election. That's the trouble this whole compaign is getting into -- people take things out of context. Bill didn't say Obama's campaign was "a fairy tale."; he was referring to Obama's claim about his voting record on Iraq. Let's be careful and not twist the facts. Long live Obama; long live the Democratic Pary.