Thursday, September 14, 2006

America Wake Up. Don't be Fooled Again By the War-Mongering, Fear-Mongering Bushevik Rhetoric

As expected, the Republican leadership is smelling defeat in November, and is on a fear-mongering shooting spree over the Iraq war and terrorism. The intensity level is staggering, and it's an indication of just how ugly it's going to get in the next seven weeks.

The ubiquitous President Bush has been aggressively defending his quagmire, desperately trying to convince Americans that it's a central link in the fight against what he calls Islamic fascism. He and his cabal--Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove--incessantly challenge our collective patriotism by claiming that anything less than full support for this miserable military blunder is tantamount to appeasement and treason. On The Hill, we have House Majority Leader John Boehner (OH) going so far this week as to claim that Democrats "are more interested in protecting the terrorists than protecting the American people." Bingo. There it is. Bottom. That's the last straw, folks. This time they've gone too far.

America, it's time to wake up and realize how shamefully sinister this administration is, and how they're relentlessly trying to manipulate you, exploit your fears and politicize 9/11, the most horrific tragedy in U.S. history. I'll be as frank as I can here: if there's anyone, anyone, in America who thinks that any politician, be they Republican or Democrat, truly wants to protect the terrorists more than our own citizens, then they are complete and utter fools who deserve everything they get from this corrupt administration and GOP leadership. This new round of rhetoric is irresponsible and reprehensible. It's indendiary propaganda at its worst. It's shameful and unprecedented it its scope. Americans on both ends of the political spectrum must reject this hate-speak in November by sending the culprits home to spend their days playing golf with Tom DeLay.

Wake up America. Hold this administration accountable for their miserably failed war. For bungling Afghanistan and allowing the Taliban and drug lords to reconstitute. For their failure to secure our borders, our ports, our railways, and airways. For failing to find Osama bin Laden. For their abysmal response to Hurricane Katrina. For rising interest rates and inflation, and declining wages. For record deficits, gas and oil prices. For failing to improve education and healthcare. The list is endless. But what you should not do, America, is let them tell you that Democrats are weak, scared and in bed with terrorists. That's a colossal insult to your intelligence, and that should make you very, very angry.


Anonymous said...

If fear works again, I am convinced that Americans really are whimps.

The only good thing is that Repubs will be the ones who destroyed our once great country. But then again, will any one be left to report it?

Anonymous said...

Just shows you that the latest polls prove that fear works for 40% of the people that still think Bush is doing a good job.

I have just about given up on the American people for claiming to be such smart people and not think they are led around like sheep.


From the once great state of Florida which does have a lot of sheepeople wondering around following Bush.

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much information has been gathered to show how incapable and just plain stupid George Bush and his group are, and yet people continue to ignore the facts and blissfully think he's doing a good job. Can Americans really be that stupid?

Anonymous said...

I think the American people are waking up. But I am really scared about the diebold machines. It's like a nagging feeling I have that they will hijack this election by saying all the races were close but once again voila! the republicans stay in power. Hopefully, the American people will smell a rat and protest like our neighbors next door in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

The first three comments on this blog are true. One reason some Americans are fooled over and over again is the Democrats never get back at them for the slanderous things the Republican's say. Rep. Harold Ford of Tennessee said on "Imus In the Morning" today, when this subject came up, that he doesn't want to sink to their level. Don't the Dems know anything about fighting and protecting themselves and us. To paraphrase Rumsfeld - you fight the fight where the fight is. If the Republicans are fighting in the gutter then the Dems have to fight back there and start exposing the Republican's real autrocities (I myself at this point wouldn't mind a few lies but the Dems don't have to lie - the truth is damaging enough) - like the Republicans' lie after lie to the country, eroding our civil rights, and etc. -- we all know what they've done - Ostroy listed the offences, but I never hear those lists of complaints brought up on TV or in writing by Democrats. And when they occasionally criticize it's without passion and it's then quickly back to "not stooping to their level." I'm disgusted with the Dems. I think the new Gary Hart book will awaken them if they bother to read it. It remimds them who Democrats once were and how the served the country magnificently.

Amy de Miceli said...

This would have been great if you didnt defend the Dems in the end. You were right for most of this post.
ALL sides are corrupt,Dems are just WEAK, not on anything in particular, but on everything!
the 9/11 comission was a joke,that was half DEM.
They have tip toed around this adminstration, arguing mute points, not wanting to take too big of a stand on anything.

MSM has them all silenced.
and now its been pushed to the point of thedestruction of democracy.

this two party system is obsolete.

Anonymous said...

Right now the Dems are who we must run with. If you disagree, then you do not know how the system works.

The Dems do fight back daily on C-Span and they do it well. The mainstream media is no longer interested in a balanced presentation, so we don't see the Dems fighting back.

The Repubs have been working on total control for 20 some years. They have done it well (too well). Unless moderate Republicans vote for the Dem, nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

Everyone above is correct in what they have to say. The voting machine problem is very scary as mentioned, remember in 2004 how the polls, especially Zogby had Kerry winning and we all know about 2000.

Look how Bush has been plastered on TV in the past two weeks and CNN (Conservative News Network), MSNBC and of course FOX had the speeches on with no thought of having equal time for the Dems. You keep hearing the Dems have NO plans, well they do have plans but we are NOT in power so all the plans in the world would not do any good at this point. I have to ask what plans do the Bush people have besides, “Staying the course”? If the voters in this country like what is going on then just vote for more of it and watch this country sink even further. The Dems should just tell the people, when they get a chance that is, to vote for the Republicans if they truly like what is happening. “If you like high fuel prices, tax cuts for the rich, poor education, high property taxes, low wages, dirty air, the war in Iraq and maybe Iran soon, if you’re tired of being kept in fear with no hope of brighter days and a do nothing administration then by all means keep them ALL in. If you’ve had enough you all know what you need to do.”

I blame some of the Dems for being “whishy washy” on major issues just trying to stay the course and not upset anyone. Harold Ford I hope wins but he is terrible when it comes to trying to pander to the center, ditto with Hillary. I personally think Al Gore will be the candidate and will kick ass when he does run, but that’s just my hope.

Anonymous said...

gore had his chance and he BLEW IT!

Anonymous said...

Gore had his chance and they STOLE it.

Anonymous said...

If this is treason, make the most of it.

Anonymous said...

The VOTERS had their chances in 2000 and in 2004 and THEY blew it, NOT just Gore and Kerry.

I'm sick of hearing this crap of Gore and Kerry didn't fight hard enough, maybe so but they were up against a complete idiot like Bush twice, and the voters STILL elected him. Just like now how can anyone still, after 6 years think Bush is doing a wonderful job after all that has happened?

The American people are stupid when it comes to reality and common sense, sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have the 39 percenters, like 9:51 Anon, committed? It would be worth paying the cost of keeping them,

Anonymous said...

For Anon 9:51, you’re saying that in the past 70 years the millions of extra gas burning engines, smoke belching industries, excessive tree cutting, plus the billon more people on this earth has nothing to do with global warming. The ice melting not only in Antarctica, but Greenland and the Artic are facts that can not be denied and you’re saying that it’s nothing to be worried about, well Gore is not the idiot, you are for not being able to figure this out.

Anonymous said...

Any one that reads this article can clearly see this is more democratic slander. Why don’t you dems stop attacking reps for once and come up with some ideas and plans to help us out. Don’t bull shit me that you have plans every time I turn on a news station other then fox the topics are always bush bashing, every democratic website I go to see what ideas you guys have always start out with how bad the reps are and that you dems are better but never tell how your going to make it better.

Stop with the bitching and come up with a better plan till then the reps will always be on top.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:49, if you had the sense to watch something beside FOX and listen to someone besides Rush you hear more ideas than your particular brain could comprehend. Or maybe that is the problem because Dems have ideas for everything including the diaster Bush created in Iraq. (He really should be the one with an idea to clean up HIS mess.) Aprranetly you didn't see Gor'es movie on global warming or you'd know something about his ideas.

And as for who is in bed with whom: The republicans are in bed with each other passing bills to enrich the rich further, giving contracts to Haliburton which enriches more of their friends as well as Chaney. In fact, Republoicans say "You rub my back and I'll rub yours. And, as SI recall the Democrats didn't create an enviornment in Iraq where terrorists all over the world could congregate and function.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:49, if you had the sense to watch something beside FOX and listen to someone besides Rush you would hear more ideas from Democrats than your particular brain could comprehend. Or maybe that is the problem because Dems have ideas for everything including the diaster Bush created in Iraq. (He really should be the one with an idea to clean up HIS mess.) Apparently you didn't see Gore's movie about global warming or you'd know something about his ideas.

And as for who is in bed with whom: The Republicans are in bed with each other. They pass bills to enrich the rich further, give contracts to Haliburton which enriches more of their friends as well as Chaney. In fact, Republicans say "You rub my back and I'll rub yours." And, as I recall the Democrats didn't create an environment in Iraq where terrorists all over the world could congregate and function.

Anonymous said...

I think the way the this administration, and the Republican party in general, has disported themselves since 2002 has been disgusting. And continues to be disgusting. Democrats were no better following the fall of Richard Nixon, but this back and forth childishness has been going on since before the Civil War and must stop. Thanks to Tom Delay, our representatives have been at each other more than they have been doing the job we set them to do. It is time to remove them all. And I say, anyone, Democrat or Republican, who claims any citizen of this country is supporting terrorists because they voice an opinion or opposition to this ridiculous war, should be brought up on charges of slander. That would be far nicer a response than they would get in person. Opinion, opposition and questioning our leaders is EXACTLY what a patriot would do. The media is now infused with hate speak due to people like Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Hannety. CBS and ABC let alone FOX are in the pockets of conservative owners that are manipulating the news, not leveling the playing field. It is time to take our country back from people who believe these narrow, vicious lies and get back to rebuilding our image in the world as a Nation of Laws and moderate, intelligent, and compassionate leadership.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:18 and 3:22,
The fact that you paid to see Al Gore's movie shows that your mental capacity is severely limited, unless of course, you watched the movie for it's entertainment value.

Amy de Miceli said...

DO SOME RESEARCH we all blew it.

Anonymous said...

3:22 That's what's wrong with you Republicans. You make assumptions without information. (Except when you DID have information that the terrorists were going to strike yet you didn't prevent 9/11) I did not pay to see Gore's movie. But our children if not us will pay if we don't pay attention to it. But the very fact that you are a Republican proves that you have no skill in recognizing reality. "They have weapons of mass destruction". "They will welcome us with cheers and flowers"; "We' don't need many feet on the ground." "Saddam was responsible for 9/11" and the hideous implication in every speech: "I'm capable and ony doing this for your own good."

Anonymous said...

I AM disgusted with the republicans of your country and the prime minister of ours (UK). Absolutly shameful the both of them. I notice that the ones who like Bush are usually the Heavily Christian, SUV driving, gun loving fraternity. A dieing breed...I hope. America: Don't shame yourselves by voting for that kind of idiot, because you will be putting democracy to shame. Either that or showing your country to be extremely selfish and stupid. What better reason to want to cause atrocities towards you I ask....

Anonymous said...

amydemiceli hit it on the head....The 2 party system is obsolete and no longer serves the interests of the American people.

Whos to say that both parties havent made an agreement under the table and have already decided who will have control for all elections in the future? I feel corruption has totally engulfed our political system and we should do what our founding fathers said, dispose of it entirely and rebuild a new government with safgaurds that adress the realites of the modern America and the world.

Our government is not sacred and should never be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

6:59 You are doing what you Republicans criticize the Democrats for doing and what the Republicans do. Just what would you suggest as the way "to dispose of it entirely"? What is your plan? What could you suggest that would be better than our chance in a few weeks to elect new congressmen?

Anonymous said...

6:59 You are doing what you Republicans criticize the Democrats for doing and what the Republicans do. Just what would you suggest as the way "to dispose of it entirely"? What is your plan? What could you suggest that would be better than our chance in a few weeks to elect new congressmen?

Anonymous said...

The taunting of donkeys by elephants is useless here. The delusions of a third party saving the US are utter fantasy. Here's a couple of questions for you chuckleheads...

What third party candidate has emerged who appeals to conservatives and liberals?

What, obviously unknown, third party candidate has really made an impression on the American collective mind? Lieberman? Nader? Perot? The Green Party like the one that was funded by the Republicans recently? What remote control memories some have. Oh, I remember it for five seconds and then I change the channel. Bush counts on people (like you?) to have about as much long term memory as he has.

How about wrapping your discussions around REAL IMPORTANT issues like - the 14 detainees that have opportunity to talk to the international red cross and if they indicate they were tortured by waterboarding just what that means for Bush Co and war crimes in the World Court?

Amy de Miceli said...

6.59 a republicon?

2 skull and bonesmen in the last election, id say some kind of agreement was made.

you seem mad,thats good, but direct that anger elsewhere. you should be trying to answer your own questions, and do your own research. we have all lost control of the powers that regulate us.

im not here to change the way we elect our officials, and its not likely that anything will be done for the upcoming elections.
but what i can suggest is that you stop the whining "fix it right now attitude" and DO something.

or you can pretend that your vote will count, and pretend that the system isnt corrupt and pretend that you actually have some kind of choice. pretend there is no clinton curtis, or Princeton University study. it is much easier that way. so just go ahead and vote.

americans are supposed have the right to CHOOSE those that will govern us and when we no longer have that choice, and elections are compromised, we lose.

We should be outraged.
no one has to die tomorroW.

Anonymous said...

Amy - More "sound and fury" from you "signifying nothing" You're probably are or may be right. So what -- if you can't offer proof and present a solution. Those were your questions I wanted an answer to. My question is what is the answer to your questions. What do you suggest I/we do? You easily point your finger at the government and those of us who do nothing but that's the extent of your solution. You talk the talk but - you know the rest.

Anonymous said...

So let's get the thinking down, your vote doesn't count if you vote dem or repub, but it does if you vote for a 3rd party candidate?

Amy - you're spinning but I'm not sure what it is you're really trying to say.

10:19 said it. Rhetoric is nice but solutions are better.

Anonymous said...

Statement of Neal Boortz before the Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information and International Security of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, September 26, 2006

The last major overhaul of the U.S. tax system occurred in 1986. At that time many of the deductions that Americans had used to lower their annual tax burdens were removed and taxpayers were handed what was essentially a two-tiered flat tax system. This so-called "tax reform" was sold to the American people as a tax simplification plan, but the reality was far different.

Since 1986 this alleged "simpler" tax code has been modified no less than 9000 times, often at the behest of K-Street lobbyists, more than half of who earn incomes far above those of average Americans by inducing members of Congress to tinker with the tax code for the benefit of their clients.

We understand that the members of this committee are interested in exploring ways to make our tax code simpler and more transparent. Americans can only hope that the ultimate goal would make the tax code so easily understood that virtually every American taxpayer would have a clear picture of just how much of their hard-earned income is being transferred to the federal government in the form of taxes.

Today's tax code is anything but transparent to the average American, and one is left to wonder if this is not by design.

On the notorious day known as "Tax Day," April 15th, an inquiry of a friend or co-worker as to how much they paid in taxes for the preceding year will, more often than not, be met with the response "I didn't have to pay anything! I'm getting some back!"

With all due respect, I can't help but believe that the very thought of this response brings a broad smile to the face of many elected officials who view our tax system as a convenient way to not only fund the essential functions of our federal government, but also to acquire the funds necessary to purchase votes. Though I'm sure this doesn't apply to any of the members of this committee.

The current system of tax withholding merely serves to further obfuscate the impact of federal taxes on the average American worker. This is easily illustrated by asking a coworker or friend the simple question "How much do you make?" The most common response will be "None of your business." Those who do not chose to ignore your question will, more often than not, begin their answer with the phrase "I take home ..." and then plug in the appropriate figure.

Now if you're a rude and obnoxious radio talk show host you may well respond with "I didn't ask you how much you took home. I asked you how much you made!"

The message, though, is clear. Due to the intricacies of our current tax code and the withholding system most income earners have no clear idea as to what they make or how much they pay in taxes. Again, a politician's dream. Present company excepted, of course.

If a path to true tax transparency is one of the goals of this committee and these hearings, then the solution already exists in the form of The FairTax Act (H.R. 25, S 25) This legislation, first proposed by Georgia Republican Congressman John Linder, eliminates most of the taxes that so confound and confuse both individuals and businesses today.

Under the FairTax, personal and corporate income taxes would be eliminated, as would capital gains taxes, estate taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes and taxes on dividends. In the place of all of these taxes we would institute an imbedded national sales tax in the amount of 23%.

Let's be clear that this does not mean that the cost of all of these goods and services would increase by the amount of the new sales tax. Extensive research shows that the amount of embedded taxes in these goods and services under our present code averages 22%. The national sales tax merely replaces the imbedded taxes.

If its tax transparency we want, consider this: Under the FairTax, when a consumer steps up to the cashier to purchase a $100 toaster, the sales receipt he or she receives would clearly indicate that $77 of the cost of that toaster is going to the retailer, with the remaining $23 going to the federal government in the form of taxes.

What could be clearer? What could be more transparent?

No longer would American workers lack a clear understanding of how much they're paying in federal taxes. Every time they are handed a sales receipt it would be spelled out for them.

Likewise, no longer would the American worker have any doubt as to how much they were making. With no federal deductions from their paycheck the magic "take home" figure would, depending on deductions for state taxes, be the correct answer to the "how much do you make" question; that and the more appropriate "none of your business" response.

With the FairTax April 15th becomes just another day. A day where Americans can celebrate the arrival of Spring rather than dread the arrival of their deadline for filing income taxes.

The FairTax would address one of the other gaping problems with tax transparency in our current system. Though the average American spends around 57 hours a year doing the work necessary to complete and file a tax return, they consider this so much a part of their annual routine that they fail to calculate the cost of this lost time – time that amounts to nearly one and one-half work weeks. There have been many studies to determine the cost of tax compliance in America, and most estimates run at between $300 and $500 billion a year.

I understand that this committee seeks ways to open the public's eyes to proposed and actual changes in our tax code that are designed for the specific benefit of one or two private businesses. My listeners are often perplexed when I inform them that there is one tax law on the books crafted to benefit a specific manufacturer of ceiling fans. With the FairTax, these manipulations cease.

Many ideas have been floated that were designed to paint a clearer picture of our tax laws to the average citizen, but no idea has been proposed that would simplify our tax picture more so than the FairTax.

Under the FairTax there is no necessity of developing a method to expose to public scrutiny tax changes favoring certain businesses or industries, because there would be no need for such changes in our code. Under the FairTax all American businesses, indeed all Americans would conduct their daily economic affairs with no tax component whatsoever on capital and labor.

With the FairTax the federal tax picture would be crystal clear to all, businesses and wage earners alike. Business leaders would be able to concentrate their decision making on what is best for their business, their employees and their shareholders. Individuals would be able to save and invest with no tax consequences. You spend, you are taxed. You save, you are not.

Just a few points in closing.

The thought of a 23% retail sales tax on all consumer goods and services would sound horrifying to those in our lower income quintiles.

First, we must remember that the sales tax merely replaces the imbedded tax already present in these goods and services.

Secondly, the FairTax relieves all households of the responsibility for paying sales taxes on the basic necessities of life through a rebate system. Nobody pays federal taxes on the basic necessities of life. This means that The FairTax is truly the only tax reform plan that completely eliminates the responsibility for the payment of any federal taxes whatsoever on the poor.

In closing, let me say that my somewhat unique position as a radio talk show host with 36 years under my broadcasting belt affords me a good vantage point from which to gauge the appeal of the FairTax to the average American taxpayer.

If I ever want to sit back and take it easy for a day, all I have to do is mention the FairTax on my show. The phone lines are instantly flooded with people eager to learn more and lend their support. Extensive research has shown that the FairTax sits at the top of the list of subjects my listeners want to discuss. Additionally, we have drawn crowds in the neighborhood of 10,000 in Atlanta and Orlando, with more communities requesting rallies for their FairTax supporters.

We have also seen that the FairTax, at least in my home state of Georgia, drives voters to the polls. In the recent Georgia primary election I mentioned on the air that the FairTax was on the ballot in three metro Atlanta counties. Not only did people vote for the FairTax by over an 85% margin in all three counties, but I received no less than a dozen letters and emails from listeners who said that they had no intention of participating in the primary until they heard that the FairTax was on the ballot.

In one instance a man wrote to tell me that he was taking his wife home from dental surgery. Four wisdom teeth bit the dust on that day, yet upon hearing that the FairTax was on the ballot in her county, this lady insisted that her husband take her by her voting precinct before she went home to recuperate.

My listeners coast-to-coast would join with me in commending the work of this subcommittee in looking for a way to make our tax laws easier to understand. There is no better solution than the FairTax.

Thank you very much for allowing me to appear before you today.


[1] For full details on the research behind The FairTax consult Additional information is also found in "The FairTax Book" by Neal Boortz, published by Regan Books.