Thursday, September 28, 2006

Menendez Pulls Ahead 6 Points in New Jersey. Democrats Continue to Gain Momentum in Battle for Senate Control

New Jersey had not been considered a key battleground state until fairly recently, when Republican challenger Tom Kean Jr. pulled neck and neck with Sen. Robert Menendez, causing Democrats to cringe. With the Democrats holding leads in at least five other critical states, the tight N.J. race gave new hope to GOP strategists hoping to see the party retain their majority. But a new Wall Street Journal/Zogby poll has Menendez running six points ahead of Kean. Adding insult to injury, the new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll shows President Bush with an all-time low 30% approval rating in the state, causing further dismay in the Kean campaign. This is not good news for Republicans.

The Democrats need six seats to regain control of the Senate. In the latest polls, Claire McCaskill leads in Missouri; Jon Tester leads in Montana; Sheldon Whitehouse leads in Rhode Island; Sherrod Brown is pulling solidly ahead of Mike DeWine in Ohio; Bob Casey Jr. has a double-digit lead in Pennsylvania; Harold Ford Jr. leads Bob Corker by 3% in Tennessee; and the Virginia campaign of George "Pork-eatin' N-word Macaca" Allen is imploding, with Jim Webb trailing now by just five points, way down from a solid double-digit lead.

One heartbreaking doomsday scenario has the Dems successfully executing their strategy of winning six of the above seats but then losing N.J., thus blowing their chance of retaking the Senate. Which is why the new WSJ/Zogby poll is huge.

Just weeks ago the thought of a Democrat victory in the Senate was all but a fantasy. With just 39 days left until the midterm elections, Republicans are now shaking in their boots over the very real prospect of losing control.


Anonymous said...

And I care than Menendez wins because he just voted to give Bush the legal right to torture and do away with Habeus corpus? Why would any dem do that????

Anonymous said...

Why would any Dem do that? It saddens me to tell you, but this is how the game is played. (I know, principle, principle). Can you imagine the tv ads against Menendez for voting against the bill?

On the otherhand, if the Dems win control of either house, they can make changes. As it stands now, all they can hope to do is propose amendments which are then voted down by the Repub majority.

Get it? That is what happened in the vote yesterday. Those Dems who had re-election worries voted for it. What good would it have been for him to vote against it, get pounded in tv ads and lose the election? Our country is in grave danger and we need to do whatever has to be done to win.

Remember: It's a game to retain or get power.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have destroyed NJ. It's too expensive to live. Taxes are skyrocketing. Business are moving south. Baby boomers are retiring out of NJ. When Corzine The Corrupt shut down the state because the Democrats running NJ couldn't figure out which tax to increase to cover the budget gap, cutting spending was NEVER an option.

The Democrats will not retain NJ. They may win this election, but they are losing ground each election. Menendez was NEVER elected in NJ - he was appointed. My bet is that zogby polled in Essex or Camden counties to get the 6 point lead. I don't believe Menendez will retain his appointed position.

Talk about Culture of Corruption. Look at NJ. It's all Democrats and they are all corrupt.

Anonymous said...

NJ sounds like the rest of the country under Bush. Although the Bushies reduce tax on the rich, the results sound like NJ. In your post 9:39 just replace "America" for NJ and Republicans for "Democrats" and you have the truth in America.

Anonymous said...

To Resident:

It's time for you to think about our once great country under Bush and put country before NJ.

Wake up! It appears that you do not understand the system at play.

Anonymous said...

Cathy (anonymous 11:20),
it's time for you to let your state go to hell. NJ will be better off without the Democrats. It's a state completely controlled by Democrats and they are ruining it. The concept of controlling or cutting spending doesn't exist in New Jersey's democratic-controlled government.

ALL NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS: Stand up for your state and kick all Democrats out of office.

Anonymous said...

11:25 Are you nuts? Are you stupid enough to think NJ hasn't been affected by this corrupt Bush administration in the same way the rest of the country has? I don't think so. I think you're a Republican,probably paid by Bush agents, to spread this dumb message. YOu probably notice "the concept of controlling or cutting spending doesn't exist in AMERICA'S REPUBLICAN-CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT. Are you Armstrong Williams?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11:25: (My name is not Cathy. Who is she?).

I repeat: Do you have a clue as to what is going in this once great country?????

It has nothing to do with NJ and everything to do with keeping our Constitution and Bill of Rights!

Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Kick the CORRUPTION out of New Jersey Government - FIRE THE DEMOCRATS.

Democrats have been running New Jersey for many years and the only thing they have successfully accomplished is the LOWERING of ethical standards and placing New Jersey as the unquestionable leader in corruption.

We all know Jim McGreevey had to resign after placing his unqualified boyfriend as his security advisor.

Joseph Santiago, a McGreevey appointee to head the state police, had to resign after it was revealed he had a criminal record and alleged relationships with mobsters.

The governor was tape-recorded in one meeting with a principal in a fundraising scandal using the word "Machiavelli," which prosecutors say was a code word for a bribery scheme.

Charles Kushner, Mr. McGreevey's top donor, was being charged with hiring prostitutes to entrap a witness and obstruct a federal investigation.

The state Supreme Court declared the NJ Democrat's borrowing tricks unconstitutional after the two top rating agencies downgraded New Jersey's bond rating because of repeated borrowing.

Frank Lautenberg and the Democrats had to break the law to keep a Senate seat. Bob Torricelli (Democrat) dropped out of the race as all the ethics violations and admonishments from the Senate Ethics committee piled up, less than 60 days left before the election. The New Jersey Supreme Court, made up of two Republicans, an independent and four Democrats, ruled that the Democratic Party could run Frank Lautenberg as their candidate in the NJ Senate Race.


Anonymous said...

It is clear that poster 1:44pm does not give a hoot about our once great country.
He/she does not understand what is really going on and it is obvious he/she is a Repub hell bent on helping to destroy the country I love.

This is not about NJ it is about the United States Of American and we have lost so much under Bush and his ilk.

The bad the about poster will never get it until it is way too late.

Anonymous said...

The New Jersey election is about New Jersey. You cannot ask people to sacrifice their state for the good of other states. Would you sacrifice the state you live in so others can live better?

NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS: Kick Democrats out of office. Put honest, responsible officials into office.

Anonymous said...


Yes I can, because there will be no New Jersey if they elect another rubber stamp Repub.

Please admit you are just another right winger who only cares about Repub power and not the future of our country.

Wake up Bush lover!

Anonymous said...

It's so clear that 2:32 doesn't understand the way our government is run.

You will be the first to cry out: I didn't know they were going to take away all our rights!

Like the poster above said:

Wake up Bush lover!

Anonymous said...

1:49 Reminds me of a moron joke: When, while in bed, the moron complained about his extremely cold feet. A wiser person asked him why he didn't lift them into bed under the covers. And he said "What, and let those cold things in bed with me." You a.h. We'll all in the SAME COUNTRY and what affects one affects us all unless NJ plains to secede. If all the people are like you, we'd be better off.

Anonymous said...

1:44. Your list of offenses in NJ pales miserably when compared with the corruption and crimes of the Bush administration.

"An unqualified boyfriend in office" How about an unqualified President and all his appointees in office.

"A criminal relation and ALLEGED relation with mobsters." How about a DUI, "alleged" illegal drug use and lying to take a country to war causing financial ruin and thousands of deaths.

Your "Machiavelli" example is too weak to respond to.

Charles Kushner used illegal means to hide or obstruct a federal investigation. You don't want to talk about using deceit and illegal means to achieve a goal. And, Kushner unfortunately for him didn't have this administration's power to keep his corrupt acts a secret, if what you say is true.

You're surely not talking about unconsitutional acts after Bush has shredded our Constitution and has taken away rights from every citizen.

The US Supreme Court with a Republican majority gave the Presidency to Bush.

Your list is ridiculous when compared with the nataional Republican record. Get your priorities straight unless of course you're by some slight chance a Republican.

Anonymous said...


I feel very sorry for you and nothing I say will change what you refuse to even consider.

The power you yell so loudly about above it all about retaining REPUBLICAN power. We progressives have a must higher goal. We want our country to reflect our moderate views which is really where the majority of Americans are.

Everything our country stands for here at home (our own rights stripped away) and the world over (our badly damaged reputation because of the Bush Regime) is FUBAR.

We have lost so much here at home that
how can you think we are spreading democracy in Iraq when we have destroyed here at home?

We and future generations are all
going to pay dearly for thease very dark times.

Anonymous said...

Polling numbers don't mean anything anymore. John Kerry was like 3 points ahead in Fla. the night before the 2004 election, and a solid 4 points ahead in Ohio. The big question is...How did Kerry lose either Oh. or Fla. when the margin of error was 1.7? Not to mention that the undecided voters generally break for the democrats. It's all about who can cheat the best...George Bush has shown us that. Polls don't mean anything anymore. Even though they are supposed to show the voters intent, and are even supposed to signal election fraud (example) polls show John Kerry winning Oh. and Fla. and yet George Bush wins both states. The media just calls it "skewered polls" They wouldn't dare suggest the f word. FRAUD! It's all about who can cheat the best these days. Welcome to George Bush's free elections. If the dem's aren't willing to cheat..."then they haven't got a chance!" Poll numbers are nothing but a joke anymore. Thanks alot George! America's elections now look like the elections of a third world country (and you don't even have the decency to be ashamed) Perhaps you are a prophet afterall. I guess you must have kwown that America wouldn't pick you in a fair election, so you just picked yourself right...twice! Isn't that kind of how Saddam did it?

Anonymous said...

to continue on 8:53 theme - Bush has just been given the power to arrest anybody anywhere without ever charging them with a crime. I read a column online last night saying that anyone who even talks against Bush's wars can be charged with supporting the terrorists and be arrested without charge. This reporter said "or just disappear." I can't remember his name but he sure scared me. If the Dems don't win all is lost.

Anonymous said...

conservatives take back New Jersey.

NJ is a great state getting destroyed from within - by the DEMOCRATS.

Throw the democrats out of power in New Jersey. Save our state!

Anonymous said...

Was it those destructive Democrats who did not heed the August warning about a terrorist attach just before it happened on 9/ll; was it the Dems who just got caught abusing minor boys via email; was it the Dems sho lied about WMD to justify a war; was it the Dems who stole two elections with voter fraud; and was it the Dems who have made us less safe by enabling terrorists to congregate and fucntion in Iraq? (This is just a partial list) And in case you're brain dead, the answer is a resounding NO. So they cannot be the destructive force in our Government.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans have destroyed our country and someone above is all meesed up over New Jersey.

Somehow your thinking is very screwed up.

Without balance in our country (Dems have control over the House or Senate), the lies, corruption, ripping up of our constitution, raiding our treasury and no oversite for creeps like Foley will only get worse.

Somehow the above Repub supporter cares only about retaining Repub power.

Great. When our country implodes we can all blame the greedy Repubs, but I bet there will be no independent reporters left to report it.

And this is the party that clams to be picked by God?????

Anonymous said...

New Jersey Democrats are puppets of Howard Dean and the Democratic Party!!

They are DESTROYING New Jersey with their out of control corruption, skyrocketing budgets, illegal politics, and soaring taxes!

NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS: Kick the Democrats OUT OF NEW JERSEY's government!

If the last 10 years of NJ destruction is not enough, then you are braindead!

BTW, the recent Al Qaeda video release with OBL, Jarrah, and Attah PROVES AS FACT that the 9/11 planning was COMPLETE 21 MONTHS PRIOR TO 9/11. They recorded their wills 21 months prior to 9/11. THIS PROVES 9/11 is CLINTON'S FAULT!!!

Anonymous said...

9:11 NJ could not be in better hands that those of Dean and the Democratic Party. Thank you for pointing that out.

Even if that video is true or what we're told it is, (Strange isn't it that they, who are so well organized and deadly, "forgot" to record the sound - pa-leeze), just because it was planned doesn't mean WE knew about it. But what WE DO KNOW now is that this administration was warned that an attack was imminent.

Anonymous said...

Able Danger was a classified military intelligence program under the command of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). It was created as a result of a directive from the Joint Chiefs of Staff in early October 1999 by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hugh Shelton, to develop an Information Operations Campaign Plan against transnational terrorism, "specifically al-Qaeda."

According to statements by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and those of four others, Able Danger had identified the September 11, 2001 attack leader Mohamed Atta, and three of the 9/11 plot's other 19 hijackers, as possible members of an al Qaeda cell linked to the '93 World Trade Center bombing.